Winalite, Anion, Love Moon Sanitary Napkins – For Real?

Hello Again,

Today, I had been looked more in-depth into a product which had broken into the Asia market for a while before spread internationally. From the looks of it, there are quite a few sellers of a “special” maxi pad, under the brand name Winalite who make Love Moon Anion Sanitary Napkins. They are an exploding company who has recently arrived internationally in North America. As a booming company, they offer “business opportunity” for both individuals and businesses who wish to be distributors for their products. This appears to work on the pyramid scheme like many cosmetic and natural health remedy resellers work under. For me, it was shocking to see that unlike cosmetics and other pyramid schemes, there are quite a few males involved in this program, literally, being a “maxi pad pusher”.

Now, I’m personally not involved with Winalite in any way, their original brand in Hong Kong about a year ago was what caught my attention since I’m always interested in researching/testing new products. The first time I saw any mention of this product was in a YouTube video, under the Chinese equivalent name of 月月愛. Having looked at both the Cantonese and English versions of their videos, I was quite impressed with what they described, however, I took most of it with a grain of salt just like any other commercial or advertisement. It was very surprizing to me when I saw it emerging in the North American market. The pads they sold were more expensive than your typical brands, however, claims to have many benefits over your regular sanitary products.

Doing a quick “Google”, I began typing the word “Winalite S…” and then before I even completed my intended word “sanitary” it was offering me the phrase “Winalite Scam” .. well, that sure as hell wasn’t what I expected. Nevertheless, I kept that thought in mind and continued my task at hand to find out more. For those who are unfamiliar with this product, this brand of maxi pad offers 7 amazing layers (in their words) that compose the Love Moon Sanitary Napkin.

Layer Love Moon Product Other Brands
1 Soft and comfortable cotton surface with twice the absorption strength Surface of artificial fiber or rough surface of soft cotton.
2 Anionic tape of world advanced standard and granted with national patent, can effectively get rid of the cause of female genital inflammation: anaerobic bacteria. No such anionic tape or are using medicated tape not recommended by experts.
3&5 Dust-free paper after strict sterilization is used for 360-degree wrapping of the absorbent agent. Paper pulp from recycled items with high level of chemical bleach is used as filling material, or chemical fiber materials are used. How dreadful it is for the sensitive skin to come into close contact with such kind of materials!
4 Adequate absorbent agents which are colourless. Low quantity of absorbent materials.
6 A base film which is permeable to air but not water. Plastic film which is not air permeable.
7 Adhesive base layer used for food products. Adhesive base layer used for industry.

Rather than me explaining the concept and details of this product, I would rather refer you to the following site that articulates all the (many) benefits. I was quite interested in acquiring this product to test it out, but the lingering thought of it being a potential scam definitely had me alert. Looking at their prices, I would say (in CAD) they were roughly a dollar more per package compared to store-purchasable pads. Unfortunately, once you tack on the shipping fee, it would already double the price just to make the purchase.

Whether this is a scam or not, there are definitely some points in which I would agree with them, such as making the pads scent-free and environmentally friendly. When it comes down to their reference to the negative ion strip in the middle of the pad, I’m unable to comment since I’m not much of a scientist, but apparently it has a variety of health benefits stretching from helping to reduce/regulate menstruation to reducing stress. Wow! I did not know a maxi pad could do so much as to:

“Reduce stress, Strengthen immunity, Enhance metabolism, Remove fatigue  and Enhance hormonal balance”

If so, I think almost every guy should start wearing maxi pads on a regular basis (har har)! Apparently the negative ion strip even goes so far as to being able to treat genital herpes… oh yes, you heard me, it treats herpes. So now, after reading the entire page, it’s starting to make me think this pad was made by God himself! Sorry if I sound a bit sarcastic, I am trying to keep a neutral stance. Before I start straying too much, I’m definitely interested in getting a pad or two of these just to see whether it is really that amazing. While I won’t be able to comment on whether it makes my (non-existent) vagina bacterial-free and fresh, I will be able to comment on the general comfort and absorbency of the item. For my readers, if any of you have had any practical experience with these pads, feel free to comment or send me an email! Obviously I don’t want this to become an advertising frenzy, so please refrain from posting any contact information.

3 Packages of the various Love Moon Pads

I will say though, that whether the pads truly fulfill all its claims, the packaging definitely look nice ^___^

Display of the 3 sizes of Love Moon Pads - Liner, Day and Night

I really wonder whether all this is a scam or not, because if it isn’t, these pads really are a miracle product, lol. If you’d like to look up information on these pads, the videos are readily available in multiple languages for you to view and listen. I honestly would’ve never expected so many guys to be trying to sell these products and looking at a few people, they have been quite successful. I’m honestly not sure how many women are actually comfortable with a male approaching them and trying to persuade them to buy maxi pads… hrm… good thing there’s not that many period-lovers out there like me eh?

Of course with any of these schemes, there will be people who actually find success in selling these products, so cheers for them! As it might strike many of you, I actually have not considered becoming a distributor of this – I would find it quite awkward for me to approach people and try to push this product. I have no problems with talking about stuff like this with girl-friends, girlfriend, or female cousins, but to actually imagine myself trying to sell maxi pads just goes “whoosh” over my head. That is odd, considering my interests and all, ain’t it?

