Guys n’ Periods?! NO WAY!

Welcome and thanks for taking the time to read this.

I decided rather than putting this in the “About” section to actually make a post about it. For reasons unknown, I have no idea how you stumbled upon my page, whether by random or something caught your eye, but I certainly hope you enjoy your read. Perhaps this site is geared towards the open-minded, so if that’s not you, you might find this blog absolutely unbearable. Anyways, onto what this page will really be about.

As the blog implies, this site will be dedicated to the discussion of “men” in menstruation. Oddly enough, in a modern society where sex, violence, illegal activities, etc. are openly discussed and engaged, many still consider the discussion or so much as to the mention of menstruation or related-topics/items to be taboo. I am lucky, in the sense that many females I have approached about this topic has discussed with me frankly and openly, much to my surprise. Of course, this is not to say I suggest everyone go find your closest female friend and approach them about this topic, but what can I say, a guy like me is lucky to have female friends who are willing to satisfy my curiosity and willingness to learn. I urge you to take due caution in approaching such a topic with a girl unless you are sure they are comfortable with it since after all, it is a personal matter and you should respect the lines when she draws it.

Nevertheless, one must wonder why a male would ever be interested in menstruation? I really wish I could answer you that question. The day I am able to solve that mystery, I will likely be able to tell you the purpose of life. To condense the reason for this blog and intro, I am male and I truly appreciate the process of menstruation and things surrounding it. As a child, I remember sneaking off to the public library (before the internet was available to your average residences) and sheepishly looked up books/information on the female anatomy, specifically concerning menstruation. I may be a pervert, if that is truly how you’d like to label me, but I consider this is be an interest. Much like those who are interested in sports, your field-of-studies, your job, your hobbies – likewise, periods are part of what I consider to be an interest to me.

Throughout my years (ok, well I’m not that old), I have noticed that guys are often evasive towards the idea of periods. I remember in grade 9, during sex-ed class, a guy put up his hands and asked “What is a period?” and quite frankly, his facial expression did not appear he was joking or was trying to cause a scene, he had no idea what it really was. In grade 9, I had assumed that most guys would, even if not in-depth knowledge, know what menstruation was about. At that point, I realized perhaps it was because out of my own curious nature, researched the topic, that I knew quite a bit about it but your general high-school male did not. Honestly, I would dare say that many males might have just a very crude knowledge of it. I’m no doctor and no expert, but I would like to believe (bite-my-tongue) that I am a bit more knowledgeable than your average male about this matter.

I remember when I first realized my interest in menstruation that I was shamed and kept it to myself. Even to this day, there are very few people who know me personally who know of my interest. The number is probably countable using my own two hands and if they do know about it, are likely people who I’ve had a more intimate relationship with, such as ex’s or extremely close friends. This is of course contrary to me being a rather open-person since I’m the type to talk about anything, so the internet is a great place where I can express my thoughts and feelings without the repercussion of embarrassment. When I say embarrassment, perhaps I do not mean it personally, but rather, society has not been very inviting of men being involved in things related to menstruation which leads me to use that word. I am far from embarrassed when I buy feminine hygiene items or the likes.

So why should men be more involved with menstruation? Well, I consider knowledge to be power and I believe that it never hurts to know something. Whether men will ever need to ‘deal with’ menstruation is irrelevant. Sure, I will never get my period, but I do not feel I should be ignorant of such matters. I find it disturbing when guys are evasive about topics such as these and worse, when girls themselves do not seem to know the facts or proper wording. I remember once asking a friend to join me for a swim in which she replied, “Sorry, I can’t because I’m PMS’ing today…” I raised an eyebrow and asked, “You mean you have PMS or that you have your period?” From what I know, I consider PMS ≠Period. Girls, over guys, should definitely know more about their bodies and proper terminologies associated with them. There are many girls (or perhaps the ones I know) who think menstruation is called “PMS”… and really, I don’t think it should, since the medical definitions say otherwise.

I’m open-minded, I really am, in the sense that as male I’ve probably tried all I can within my powers to truly understand menstruation. Again, I’m no scientist, expert or medically-qualified personnel – simply a person with an interest an a goal to expand his knowledge concerning this. This blog at times might become graphic or provide more information than you really want to know, but reading this blog is completely at your discretion. I’m hoping this blog will pull in both male and female readers. On that note, I hope that we can keep comments civilized and that I will monitor/remove offensive posts. I am here to share my view of things in hopes to create a positive community and a place for me to express myself where it is no hindered by my worry that people will know who I am and use it against me.

