O.B., Stayfree and Carefree Shoppers Drug Mart Sale!

INTERJECTION: Couldn’t help but get a kick out of this joke… especially after the funny morning (or well, her night) conversation that Poh Ching and I had for a few hours…

Condom says to Kotex, “When you work, I lose seven days of business.

Kotex replies, “If you fail to work once, my business stops for nine months!


Massive deal at Shoppers Drug Mart for the week of February 6, 2010 to February 12, 2010! However, the real sale is only on Sunday (7th) and Monday (8th). This is only applicable to select areas in Canada, Ontario so please check your location offerings accordingly! When I saw the “leaked” (lol, pun intended) version of the sales coming up this week, I thought 3 for 5.99 was a typo – but apparently not. If you’re lucky and your SDM allows printable coupons, you can even get a $2 off coupon here (top-right corner of the page) or use the P&G Brandsaver/Save.CA coupon that offers a buy 2 and get $5 off deal!

The flyer cut-out is in pretty poor resolution (hey, go complain to SDM, lol):

That’s right, your eyes aren’t fuzzy, that’s THREE (3) packages or boxes of your favourite pad/tampon/pantiliner for only $5.99!

Your choice of O.B. tampons 18-20/box, Stayfree maxi-pads 16-24/pack or Carefree pantiliners 34-60/pack or box!

Even at the weekly sale price, you are saving $1.48 if you buy 3 at a time. Normally they are 4.99-5.99 EACH, so this is definitely a good deal if you need to stock up! The awesome part of this deal is that you can mix-and-match, so you don’t have to buy all of the same kind! Whether thin or thick pad, pantiliner or tampon – as long as you get either mixture of any multiple of 3, you get the discount! Of course there’s a limit of 6, so you might want to bring a friend (for your heavy-flow’ers, lol) or just go to a different store, haha. Don’t wipe the shelves now boys and girls!

*NEW* Always Flexi-Style Pantiliner

Since I’m on the topic of “good deals”… there’s no better deal than FREE, yes free! The new Always Flexi-Style Pantiliner is being sampled out, so get it while it lasts! I haven’t checked whether it is being offered in the USA since it is sponsored by BeingGirl, but Americans are always welcome to check it out at your US website! Of course you’re not given the entire box of 100, but I do believe you get 50 pieces – not bad for something you haven’t paid a cent to get.

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  1. OMG KenKen! Did you just say “pieces”? Lolololl! Now I’m thinking of getting ripped up pieces of liner. -_-” kekekkeke.

  2. OMG indeed!! AHHHH, lol – chun mui, don’t use my name here, haha. Oh well, at least only first name… if you use my last name anywhere, I’ll remove it 😛 I said “pieces” because sometimes as I’m typing in English, I’m thinking of what I’m writing in Chinese (hah – bad habit yayaya), so I was translating it as 一片 or 一塊 XD I think here we usually say “Count” or something like that.

    Ya, I’ll make sure I tear them up and send it to you in the mail, hah! These new ones look rather cool and you can’t get it in HK, hehe, too bar wor! Actually, you might be able to at CitySuper, but might cost you 3x the amount, lol.

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