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Cutting Corners – or Really Not?

Today I was having an avid discussion with one of my girlfriends and although she is my age, she is already the mother of two, one boy and one girl. They are extremely cute and I love playing with them… and because she’s my age, sometimes when we go take her kids out, people will think WE are a couple as I’m usually holding one or sometimes even two of the kids at the same time. Although she is married to a slightly older man who is financially-capable, having two kids means you’re spending a lot of time cutting corners where possible… and by that, I mean specifically to save money. Because we work in the same organization and know how much she makes (or should I say, how little), I brought up how challenging it must be for her to raise two children, even if she has a husband to depend on since they still have a mortgage, car payments, utilities, etc. and two extra mouths to feed and worst thing – diapers!

As we were going down the aisles and picking stuff up, she was “lecturing” me on how to save money because I brought up that question of how she manages. She’s a big fan of “going generic” – where almost 80% of the stuff in her cart/basket wasn’t a large brand name. Finally we hit the diaper section and she picked up a pack of Pampers and that’s where I gave her the, “But I thought you don’t buy brand name”-look. Here we are buying generic of everything, things that are smaller price tags but then when it came to the most expensive thing, diapers, she decided to go for the one that costs a lot more in comparison to a no-name brand. Hell, the way I see it is that you use it to keep the baby from peeing/crapping all over the place that all is well. When I inquired, she said that there is a notable difference between generic diapers and brand-name and that she has tried cutting corners by using generic diapers but was a complete mess. We were at the end of the aisle, conveniently located on the back-shelf was the feminine hygiene section. Although her and I get along well, we have never exposed the more personal things about each other. She told me that she was planning to buy some pads and tampons as they were on-sale this week. She was red and her voice immediately lowered (normally she’s a very ‘loud’ girl) and told me if I wasn’t comfortable, I was welcome to check out the other aisles and meet her elsewhere. Of course being me, I couldn’t care less about being in the “girls” aisle – hell, I might spend more time there than girls do, LOL.

I could tell for her that she was a bit uncomfortable and that’s ok, after all, I think any girl shopping with a guy for the first time in this aisle would feel a bit weirded out. I noticed as she was picking up the packages, she really wanted to read them but felt embarrassed if she held it and stared at it for so long. I was still holding her daughter and didn’t want her to make a fuss by walking away from her mom, so I stayed put but picked up a package myself casually and began to read it (well, I wasn’t really reading it, but you know.. “pretend” read) to make her feel a bit more as ease. I think she sensed that I wasn’t the least embarrassed about it and slowly carried out some small talk. Finally to smash open the ice, I asked her whether she has considered she considered going generic with her pads. She paused for a second, thought… then said, “I’ve never actually tried them before.” Interestingly enough, although she has gone generic with so many things, one of the reoccurring costs in a girl’s life is her feminine hygiene products!

Since she does not know, nor needs to know about my interest in menstruation, I gave her some anecdotes from my ex’s and whatnot about what they thought about generic pads. She said although she never used one, one of her friends does and she looked at it and thought that the design was very mediocre. Although I can say that the ones I’ve found in the dollar-store have always been substandard, some of the ones from SDM, Rexall and Walmart do have a degree of standards to them. We discussed for about 10-15 minutes about whether or not using brand or generic pads were “worth their own weight in gold”. She decided to stick with her usual brand, but asked me to let her know if I got some positive feedback from my girls.

This week, SDM did have a sale on their Life Brand pads, so I decided to grab one just to see whether or not generics have changed since the last time I looked into them. Boy, was I ever surprized with the physical appearance of it and the adhesive certainly have changed to be stickier and the wings were actually wings, not just “tabs”. The pad itself also greatly resembled the appearance of Always, have the side-channels and center lock-in core. Of course I will need to experiment before I’m able to say whether the pad design is just as efficient as branded ones, but so far, I can definitely say I’m impressed! I took a couple of pictures just to show off the highlights of the pad…..

Life Brand Pad - Individually Wrapped Form

Life Brand Pad - Opened Up

Life Brand Pad - Opened Up with Wings Extended

Life Brand Pad - Bottom Adhesives

By appearance, the pad looks to have a rougher texture than Always, probably since it is not made to replicate the cottony top-sheet of Always, however, skin-to-skin contact does not feel rough as it might appear. The wings hold very well and do not easily fall off and helps prevent the pad from bunching too much. The pad thickness is roughly that of the Stayfree Maxi, so it is not unusually thick or uncomfortable. The pad-width seems to provide a wide degree of coverage. The only gripe I have about it so far is that once saturated, the pad doesn’t retain the wetness as much as it feels a bit wet, but hey, at the ridiculously low cost of a pack of generics, it is a worthwhile investment for use at home or during the lighter days where full-saturation is not as likely. Looks like I can get a few of my girls to test these out, let me know how it is and let my friend know what they all think! The title of this post is essentially highlighting whether or not generics is really about cutting corners or whether they can provide a peace-of-mind during menstruation at a reduced cost!

Always, O.B., Tampax, Carefree, Stayfree & Generics – Rexall, Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart and Fortinos

These deals are only applicable to select regions of Canada, Ontario. Please verify these sales against your local flyer or e-flyer before purchase!


Assorted Always Pads and Tampax Tampons brand for $6.47/ea.

Rexall/Pharma Plus Chains

Assorted Always Pads/Liners and Tampax Tampons brand for $6.99/ea.

