Want Privacy? Don’t fly!

In reference to Body Scans, Disability, Menstruation, and Security Theatre January 5th, 2010 by Elizabeth Kissling @ http://menstruationresearch.org/2010/01/05/body-scans-disability-menstruation-and-security-theatre/

When I read the above article, I was shocked at how much a scan like that actually shows. It makes me edgey to imagine myself as a male, walking through a scanner which shows (according to their rules, a same-sex officer) another individual my full body layout, including my penis “hanging around” while doing a security check. I find that distrubing, in fact, I’d hate to be the guy sitting behind the scanner seeing penises all day (unless that was his thing). I would actually prefer it was a opposite sex viewing these walkthroughs. While they have the best of intentions, not allowing images to be saved, making sure that the viewing-officer never sees the person on the outside and that due encryption be used when transmitting such an image, would you want to be the one questioned as you’re walking through the scanner whether you are menstruating and to prove it? In the event she’s not menstruating at the moment does not mean she cannot have the pad on, such as preparing for her flow to begin or at the end of her period just-in-case. Imagine a male, for whatever reason (other than malicious intent) having a pad on… what business is it of security officials to see and perform questioning. What if that is the person’s fetish or medical needs? Just to fly, do we really have to justify our own personal lives nowadays?

Having seen a tampon string hanging out of a girl, I can only imagine that to a scanner, it would very much resemble a wick of a dynamite for instance. Personally, I’d probably get a kick out of asking a girl, “So… are you on your period?” – but that’s just me and my interests and all… I’m sure the average person would hate to have to be the one to say that. I love flying, I really do… especially when it’s a trip to go home. I just can’t imagine the implications of this all, especially for those who might have more private concerns of themselves showing up nude in a scanner. I’m not sure about the pat-down process since I’ve never had an issue with going through security checks. I have triggered the metal detectors a few times with my belt (and before shoes had to be removed), my shoes… but never had to be “felt up” by an officer – so I guess I can’t relate to an experience like that.

I don’t think I’m taking sides on whether a scanner like this is right or wrong – it obviously has its merits. There have been many individuals who’ve expressed that “As long as doing something like this is for our safety, we don’t care about privacy.” It’s too bad the world has to come to this just to keep its citizens safe… soon we’ll be scanned just to exit the door of our house. Crime can exist anywhere and an airplane is just one of them. For the time being, I’ve just accepted the way security checks are, I think I take on the attitude of “I don’t really care.” and “There’s nothing that I can do to change it”… after all, I like visiting home! Nevertheless, this was a great article to read and addresses concerns that many in the LGBTQ and disabled folks might have when it comes to having their bodies revealed.

Just for kicks, the next time I’m walking through one of these scanners, I’m going to try to walk through it while maintaining a large erection… whoever’s behind that scanner, ENJOY!

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