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  1. “Reduce stress, Strengthen immunity, Enhance metabolism, Remove fatigue and Enhance hormonal balance”

    It’s total BULL Faeces! This has been marketed in Malaysia as well – to bio-medic students -____-” My friend (she being one of the bio-medic students) was so annoyed with the promotion and she was puzzled how and why people can actually believe it this…? How does catching blood flowing OUT of the body reduce stress (WELL maybe, rather than staining pants harhar), strengthen immunity, metabolism, fatigue, hormonal balance (this has to come from the inside, not the outside!). This is simply ridiculous promoting -__________-” Even I as a lay person with no science knowledge knows this. There I’ve said my 2 cents. HARHAR.

    • Ohhh, you’re a money saver – haha… I’m so glad that I didn’t waste any money on this. It definitely made me wonder whether it was an advertising gimmick or not. From the way they describe it, they make it so plausible, like as if it really could do all that. Logically in the back of my head was a red signal but sometimes you can’t help but believe some things XD

      I definitely “LOL”ed at your statement about how it can prevent stress by not staining pants!! Well I don’t think it was the idea that catching blood OUTBOUND was where all the “magic” happened… it was the fact the negatively charged ionic strip was supposed to send stuff “upwards”… hahaha, even the description of it makes me giggle.. I mean chuckle.. ya, manly chuckle (looks around suspiciously). Essentially that powerful strip by sending ions upwards promotes all those “benefits” and now that I think of it, I wonder if the people who are sell the product use the product… it’d be almost contradictory if someone was pushing it but not using it, haha.

      The concept of this pad is great…. if we lived in science-fiction movie ^___~ To some degree, I perhaps believe it if the strip really has the ability to lower bacteria reproduction on the pad since that is what causes the stench =P and keeps things clean “down there”… all the other ones really made me raise an eyebrow.

      Something like this may be appealing in North America because we have only a small number of brand choices of pads/tampons… in places like Asia, especially Malaysia, you guys already have some great pads that something like Love Moon really wouldn’t be all that “special”. You guys already get all the great brands and types and I’m stuck in stupid Canada with our shitty ones, LOL. I just did a quick look-up and holy crap there are so many distributors in MY selling this… haha.. that’d be funny if I found out you were actually selling it X__x Apparently there’s a huge distribution warehouse in KL O_o

      Oooo, thanks for letting me know your thought though, I’ll definitely not be as interested in testing it if it really doesn’t do all that it claims… and the fact I hate shipping charges <– cheap, lol. If only they made impressive pads here like they do in the Asian countries =\

      After posting this up, I actually got 3 emails asking me if I was interested in selling… XD

      • RITE………. It’s already OUTSIDE the body, how is any IONS gonna travel up to “help”? It’s a load of cow dung mannnn!! LOL!!!!

        BTW, why are you ranting about pads? -_______-” UNless you are a hermaphrodite…….. Hmmm…..? 😛

        • Well I don’t think it was supposed to be the flow that helps transmit the ions inside… it was the fact because it’s between your legs and so close to the body that the ionic particles dissipate upwards… and also the fact it’s directly against the skin (that’s why I might believe in the anti-bacterial properties and anti-odour)… but everything else seemed questionable. Not impossible, just questionable.

          No, I’m not a hermaphrodite 😛 It doesn’t really matter why I’m ranting about it, does it? Only my ex’s and girlfriend ever get to know the full details of my interests, so you don’t need to know the truth behind it all XD I enjoy your company, so I’ll refrain from telling you the truth and scaring you, haha. I might decide to tell you one day if I know I can really really trust you 😀

        • Actually, one does not need to wear the product, the same way women do, to get the benefits. So the word hermaphrodite has really nothing to do with it.

          The green strip at the center is the most important component of the product. As the product claims it, that green strip releases 5800 negative ions per cubic cm. You may want to research about negative ions. I’ve read somewhere that negative ions are being used medically to eliminate pain or speed up healing in some patients.

          Now if the 5800 value the product claims is accurate, that might probably be good enough as a pain killer. Some people I know would cut off or remove the green strip, moisten it with water then crumple it a little bit, perhaps to force the ions to be released easily, then place the strip directly on the skin wherever there is pain or injury.

          You can try it and see if it works on you.

        • lol. I was using “hermaphrodite” to tease my friend, nothing to do with the benefits of the pad at all 😛

          I’ve heard about this product from a bio-tech student and she slammed the product. Anyhow, I’m a loyal fan of Kotex so trying other brands is not really my thing 🙂

        • ❤ Kotex, ❤ Poh Ching too as a result XD HAHAHAHAHA.

          I really wish I had taken bio and chem, that way, I can verify all of this, lol.

  2. Hmm Ok. I hope you’re not a vampire of some weird perv sort. HAHAHAHAHA

    • HA… clearly I can’t trust you then with that information 😛 Too bad lor… I’m not a vampire, I hate twilight.. ya, you heard me… and I hate YOUR TAYLOR LAUTNER too! I was hoping you were a nice understanding person but cchheeee, you’re not, so disappointing la… LOL. Haiii..

  3. Your post has allowed me to make the right decision for my wife and I! Thank you for your opinion and that of yours readers.

    Manraj Kutta Hai

  4. Poh Ching :
    RITE………. It’s already OUTSIDE the body, how is any IONS gonna travel up to “help”? It’s a load of cow dung mannnn!! LOL!!!!
    BTW, why are you ranting about pads? -_______-” UNless you are a hermaphrodite…….. Hmmm…..?

    Negative ions are small enough to be absorbed by the skin. And everyone has already absorbed a lot of ions in the air through the nose. The problem is most ions in the air, especially in the city, are positive ions which are bad for the health.