Shoppers Drug Mart

Assorted Life Pads (18-20’s), O.B. Tampons (18’s), Stayfree Pads (14-24’s) and Carefree Liners (46-60’s) brand for $2.99/ea.


Assorted Always Pads (12-24’s)/Liners (30-60’s) and Tampax Tampons (20’s) brand for $2.99/ea.

My Boring Little Friday

Well, Friday’s rolled around but this Friday has been lax… well, too lax that I’m getting bored. Heck, it is 8:54PM right now as I’m writing this and I feel like going to sleep already as there’s nothing to do. Talking to one of my best friend’s, he just got home from work… yes, at well past 8PM because he works as an accountant and it is currently tax season that he’s working well into the evening and will be at work on Saturday and Sunday – that’s nuts! I didn’t even feel like posting today, but I figured I would and it might give me a bit of a jump-start… actually, after I post this, I’m going to go workout because that might get the blood circulating and start pumping out some endorphins in me. There’s nothing particularly making me down today or feeling tired (well, unless you count a boring meeting) – but I was hoping I’d be able to spend tonight talk to my sweetie but she went to her friend’s house instead 😦 Yes yes, I bitch and I moan, lol. If her and I spent as much time together as her and her friends did, we’d be married by now, LOL!

The few of my friends who reads my blog asked why I always call her so affectionately “BeBe” rather than by name or my girlfriend – it is because our relationship is extremely complex right now. To “the distant people”, I refer to her as my girlfriend, to close friends (or on my blog), I refer to her as my BeBe – because we aren’t “bound” together and to explain the complexity behind our relationship would be more than what I’d want an “acquaintance” to ask me, so it is just easier if they accept what I say for face-value. Our bonds are undisputable but she falls in the crack of, “I’m unsure of ‘us’ right now” situation, so it not quite one way or the other. On that note, I think if I were to tell Poh Ching that “it is complicated” – she is the one of the few that would understand what I mean right now, haha… you know the infamous “It’s complicated” Facebook relationship status right? Ya, this is about what it is… hah! I know it is unfair of me to refer to my BeBe as my girlfriend, even when we don’t have solid footing, but I think any guy who would try to get close to her would be setting himself up for a world full of pain 😀 (And I truly do not wish to explain what I mean to any random person) I have pictures of her as my desktop wallpaper, picture frame, phone, wallet, at home… so people are bound to ask questions. Maybe just for laughs, I’ll have our graphics designer at work photoshop a picture of us “together” – wakakaka.

As I was reviewing my weight-loss plan with my coworker today, he mentioned now that my cardio is improving a lot I should really consider incorporating weight lifting as part of my regiment, as weight-lifting is one of his preferred exercises to not only tone, but convert that fat into muscle. As I mentioned before, my major “target” right now is to reduce facial fat not even in my stomach, because it is not that bad (or at least doesn’t show). For me, the motivation for all this is really for my BeBe… we had an interesting discussion and during that time, I was kinda of “getting her to spill what she thought” about how I look… and clearly, I think just like any girl, she wants a guy who looks good and thin. I don’t blame her, there’s nothing more that girls want than to be able to “show off” her boyfriend to her friends and even have them say, “Wow, your boyfriend looks good.” … I want to be that man for her too (well, not a big fan of being “shown off” – but oh well), so there’s my major push lately. Oh you bet you, I’ve hurt my neck, shoulder, arms, knees and back doing all this stuff and nearly spent 6 days dealing with a pulled neck… and why? Just for a frigging girl – sigh, my life is sad. I can’t remember if this was a conversation Poh Ching and I had or whether I read it on her blog, but essentially, when you really care for someone, you really go to all ends and lose your dignity – completely. I can never imagine myself doing some of the things I do, just “out of love”… and rather than being appreciated by my BeBe – she described my affection and loyalty akin to 死缠烂打.. which is “fighting tooth and nail [for her]” but with a very negative connotation. It is interesting that commitment and loyalty isn’t something that’s “looked upon well” anymore. I preferred her to describe me as 死心塌地, all my heart just for her – but alas, she doesn’t feel that yet. It was quite saddening and although the previous night we had a good talk, just that one phrase was enough to really fuck up my night. Oh well, you know they had a show called “Kids say the darnest things”… they need one “Girls say the darnest things.” I’m just not sure why sometimes she doesn’t consider my feelings when she says things – I try to always consider hers so I don’t end up hurting her. SIGH. I really want her to finish school, get a job fast — see the “real world” and that will change her views a lot and her choice of communication. Why does she have to be younger than me >_< and haven’t reached that “stage” yet, blarg.

Other than that, I could say we’re taking small itty-bitty steps again. When I talk to her, a lot of the time I don’t think we recognize all the little hints and flirtatious undertones we drop to each other. I’m a bit more aware, since I’m in a case of “I like her more than she likes me.” – but it is clear that she goes back and forth (similar to 24/7 hormonal fluctuations? haha) because she can be “really close to me” and then “be really far away”.. the hot/cold game – man, and I thought “first time relationship” girls didn’t know how do those mind-fuck games, lol. It is like she’s confused herself whether she likes me, while the things she “does” consciously is to push me away, her subconscious words/actions indicates otherwise. At times, I think her logic versus emotions are fighting at each other. Logically, she doesn’t want to like me, but deep down inside, little cracks of light shine through. At least she openly admits that she “flips back and forth” a lot… from wanting a boyfriend, to not wanting one… I guess boyfriends to her is on an “as needed basis” right now, but I believe that I found my dream-girl – which means I can deal with these hot & cold obstacles!

