Hey, I’m Just Like the 24-million Poor Guys!

I found this really (partially) amusing article and I kinda laughed but at the same time hung my head in shame, lol. I really didn’t expect to post so much “opinion” stuff on this site, but turns out I will anyways. I do hope that after a blog or two I’ll be able to complete my 2nd half of the how-two blogs, “Tampon Basics for Men” – but I keep on getting caught up on commenting on blogs I find!

Anyways, the article I was referring is linked in my trackback, but you can also find it here. It talks about how there are 24 Million poor Chinese Men who don’t qualify for the many rich Hong Kong women. This article caught my attention because it actually made myself question whether I classify as one of those 24 million poor Chinese men, LOL. An exercpt from the blog:

However, they have fairly high standards for men such as 1) Legally single, age 35-50, preferably in the same race 2) College educated with good job perspectives and capable of building a solid career in Hong Kong 3) Healthy physically & mentally. No drugs, no alcoholic, no smoker. Heterosexual. 4) Interested in the far east, especially HK and China, and are willing to relocate.  As a result, the poor Chinese men are no match for them. (If you meet the qualifications, please let us know).

I wasn’t quite sure where I fit on the line.. lol.. I don’t fit between the age bracket defined in #1…. I fulfill part of #2 in that I have post-secondary education and already hold a steady job and own my own business, but it is in Canada, not HK… #3 I fulfill (or think I do, lol)… #4 I’m “interested” but that doesn’t mean I’m willing to relocate – two different things, hah…. so hrm.. I think I’m part of the 24 million statistic XD

Honestly, when I went back to HK just in 2009, I swear all the girls were already all hooked up. They talk about how there are so many of these rich HK girls but I sure as hell don’t see them. Everywhere I go, the girl is already latched on to a guy. Further reading into this, I laughed and cringed at the same time…

Poor Chinese men have traditional Chinese values.” – I guess that makes me poor, because I have traditional Chinese values… blah 😛
Thus, a Chinese man with very traditional values might have difficulties accepting a wife who is just as educated or capable and earns just as much as he does if not more .” – Hrm… I’d rather my wife be intelligent and capable? If she earns more than me, hot damn, I’ve won the lottery 😀 I’ll just ‘help her’ spend some of her money too, lol.
He might feel his position as head of the family being challenged, and his manhood threatened .” Ok.. maybe a bit on  the whole “head of the family” thing..  but manhood? Bah… my manhood is between my legs -__- Having lived in Canada so long though, I have to admit I severely had to change my idea of the whole “Man must be head of the household” thing – lest I forever be single in North America. I hope I can find a traditional Chinese girl who doesn’t mind letting me lead though 😛
This is why many Hong Kong men prefer marrying more submissive women from mainland China than their locals.” – Urg… no China girls for me please.. just HK or other Asian countries =\
“If I meet a person who shares my interests, beliefs, goals and vision in life, I would marry him”, says a single lady in Hong Kong.” – Seriously, I need to pay more attention this time when I go back at the end of the year… I never hear about girls wanting to get married in HK anymore.. blah.

So after reading the article (and the attached one) – it kinda made me sheepishly grin. There has definitely been a massive change in personality of Hong Kong girls though over the past 10 years, shockingly so… HK has become such an “open” place whereas just years ago, the girls were conservative and very traditionally minded. I have problems finding a girl who still holds traditional values yet with a modern-age mentality. I know that sounds rather contradictory, but I do want a balance between carrying on our culture/traditions while merging it with today’s modern expectations. You could say I want a girl that offers me the “best of both worlds” – hard to find eh.. especially in the small city where I live.

You could say most of the time, I hide myself… especially from the very nature of golddigging girls that unfortunately have flocked into the city where I live. I have talked to the many girls from Hong Kong and China and listening to them talk about what they want from a guy, 1) good looks, 2) money… scares me – it takes the  trust I have away from wanting to end up with a Chinese girl. What happened to the girls who valued the traditional role of a man? If I was alive in the 70’s, I’d be the guy every girl would want to be with… stable family, wealthy family background, owns his house, owns his car, no debt, top 2 percentile of credit rating, financially stable, regular day job (no weekend/shift/ot req’d), owns his own business, decently healthy (working on those abs, LOL), wants to be a loving boyfriend/husband/father, good moral character etc. yet, there are very few girls left who value those things anymore. God damn, sometimes I wish I was born 20 years earlier, when I would’ve been “the cream of the crop” and what every woman would want… someone who can provide for her, love her and care for her. Not even looking far away from me, the Chinese girls I know have these freakishly unrealistic or frivolous expectation of what they want out of their guy. That is why I have always resorted to looking poor, I don’t want to be the guy that gets to girls because she knows I have money. I live in a modest house, drive a modest car, wear modest clothing – but nothing that would  ever hint to a girl about my financial status, because that makes me uneasy. If she loves me, it really shouldn’t matter about the money I have in my bank and it’s to deter your typical golddigging Chinese girls from even bothering with me – I prefer they stay away.

Over the years, my expectations of girls have changed greatly… and I think this is true for almost any individual (of any gender) – however, I am quite attuned with how my expectations have changed. I’ve conformed both to changes in society and personally – what is considered acceptable these days, the expectations of relationships within North America, changes in my maturity levels, changes based on reality, etc. Part of the issue is that I set some pretty high standards, yet, I know I return just enough – but there aren’t that many girls who think like me anymore. It is saddening given that the article addresses about all the single HK women available, lol…. they sure as hell need to start coming to Canada more! I could go on all day explaining all the changes I’ve evaluated over the years of growing up – but then we’d be here all night.

This blog is really just me blabbing.. probably one of the worst written blogs ever… has horrible flow (sorry my period-related puns, lol), unclear thoughts, terrible grammatical structure, and me ranting about something that most of my readers don’t care about, hah. Well, I suppose I’ll just let it go here and gather my thoughts for tomorrow and the day after for an “on-topic” post. I couldn’t help but laugh after reading this article – although feeling a little shame inside because of my failures within the relationship realm given that there’s supposedly all these high-class, available girls, LOL. Time to go to sleep and dwell on my tampon basics and begin writing it tomorrow. If there’s something anyone wants me to highlight on in my guide, feel free to let me know and as always… if there are girls who find fault with something I’ve written, please let me know so I can correct it…!

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  1. Why not you find a girl who shares the same thoughts and principles as you? 😉 Rant away! it’s YOUR BLOG after all HAHAHA

    • I have one 😦 and she’s not talking to me… /cry… I need a hug Poh Ching. LOL. Ya, I suppose it is my blog, but I wanted to keep it on-topic and I keep going away from it, haha… I was supposed to have completed my previous guide-posts like ages ago but I’ve been procrastinating (not that I don’t enjoy it) for some odd reason. Must have to do with this damn cold weather making my hands cold and not want to type!

      I’m not sure how many girls who would fit what I want exist… and given that the world is that big, this might be a long long hunt XD

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