  5. Thanks for the welcome Excellent site,

  6. Why not try it first before giving your 2 cents on this.. hehehe.. it was as if you are trying to explain the taste of an apple without tasting it first. Just to let you know.. negative ions are already in our body and is also in our environment.. meaning its outside our system. This helps me on my sleep problems, and my son’s asthma. That’s not 2 cents from me.. its first hand experience. Peace out sisters! We always have a choice to use cheaper brands but the effect of this cheap products will show in the end. Its better to be cautious than sorry. I love not myself but my family who depends on me. Again its a matter of choice and priority!

  7. Hey, from Toronto, Canada

    Just a quick hello from as I’m new to the blog. I’ve seen some interesting posts so far.

    To be honest I’m new to forums and computers in general 🙂


  8. Hello

    It is my first time here. I just wanted to say hi!

  9. I agree with most of what is said here.

  10. You’ve done it once more. Great post!

  11. Really great writing. Honest.

  12. You have hit the mark. Thought excellent, I support.

  13. The Anion pad are pure Magic, I have used it for two Menstrual Flow. Pls can a Pregnant Woman in her Second Trimester(6-7 Month Pregnancy) use the day and night Pant Liners. I need ur Reply ASAP. Thanks

    • I do not see a reason why you should not be able to continue regular use of Anion products during pregnancy. As I am not a qualified medical professional, it is advisable to seek proper advice through your doctor. However, the use of pads or pantiliners is certainly recommended and necessary! A pregnant woman should keep a close-eye on her discharge or bleeding on EACH pad or pantiliner she discards. Bleeding during pregnancy may or may not be signs of problems, therefore seeing how much and what type of bleeding is occurring is necessary. Although you would not want to “keep” a saturated pad or pantiliner for analysis, simply make a written or mental-note about the colour/consistency of the bleeding and how heavy it is.

      If a woman is bleeding during her second trimester, consider contacting your physician as my sources indicate that:

      Common conditions of minor bleeding include an inflamed cervix or growths on the cervix. Late bleeding may pose a threat to the health of the woman or the fetus. Contact your health care provider if you experience any type of bleeding in the second or third trimester of your pregnancy.

      • Wow.. magic… now makes me want to buy this pad and try 😕

        Wut do u think la? Worth giving it a shot?

        • You can try if you really want… Cherrie also told me about one called “Color”… but it was off a Malaysian forum so I’m not sure if they have it in HK or if you’d have to get it shipped to you… look into Love Moon though because I know for sure that’s available in HK.

          But I still like Sofy, Laurier and HK Kotex

  14. Such a well written post.. Thnkx for sharing this post!

  15. Incredible blog I enjoyed reading your info

  16. Goodday

    I’m new here and just wanted to drop by with a little “hello” message (sorry if I have posted in the wrong section!)

    My name is Courtney, mom to two lovely boys, and a parttime soccer coach!

    I’m here to sniff around and gather some information, so please welcome me :O)

    Have a great day!

  17. hi everybody

    great forum lots of lovely people just what i need

    hopefully this is just what im looking for looks like i have a lot to read.

  18. hi everyone,

    at last, i think im the one your waiting all along, i can answer all your questions. I use this product and my whole family, there are many ways to use this product but thats another post.

    This product has helped a lot of women and men already, just type ‘winalite anion’ on YouTube and youll see the people helped by this product. Hear them yourself and they are not payed at all like in the adverts, they talk of how Negative ions in the Anion Love Moon helped them. Hear it form themselves and how thankful are them that an organic, biodegradable pads with negative ion is out in the market. You can also Google search about negative ions, take the best authority you are satisfied with from the tons of books/research about it.

    As of the price its a little expensive as compared to the made from ‘recycled and bleached’ pads that can be bought in the shops. There is a way to use this product cheaper, become a Winalite member then you can buy for your own personal use, reducing the price to almost 50%, now that price will be the same as the mainstream pads sold in the market today. Think about that.

    In the end the choice is yours, to open your mind to new innovative product or be comfortable with what you usually see on million dollar funded advertisements.


    • I definitely have done quite a few lookups myself to try to understand more. Certainly, there are aspects which I’m totally positive about. There are some things in life that are sometimes “too good to be true” and yet, perhaps with more understanding and results, I can believe. Seeing things like these it tends to trigger internal warning signs about pyramid schemes, similar to many chain-product sales like Amway and Avon products. It’s understandable from both sides where the skepticism comes from, yet, those who have had fantastic experience with it as well.

      It’ll probably take quite a bit of time before people can believe whether the technology of ions work or not and whether people can justify the price/hassle. Having not tested these yet, certainly I will have to find a chance to do so. When you do a Google lookup, there are searches related to “scams” in association with Winalite products so it does make people’s alarms go off.

      I don’t doubt there are many satisfied customers with this product, there clearly are – just wish that an independent organization that has no affiliation or kickbacks do a full review and analyze the results!

      Thanks for dropping by and certainly getting a comment from a user and member helps people, including myself, take into consideration of all the angles of choosing this product.

  19. hi to all,

    search youtube: type: winalite anion lovemoon and see those who have tried it, google search negative ions and choose which articles satisfy you.

    open your mind to product innovations, you ll see more in the coming years!

    Jay & Indy

    • I have already seen the Cantonese version of Winalite Lovemoon before it even hit the North American market. I was quite amazed and it’s also shocking to see how fast many Malaysians have adopted this pad. I’ve read on many Malaysian forums about satisfied users and also direct sales rep who sell many of these products regularly!

      Having watched the entire demonstration, it was quite fascinating and that’s why I followed up by searching more and more information on the product.

  20. So many people are already using anion sanitary pads including me. There are also diapers now. I heard Winalite is already in 88 countries.