Today at work, my boss gave me the “ok” to buy new furniture and to do a bit of renovations for my office, so things are looking good. I was bugging him about getting me a bigger office, but right now all the rooms are occupied and we already have “placement” issues… I suppose one always should know when to keep their mouths shut, haha. I suppose some new furniture will make me happy enough and when there’s room available, I’ve got first dibs on the massive office across from me, hah. So I’m spending tonight playing Bright Shadow since that keeps my mind off my sweetie who’s gone to spend time with her friends instead of with me 😥 BS has not been nice tonight either, we had a great group going and then it fell apart after an hour, so I only ended up getting about 80% experience into Level 40 😦 I spent another hour trying to find a group or get one going, which failed, so I did a bunch of useless things on the computer until I felt like returning to the game.

Today, I did some “bumping around” … literally, since I can’t read Spanish, but got my hands on the Saba site! I’m going to rework my links and such tomorrow, but it’s late now.

You can access the Saba Mexico site @ Make sure you check out my favourite area, the Toallas Femeninas 😀

and also today for the first time, I found out that Carefree actually makes tampons. To me, Carefree has always been the staple-pantiliner maker, not a tampon maker!Reading on another blog, the author wrote something about Carefree tampons so I actually went to look it up… and sure enough, Carefree makes tampons, WOW! You can take a look at it @

I’m excited to have stumbled upon some new products and things I didn’t know about! Will have to dive in more when I have time.

Have to go to sleep soon and a big day tomorrow, celebrating my friend’s birthday and I have to go to the LCBO (lol) to pick up her present… Will try to get the feminine hygiene sales up for tomorrow as well since the pictures will be available then!

eBay Pads for Women & Flow-Lovers

I spent most of my night playing Bright Shadow and talking to my BeBe… so I can’t really think of anything to post up for today. I did receive my eBay subscription feeds as usual and thought I’d just leave a link for the gals and flow-lovers out there who want to take look-see or maybe even buy the items up! I’m not “advertising” them per se, just bringing them “to light.” Nevertheless, I did mark “preferred” by the ones that I personally thought was pretty awesome. The Modess were pretty cool, a bit hefty on the shipping – but hey, after Maysea teased me about how great Modess were, can’t help but wonder… hahaha.

eBay Links Below

BodyFit Cotton Sanitary Napkin Set (Pads, Day & Night)*Preferred
$34.99 as of this posting

BodyFit Cotton Sanitary Napkin Set (Pads +Pantiliner)
$34.99 as of this posting

Always Maxi-Pads Package
$5.00 as of this posting

Modess Sanitary Day Napkin*Preferred
$4.00 as of this posting

Buying Bulk Maxi Pads or Tampons

I was thinking about this the other day, wondering whether it is common for women (or even the flow-loving guys) to buy feminine hygiene products in bulk. In the typical North American society, we’re used to buying almost everything in bulk, our fruits, vegetables, meats, clothing, etc. to take advantage of lower per-unit prices, such as Costco, Sam’s Club and tons of smaller-name retail-warehouses, but what of these products? I used to be a big fan of buying Always at Costco because they used to offer packs of 96’s for $13.. but that was before they reduced the package size and raised the price.  Unlike Asia regions, housing here has an abundance of space, so it isn’t necessary for pads/tampons to come in small packs as we have plenty of space to store them. With that said, there are definitely savings when it comes to buying in bulk.

For instance, let’s take a look at the above figure. The above price is fixed as I purposely chose a “Buy it now” item only, so no bidding is required. A normal pack of 24’s is approx $4 so in this box of 96-count, it is technically 4 packages. Multiplying a $4 per pack cost x4 = $16. So to compare buying bulk, I am saving nearly half of the regular cost! To buy in bulk would come down to 9.63 cents per pad versus buying regularly at 16.66 cents per pad! I have a feeling Maysea is going to mock us because buying them in the Philippines is only 7.5 cents per pad not even in-bulk! I have seen even better deals than this, but they have been long-gone, probably for good reason as it never hurts to stock up. I know for most regular/heavy flowing girls, going through 96 pads is easy and it doesn’t even register on your mind.

Following through with another (I don’t pick Stayfree for a particular reason other than it was one of the good deals that showed up on my search), this set comes with a total of 132 pads for 17.99. Unlike the previous deal, it is not as good, but is still better than not buying in bulk with a price tag of 13.62 cents per pad.

For some reason, the bigger discounts seem to happen for tampons. This one comes down to only 6.93 cents per tampon! Of course these boxes look like they were one of those “samples” boxes, but it doesn’t matter, a tampon’s a tampon…. once you use it, you throw it away anyways! These boxes look like the ones I can get from my work, lol… if I ever have a daughter, I’m sure I wouldn’t have to spend too much buying her feminine hygiene, haha. My ex used to buy the Always with me from Costco, but the only problem (or well, if you see it as a problem) was, she’d get several jumbo packs that she’d just use the same type of pad for any day. Rather than using the “right” protection to match her flow, she’d just use the same one for any flow which meant she would instead, adjust her pad-changing-cycle to her flow. Because she used Always Regular Maxis (Yellow), on heavy days, she’d be in and out of the washroom more than anything. My ex and I were not at that stage yet where we’d sleep at each others houses but she has told me that she actually gets up in the middle of her night twice when she’s on her period to change her pad. To me, that’s inefficient use of products since she’s not using a heavy or overnight pad to allow her to sleep through the night. I’m not sure whether I’d be all too happy with her waking up in the middle of the night for a week every month, haha.

