A Day In the Life of….. ME!

I always thought it’d be kind of cool if I had a documentary of a day done on myself for once. Now I’m not saying I’m high-holy or egoistic, but I think being able to see what I do in a regular run-of-the-mill day would reveal actually how boring my weekdays are, haha! I find that as we turn into “working adults” we tend to ‘live for the weekends’ in such a way that our weekdays become a blur and we’re essentially working to see the “light at the end of the tunnel” a.k.a Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I know there’s a lot of people who are very active during the week and manage to squeeze things in little things here and there, but sometimes I find myself going through every week just looking for the holidays. That’s not to say I’m not enjoying my life, but sometimes my weekdays tend to be fairly bland. Yeah, at some point I had all these great plans for volunteering and stuff (which I have done) and in fact, I was considering volunteering at the local police station (like 1km from my house). I had contacted one of their community representative and got some information. Both ends kind of fell short (we both lost contact) and I haven’t bothered pursuing that – much to my own laziness.

So anyways… I’m usually up between the hours of 8:00AM and 12:30AM. The past while has been weird because I used to sleep at 12AM and I’m finding myself sometimes not going to bed until 1AM. Sure, it is not that late and even if I do sleep then I get a full 7 hours of sleep, but I’m not sure what caused that modification in my schedule. My workplace is pretty flexible, so I can go in later if I’m feeling tired and stuff. Every once in a while I’ll spoil myself and decide to sleep-in on a workday. Funny enough, my boss is usually not in that early anyways, so it is not like he’d even know if I decided to come later to work, harhar! So what can I NOT leave my house without? Screw my pants and shirt, lol, I need to make sure my GPS and iPhone are on me! No, I’m not afraid of being lost getting to work, but our province has a law prohibiting usage of hand-held devices while driving, thus, I recently got a bluetooth GPS to pair my phone with. My phone is freakishly the center of my day… without it, I am completely out-of-contact with “civilization” because people can’t get a hold of me and I have no schedule that day with me!

So let’s see… I wake up in the morning at 8:00 and wash my face and rinse my mouth. I eat my breakfast (leisurely), which takes me to about 8:20. I do my “toilet duties” and that puts me to 8:30. I do my hair and brush my teeth and head out the door at around 8:40. It takes me about 20 minutes to get to work on a smooth-traffic day, so I arrive at around 9-give-or-take. Depending on the season, the first thing I do when I get into the office is turn on my (personal) heater or my (personal) fan and open the windows. I made a note that it is “personal” because our climate system is not the greatest due to being an old building, so it is never hot enough or cold enough when you want it to be. I close the door for a bit and let it either cool down/warm up in there. I go make my coffee (with 3-in-1 packets, because I’m cheap) across the hallway in the staff room and talk to the girls at the help desk. Call it my “morning flirt with the girls” … OK I lie, all the girls there are well… “women” who are at least 20-30 years older than I am.

Once my coffee and chitchat is done, my office is probably all ready for me to relax in. By now, it is around 9:30 (or 10, if I really get talkative) and I sit down to “begin” my work. So, hitting all my usual icons, I pull up the following (in the exact order… can you tell I’m anal?):

– Email Client
– MSN Messenger
– Skype
– RoyalTS (Remote Desktop manager for multiple servers)
– Calendar
– Windows Media Center
– Administration consoles
– Browser for internet chat-rooms
– My blog (here, duh!)

Windows Media Center is a must because it helps me concentrate on my work… seriously, I’m not joking. Depending on my mood, I’ll either play an album or have a movie running on one of my (4) monitors so I have some ambient noise and something interesting to listen to while I work. I have my chats on my other monitor, both applications and the web browser ones. On one, I solely dedicate it to work-related communication such as our email system and internal IM. The last monitor, I use it to actively do my work or monitor projects. As you can tell, my work is very laid back in its approach to their workers and it does work! By providing an environment where their workers feel comfortable, it maximizes their productivity and mood. My office is right next to my supervisor’s and yet, I have music/movie playing. If you imagine, the walls are very thin – a regular voiced phone call can be heard audible from my office WITH the doors closed. He knows what’s happening in here but also, know that I am doing my work.

So work until 11:30 or so and I take a bit of a break. I hop on my massage chair (sometimes) and take a quick 10-minute session just to relax-up. If I’m done my coffee, I’ll get a refill of water or one of my other drinks from the fridge. I try to limit myself to only 1 cup of coffee and day to prevent addiction. I love coffee, but I also don’t want to be the people who need a coffee every morning. I can survive with or without one because I sleep enough to have natural energy, lol. I work or diddly-dally for another half an hour and then eat my lunch. Although we get an hour, I truly do not believe I’ve spent 1 hour eating before, unless it was with another person or out-of-the-office. Eating a sandwich does not require an hour, so, I’ll usually bring the movie/show I’m watching onto my main (bigger) screen and watch it comfortably with my feet up. Hey, it helps keep the blood in my intestines to help digest!