In terms of how this interest affects my relationships, I’m not sure it would be fair to only ask me. I have had girlfriends who ranged from the “Ya, I can accept this about you” to “I really like the fact you are knowledgeable about it!” I guess I feel rather blessed I have not been with a girl who was completely opposed to my interests thus far and hope to avoid them at all costs, lol. I guess my interest is a part of who I am and to remove that away from me would be trying to change my individuality –  contrary to what a relationship should be about. I’m sure that my interest and perhaps even involvement in menstruation may cause some people to rear their heads in disgust, throw their heads up in laughter or nod their heads in approval. I personally believe periods are not one of the more favoured things in life, by males or females, but I choose to learn not only to “know” what it is, but appreciate what females have to go through from their menarche all the way to menopause. Just for laughs, if you can’t tell, I’m one of those guys who really hate menopause =] If you have anything to contribute, please feel free to post or if you’d like me to touch on a certain topic, feel free to pop me a message! I don’t have a definitive update schedule, so just drop in every once in a while to see what’s on my mind.

Cheers and happy reading/commenting!

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  1. I am lucky, in the sense that many females I have approached about this topic has discussed with me frankly and openly, much to my surprise.

    Interestingly enough, I think girls are open to the idea of discussing such issues (girls can talk about anything, really) with guys, but the problem is I think guys don’t particularly want to hear anything about it when a girl might start talking about it. Girls talk about it with each other, and I don’t see any problem with talking to guys if they did show some interest rather than “I don’t want to hear about it” or “I don’t need to know this” whenever the topic may arise.

    I have to say, I’m a girl and I’m impressed that you know so much about this kind of thing. It’s interesting to read your articles whilst keeping in mind that you’re male. The way you express certain things is actually quite humorous (I’m assuming and hoping this is intentional, otherwise… sorry…? lol). Very interesting, I think I’ll show you to some guy friends who can learn a lot from you 😉

    • Ohhh… a new “visitor” – lol – sorry 😛 My mind is always on-topic when I’m sitting on my blog, haha.

      Hrm.. maybe you are right about girls talking about everything… I think I would say that’s true for about everything except periods… heck, women are even more open talking about pregnancy and birth over menstruation. One girl I talked to was very evasive about the topic of her period, yet, she would openly talk in detail about her kids flying out between her legs X.x … doesn’t make much sense because I consider birthing/pregnancy to be much more “private” and “intimate” than menstruation. Perhaps it’s also a matter of the girls I know, but I’m sure your point is valid as well, maybe girls simply have become used to not talking about certain things for the sake of guys and that they don’t want a guy to shut-them-out as a result of them not wanting to listen. I could have period-related chats every day and wouldn’t mind if women infused my mind with more knowledge… knowledge is such a powerful thing!

      Yes, my articles are all meant to be humourous, and I’m glad you caught that 😆 I hope my readers don’t assume I’m taking an authoritative stance on things, especially because I’m not a qualified medical practitioner. To a degree, I think many of the things I say are factual and I definitely try to back-up statements I make with experiences/knowledge, but I also could be wrong and I don’t mind people arguing those points and me having to make amendments to my post if I truly am wrong. My blog is still in its infancy as you can see from the number of hits, so I definitely wouldn’t mind some free advertisements 😀

      Thanks for commenting, hope you drop by again sometime! 😛

  2. Oh wow! This is cool, haha. I was searching for information about how to go about if I have my period when I’m over in Japan in my Homestay (y’know, family baths where the guest goes first.. x_x) And stumbled upon this. I think it’s pretty darn awesome that guys like you are actually interested in the topic of menstruation. I have to say, it _is_ rather interesting (:
    And [/offtopic] just wanted to say, I’ve found that my friends have definitely grown more comfortable with talking about menstruation etc.. They used to be completely evasive with the topic i.e.
    *while trying to make the after-“Girl’s Talk” in primary school more comfortable to avoid awkward silence, I said to one of my friends* “So… When did you get your period..?” To which she replied: “Shut up.” While blushing xDD Now (in high school) her and my other friends are rather/more open about periods and the like.
    To your (most likely) disappointment, I will probably not end up showing this to my girl/guy friends xD Don’t think they would appreciate it, haha..