The cost of pads and tampons over time for menstruating women is quite large. I suppose that’s exactly why there’s been women who have taken up alternative products, mainly reusable ones such as silicon/plastic cups, sea sponges, cloth pads, blood towels (got this from one of the other bloggers I read), etc. so the recurring monthly cost is not there. Although the initial “impact” of a $60 item is great, that’s only about half a year worth of disposable pads/tampons. If you’re going to have to buy pads/tampons anyways, mind as well get them in bulk to take advantage of better pricing. Of course, just like anything else, it’ll take a bit of time to “scope out” the variety of quantities/prices before knowing what is considered a good deal. However, saving 20-cents per se on every pad/tampon amounts to big savings over a course of 40 years!

Although using disposal products as a whole is already “not very green”, but a lot of the bulk products come in boxes and not in their regular retail package, which helps on reducing the amount of waste. In the “old days” a lot of the hygiene products were not wrapped and would come out of a box/bag as-is and manufacturers were more environmentally-friendly then. Nowadays, almost all pads and tampons are wrapped in paper or plastic and even some pantiliners are individually-wrapped! For a while, Always were giving away “pantiliner pouches” along with their boxes so that it encouraged people to buy boxed, non-individually-wrapped pantiliners and slide them into the pouch. Even some of the old Always Classics I have are not individually wrapped and are already in a complete “pad form” once you take them out of the bag. Heck, they are not even folded! For the purpose of carrying, it is nice to have individual-wrappings but for at home, manufacturers should consider releasing “portable” and “non-portable” versions of their products. Many girls generally have a slot in their bag/purse or even carry a discrete case with them where they bury their products anyways, so they could probably live without it being individually wrapped. O.B. is one of the more environmentally-conscience tampons since they come without an applicator (why would you need one anyways? Seriously that afraid to touch down there?) which makes them extremely hard to “crush” or “break” while being jostled around inside a bag/purse. Tampons themselves are very hard so ones without an applicator are actually more “safe” and “discrete” to carry around. On the other hand, with some well-thought placement of pads in a bag, it is also possible to prevent it from being all mushed up when you go to take it out.

I know this strayed away from the original topic a bit, but there wasn’t a lot I could say… just thought I’d bring it to point of whether people do or don’t purchase in bulk, even when it’s only a matter of time before you need to use tampons/pads and that they generally don’t have “an expiry date” on them. For those who already use reusable products, kudos! For those who still use disposables, definitely hunt for some bulk sales at nearby stores or online!

I’m Floating on Air

It’s happy days like these I wish I could re-live over and over again. This morning, I went to the temple with a couple of friends who really really wanted to try their vegetarian meal there. Although they were strictly Catholic, they did not mind the idea of “eating at a temple” or even being in the presence of a Buddhist atmosphere. I’m not sure how that’d be looked upon, but I know my uncle/aunt who are strict Catholic won’t even STEP FOOT in a temple, near one or anything related to it. We got there around 11:30, just half an hour shy of the start of lunch so we showed them around, the library, miniature tea house, gift shop, etc. until it was time. Since the 1/2 hour did not provide us with a lot of time, we had to go back after. For those who don’t follow my blog or the (lack thereof) interesting life, I’ve had a lot of relationship problems within the past 6 months. I cannot even express the anguish of it, although anyone who has ever felt heartbroken and torn inside-out will know what I mean. Anyways, other than praying deeply for a year of good health, fortune and happiness, I asked hard to be blessed with guidance on how to be a better person and show the girl I truly care about how I felt. I wanted my relationship not to become a burden, but a source of happiness, satisfaction and compassion. I am a simple person, I do not expect monetary riches in life, I want my life to be filled with things you can’t buy in a store – happiness, love and family.

Generally I’m not a big vegetarian food lover – I’d fall apart without meat, lol, but when it comes to the food they make at the temple, it is amazing. They make things with so much flavour and vibrancy that it makes you want to eat it and feel satisfied! The problem I have with vegetarian food is the fact they taste bland and not fulfilling after you eat it, but not here, yummy! So we chatted and ate, I had seconds and I think almost everyone else did too! We went back upstairs and finished the rest of the “tour”…. I was glad to be upstairs again because the temple basement is extremely deep and it kills off any chance of you getting phone/internet reception down there. It was nice to be “in touch with civilization” again.. LOL.

Also, my friends brought a camera with them (obviously – what self respecting Asian doesn’t take a camera on a “t0ur”? haha.) and we took some pictures and even I took some of the decorations. Although we went and took some pics on CNY, it was packed with people that I didn’t even get to see (or COULD see) them but now, with less bodies around, I actually got to take in the beautiful decorations and design! After taking “a few” pictures, they also had a stand for a “wishing tree” where you could hang up your year’s wish for a few dollars and all the donations collected were going to Haiti, so why not? My mom and I bought one and so did our friends and we could choose a place on the tree to hang them up!

We didn’t do any grocery shopping today because everyone wanted to go home… and on the way home, I realized that I should’ve because my friend’s birthday party is coming up on Saturday and I was supposed to get her some “Chinese Beer” – urg… now I have to go to the Chinese stores near here just to see if they have it. When I got home, I started talking to one of my friends and as usual, we talked for an hour or two. She had to take a shower… good thing or else we would’ve never stopped, lol. She always cheers me up (not that it was a bad day or anything) – but what made it better is that BeBe and I are starting to talk again. Really – my life is so much better now, I don’t care whether this is “progress” or anything, just her talking to me made me head swirl with happiness, pure BLISS. Life is grand today – and hopefully “forever after” too…. I’m just so ecstatic right now this feeling is better than being high … not that I actually know what that feels like 😀

This weekend has been busy for me so I really lacked posting any “flow content”… so I’ll try to conjure something up in the next few days on-topic 🙂 Toodles everyone!


