Exercise is NOT good for you!

My topic title is in jest, exercise is good for you as long as your body can deal with it, lol. Today, my entire body is in pain.. oh yes, pain. Last night, I did my first workout session… it was a fairly short session since it is an “intense body workout all in under 20 minutes” … which included a good 8 minute warm-up and another 12 minutes of absolutely intense exercise. Of course most people will not “feel the pain immediately” and after working out, I felt very proud of myself for finally doing so. Sure enough, I went to sleep and got some really good sleep.

There is hell to pay when you push your body to the limits. I woke up in the morning and could feel my back and arms tense, however, that’s a feeling I’m quite familiar with after doing workouts for the first week or two. What I did not expect is the failure – yes, FAILURE of my legs. I lift my feet up, dropped them on the ground and then stood up. In the process of me “standing up” I immediately felt the lack of power I had to erect (harhar) my body. As I “stood up” (loosely speaking), I immediately fell ass first back onto my bed. This has been the first time in my life where I have actually “lost power” in my legs and it was a slightly freaky feeling. The second time around I managed to get myself into a standing position because I now knew I definitely had to put more power/care than I normally do to get up in the morning.

Interestingly enough, the pain throughout the rest of my body was regular muscle pain, nothing that I was in great pain or concerned about. However, my lack of power to my legs meant I had to be careful when moving about. My greatest concern was whether my lack of leg power would affect my driving. As I moved around the house in the morning, I began slowly analyzing my limitations. I realized it was not so much of me not being able to “stand” but more or less, any type of bending at the knees. Walking was easy ONCE I was on my feet, but it was the trial of getting up and sitting down that was extremely hard since it requires “knee bending action” while walking is more of a smaller knee motion.

Getting in and out of the car was hard, however, driving was not. When I got to work, I had thought it was going to be a smooth day, only to realize that because I’m doing training sessions that I had a lot of “getting up” and “sitting down” to do… oh shit, life is tough. The day sped by quickly because the instructor thought we were kind of behind and pushed us through like 3 chapters before the lunch-time came around. It was a nice lunch today (did I mention I LOVE work-provided lunches?), premium roast beef sub, weehhh! Ok, sure it doesn’t hit well on the “healthy eating factor” but I have to reward myself for all the pain I suffered today. Should I speak too soon because you’d be surprized what happened next.

One of my coworkers needed to see me after lunch because there was a specialist in the building who needed some information regarding our work.. so I had to GO DOWNSTAIRS. Our building is probably not accessibility friendly since it lacks an elevator, however, I scooted down anyways. I grabbed on to the handrails which I normally don’t do… and mind you, VERY TIGHTLY because I knew I had “balancing” issues, lol… so I made my way down. I made it to the last step, yay… and now I’m on the ground.. OH FUCK, wait, I’m on the ground all right, both my knees gave out on the concrete flooring and I was instantly on both my knees on the ground before I even knew it. You know, for a guy of my weight, falling on BOTH my knees compounds my body weight onto me, holy shit did it hurt. So having thought making it onto regular floor meant I’m home free, I actually lost my power right as I got to the regular floor. Yes yes, luckily I did not fall ON the stairs and survived. So now, not only do I have pained legs, but also scratched up my knees. No blood as a result, but it is red and kind of “dry-skinned”.

Urg, what a day… and even after that, I had to endure another 4 hours of listening to someone teach me about our collaboration system, YAWN. Don’t get me wrong, the teacher is fantastic and very interactive, but I’m just not the type to sit there and listen to someone talk for 8 hours in a day. I spent a lot of my time cruising around facebook and talking on Skype with my friends while “marginally” paying attention to him. I completed all the lab exercises in 1/2 the time required, so what else did you want me to do? Speaking of facebook, I seriously never thought I’d ever add one of my readers because the whole point of me writing this was for complete anonmity reasons, but hell, I prove myself wrong everyday anyways 😀 Funny enough I decided to add the “cramps” tag to this post as a result of my leg cramps XD

Anyways, so not only did I fall on my ass today (luckily on my bed), but also as if I decided to “start praying on my knees” from a complete standing-position as I was coming down the stairs… oh right, on concrete floors. My life is good, can you tell?