    Rachael 😀

    • Hi Rachael, thanks for your positive comments about this blog (& authors) and about your guy/girlfriends, lol, I don’t assume too many people spread the word just out of embarrassment 😛 Looking at the stats of my site, it would appear most people end up here using keywords rather than referral from others 😀

      Anyways, I won’t say I know a lot about Japanese culture when it comes to menstruation, but from what I understand from hearing from a couple of friends who went there, it’s not as “sheltered” of a thing as it is in North America. Apparently it’s “common” to catch a girl changing her pad or tampon behind a car, down an alley or in a quiet bus. I have no idea why a girl would DARE do something like that, but it’s not as an “unusual sight” compared to here, lol. Pads and tampons are widely available there, so fear not 🙂 Japan has some of the best feminine hygiene brands and design in the world – you might fall in love with their products when you go there! Don’t even bother bringing your own 😛

      I think in primary school, it’s particularly embarassing, especially for those who haven’t gotten it. In high school, it’s almost expected that at least from grade 10 and on then most girls will have already hit menarche. I can understand the embarrassment of not being able to say in primary school that, “I haven’t started my period yet.” because everyone just wants to fit in and to be able to share their experiences. I know some girls even lie about getting it just so they aren’t ostracized 😛

      It’s good for girls to be able to share between each other their experiences and feelings. It’s how people connect and especially with something that affects your monthly life! There can be a lot learned too from your peers about managing your period, reducing discomfort/pains, preventing leaks, different brands/absorbency of protection, etc. Don’t forget that you should also include or at the very least, allow guys (which you know to some degree) ask you questions because it’s important for girls to EDUCATE guys on such things since most of us are totally oblivious to such things!

      It’s exciting to hear that you’re going to Japan for Homestay – what an experience! Oh right, in terms of the limited knowledge (with no guarantee of accuracy, haha) about Japanese expectations on menstruation, it’s common practice to use a tampon if you’re going to soak in the tub, especially public-bathing. If you choose not to (use a tampon), use a regular shower and make sure you drain all the menstrual flow that collects at the drain (for hygienic and sanity reasons) when you’re done. Even if you want to soak in a tub (at your homestay, not publc), you still can when you’re on your period if you rinse the tub and scrub out any stains thoroughly. The point is you don’t want to messy-up the tub for the next person and ensure that any menstrual flow (since it carries bacteria) is removed.

      Menstrual flow tends to follow water down the drain pretty well when I cleaned up after a tub-soak for my ex… the only time when I’d notice some of her flow being left behind was near the drains or when she has clots that come out and don’t flow regularly with water. Tampons are your best friend when it comes to water-borne thing, but I understand not all girls prefer or will use tampons – and not using a tampon should not mean it is some sort of handicap. If you do use tampons, many tampons in Japan are applicator-less and will help “hide” your period better since you wont’ have piles of applicators stashed in the trashbin. Speaking of which, many home-toilets in Japan also “wash” you, so you can clean your vaginal area clean easily. There’s no need to douche either (as popular as it is in Japan) unless recommended by a doctor. The vagina will automatically clean itself out (that’s why some women get discharge) and maintain a proper pH level. Like most septic systems, only flush the tampon-cotton portion and not the applicators… (especially not pads, lol) unless you want an embarrassing clog-situation 😆

      I hope you drop by regularly and let us all know your experiences (whether period-related or not, lol) in Japan as it’s a very nice and exciting place to be!

  3. Hi. Stumbled upon your blog while searching for something else… at first thght it was a post by a female on Apps to load on I-ph. Only when read further – realised that it was by a guy. Guess one doesnt really expect a guy to be sensitive enough to try to understand how the female body functions other than for one purpose or to make fun of PMS. Quite an interesting take.

    • Hi MM,

      I did recently make a post regarding a new iPhone period app created by Always. It can be found here in the appstore:

      I just downloaded the app myself and played around a bit on it and I will explore it and put up a little write-up on it. I’m going to use it to maybe track one of my girls’ period and see how accurate or how much she likes it and whether it’s useful for her. Of course everyone will have their own opinion, some of my girls don’t even track it and just wait until they “feel” it coming.