    • Yes, I even saw Anion pads being sold at a Taiwanese convenience store… they had a bunch of pamphlets, information pages printed out and posted and even a display case with the different types/lengths of pads… clearly, there’s quite a market out there.

      However, if the pads are expensive already, I cannot imagine how much the Winalite diapers will cost!!

  21. Hi again fans of MIM,

    On the price, its not an obstacle, you can cut the price to half in purchase of all Winalite products by becoming a member of of Winalite.

    but i suggest you buy a few pads first (ebay anyone?) to try it, see if you like the Anion Technology and high quality claim of the product. If satisfied, its your choice to go back to your ‘recycled paper’ brand or switch to 100% freshly harvested materials of Anion Lovemoon

    for if you become a Winalite member, you have to buy (1) one whole box. Which has 19 packets inside of different kinds. So its better to purchase a few pads to try first. To see is to believe as some say.

    As for the ‘scam’ tags you saw about Winalite products, its actually even made by a famous winalite distributor to attract attention to his blogs! mind you he was very succesful in attracting curiousity and now with many members on their Winalite team.

    I hope that explains to your readers. I am allowing the admin to pass my email & website to anyone interested to try Anion Lovemoon, so ask ‘PREXUS’ !

    thanks again for allowing my post MIM,

    Jay & Indy
    Winalite UK

    • Thanks for your return visit here, glad to have someone familiar with the product dropping by, giving feedback and educating us on it! If you’d ever like to post an article with a review of the product, I’d be happy to generate an entry just for that! It’s of course against WordPress (free version) terms and conditions for me to provide advertisements and such, but good information is always a great addition to my blog!


  22. hi there! i’m actually searching for the “lifespan” of the “power” of this anion strips from sanitary pad by winalite…i bought a package for a trial and since it’s kinda expensive as compared to ordinary napkins in the market, i took the “strip” and placed it in my drinking water…then one time i sticked a pair into my badminton shoe’s insole pad and wear the shoes during our game match and guess what…i was able to finish all the sets without asking for a break! as u know, i’m a “stroke” survivor…had it twice already before…and constant movement during the game easily wears me out and gasping for breath…i also have this “problem on the spine” and i noticed during the game i did’nt feel any pain even in the lower back! plus i had this extra energy and flexibility! my badminton buddies also noticed my exemptional performance that time! my concern is if i placed the “wonder strips” in a bottle of drinking water, how many liters before i should replaced the “strips”…and if i i’ll use for the second time, the pair of “strips” in my badminton shoes in my next game, will it give me the same “power”?

    • hi again MIM readers,

      Its me again a winalite team leader from United Kingdom, as Anion Lovemoon is my bestseller product here in UK, I have researched all info about it as any respectable seller/leader can and i pass this all on to my team members all over Europe & Asia as this is the tools of our trade. I am currently looking for more members to join my growing team.

      An excellent team is essential with knowledge of internet marketing and has a presence on twitter, facebook, youtube, ebay etc. If ever somebody ask you to join their Winalite team ask them if they can provide this cyberspace advantage, for it just widens your market.

      Of course you must master what your selling if your worth the salt.

      Now to MIM reader/fan, BLUESCLUES , if you are after the negative ion strip, the ‘power’. just buy the Green Packet, its has 30 individually sealed pads, and if using this in as foot pads in sports activities just like what you are doing (plus millions more), you dont need to remove the strip on the Green Packet pads, just lay the pads (its very thin) to the inside of your socks, ‘power’ green strip touching the skin of the soles of your feet. As for the ‘power’ timeframe, it last for maximum 6 hrs if used as pads. So the old strip you used in your last badminton game can not be used again.

      As you said, your spine injury has not bothered you, thats also whats said here by our customers, did you also know that as you use it as foot pads, your feet will not be as smelly? thats a bonus!

      If 1 ‘power strip’ is soaked/mixed inside your water sports bottle, its has a sufficient release of negative ions until approximately one liter of water is drank up. Meaning it has enough negative ion to last until you filled your waterbottle to the equivalent of 1 liter, afterwards it has no ‘power’ anymore. So you must open a new strip after 1 liter.

      hope that answers BLUESCLUES concerns,

      PS: to all MIM readers/fans, my presence on this site is just because of the kindness of the blog owner, as the topic change to whatever she/he wants to share with you, then ill be just a reader & questioner like everyone else.

      thanks again,
      Jay & Indy
      winalite uk

      • thanks much jay & indy!
        now i got interested with the hairline products..the shampoo you guys mentioned can solve my other problem on hair graying coz’ i got lots of it! and i’m tired of going back n’ forth to salon for hair color treatment! aside from the cost, the effect on hair is unfavorable-it makes my hair dry and frizzy!

  23. What are Winalite products other than sanitary napkin and diaper?

    • Hi MIM readers/fans,

      There are a growing line of products being sold by Winalite International, the main thing is the range of products focuses on having a better, healthier lifestyle and a healthier choice than whats available on the market.

      Beside the two that MIM reader/fan PEMBALUT ANION mentioned above, Winalite also has:

      1) WinMask is the first disposable facemask in the world combining the benefits of Anion Technology with protection against pollen, bacteria and other airborne particles.

      2) When it comes to reducing electromagnetic waves from your cell phone, WinGuard uses pioneering technology specifically designed for mobile phones to help absorb and filter electromagnetic clutter, reduce interference and enhance call quality. Just position the small, yet powerful, WinGuard sticker over the earpiece of your cell phone to help reduce the electromagnetic fields that may affect your personal environment.