Oh, I’m not bitter, lol… after all, this is the price I pay for wanting to get fit! When’s the last time a girl was attracted to a fat Asian guy right (well, “fat” to Asian standards — guys should only be 130-140lbs max)? Trying to thin out my face and reduce the tummy I have.. luckily I don’t drink so it ain’t a “beer belly”. PC said girls like to sleep on a guy’s tummy so I have to make sure I have at least a little to make my girl comfortable 😛 If I can lose 60lbs, I’ll be happy… and so will the girls probably, lol.. I looked good at one point, serious… XD

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  1. 130-140?? That’s er, anorexic 😛 Well, it depends on height as well – unless you are around 5ft 6, then yeah, 130-140 would be fine 🙂

    LOL are you fat? You don’t seem (or read?) like a fat guy lol. Don’t worry – the aches will go away after a few days – after exercising for a month or so – depending on how fast you recover – you’ll get used to it and the aches will come down drastically. 😉

    • I’m just a bit over 5’10 but not yet 5’11 (unless I’m wearing shoes, lol).

      I dunno, maybe my idea of ‘fat’ differs from person to person. You have access to my pictures, go look. I didn’t know talking to someone online could reveal whether one is fat or not… you make it sound like you can “tell” if someone’s fat just by talking to them 😛 Another one of Poh Ching’s MAGICAL powers? haha.

      The aches have gone away already today… just a bit stiff now, but not “pain” like yesterday. I will begin my routine again tomorrow but will avoid working legs and maybe concentrate on chest and arms until my legs heal up. Was talking to one of the guys at work who worked as a police instructor before and he told me knees are a pretty weak part of the body and I should be careful not to overwork it or else it’s going to have some permanent consequences, blah.

  2. Exercise is not good for you. Which is why I went on the diet. Get thinner the flabby way. No toned/ripped muscles and six-pack abs. Watch out for me after this diet, I’ll be sporting a new look – A long face with a cranky mood.
    My lazy ass won’t let me exercise. 135-140 is good enough, I think. 130 is borderline anorexic look.

    I’m sorry I laughed at you, er, laughed WITH you. It is a funny story. 😀

    • I’m not too concerned about the abs, because really, I’m not a beach-goer or anything and it’s not like I enjoy taking off my shirt to show off, so the abs are essentially useless (except to my dream girl). Dieting usually results in a big crash so I’d suggest you not to push it too far, haha, unless you want flabby skin hanging off you 😛 You are too young to start becoming saggy XD I remember when I lost like 12lbs over a week because I had my wisdom teeth extracted, I swear my stomach looked worse than when it was “full” because the new look was as if my stomach decided to implode on itself, eeeek.

      I was reading through your tweets and trying to figure out why you were laughing, whether it was because I had inaccurate information on here (which you can help me fix up!!) on you were reading my falling-down-the-stairs story, lol. If you see areas of improvement or correction of my “basic”-guides information let me know! Due to my lack of a vagina, it makes it hard for me to provide 100% accurate info 😀 without the help of my girl-friends. Don’t worry about laughing because I skipped the part that I began to grin like an idiot after I fell. When I was still on my knees trying to lift myself up, I had this huge smirk on my face and was thinking how stupid I look right now. Luckily it was our “basement” area that doesn’t get a lot of traffic, so none of my colleagues managed to see the incident 😛

    • Girl exercise IS good for you! Esp during those days when you cramp – exercise really helps to ease the pain! Take a walk, or even better – do some light jogging and you won’t even realise the pain went away =) Dieting without exercse is VERY bad – because, if you ever break your diet – the fat will pile on even faster and its even harder later to get rid of them :S That’s because the body thinks (during the diet) that it’s facing famine – so when you stop your diet (for the holidays? lol) the body now thinks its a good idea to start storing as much fat in your body to prepare for the “bad times”. Very bad, and you have to diet more, or work out MORe to reduce the extra weight.