Found this before going to sleep.. I didn’t want to include it in my previous “sales” post because it’ll probably be missed:

@Costco …. $3 off on boxes of Always Pantiliners (Box of 160) – valid at participating Western/Eastern Canada Costco’s (Membership Req’d)

Always, O.B., Tampax, Kotex & Generics – Rexall, Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart and Metro

Sorry for the lateness, I’m in a rush to head out! Hopefully I did not make any mistakes. These deals are only applicable to select regions of Canada, Ontario. Please verify these sales against your local flyer or e-flyer before purchase!


Assorted Always Pads/Liners and Tampax Tampons brand for $7.57/ea.

Rexall/Pharma Plus Chains

Always Ultra Thin Pads for $4.49/ea
Assorted Always Clean Ultra/Infinity Pads and Tampax Pearl Tampons brand for $8.49/ea
Assorted Always Pads/Liners and Tampax Tampons brand for $7.99/ea
Rexall Ultra Thin Pads for $2.49/ea

Shoppers Drug Mart

Assorted Kotex Pads (14-24’s)/Liners (33-48’s) for $2.99/ea
Assorted Life Tampons (40’s) brand for $5.99/ea
Assorted Life Pads (28-48’s)/Liners (84-96’s) brand for $5.99/ea


Assorted O.B. Tampons (40’s) for $10/2 boxes
Assorted Selection Pads (14-48’s) brand for $2.49/ea

Connecting Through Chemistry

I thought I’d write something a bit abstract today, rather than my usual period-postings since it’s a Friday. For the past while, I’ve been pondering something one of my ex’s have said to me. Now, you might wonder why I seem to talk about my ex’s a lot, it is because all my ex’s with the exception of one, I keep in touch with – some, on even a regular basis. I’m a believer that just because two people didn’t make it to the final stretches of a relationship, doesn’t mean we can’t be friends. Sometimes, this connection even helps break barriers because we might say stuff like, “Hey, remember when we…..?” and it brings back a lot of happy memories. I know it is very typical for most people to cut contact with those whom they have broken up with, but I really think that’s just a nasty closure to things, unless we’re talking about break ups as a result of infidelity or abuse. I truly cherish all the girls who have ever been a part of my life, and most of my ex’s can probably read and attest to this 🙂

Nevertheless, today, I’m going to cover how amazing it is to connect with similar people or maybe, even people who you have striking chemistry with. A lot of the people I’ve met in my life, I’ve gotten to know them over time and began to enjoy their company. However, there’s only maybe a handful of people who’ve I met that I could say that I “instantly click” with – and this doesn’t cover just girls, I’m talking about guy-friends as well. This recent summer, I met a friend through a distant relative… they go to the same school and she just happened to tag along. She was outspoken, but not shy, we talked a bit and it was very relaxed, not tense like most “first-time meet” situations. We maybe spoke for 20 minutes at most before she had to leave, because the person she came with had alternate plans for the day and they were dropping by just to say hi.

Through Facebook, I managed to find this new-found friend and decided to take a shot and add her… hell, if she doesn’t accept, there’s no loss – LOL. Luckily for me, she accepted my request and through there, we chatted a bit through wall-to-wall and kind of indirectly got to know each other. I honestly didn’t think either of us were shy at all, we talked like we really knew each other, lol. Since most of you probably don’t know me very well, I’m one of those people who can talk for 3-4 hours without wincing. I decided it kind of got spammy talking over Facebook, as it’d fill up each others pages when it’d be more efficient to talk over IM. She had her email address as part of the FB profile, so I went and sent her a request.

At first, getting used to talking directly over IM was a bit of an ice breaker, but once we go through all of that, messages were flying back and forth. We’d talk about drama series, games, things we did during the day, our friends, life, etc. the list could go on forever. Although we talk every couple of days, we never seem to run out of topics to talk about. She’s busy with school and I’m busy with work and although those both are very mundane things, we never seem to have problems conjuring something up to talk about. You might wonder why I bring this up as a worthy topic, but I remember when my ex-ex girlfriend and I broke up, we were trying to mend things together over a course of 3-4 years. We really wanted to make the best of what we had, remember the happiness of the past, while moving forward with our new lives. I keenly remember asking her, “How can we be friends again?” (we had problems maintaining a conversation with each other without ending up in an argument or the conversation would die out after 10-20 messages) and she replied to me that friends don’t have to look for topics to talk about and they shouldn’t have to think about everything they say just so it doesn’t offend one another. Although I knew the truth, I didn’t want to believe it, but through this friend, she has proven to me that friends don’t need to find things to topic about, rather, conversations flow freely and without worry. I actually believe my ex-ex was a good 2-3 years younger than me, yet her mindset was so much more mature a few years ago.