      3) WINALITE EMF CARD. The EMF CARD is a breakthrough wallet-sized card that absorbs and reduces electromagnetic fields from common appliances and electronic devices around us. The EMF CARD helps to absorb and shield against the most harmful electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation affecting the body; thereby helping to sustain a balanced system. It can shield from EMF by providing a protective sphere with a radius of 50 centimeters, which equals approximately 20 inches, from the card.

      Its has built a coffee range:

      4) WinCafe Vital- Collagen helps to maintain and retain moisture in your skin. WinCafe Vital rejuvenates the skin’s moisture for a more youthful look by adding fish collagen from Alaska Cod, which has been identified to contain some of the best collagen available.

      5) WinCafe Vigor- From the jungles of Malaysia comes a power-packed coffee that adds to what makes a man! a MAN! (helps erectile problems) WinCafe Vigor, is known for its ability to promote energy and vitality and helps give this cup of coffee that tasty swagger to get you going.

      6) WinCafe Delight- Sharing that delicious drink of Java with a loved one invigorates the “love” in all of us. This coffee, with a unique herbal combination, not only has its usual kick, but also now adds a little more “swing” to the occasion.

      7) WinCafe Refresh- Good or bad, bacteria are all around us and they affect us every day. Prebiotics such as fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) are good bacteria which may help our digestive system to function better. WinCafe Refresh’s unique blend of aromatic coffee and the best FOS may surely enrich your daily life and leave you a day of freshness!

      They also made an environment friendly cleaning products:

      8) Crystal Moon (CM) is an excellent multi-purpose cleaner that is designed for everyday use. CM removes unwanted stains, dust, organic oils and airborne odors with our 100% natural formulation. CM is environmentally safe and another of our people friendly products designed for everyday cleaning challenges: floors, wall, countertops, fabrics, glass, metals, wood cabinets, entertainment screens and airborne odors. CM is people friendly safe for everyone in your household. CM are gentle, non-toxic and non-flammable, designed to enhance your living environment.

      it also has:

      9) Love Moon Instant Black Shampoo and Conditioner (makes grey hair black)

      10) Love Moon Healthy Lipstick and Lip Gloss (no harmful chemicals and cancer causing metals)

      11) Winalite Anion Bio Energy- a pendant which release negative ions continously.

      BTW, this products availability is different from country to country. so ask your local authorized winalite distributors

      thanks again,
      Indy & Jay
      winalite uk

  24. Again, thanks Jay & Indy for providing such great information to my readers since I am unable to myself! Obviously you have some large interests in it and even looking at my blog statistics, many readers are attracted to the Winalite entry. The more information you can provide, hopefully all my readers including myself will benefit from the information. Hopefully you may even pick up some extra business and networking through this.


  25. Hi all MIM readers/fans,

    We are very greatful to PREXUS for allowing us to share the healthful benefits of Anion, me and my wife has used this product first as a healthy choice than taking in much medicinal pills most of our lives.

    if i can buy a new pair of shoes, lipstick etc every month or two as a luxury, i thought why not invest on my own health, Why bargain on my health & the rest of the family?
    Anion is for the whole family, from athletes foot to sleeping disorder plus more.

    We are just passing on our great product discovery to others, its up to them to see their part on it in the health concious future.

    Has anybody seen the movie, ‘Pay it Forward’? in Winalite Anion you can do good for others health.

    thank you again, prexus & MIM readers,
    Jay & Indy
    winalite uk

  26. i took time to research into this product and its a pity how the illiteracy of some Ghanaians have capitalized on. can u believe in ghana some people have actually been deployed to some rural area to sell these pads. they tell these illiterates all sort of lies about this product,including
    1. it cure all female genital infections
    2. the sticky back of the pad can cure bodily pains when it is stuck on the part of the body with pains.(soon we gonna have people walking in town with pads stuck on their fore heads to cure headaches)
    3. by removing the green strip in the pad and putting it in water to drink will cleanse the body and cure diseases.
    infact there are so many applications ascribed to this pad it surprises me that people are actually buying into these falsehoods. God save us all…

    • Hi Antwi and MIM fans,

      We think we will miss the point ‘why people use it this way’ if we just look at the pad in front of us…look at whats embeded in the pads, the Anion Technology incorporated in the pads, that is the Anion Strip.

      What is in the Anion Strip, what does it do? Answer is the negative ion content and what i can do to balance our bodies, once you do your research on the negative ion, you will see what it can do.

      Arejay93 says:
      October 7, 2010 at 5:12 AM

      Please read the “”. thanks.

      Arjay93 understood where to look, negative ions, not on the purifier, not on the pads.

      they are selling negative ion pads in japan for about 20 USD each. A real plaster type pad and this emits a certified 1000 negative ions p/cm3. This japanese pad is also approved by US FDA as a drug/medicine.

      If we compared this to the certified 6080 negative ion p/cm3 content of Anion Strip which cost about 25 cents USD (green packet/30 pieces liner pads), which Anion Strip between the two would you choose?

      The people who peel off the Anion Strip to get its benefits is really after the higher negative ion content which is in Anion Lovemoon.

      why spend more when you can have it at lesser price and a higher certified negative ion content?

      Thats smart, No doubt.

      yours in health,
      Jay & Indy
      winalite uk

  27. Apparently one of my frd sell this – did not kno… I shld ask her to buy a pack n try =O N maybe save a few for u when u return!!

  28. if the green sticker (anion) is the object that works the magic in the anion pads why doesn’t winalite just go ahead and sell just the strip so that if for instance i want to use it as a pad i will get my regular pad and stick the negative ion thing on it and use it.can we get some professional advice here instead of someone from winalite.