Work usually resumes about 1PM and I work until around 2 before taking another break. This one is usually pretty casual, I walk around aimlessly in the building bumping into coworkers who we may decide to chat-it-up or just so I can check on the team and see how they’re doing. Sometimes I’ll talk to one of the other project managers just to see what they’re up to, if there’s something I can help with or to keep me in the loop with what they’re doing. Although most of the times we don’t share any roles with each other, it is nice to keep a positive relationship with everyone, especially those on the same “branch” as you. So back to my office and I do some more work until 3. At this point, it boils down to what I have left on the plate to do for the day. If there’s no other pressing matters for the day, I begin to pack-up… funny, because that does involve a lot, LOL. I water my plants, add water to my fountain, turn off my monitors, wash my cups/glasses, wipe the picture frame of my dream girl (lol – really… because just looking at her picture throughout my day melts my heart and makes me smile!), pack any lunch containers I brought in and turn off my personal heater/fan (fire codes prevent us from leaving it on overnight).

Depending on the time I choose to leave at (as mentioned above), I will get home at around 3:30-4PM. The first thing I do when I step into the door is run into my room to turn the computer on, lol. I have this nailed down to a fine art because by the time I finish washing my hands, changing, etc. my computer is ready to go! Sometimes I’ll just check my work email again just to make sure nothing urgent came through and then carry on with my own stuff for the night. I’ll usually handle some small daily tasks until 5PM when I begin my 1/2 workout routine (yes, I know 30 mins is not enough – but it’s a good start) and then dinner’s ready! Eating and some post-eating rest puts me at around 6PM. I return to my room where I spend about 30 minutes keeping up-to-date with technology news… nothing beats being a worse I.T. guy who doesn’t keep up with things evolving around him! I spend another 30 minutes handling my own business emails by responding to clients with quotes, inquiries, etc. and may take a bit longer if I have to put in orders for them or make arrangements for servicing. Nevertheless, I try to slipstream processes of my business so that most of it can be automated and uses the least amount of time to accomplish the greatest amount of work! At around 7:00, I have the rest of the evening all to myself. Really, I do believe I spend too much time on the computer, but after a day’s work, I really just want to wind-down and enjoy my evening talking with friends over Skype or MSN. Although it is not physically healthy to sit there, it is emotionally and psychologically healthy because that’s when the greatest amount of endorphins get pumped into me and all of life’s worries go away. My parents will often just find me sitting in my room laughing because I’m in a conference call with 5-6 of my friends. I love the feeling of being able to talk to friends every night by voice or even (literally) face-to-face via webcam (although I normally don’t go on… ewww, who wants to see ME?).

Of course now that I have this blog, sometimes it takes an hour or so for me to make changes, research info, compile thoughts and actually write the blog. I don’t want this to take over my daily life, but it sure is fun expressing myself to the world. Like I’ve said before, most of the people who know me in person don’t even know about this blog due to the anonymity that’s supposed to go with it, but a select-few do, probably the more important people in my life. There’s something relaxing about being able to put a day’s thoughts into words. At times, this might even be a “digital journal” for me to look back at later on. Anyways… hey, look at the clock, it really is almost time for my normal sleeping hours! Tomorrow is Friday so I can definitely stay up later tomorrow night, haha. Time to see who calls me out tomorrow and see what’s happening.

Anyways, night everyone, and now you can see how boring my weekdays are 😛

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  1. Your schedule sounds full that is for sure.

  2. Hey, waking up to a schedule everyday is good =)

    • Haha… schedule is good la, but not if it’s same one EVERYDAY… wish my BeBe would not be mad at me anymore and let me see her 😦 Sometimes I think back to the day when we would spend so much time talking to each other when she was back home, lol.. like when you stay up and we talk? HAHA… brings back memories of us. (Saying that makes me feel old, lol) I hated the fact she was in opposite time-zones then and either one of us would either get up early or stay up late just so we could chat. So sweet-sweet, hehe. 😀 I’d happily spend more time with her, I have tons of it, kekeke.

      • She was in HK home or where frum? How far was time zone apart ar? So cute that you call her BeBe… Wish Josh would call me smthg cute like that. =\ I dun believe working is so easy for you… Arg! I work twice as hard and not even half the pay as you. >.< I should not have left Canada ahahahahha.

        • No no, not HK, haha.. she’s not HK girl, CH-MY girl la 😛 Even BETTER than HK girl (uh oh.. lol, don’t believe I said that – never thought they day I thought any girl was better than a HK gal).. HK girls look too much for money now, not “gwai lui” like they used to be.. Malaysian-Chinese girls much better 😀 However, where she live in MY is same time zone as HK, so the same timezone as you… was 12 hours ahead then.. now 13 hours because of daylight-savings.

          I remember staying up and talking with her one time REALLY REALLY late… and the next day I woke up and felt sick.. then also have nosebleed (a real one, lol..) because I had too much “hot air” from staying up so late and not sleeping. Josh probably gets to call you better things than BeBe because you two are “official” haha.

          How do you know you work twice as hard? LOL… are you downplaying the amount of work I actually do? 😛 Canada pays LOTS AND LOTS of taxes, remember? lol. I probably make the same amount as you after tax? XD … I just like teasing you Am’s.. hehe.. pewpew!

  3. Quality info once again.
    Bookmarking rhis page, becoming a follower of this blog.

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