      Not all guys are ignorant about menstruation and there are many caring guys out there who genuinely want to learn more about the female body and ways that we can be loving and caring towards women in our lives, whether before, during or after menstruation. The menstrual cycle carries an extremely large significance in life, because it denotes the potential for a woman to bring a new life into this world. Furthermore, it’s such a beautiful bodily process worth learning about. There’s almost one week every month where a woman is menstruating for years to come, why should we as guys, feel as if that periods are a yucky and frightful thing where we must stay away from a girl, especially a loved-one? Once people learn about the beauty of menstruation, it’s not longer a fearful and shameful thing.

  4. Nice blog you got…
    I think I am just like you (after reading the intro & about page). But however I’m different from you in the sense that I am unlucky, no female has ever felt happy or was ready to give out their feelings for the topic. 😦

    • Hi Napster,

      That’s too bad – perhaps it is just the girls you happen to know or the type of relationship you foster with them. I mean certainly, there are some girls who are COMPLETELY comfortable with talking about menstruation or their own menstrual needs to anyone, so I mean you could always hunt for those particular girls if you want to satisfy your curiousity. However, most of my information comes from very close girl-friends or my god-sister’s (lacking biological sisters suck :() – so even I have to feel very comfortable with their understanding of who I am and also tone out their personality before I ever approach them with anything menstrual-related.

      Some of ‘my girls’ are comfortable talking about menstruation with me in general, some even tell me about their own practices/habits, some are even willing to offer information after testing products I’ve offered and such – so all of my girls provide me with various degrees of information and I like to believe that I respect their boundaries in terms of who is willing to give up what type of information. The only person I would ever expect complete knowledge about would be my bebe and a future wife. Some girls I know also have certain experiences which cause them to not be willing to provide certain information – 2 that come to mind is 1 who’s mom would never let her use tampons, so she doesn’t like me asking her to test tampons or to offer her thoughts about them or even anything associated with them. The other, when younger, had problems with stress-incontinence due to a health issue who have had to use incontinence products to handle uncontrolled urination (which has since been resolved). However, because of that history, she truly does not like to touch on the topic with me which I’m totally cool with. When it comes down to menstruation, she’s as open as the sky to me about it.

      I think girls become much more comfortable with sharing that information with them when you have a “special” type of relationship with them. They need to be able to trust you, be open and you also have to show respect for the information which they offer up. I suppose because I’ve always been very close with my girl-friends as I’ve grown up with them, it’s extremely easy to jump between topics, even the ‘sensitive’ ones such as this. If you’re one of those people who have only same-gender (male), close friends… it’ll be awfully hard to ever get any good discussions going on menstruation! For that, I’m glad to have more close-girl-friends than guy friends 😆

      • C, alwayz beneficial to hv more girl-friends than guy frds ya? xDD

        If it wasn’t for making babies, we wuldn’t need guys in this world coz being a girl is so fun leh 😆 I bet u wuld agree too, kakaka.

        Most girls dun like sharing info coz they get ridiculed by guys. Good thing there r still men like u out there who r mature n’ willing to learn about periods n’ our bodies.. makes us feel so good abt ourselves! I bet even tho bebe doesn’t admit… ur comfort in periods n’ her body mks her vry comfortable with u. There’s nthg worse than when u can’t accept her body n’ deal with her most intimate things in her life!!

      • Yes, That’s correct. About me so far, I’m having only one ‘close’ girl friend who likes me & I like her. We often talk on phone for hours talking about random topics till either I have to cut or she has to cut. Random topics only include things like latest happenings in town, at the educational institute/organization were we both go to, she’s frank with me everytime nearly & on everything. The problem occurs only when I touch on topics like this, with no intentions of mocking/teasing/abusing i.e. making fun or even in other words I approach in a totally ‘non pervertic mind’.

        I think it mostly depends on Culture & Tradition, various people have various definitions of what is decent and what is not decent. In Your case, the girls are okay with it since they are fine with it or consider it to be a pretty decent topic or both (as you see, one might consider that to be indecent but still talk about it)

        In my case, Even I avoid such topics & I consider them to be indecent & moreover it makes me feel awkward, but still i had managed to ask about it again without any perverted thought, but it simply tends in disappointing the person by making her feel ‘exposed’ is the word which is apt for describing the uncomfortablity, which tends to be true even for my case when it comes to male topics. Even though I know that the females learn about it too in their High School or whatsoever, I prefer not to know this happening as I tend to get uncomfortable myself too.