Anyways, this friend of mind is really fun to talk to and it’s too bad she doesn’t come on every night 😛 When we do talk, I swear sometimes we totally drag each other on and on until one of us calls it quits, lol. Almost every time we talk, we have set a time “when we’re going to get off” but our “bye” ends up in another 30 minute conversation 😀 I don’t think we ever bore each other, somehow we just have things to talk about, whether something serious or something completely informal. Every once in a while we’ll drop each other offline messages and it just brightens up the day. You know how most people have a friend that they look forward to talking to everyday or just hearing something as simple as, “Hey, how are things going?” – she’s one of those types! If you think we know each other really well and that’s the reason why we connect, let me say upfront that we’ve only met in person once, lol. The age gap between us is huge… I think 6 years, yet we get along really well. Sometimes we’re pretty geeky when it comes down to talking, haha, we’re so lazy sometimes that instead of talking online in front of a computer, we’ll actually talk to each other through IM on our phones 8) Last night, she just told me she’s planning to get a new iPhone, so things will be even more geeky when we’re playing iPhone games and talking IM at the same time, lol. Geeky yar?

She’s really nice and easy to get along with and honestly, I think I talk to her more than my distant relative (who I met her through). I’m not sure if it’s because we’re closer in age than my relative (since I think she’s like 1-2 years even younger), but when it comes to talking, we “click”. I’m not saying as if our conversations have never went silent before, but a lot of it has to do with us being preoccupied with something. I remember a few days ago, she kept on sending me Youtube videos while I was trying to practice my presentation… and instead of doing that, we ended up watching YT clips, hahaha.. such a horrible influence she is on me 😉 Nevertheless, last night, she was trying to get her project done and we ended up talking for 3 hours until she was like “OMG, I really need to finish this tonight…” and she mentioned having to stay up – but I certainly hope she didn’t pull an all-nighter! I’m not sure whether it is a good idea when we start talking to each other – lol, although I admit she has a lot more willpower than me to stop…. what can I say, I’m conversationally-addicted! I think we both realize that the only time we should talk to each other is when we don’t have anything pressing to do, haha… or else it is just beacuse we intentionally procrastinate what we’re supposed to be doing 😀

So ya… through something that my ex-ex said to me almost 3 years ago, it suddenly dawned upon me that even between friends, chemistry exists to a degree where there are people who you can talk to and those who you can really talk to and it makes all the difference in a day. I find myself feeling more cheerful when I get to talk to her, she makes me laugh, smile and sometimes even hold my stomach in pain. Sometimes getting to know someone isn’t even about seeing that person face-to-face everyday, it is about effective, engaging and meaningful communication. I feel grateful that I can make friends like these, because with a world this vast, it is not every day you meet a person that you look forward to talk to and enjoy every moment of it. We connect even when we’re not joking around or talking about something we enjoy, but we’ve had serious conversations about matters before that still are enjoyable and is a way for us to get to know each other. These are perhaps, once-in-a-lifetime friends that while you might make many friends throughout your lifetime, there are the select few that you’d trust everything on your mind and speak at-ease.

I’ve found that over the past few months, I’ve been a lot more grateful to my friends, to people I meet and even acquaintances. Life is wonderful when you have people around you who you truly enjoy being with and can relate to. While we both grew up in very separate environments, her – the typical Hong Kong snooty princess and I, the poor immigrant – those things are simply overlooked when we’re talking. It is through talking to dissimilar, yet similar people that we find ourselves, learn about others and merge wisdom by having friends from every background, culture, gender, sexual orientation, race and experiences. She messaged me today and I missed her – I hate that! Now who knows when the next time I’ll see her online will be, lol, she’s a busy bee like that!

But anyways, to close off the night, for those who don’t keep up with my “happenings”, I recently took up Tae Bo, for those who don’t know what it is, see the Wikipedia quote:

Tae Bo is an aerobic exercise routine that became popular in the 1990s. It was developed by taekwondo practitioner Billy Blanks[1] and was one of the first “cardio-boxing” programs to enjoy commercial success.[citation needed] Such programs use the motions of martial arts at a rapid pace designed to promote fitness. The name Tae Bo is a portmanteau of tae kwon do and boxing. [1]


Blanks developed the routine in 1976 by combining dance with elements from his martial arts and boxing training to form a workout regimen.[1] During the 1990s, a series of videos were mass-marketed to the public; by 1999 an estimated 1 billion sets of videos had been sold on the back of a frequently aired television infomercial.[2] As a result, Tae Bo became somewhat of a pop culture phenomenon in the late 1990s. Gyms began offering kickboxing-based fitness classes similar to Tae Bo. Since Blanks had taken out a trademark on the name they were not allowed to use the term Tae Bo without paying a licensing fee.[1] Tae Bo videos and DVDs continue to rank among the top sellers in the fitness genre[citation needed] and derivative classes are still offered at many gyms.

Tae Bo classes are taught worldwide. Tae Bo includes many of the same punches and kicks as karate, but is not intended for fighting—it was not meant for any combat or self-defense applications. There are no throws, grappling moves, or ground fighting techniques in Tae Bo. Its only intent is to increase fitness through movement. Tae Bo also includes aerobic exercises intended to strengthen all muscles of the body with basic choreography.
The high-intensity workout is intended to increase cardiovascular fitness, strength, muscular endurance and flexibility.