      Lazy to exercise? I so get you girl:P Drag some girlfriends to work out with you – jogging, play some sports, pick up martial arts, or go online, and research into some new activity that you’ve never heard of before and TRY IT OUT! Heheh XD

      • I think you hit “reply” to MY message… I was so confused why you kept on using the word “girl” to me… and then I realized (think) that you were talking to Maysea… haha. You freaked me out for a sec 😛 Just because YOU want to be a herm, doesn’t mean I am XD

  3. Whoa, new theme eh? Nice. Was taken aback when I say. Looked at the header..twice. Okay, so I’ve got the right blog. It’s different, NICE..big fonts – loving it. Perfect for my midnight reads. ;>

    • Yes, I set the new theme for you because you were complaining about it being hard to read 😛 well just not for you, but for me too because the text/background colour did not work well. I had chosen/stuck to that theme because my tables did not look proper in any other (free) theme! So, dissolving my laziness, I reformatted some of my posts to fit in this theme so I could get some decent-sized text and colours that don’t make my eyes burn. You get to feel special because I changed it on your account XD Maybe you should try reading my blog other than at midnight, hah.

  4. Hello Prexus,

    Thank you for your wonderful comments on my blog. Having read through your blog, I am very intrigued by a guy’s perspective on this matter and finally someone willing to not simply “ignore” that periods is a part of the female life.

    I want to try your suggestion and use some pads from Asia, but I do not know where to get them. Where do you get them? Do you order online or local stores? I do not live in an area that has any oriental supermarkets/stores so I do not know whether it is possible/convenient. However, I want to try because I leak a lot with all the local brands I have tried.

    Your advice is appreciated… if you would also suggest any brands or types, maybe I will be able to find an online store.

    Thank you, Erin.

    • Hello Erin,

      Thank you for dropping by here as well, I’m glad that you took my advice to heart. Asian pads are definitely some of the most comfortable and absorbing pads that I have ever experimented with. I recommend them because they seem to do so much more than the ones acquired locally.

      There are very few stores in Ontario which sell them, probably because the demand is not high enough. We have some Chinese supermarkets which have only 1-2 kinds and they are EXPENSIVE, approx $9-12CAD per pack. If you are planning to buy them in bulk, I would actually suggest buying them online. With that said, the number of stores that sell online is limited as well, especially to Canada. I have looked up countless sites hoping to find one with decent shipping (which is where you get blasted the most), but alas, shipping from places like Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan is NOT cheap… I can attest that even if you buy a $3 package that is less than a 1kg, it will cost you almost $20 to send.

      What I have found is a few sellers on eBay who do have more decent shipping rates ranging from $4-7CAD so if you buy lots at one time, it might very well be worth it. I have not ordered any online before due to shipping costs, so I’m afraid I can’t tell you much about it. Since I don’t want to advertise, I will send you a couple of links to online stores and sellers, but be warned to always double, if not triple, check the cost of shipping before entering your billing info!

      I’ve had good experiences with Laurier (or 樂而雅 if you want to search that as a keyword) and surprizingly, Kotex White. Laurier has a MASSIVE selection from thin to thick, short to long and are comfortable! Kotex White is definitely better than the regular Kotex we find in Canada/USA and also come in a variety of features. You’re welcome to refer to the links on my right widget bar to do some research and although it is in Chinese or various Asian languages, I think the graphics/navigation is pretty self-explanatory.

      Good luck and tell me how it works out for you! If you do ever use one called “Modess” I’d really like to hear about your experiences with it because I hope I can get my hands on some one day. =) Cheers.

      – K

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