        My ‘Curiosity’ as you rightly guessed 😀 is still unsatisfied. Nevertheless, More or less satisfied already via your Blog.
        I like it for the same reason.

        And I also agree with you completely that Yes, having such topics discussed with more ‘guy’ friends turns to be perverted & even I dislike it both out of the sensitivity to the type of topic & my hatredness towards pervert-ism.
        I also dislike the same in girl groups.

        Rather I hold the opinion that a typical female tends to be more perverted than males unlike the common belief that is the opposite. My experience has taught me that.

        Thank You again for this wonderful blog & Hope to receive advise/reply on this. I don’t know if you have heard/read this Proverb,”When a man talks dirty with a woman, It’s Sexual harassment But When a woman talks dirty with a man, it’s $2.99/min”
        I think this proverb is apt to describe the unfair, prejudiced & perverted world 😦

        • HAH, your experience is completely correct. In high school, I was always known as the guy who would be the “king of perverts” I loved women, I really did 😛 haha. Well, I think it’s more accurate to say I still love women, but I’m only in love with womAn, lol. But anyways, I found what you mentioned out in my last 2 girlfriends.. they are just downright bad 😛 LOL! My most recent ex, damn… she taught me more things than I could ever imagine, hah. I thought I was ‘bad’ – the things she was capable of or told me about made my eyes bulge. I can’t even imagine how a girl could be so perverted 😛

          Just the other day as well, I was talking to another ex (my fav one) and I had mentioned I got a toy for myself. She was teasing me and she was questioning/teasing me about the type of toy I got and then said that I probably got a dildo but some anal, oh my lord I was aghast – lol, mainly because this is my ex saying this to me. It made me crack up so hard and her and I still have an amiable friendship together – but to hear her say something like that was like WOW, heh. Girls are definitely not innocent like that used to be. On that note, even though bebe often acts all innocent and cutesy with me, I swear deep down insdie, there’s a sexual MONSTER waiting to cum (yes, lol) out 😆

          Alas, guys get a pretty bad rep and everything we do is classified as being perverted, it’s ridiculous how everything falls under that category. However, that prejudice against guys also extends to women as well. For instance think back to our high-school days. A guy who got around was a real MAN and it was a proud moment knowing that you slept with 10 girls all on the same night. However, in the case of a woman, that would make her a slut or a whore. I don’t know why my friends thought I would have been the king of perverts, especially when I never told them about my love of menstruation, but it seemed like anything that came out of my mouth, it would be deemed perverted, lol.. so I just went with it – at least I got a good title, haha. 😀 Loving women because they are beautiful human beings, is VERY different than being a pervert or lecherous.

          Tradition, upbringing and religion play a very large role in one’s comfort with discussing periods. It took a lot of time for me to break me bebe in and have her feel comfortable enough to share even the most common things with me. Even she admits she’s very secretive about it with her friends, many asking if she even has her period because she’s very discrete and silent with it (or so she tells me). Perhaps I would dare say that bebe would have been more open about discussing these things if say… she had a sister or something – someone who would have paved some open communication about her body and period for her. Having all brothers, I would dare assume she probably doesn’t “discuss” much about her body with them, lol. Also, the religious atmosphere (although not her religion, but the religion of her country’s binding) suppressed almost any type of “sexually enticing” or “bodily related” topics. I can understand and appreciate why even today she is not easily open about these subjects and I take the time to make her feel comfortable enough to go further towards topics of more sensitive nature.

          Trying to have a conversation about periods with your guy friends.. I don’t think they’d even bother claiming you to be perverted or anything or that it would result in mockery or dissension, but rather, the conversation would likely shift away VERY quickly. Most guys are not interested in “female-oriented” discussion… I think I’ve had, with guys, at most 2 remote discussions about menstruation, with many of my guy friends practically puking should I ever mention the very thought that women have menstrual cycles and have to deal with it. I think just that statement alone would be enough to cause them to, 1) barf up food they haven’t ate, or 2) piss themselves. For those reasons, I hardly touch on those topics with my guy friends. You know what’s weird? They’re more comfortable talking about jerking off than periods, LOL. I just find it weird I have to talk to my guy friends about stroking my dick, lol, I feel much more comfortable talking to my girl-friends about that since they like knowing about it, HAH. I don’t want to know what my guy-friends do with their hands in their spare time XD