Although I was doing a Quattro fitness workout for about 3 weeks, I’ve found it to be extremely boring and is not as engaging as Tae Bo. Furthermore, while I was working out my abs and legs, I found very little effect when it came to trying to sweat off the weight or help to get my heart pumping. Although I’m less than a week into Tae Bo, I can tell you I’m very pleased with it and it already has visible effects to my cardiovascular strength. I used to get tired very easily doing lifting, running or any type of “heart-intensive” movements. Over the week, I’ve found each day my heart pounds less hard after every work out – I feel energized and refreshed (although a bit smelly… ya, sweat doesn’t smell good). After 30 minutes (of 44 minutes) I’m drenched in sweat, my heart is getting a good work-out and it relaxes ALL the muscles in my body. Besides swimming, I could never come up with an activity that would target the entire body. So far, I’ve still failed to complete the entire circuit all in one go as I start losing strength about half an hour through, but it is my goal that I will be able to do a few minutes more each day until I am able to do the entire 44-minute run.

I have several friends who have done or still do, Tae Bo and one of the best results that came of it was 25 lbs over 3 months. If I’m able to lose 25 lbs of fat I’ll be off to a damn good start! One of my coworkers did say that I should expect to gain some weight at first because I’m now converting this fat into muscles, thus, my overall weight will go up until the fat is burned off. I’m not so much concerned about my weight per se, but I need to slender-down my body and tone a few places, most notably my face. Asian people tend to have rounder facial structures, therefore, whenever we gain “meat on our faces” it tends to show a LOT (one of the things that suck about being Asian). On a regular white male, “fat faces” don’t seem to appear until we’re talking about grossly excessive weight. For instance, my coworker who I just mentioned weighed 260lbs at one point and looking at some old photos of him, even though he was “big”, his face did not show it. I weigh way less than than him, yet I have a terrible “fat face” problem 😐 See, when fat is elsewhere, it can be “hidden” via clothes, but it is rather hard to hide my face, lol.

So I’m really hopeful that Tae Bo will be one of the workouts I’ll be able to stick to and in all reality, my lack of success from these exercises is that I feel disengaged and lack motivation. Because Tae Bo is fun, I’m hoping it will act as a motivator and because Billy Blanks does a good job of keeping his assistants energized that it really adds to the workout and fueling my energy. A large reason why I switched from the previous workout as well is because I started getting pains and I recently even hurt my neck I think. I must’ve pulled a muscle or pinched a nerve because for the past few days it felt like someone was jabbing pins into the neck. Once I finish Tae Bo, that pain actually goes away for a good 6-8 hours! Clearly this exercise even has medicinal effects, lol. Obviously whatever exercises were incorporated into the previous workout was not suited for me or perhaps I didn’t have the right form. Nevertheless, finding something that gets my heart beating, blood flowing and most importantly, sweating like a pig, will help get rid of that fat!

I am soooooooooo tired tonight it is not even funny. I had to visit 2 sites today and go through 3 back-to-back meetings. I’m drained physically and psychologically as there’s so much on my mind! I need to sleep before I wake up with keyboard keys stuck to my face, lol.

Night my valued readers 🙂

P.S Feminine Hygiene sales from flyers are going up tomorrow, not all the pictures were available today so I didn’t want to post them up without it….

GhanaGirls Program – Feminine Hygiene Donations

Wasn’t going to post anything tonight, but stumbled upon something before I go ZzzZZ…

Ceciyaa Foundation Introduces “GhanaGirls”, Feminine Hygiene and Menstruation Education for Ghana Teens (Read more on the site)

To combat this, Ceciyaa Foundation is introducing the GhanaGirls program. GhanaGirls will provide free feminine hygiene supplies and menstruation education to girls in rural areas. Here’s how you can help! We want you to donate a small bag for storing feminine hygiene supplies so that these young ladies will have a discreet way to store needed supplies while at school during that time of the month. If you sew, it would be great if you’d consider designing and making a bag or two from your left over material. If not, purchase a bag and donate it to us. We would also appreciate your donation of feminine hygiene supplies (pads, not tampons, feminine cleansing products, etc.). We have begun purchasing some supplies, but many more are needed.

Finally, if you can recommend a good resource for us to gather our educational materials, we would appreciate your suggestions. If you are interested in working with Ceciyaa Foundation’s GhanaGirls program send an email to for information on how you can get involved.

Too bad I don’t live in the U.S, or I’d definitely know where my leftover supplies are going 🙂 If you’re in the position to help these people, by all means!


On another note, a new WFP video I’ve been waiting for for so long!! Wooohoo:

It has English subtitles 🙂

Liking is Different Than Being

Oh how I love fan mail… can’t help but make me smile during the day 😀

Given that you love being a girl so much, have you ever considered being a crossdresser?

I’ve never actually considered cross-dressing before, because I am an appreciator of women, not “wanting” to be a woman. I enjoy the femininity which surrounds girls, they give off an aura of sexyness and desire. Nevertheless, although I spend time studying the female body, anatomical and reproductive structure, I do not equate it to me having an sort of motivation to act, dress or “be” a girl. Through my life, I have met 2-3 cross-dressers and I absolutely do not have a problem with them expressing themselves in the method they choose. Heck, there could be people who I know currently who cross-dress “underneath” and I wouldn’t know – nor does it matter, because I view them as a human being, not whether they cloth themselves as “male” or “female”. Out of dare from my ex-girlfriend, I have worn certain items before (but definitely NOT IN PUBLIC), but they really did not suit my tastes. I enjoy wearing my own clothes, because they are comfortable and express the person I am fine. My chest is not big enough where I can actually put on a bra anyways 😛

For me, studying girls is like a hobby for me. I’m not obligated to know about it for my daily job, but I enjoy it because it imparts great knowledge upon me. Furthermore, menstruation has been something I’ve been interested since I was young because from that, is how children are born. Without this beautiful process, humans would cease to procreate. Also, the lack of males who truly learn to understand the cycle of the female body, I really want to touch the lives of willing males who really do want useful, simplified information on menstruation and at a later point, they can dive in-depth to as far as they want to explore. I have had the privilege of dating girls who have been open about menstruation with me, satiating my willingness to understand what their bodies go through every month. It is not gross, embarrassing, humiliating or a curse, it is the beauty of the female body which I admire, but do not “wish to be.” I was given a male body, so that I could be the opposite half of a loving girlfriend and wife, and to be an uncle, father, grandfather and hopefully great grandfather.