    • Hello MIM readers and ANTWI,

      As I stated above, there is a plaster thats being sold in Japan for 20 USD,
      but it has lower negative ion count (1000 p/cm3), even approved by United States Food and Drug Administration (a body that approved all medicines sold in US) yet is very expensive.

      I also researched a negative ion blanket for chemo theraphy rehabilitation selling for 3000 US Dollars!

      But in Anion, just peel off the strip and youll have a 6,080 negative ions p/cm3 (certified), at far lower cost.

      Which do you prefer…a 20 US dollar with 1,000 negative ions or 20 pence with 6,080 negative ions?

      Originally, Anion Lovemoon is really intended for women but as the women felt relieved of arthritis pain (plus others), their husbands got curious and began too look at the ‘power’ behind Anion, yet as all macho-macho men hate to wear the ‘ladies’ pads, they just peel off the Anion Strip, placed that on their arthritis area and got the same results too!

      Can you blame the husband for being so ingenious?

      yours in health,
      Jay & Indy

  29. It was originally from china (sanitary pad) and was developed in japan.
    They improved the sanitary pads to the highest level of every part of it.
    Negative ion is not a cure for illness or disease, its like a booster of our immune system, “detox” our body and improve blood circulation. Those people were cured by their own body’s immune system. Naturally negative ions are found near water falls, oceans and forests where natural frictions occur. Japanese developed a technology to generate negative ions and put it in the ion strip. Anion pads are not the only product using negative ions. I heard there are also negative ion bra, bed, carpet etc. Some hospitals are using air ionizer, alot more expensive. For me adding negative ions to the sanitary pads/pantyliners was a brilliant idea. Its like improving your health without changing your lifestyle.

    And one more thing, electronic devices attached to our body like mobile phones, ipod…etc they have the opposite effect of negative ion.

  30. elow everyone and im glad that i found this blog. I just signed up to be part of this multi level business and already excited about sharing the products to my friend and family. At first i was skeptical about the product because really “its too good to be true”. I only joined just to get cheaper price and wait how the product works its wonders. Good health to all of you who are using it.

    • Definitely let us know how it works out for you! Sanitary Napkins are an excellent source of business given that it doesn’t seem like something that’s going to go bankrupt any time soon! I wish I had the drive to invest into selling pads and tampons as some of my readers have encouraged me to consider it as a side-job. Cheers and best of luck!

  31. Where can I buy the Winalite Anion pads in south Africa. The distributer in Lesotho that I was getting them from, does not sell them any more. I am also thinking of being a distributor here in Lesotho. Please give me the info

  32. hey guys.
    it was amazing to see the video of anion that cure illnes..actualy my brought the dvd with a brochure and we watch the amazing things dat cured all the users of anion.!.i got also pain in my left knee at the back,i was scared coz its early to have an arithis symtoms..every day i felt the brother told me dat..i should try the pads..and i think my mother is gonna try dis pads if it is works..and i hope too..becoz im gonna leaving phillippines soon to go abroad for my in the phillippines is selling the product in 300 pesos..(just convert in ur currency rate) 30 pads..and my mother gonna buy the pads frm the authorized perSon..
    i decided to write my blog.becoz of what ive just read on dis site..and i hope it works 4 me and 4 my family


  33. Thank you for sharing…lets all connect on facebook, just send Winalite AnionUK a friend request. See you on the other side!

  34. Hi, everyone..i enjoyed reading all the comments here. I’m from the Philippines and I just recently signed up last Dec, 2010 with Winalite. If my post will be allowed here, I just want to share our experience with the Love Moon product. I’ve been doing some research about Love Moon Anion to input in my tarpaulin which we will use for our demo when I stumbled upon this blog/article . I’m selling and using this product for the past two months. Personally, I vouch the authenticity of the product’s claim to cure/eliminate menstrual pains (dysmenorrhea) since I am Love Moon user (both the pads and the pantiliner). One of my officemates in Butuan City, Philippines also experienced the benefit of the product first-hand. She used to take Midol and other pain-relievers when her period comes because of the pain that made her stay in bed for a day. Then, last January, I told her to try the Love Moon sanitary pad and thankfully, it did wonders for her: a painless and happy period plus for me, a recurring client for my product. Now, my cousins and I are doing demo for our relatives, friends and friends of friends to let them know and try this unique and safe product. Even my classmates are now using it because apparently, they have already heard about it and they know of some people that had already experienced the healing effect of Love Moon. It was just a matter of where to buy the product. I hope that others will get to experience the therapeutic wonders this product has to offer. Good day and be healthy everyone 😉

  35. I was also a non believer in this product and thought it was a load of bull, but it’s not. Love Moon is the most absorbent sanitary product I have ever come across and I have tested many. Sorry to go into details but I have not had a period for over a year and when my brother in law suggested I tried these I was not convinced. Suprisingly on the third day of wearing a pad I got a period! I was stunned and rang him straight away. I am now having regular periods and wear the pantiliners in between. It really is an amazing product. Not only is is super absorbent and I challenge anyone who says it isn’t, the strip inside contains negative ions which most definately have an effect on womens health. I wish this could be available more freely in the uk but you can only get it from Winalite members. I can sell it to you no oversees delivery fee. Ok still think it’s to good to be true, I hope in a few years all women will be using Winalite Sanitary Napkins.

  36. Neetha Bhatia

    I went through the post, which is written more in a sarcastic way.
    After reading this post I thought of leaving a comment.
    The author missed to do one important thing before leaving a post like this.
    You could have given a sincere attempt to test this product by using it by yourselves or by your nearby ones.
    I am using this product for last many month.
    I am very happy with this product.
    I was having lot of problems related to periods.
    I don’t know much about the business side of this but the product really worked for me.

