Menstruation in a Positive Light

Today as I was doing some research on the usual topic, I ran into the above slogan. Rather than the crappy ones you see in the Canada/US which try to “mask” menstruation or try to pretend it is something horrible, embarrassing or to-be-ignored, it puts a positive light on the reality of a woman’s cycle. Yes, you can debate there are many ways in modern technology to “avoid” having one’s period, BUT let’s assume that most women between menarche and menopause still go through their regular (or sometimes irregular – harhar) cycles. I couldn’t help but smile when I saw the slogan, because it is about time that feminine hygiene manufacturers begin to remove the taboo-ness of menstruation. From what I recall, this world is pretty darn accepting of pornography and I can’t see why people, especially men can’t begin to accept, understand and when possible, make a woman’s period a better thing. Now before I get my head cut off, I’m not saying periods aren’t painful or that they’re the great thing in the world, but it happens.

It wasn’t until today that when I stumbled upon this quote that I decided to also link to another blog which highlights the way in which North Americans still perceive menstruation or at least (to correct myself), North American feminine hygiene companies. I think we (‘we’ as in those who reside in countries who refuse to use menstrual terms properly) have a long way to go before we catch up to the openness of Asian manufacturers, those who do not bother “shielding” the language by using words such as “flow”, “liquid”, “discrete” or things that impact females (especially young ones) to believe that menstruation is a truly evil thing. I’m not promoting the following product but as you can see, Laurier realistically tackles things surrounding menstruation and also using real words such as “periods”, “menstruate”, “menstrual”, “blood”, “menstruation”, “discharge”… and oh my GOD, “panties”! Imagine that, all those words mentioned under a single page meant to describe VIVIDLY some experiences that women may have when using “regular” sanitary pads. Ok, so the page itself gives their product a nice little spin, but at the very least, they are using honest language!

I absolutely ADORE the Kao Laurier F site because the way in which they write their FAQ’s, describe their products and even testimonials do not “shelter” their words. Besides the odd-guy like me who bother reading these sites, only women would read these sites, so why the hell are these companies bothering to make menstruation such a “hidden” thing? What’s wrong with using proper wording if the target-readers are women? It is a very logical comparison to say… a doctor’s reports.. it was written by doctors/nurses FOR doctors/nurses, so they use terminology that THEY understand – so why can’t feminine hygiene companies do the same for their readers? I get tired of seeing stuff like “locks away wetness” or “traps fluid deeply in the core”.. .give me a break. We all know what it is, why don’t people just SAY it?

Sometimes I wonder whether the CEO’s or senior management of North American feminine hygiene products are all run by men who feel that menstruation is a humiliating thing that should avoid direct wording and everything should be “discrete” at all costs…. stop wasting money making crappy ads/slogans that causes negativity towards menstruation/products, making “silent” wrappers, making the product “small”, etc. and make a better end product that helps protect menstruators. Asian feminine hygiene products are beating the crap out of N.A ones all the way from their comfort/absorbency to even the advertisements. Shape up!

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  1. LOL periods aren’t evil. It is a sign of health, and the only “evil” part about them is the EMOness and PAIN that comes hand-in-hand with it. I’ve read somewhere that the food that you eat influences the ups and downs (ie: pain and EMOness) of your period as well. This is certainly very true (tried it myself – but not for long because my cravings for “bad” food was calling me everyday, and every night, in my thoughts, in my dreams….. LOL). Prexus, go write an article on foods to eat and avoid. 😛

    • Exactly, that’s my point… periods are the best thing ever. (Ok, well from MY perspective, lol).. do you not dislike the “inconvenience” it brings? Not all girls go through the EMOness and pain actually, I know a handful of girls that think their periods is more or less a “waste of time” than painful/EMOness… they just hate having to go to the washroom all the time and having to empty the trash a lot more. Yes yes, lucky them or maybe it is just out of the group of girls I know who are lucky enough not needing to deal with the “adverse” effects.

      Periods having an amusing flip-side to them because it can be a relief. I had two friends who recently “were not very safe” and worried about being pregnant… they had fretted over it for like a month because their periods hadn’t came. 4 o’clock into the day I receive a message from “S” saying “OMG, my period came, it is so heavy and painful but I’m so happy!!!” Speaking of which, I still have that message on my phone, lol. The other one tried to find me on MSN but she couldn’t so she called me to “tell you the good news” because she had been waiting for it for 5 months (can you tell her body’s messed? FIVE months of no-period). There you have it, there ARE so girls who WANT their period just for relief, lol. On the other hand, those who want to be pregnant are sorely disappointed if it does come, blah.

      Other than the hormonal factor, the overall healthiness of your body, eating habits and emotional state play a large role in how you feel during your period. Furthermore, a girl’s period (or lack thereof) is very indicative of problems such as stress and physical ailments. I’m not a nutirtionist so I don’t want to go posting information here on what I think is good/bad foods to eat but if you want to message me I will tell you 😀 So no one will know whether I gave you wrong information or not XD

  2. Well I totally agree with your post. I think that we should embrace the fact that we are women and in all honestly most women don’t have as much of a hard time with their periods as the feminine hygiene industry makes it out to be. I think that it’s propaganda to make us think we are and only will be the weaker vessel. Just like the Madonna song says: Girls can wear jeans
    And cut their hair short
    Wear shirts and boots
    ‘Cause it’s OK to be a boy
    But for a boy to look like a girl is degrading
    ‘Cause you think that being a girl is degrading

    And apparently women are handicapped by having their period in the eyes of North America. Someone needs to help us all break the cycle (no pun intended) of propaganda and own their womanhood.

    XOXO Dawn

    • Hi, thanks for dropping by and providing your input. I definitely agree with your sentiment that many of this negativity about periods is totally instilled by feminine hygiene makers (or at least the ones making disposable ones). Makers of reusable products tend to be positive about menstruation and influence females to really get in-tune with their bodies. I have seen many women who use internal menstrual devices like Divacups who have claimed they became much more aware of their bodily functions and the comfort level rose with them. This is both the case of general awareness and sexual awareness. I had one lady who told me as a result of her becoming “more familiar with her body” that she even began to enjoy sex more. Such things is what pro-menstruation or menstruation-appreciative people are happy to hear, including myself!

      Not only is menstruation not a handicap, it is one of the absolute necessities for child-bearing! After all, it is with a woman that a man is able to assist in conception and bring a new life into this world … how BEAUTIFUL is that?! Without menstrual cycles, humanity would cease to exist, so to imagine that there are people out there who see it as some terrible thing is just abhorrent. I will not disagree that periods for women may be painful, inconvenient and frustrating – but the reality is that it’s something that both males and female should learn to appreciate.

      My girl is “kinda tomboyish” – not overly and that’s totally cool. I mean, most of the girls I’ve dated have been fairly girly-girl, you know, the make-up, the dress-wear, high-heels, long n’ complex hairdos, etc.. and really, this is the first girl I’ve been with who leans towards more of the tomboyish attitudes and dressing habits. At first, I was like “ugh” – but then after a few times, I’ve not only gotten used to it, but have grown to like it! It’s a lot less maintenance and not only that, she can still look absolutely gorgeous in “guy-wear”. Although I wouldn’t trade off being male to be female, but if I were born a female, I’d be damn proud of it and not feel any degradation whatsoever!

      Cheers to women, because us straight-guys just love them so damn much 😛 To hell with thinking that being a woman is degrading because if there are people who believe that’s true (especially if a guy were to think that), then we would JUST be as degrading to want to be with one, love one, marry them and bang them. We would be NO BETTER!

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