Like any other hobbyist, people always do not agree with what we choose to do and that is fine. My experimentation are safe and do not harm anyone in the process, therefore, I consider it a positive aspect to my knowledge. After all, how many guys can a girl really talk about menstruation or their choice of feminine hygiene products without having the guy relent? Suffice to say, knowing a bit about girls definitely pays off and wins points with them 🙂 or well, at least most of them. For my girl-friends, having a guy to talk to about what they go through, what products they use and being able to actually ask for my opinion creates a strong bond between us, knowing that they can speak openingly and that I have, at least, a wee-bit of knowledge/experience. How many of you gals would trust sending your boyfriend/husband out and know they will return with the right products?


So today, I was out for a funeral… nothing exciting, really. Tomorrow, I’m back to work and also the day I have to do my first large-scale training session. So far, I’ve been used to talking to small groups or my own staff, but the atmosphere of a “few” people is a lot more calming than the one I’m engaging tomorrow. Tomorrow at lunch, will be like walking into death row, with people staring at me as I go down the aisle to do my presentation and run the training session. Oh me oh my, I think I’m going to piss myself 😛 Here comes another Amy “now you need a pad!” joke. I really want to conquer the anxiety over mass public speaking. I’m not sure if anxiety is the word, it’s not like I’m getting all stressed out over it or I’m really afraid, but I dislike it. I know however that should I want to continue progressing down my career line, that I will need this skill, therefore, I am working hard at breaking through that barrier.

Today, since my god-sister’s mom was at the funeral as well, we had an extensive talk about how my lil’sis is really getting out of hand. You know things are really whacked out when her mom comes to me, asking me to help out if I can. Honestly, my lil’sis is whacked out the head right now – worst time ever, you know, the teenage rebellious stage? Sometimes seeing her, I wonder whether I want to have children, haha… and if I do, they better not go through that stage like her 😛 Between her and I, god-sis and god-bro was all strictly “talk” – just what we called each other, there was no official induction or anything like that. Nevertheless, today made me feel particularly happy given that even her parents accepted me in that position. Before, I have only ever “lectured” her about things and given that her parents have given me the “ok” to provide disciplinary methods, then she’s in for one hell of a ride. I’ve grown up with a lot of god-sis’ and god-bro’s so I know where to draw the line. In general, I’ve always been the elder ones, perhaps at some point I should get an older GS/GB, but for now, I settle with ones younger than me. By nature, other than the title by respect, there’s no real powers. However, when my GS/GB’s parents have ever given it to me, especially in the teenage stage, the permission to watch over them, then I really crack down hard.

People always describe me as the nice guy, the one who’s always smiling and with the perception nothing bothers me. Truth of the matter is when it comes to discipline, I’m every teens nightmare. I grew up in a traditional family where respecting elders was not an option and by nature, all elder members of the family had a right to discipline you… similar to military personnel – if that person’s your senior, when he/she says jump, you respond with, “How high?” Likewise, I’ve thrown down the same disciplinary guidelines for the many younger GS/GB’s I’ve ever had… and it really sets them straight. This difference is as they grow and mature, over time, they realize the way they were treated was for their benefit and learn to love it. Through that, it actually fosters a positive relationship between us and the bonds-ever-tighten. This GS in particular is going to be a pain, she gets spoiled by all her friends and she thinks she’s invincible. She does things that’s completely inappropriate for her age and loves whenever she has the opportunity to take advantage of someone. There’s something clearly wrong with this scenario because her mom, dad, (biological) older sister and brother doesn’t have that same personality – the influence is not from family, but her poor choice in friends. I’ve managed to get her to break contact with some of the more “negative influence” kids, but she just seems to attract them left, right and centre. Having talked to her parents today, we both actually thought of having her switch schools. I think for her Mom and I, we’re just worried about her coming home pregnant – blah!

Anyways, after that talk, we parted ways and I went to a nearby Chinese grocery store to pick up some stuff for the evening. Turns out I didn’t have dinner tonight, but hey, it’ll be available tomorrow – something yummy! I also found something of interest, looks like I’m finding more and more of these teensie stores that bother to get imported items for their shelves. I must endeavour to pick them up at one point and test them out. I’m not sure whether before I started my blog whether I just didn’t pay attention to these items or whether they just recently got them. I also found a place across from this supermarket that had similar products (Kotex imported from Vietnam) and assorted non-brand name items…. the package looked massive and there were only 12 in there, it makes me wonder how huge each one is, lol! Hopefully these Asian places will start stocking things like Elis, Laurier, Sofy, etc. it will make me happy… and maybe the odd girl who feels she needs to use ones from Asia instead of local brands 😀

Findings of imported Always Classics, Kotex and Stayfree Secure

Well, looks like that’s it for the night… time to take a deep breath and prepare myself mentally for tomorrow! Well on the bright side, at least I get a paid lunch, LOL!

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