    Bangalore, India.

  37. Namaste India!

    Thank you for putting your two rupees to the discussion about Anion Lovemoon

    we are happy to hear your positive experience about Anion/negative ion.

    all over the world millions have benefited from this revolutionized product, at a competitive price. Negative ion is tested & proven by science.

    As latest news, we have set up a Anion facebook fanpage, if you love this product or just ‘intrigue’ by it, please click LIKE on the fanpage.

    Connect with Anion Lovemoon on facebook!

    Jay & Indy
    Winalite UK

  38. Looking for others in GTA to join my team contact me …………

  39. Hi, I thought I would say you have a great looking site and rich content. I saved your site and have it in my reader now…looking forward to future content.

  40. Just a little insite on Winalite. They carry other products too, not just pads an diapers. There is the Winguard, an adhesive for your cell phone that blocks like 97% of the radiation that comes from your phone. There is the Win Card, a card that forms something like a barrier around you blocking radiation, giving you strength and balance. Yes, it’s like those bracelets they sell at the mall, but better. After 3 weeks, my husbands bracelet no longer worked. We did a balance test and he fell right over. This is not BS. My children use the Anion strip in their socks. The friction of the skin against the skin releases the Anions into our bodies, thus giving us sufficient amounts of Anions that we need everyday. The only place to get close to the amount of Anions one needs per day is in pure nature.
    Enough with the lectures. look it up on the Winalite site. Look up the benefits of Anions on google. Like their moto states: “Technology creates Love. Technology creates Health.”

  41. maria cecilia

    hi everyone,this article caught my attention and nevertheless made me say i wanna comment on this. i was skeptical the first time i heard about this product, i do believe in science as well,what i did– i do some reaseach via google 😉 what is negative ion?what is positive ion?and going back on my science and chemistry subjects that was long forgotten hahaha!!! it made me sick! but try it,who knows you might benefit on this as well. i tried it on my acne,i stop going to my derma anymore,they were gone now,i got my fungal infection on my one finger..i never took anti bacterial medicine because i know that could lead to yellowing my teeth because of the effect of tetracycline stains. i became more physically active even i had my period, i dont have menstrual cramps anymore and a lot more benefits from this negative ion to mention…
    i challenge myself to use it, it doesn’t matter if it costs me a little just to prove if this is really effective..the only thing that made me wonder they put/add the negative ion on this pads,coffee,beauty products etc.. and even other companies had it on their clothes,linens,socks =) because NEGATIVE ION IS A MOLECULE THAT CAN BE FOUND IN THE AIR, MOSTLY IN NATURE,MOVING WATER LIKE WATERFALLS AND THE SEA.. were the millions of negative ions are present.what an amazing technology they use..have they made it in a lab that has tall trees =) just something to think about..but try it!NEGATIVE ION CREATES POSITIVE RESULTS.
    thanks for your time reading this,have a nice day folks!

  42. Very nice post, visit again this fantastic blog

  43. I’ve seen the live demo of Love Moon Anion vs the pads I used to wear. It didn’t highlight on ‘reducing stress or relief fatigue’ but more on the longterm health. Witnessing how terrible and dangerous the regular pads, right away I switched to Love Moon Anion. Physically, it’s more comfortable, soft and I never felt damp and never had iritation. Previously, when I had my period using other pads, I got itchy after a while, due to humidity and poor air circulation. Now not anymore.

    Then I heard more testimonies from others (heard in person!):
    – a friend diagnosed myoma, used Love Moon Anion for a year, a big red lump came out, checked to doctor, no more myoma
    – a man put anion pantyliner inside his shoes, no more odor and he doesn’t feel easily tired when standing too long
    – a woman diagnosed cervical cancer stadium 2 tried chemo but didn’t work, used anion panty/pads intensively change every 2 hours, shower with anion-filtered shower head (from Winalite) for 30mins everyday. Within 6 months, she went back to doctor, the cancer was negative.

    I’m now recommending it to my family and friends. Some still think it’s expensive. Well, for health…expensive is arguable. It’s more expensive treating illness/decease in doctor/hospital.

    Not only as user, now I’m becoming a distributor too. Because the the business is awesome! And for good cause.

    Anion technology is becoming common, especially in Japan where the technology is way ahead. Ever heard of Pocari Ion drink?

    When something offers good value, try it first before making a judgement. I would say 🙂

  44. One more thing, just trying one or two pads or even a pack of it, won’t give a significant result except it’s soft and super absorbent feature.
    Just like vitamin or food supplement, you won’t feel it if you just eat one or two tablets.

    It is recommended to use it regularly to get the result. Some women experience a detox (releasing yellowish odor vaginal discharge, as cleansing period) after a month usage. Some even after a year. Or just nothing significant but just maintained health.

    Love Moon Anion comes with a test kit, with an indicator to have regular home check of the vaginal condition, by swabbing the indicator with vaginal liquid first thing in the morning. Some people still reluctant to go to gyno regularly. so this helps.
    If the color stays light, normal vagina. If the indicator color goes darker, something is not right (infection, fungus, or even worse), must check doctor.

    I can’t explain about the technology behind it. But i tested it with water. I dipped the indicator in the processed-water from the real estate supply, it went almost dark. Then I dipped the indicator in the natural water (sucked from the underground) it stays light. Weird huh 🙂

  45. Hi! everyone,

    Glad to be here. It’s really enjoyable listening to all your comments. Here is mine!