          It’s hard for some women not to consider you a pervert when you ask about such intimate things about their body unfortunately. Blame them, not yourself, heh. Some women are feel that their body is such an unnatural thing they feel too ashamed to talk about it. That itself is just terrible how some women cannot feel comfortable about their own bodies – let alone discuss such intimacy. I suppose I could say I’m lucky to have great girl-friends who are willing to joke with me, (sometimes) flirt with me, play around with, enjoy a day out (completely platonic, no relationship) and can talk about any topic!

  5. Yes, Exactly… I think more than religion, the personal definition of a person of what is right & wrong i.e. Decent & Indecent

    And YES OBVIOUSLY, there is no doubt you can be regarded as lucky in that case!
    Agreed with you haha 😀

    • Do you have favourite products yourself?

      Are you a member of Kayo’s? If you aren’t, you might be interested in her board and chatroom… sometimes you can catch a few of the girls online there who are comfortable with sharing menstrual info with you.

      • That’s nice, sure will. I don’t have any favorite products myself or something because I am not that into the topic although I want to be (again with a non perverted mind) but Can’t due to the topic being taboo, especially with Girls, so there is absolutely no way for me to know about it other than your website. Not the rest of the internet, cuz it’s like you present it in a unique or I can rather say Socially 🙂
        Otherwise the web is already filled with the scientific stuff, you got the right combination of it 🙂

        Moreover I’m surprised why didn’t you yet kick out the ‘’ from the URL ? You get a a lot of traffic! They are supposed to make it by now direct www(dot)meninmenstruation(dot)com 😀

        & Nice ‘chatting’ with you, finding somebody like me at last 🙂 lol

  6. Dear Author, interesting blog. Not sure I entirely understood your fasconation with menstruation, seems like some sort of a fetish or sexual obsession to me.. If that’s the case, just say it, don’t hide behind the mission of enlightening the world on the subject.
    I think, majority of men have just the right amount of knowledge about menstruations: woman bleeds, her behaviour can be a bit more unpredictable than usual, no sex (vaginal sex IS NOT recommended during menstruation due to increased risk of infections).
    Just like women have sufficient information about prostate, or sperm: you know what’s it for, how it works, but as long as it’s not part of your body, it is not your concern (unless your close one has medical problems and needs your help – then you learn about it more). Or, unless you are entirely fascinated by the subject and devote considerable amount of your time and thoughts to it. Judging from this blog – this is the case.
    Now, where I’m going with this? I think, menstruations are only small part of female existence. Maybe what fascinates you is that this existence is somewhat dark and mysterious, and you will never be a part of it, doesn’t matter how much you wish. Blood. Strong archetypical symbol. Pregnancies, miscarriages, abortions, giving birth, menopause – this is a cycle of life, and except for somewhat infamous bitchy menstruations (simple mechanism, clear how it works) and successful pregnancies (smiling mothers with ripe bellies or rosy babies) – the rest is dark and secret, involves death and godly power to decide who lives and who dies..
    Would you know how to behave and what to do if your partner miscarried? Or decided to do abortion? Or why do you hate menopause if you love mentruations so much? Menopause is a part of that cycle of life. There is no spring without autumn, you should be able to see beauty in its grim hint of approaching end, so that new beginning could come.
    I applaud your peaceful attempt to gain control of this uncontrolable power of nature through knowledge. Because knowledge is just an illusion of control. Through ages, men were much more violent and unforgiving in their attempts to control it.

    • Not really hiding behind anything, it’s stated right in one of my introductions:

      “Menstruation to me is part knowledge, part interest and part fetish.”

      I don’t see education a hindrance, so the process of learning is good for any gender, status or education level. If every person only “learned just enough to get through the day” then there’d never be any advances in society.

      If the majority of men truly knew ‘enough’ about periods, then they’d be more likely to appreciate the process and the beauty of it. Yet, there are still too many men who don’t know FACTUAL things about it and only learn the negativity which they hear and see and adopt as they grow up. I still see much more negativity towards menstruation by males than positivity and still see many women who hate their period. Therefore, our society as a whole, male, female and everyone in between still have a long way to go.

    • I agree with you in entirety.

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