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Another break between my regular period talk to shed some light for you guys on who I am… or at the very least, know a bit more about me. It has been less than a week since I started my blog and I have already gotten some great feedback, mostly via email (maybe some of you are still shy :)) I could not fathom the feedback I’d be getting, however, I can tell you all I am very appreciative. In fact, besides the casual reader, I even have a few subscribers, definitely makes me feel proud and no less thankful! For those who asked, I’m reluctant right now to provide any facebook information. In actuality, when I started this blog, I told myself I wouldn’t become personally attached to it and wanted to leave it completely separate from my life, but I have definitely come to love this blog and the readers. When I feel more comfortable, I’d be more than happy to add a select few to know me more personally once I feel I have some sort of connection or trust for a few of yous! A couple of you sent me some interesting questions and wanted to know a bit more about me, so I’ll try to answer most of the questions – however, very generally due to personal reasons.

The first question asked about my sexuality and whether I am transgendered because of my interest in menstruation. No, I’m not transgendered and I am biologically male and identify as a heterosexual male. My interests with menstruation is out of curiosity and love of the female body, not because I’d like to be a woman or feel like I’m a woman in a man’s body. I love women (but not want to be one), lol. Also, I really appreciate what girls have to go through every month and would like to be understanding of it. Whenever the opportunity arises, I enjoy taking care of them, giving them a massage, make them some hot cocoa or whatever I can do to make them feel better. Let’s face it, I can’t share their pain, but as a guy, I feel a responsibility to ensure my (ex/future) girlfriend is as comfortable as can be.

Have I considered sexual reassignment? No, I haven’t. Again, I enjoy the knowledge and fun of periods, but I would not become a woman via surgery. Furthermore, that would not necessarily make me able to have my period if that were the case. I enjoy being able to learn (and in small ways, experience) periods but I do not question my gender-identity. I am quite happy being male. Being able to “take care” and “pamper” a girl for me brings me great joy and you have to think, a girl spends 1/4 of every month (normally) menstruating, so why aren’t we guys making the best of it instead of avoiding her? Treat her like a princess, she deserves it, no matter how moody and temperamental she is!

What do I do? Well, I work for a government agency as an I.T. Project Leader…. can’t really say anything too specific since that’s freaky when people across the internet know too much about you, haha. Also, I run my own business, obviously I.T. related as well, a consultation firm, although I do regular system repairs and such. What are my hobbies? Besides periods? LOL… well, I used to play Tennis and Basketball – not so much anymore because of the weather (obviously) and while I was still physically fit in my “young days” =D Other than that, I can be pretty dull sometimes. I’m not sure if you can call “eating” a hobby since it is a necessity, but if it does qualify, then I profess my love to food! I’m into computer gaming too, but of course a lot of my day goes towards managing my own business as well. I like to make money (or, ‘more’ money) because I’d like to provide a very nice living for my future wife and kids. I realize if anything, now’s the time when I want to rake in the cash because I’d like to spend the later time with my wife/kids… I work a steady day job, having regular hours, weekends/holidays off and a very nice annual schedule – so I can quit my own business then to take care of my family.

Not sure why someone asked about my relationship life (weird)… but right now, I’m single.. kind of… there’s a girl I was seeing a few months ago but things are not going well now. Things were magical for 2 months while she was home in Malaysia and then when she returned, things were well for a month. Afterward, she said she felt uncomfortable with me sometimes, but never was there a reason given. I hate that, I seriously do, I hate it when girls can’t give me a definitive reason for something. One of my friends mentioned whether she was involved with another guy, but I prefer not to find out… I’m the jealous and aggressive type, it would not be in my best interest to find out/know – I know myself better than that. I’m still going for her though, not giving up! I may be foolish, but my heart tells me otherwise. I’ve never had a girl put such a huge barrier for me before, it feels very frustrating… might be a Malaysian-Chinese girl thing? LOL… sorry Poh Ching, can you enlighten me? Haha.  They like to break hearts XD

I’d prefer not to comment on my family life currently… just that my family is awesome! You can take everything away from me and as I have them, that’s all that matters. So… that concludes that… until I get some more emails, lol.

This is a little snow scenery for everyone… I’m no photographer, I’m just a “person who takes pictures” – lol. This is dedicated to my first subscriber as well since I don’t know how long it has been since she’s seen snow =] hope you enjoy it. I thoroughly enjoy the feedback, whether positive or negative that people have given. Feel free to send me idea you’d like for me to cover and I’ll write more soon!


– K

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  1. Hey, I can’t advise you on the Malaysian-Chinese girl thing, but just follow your head! Yes, your head, and not your heart =P Tralalalala

  2. LOL I meant the one that contains something known as The Brain =P No I do not like to hurt anyone, but sometimes it’s better to get hurt early instead of leading them on. =)

  3. Wah.. so see-mart! Ya, I guess that’s true… cut the ties early to prevent the pain… or well, correction, to prevent MORE pain… the pain is still there, blah.

    I’m not sure how often I use my brain to think… I’ll try to use it a bit more on your advice, haha. Sometimes I think I’m born in the wrong era, I hold such traditional and old-fashion values that I’d be much better off being born in like the 60’s or something, lol. Relationships are so fragile these days, they come and go, almost like there’s no loyalty. Divorce is hung on the side of the mouth, it is not necessary to go through thick-and-thin together, no overcoming obstacles, no staying together out of love (too realistic) – just quitting, that’s the easiest solution.

    Boo to society, haha.

  4. Your blog is just the website i wanted, you are just the person i wanted :))
    Awesome Work !
    I would request you to write on how a typical women would react if asked about menstruation, bra and stuff, & if you have screwed up a female friend by asking such, how to make up for it or the proper convenient way to ask so the other person does not feel offended or “exposed” & “embarrassed” as i was told once 😦


    • Shuamayal,

      Thank you for your positive feedback! I am excited to run a blog where it’s appreciated by others, even if there are a few who like to leave rude comments and such – they can go somewhere else to spread their negativity!

      I would be happy to write an article on what you proposed. I will add it to my “to be blogged” list and probably do it within the next month or so. If I feel inspired, it might be upcoming in the next few entries 😀 sometimes I have splurges of excitement where I feel like writing a lot or suddenly decide I want to add multiple entries a day! Rest assured, your request will be fulfilled in decent time.

      I can understand the feeling of asking a girl these questions, it’s a very awkward situation if not done properly. I have both had successes and failures of course and the failures always tend be a “learning experience.” Suffice to say, I wish you much success for your future inquiries to female friends! Likewise, I can also agree that for a female to provide such information to a male friend may be very hard, so we have to be understanding of both sides. One of my girls have asked me before about some very very personal things and I was unhappy that I did not answer her, but it was also not something she needed to know. I’m a fairly open person and can even talk about the most intimate things about me, but there are also things I reserve rightfully only for my girlfriend/wife to know.

      Thank you for dropping by, please keep contributing so that you may inspire me to write more topics that people want to read! 😀


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