    Those who laugh first will laugh last. I’ve been using the product for a year now and it has help solve all my womens’ problems. For the last twenty odd years I’ve been using tampons. I switched to Winalite sanitary pads immediately when my friends introduced to me a year ago. I didn’t know the harms that using tampons is destroying me slowly. I’m very happy using the sanitary products, it really keeps u dry and comfortable that u sometimes forget that u are having period. My daughter is using it too, she says she will never use those from
    the supermarkets anymore. Technology surely has a thumbs-up here.

    I sincerely advise those who heard about the product will give it a try especially women who had problems. There’s nothing to lose, everything to gain from using it. Anions really cures and relives. Health is all that counts at the end of the day. Well done Winalite! Thanks!

  46. I use to have very painful menstural cramps which have made me so dependent on pain killers for more than 20years but I was “cured” of this terrible experience within a week of using Anion panty liners! I still can’t remember if I just went through a 5 day menstural period because it went so fast and was pain-free! I’m simply too shocked with the amazing results! This is surely a product made in “Heaven”! Thank you “Anion”!

  47. I’ve used these before and love them. Never heard about all the “awesome” things they supposedly do (interesting), but they are super comfortable compared to other brands. Mainly because of their cotton base, so there is no plasticy feeling going on down there.

  48. can you cut the anion green strip in half to use the other half on other purposes and/or use the other half the next day?

    • Yes you can. So many difference products now that helps ppl in so many ways.

      I’ve known personally some fanatics that have been cured of their diseases. Some cleaned the green strip properly and put inside their water bottle daily. Some damp the strip and place them near a/c at home or in the car and the cold air will blow on it.

      So many personal testimonies including how the green strip helps my daughter. She accidently tripped herself and landed her head on the pointy edge of wall. Her forehead’s skin split open. The strip actualy helps to smoothen her skin and helped with rapid healing. Doc was amazed!

  49. Hi,
    Im interested to buy the products of winalite anion.Pls let me how to go about it.
    And let me know the address of winalite office in hyderabad or at Banglore.


  50. Please how can i be one of your marketers? I live in Abia State Nigeria. Or do you have your shop in Abia State?

  51. Angelica Carrroll

    is it safe to drink the little green layer when you are expecting a child ????

  52. hey, i ran across your post as i was trying to find a supplier in the hong kong area. I’ve been using these pads for over the last 2 years, and while i have no idea if it is a miracle wonder/cure-all i have noticed that i have suffered less from original ailments that i had, such as severe dryness and itchiness in my private area and one thing this pad has been able to do is remain extremely dry. my occupation requires me to be on the run a lot and in HK a public washroom is not always available so this pad has helped a lot as i don’t need to change as frequently due to discomfort or wetness whereas with other brands you feel discomfort right away. not sure if this helps but feel free to contact me. you have my email.

  53. Hi i couldnt find any contact information, so i hope you read this here. Im trying to clean up what people can find upon googling me and i found there that i used my real name in a comment above here, and you referenced me by it. I would love it if you could delete that comment or edit it to only have my initial. Thank you!

  54. Leauwa Selelane

    Hi,i am interested to be part of winalite distributer and would like to know where can i buy these products & how much boxes pentiline

  55. norms hidalgo

    where can i buy this product !thanks

  56. betsy clooney

    These sanitary napkins are amazing!
    The antibacterial properties are definitely there. You can wear these for a lot longer than ordinary sanitary napkins… I had an unusually long day a while back, and I couldn’t change for nearly 18 hours. No rashes, no foul odour, no leak. Wonderful.
    For some unknown reason, the past two summers my “area” gets very itchy and uncomfortable. There would be nights I can’t sleep. None of the drugs prescribed to me worked. I was desperate and I put on an Anion napkin. The itching stopped within a couple minutes. It honestly saved my gpa two years of university, as it was around my final exams that the itching got bad.
    Anion is amazing, especially for those with sensitive skin.

  57. Emmanghe Njar ojong.

    How do l get your products? Am from Nigeria and l live there too. In cross river state. I want to buy ur product in large quantity. How do l get it and where?

  58. need anions desperatly please provide details how i can get hold of them asap thank you

  59. Hi,

    I’ve used these pads for years and LOVE them. I know it sounds gross but I tested their ‘endurance’ and they can last up to 15 hours each at least – completely smell free and leak free every single time, no matter how heavy my flow at the time.

    They are all extremely comfortable and the liners and daytime ones are very discreet.
    Night time ones have 2 sets of wings which can be hard to fit to smaller knickers but are great in having extra length.

    I’ve been bleeding regularly for almost 30 years and have tried many brands and styles of sanitary products from commercial tampons to organic, to reusable washable pads, to reusable silicon moon cups.
    The Anion Love Moon pads are by far my favourite.
    Yes they seem to cost a bit more initially, especially with shipping, but realistically they should save money because you can wear one for 10-15 hours!

    Better for the earth.
    Better for our bodies.
    Better for our pockets.


  60. I need this product how can I get it?

  61. pls how can I get Anion pads, the one that work for so many things?

  62. hi dear,
    hi for me using such pads is like a night mare. i have a regular flow during my period. i listen to how the agent explain and give me samples of it. after using it it makes me worried. from three months since i use it my period becomes few spots of blood only these days. stupid! maybe this pads are applicable for those experiencing the heavy flow on their period not for those with regular or light flow. Now i am worried about what had happened. the first time i use it i feel like an ants biting in me. After that i worry my period doesn’t have a good flow now. I dont recommend to anyone anymore not at all!!!!

  63. Where i can order this product

  64. Analyn urdaneta

    Panu po Mag order

  65. Vidya Werulkar

    I want to purchase this pads

  66. Vidya Werulkar

    I want to purchase this pads Anion

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