Realization that Languages are SEXY!

Before I begin, just thought one of my friends would benefit from this picture… (in a completely humouristic fashion)… no names mentioned!:

After I said that, I just realized that probably 3-4 of my girl-friends would benefit from this… LOL! Girls these days, psh 😛 I love Carlin & Ross stuff, they always post up the funniest shit. I’m not catholic and maybe that’s why I found it amusing more than insulting.


Anyways, as I was walking into a Chinese restaurant (a real one, not chicken balls and wonton) today, I saw a couple of tables and one table particularly stood out because it was just a girl sitting there by herself. I thought it was rather weird, since eating (that particular type) of Chinese food is not meant for a “one person thing.” I proceeded to sit down and you know, being typical male obviously take a closer look. She was your average Asian girl, nothing special about her, so I looked away. She looked like a banana (for those who are not familiar, it is what we refer to Asians as being banana when they are “more white than yellow”) and spoke in perfect English to one of waitresses. I proceed to order my food since I was hungry and my friends were waiting on me to order as well.

About 10 minutes later, a couple of her friends arrived (also Asian) and began speaking to her in Mandarin. My Mandarin is extremely marginal, so I can do so much as to being able to understand a good portion of what they were saying, but I would not be able to reply (not that I would talk to them anyways) if the need arose. Oddly enough, I have not felt very attracted to listening to girls speak China-Mandarin, but love it when I hear Taiwanese-Mandarin (yes, there is a difference). Well actually, I lie, maybe there’s one girl I’ve heard speak Mandarin that was super-hot, but that’s besides the point – for the most part, I am not attracted to girls who speak China-Mandarin (which was what they were using). None of the friends that came, 1 male and 3 females particularly caught my eye either.

Now, here comes the kicker! This white girl comes walking in and then sits down with them and I thought, “Well, this is just kind of cool.” From the conversation, it turns out that they’re probably students of our nearby colleges or university and they began practicing their languages with each other. The white girl was talk-ing-rea-lly-sl-ow-ly-to-the-chi-nese-boy in English and the Asian girls were teaching the white girl how to order food, ask for napkins, words on the menu (I digress: The white girl did a fantastic job of pronunciation… either she’s into studying the Chinese language or she’s damn good at it!) and stuff like that. For the first time since I arrived at the restaurant, I have not heard the girl (one that was there when I first came in) speak anything except for English and Mandarin. As she called one of the other waitresses over (who happens to be her friend which I found out later), she starts speaking in Cantonese to her and immediately my head just snaps and was like “Wow, that’s so F’ing HOT!” lol.. (oh great, I’m starting to talk to Poh Ching now… ahh ddiiiuuu)

So then I began to take note of the fact that languages are SEXY. Now, this isn’t the first time something like this has happened, but as it happens more frequently, I begin to take-note of things like this. Case in point, I remember the first time I met my dream girl, it was pretty ecstatic. It had been almost 4 months ago and when I met her at her house for the first time, we spoke English. Even though I knew she was capable of speaking Cantonese, all the previous girls I’ve dated (even if they could speak Chinese, they didn’t… thus all the “banana” jokes) didn’t so I wasn’t sure how comfortable she’d be with that… so.. I resorted to speaking English with her. She was super-duper shy (HOLY cute should I mention?) when she answered the door (so F’ing adorable!!) and she let me in. We sat in her room, talked for a bit and then I was trying to “test the waters” to see if she was comfortable with speaking Cantonese (hey, it is a hot language, what can I say? LOL). I still remember the exact first Cantonese phrase she said to me, even to this day! My heart completely melted (not that she didn’t make me go crazy over her already :P) at that moment. If it wasn’t because I didn’t want to make an ass of myself, I would’ve had a nosebleed! (Translation: “Nosebleed” is a common description in the Chinese language indicating that a guy finds a girl extremely attractive)

I know that it is quite common for people to find accents attractive – in fact, I was telling Poh Ching about an Taiwanese-Australian girl I know and how amazingly cute her accent is when she speaks English (but not Mandarin… somehow it skews the sound – now my dream girl on the other hand, she is super sexy when she speaks Mandarin, lol). Of course she always has to be the opposite of me and hates Australian accent on guys, lol. To me, hearing a girl speak Cantonese even when she’s only has moderate-physical attractive qualities immediately becomes amplified beauty. Languages are beautiful and that’s why there are people who know many or strive to study/learn many different languages. To me, hearing my dream girl say those first words to me in her super-duper cute voice totally made her drop-dead gorgeous and my heart turned to mush! I wanted to grab her and squeeze her suuuppeer tight and tell her I want her forever and ever! It is amazing how powerful languages can be!

Maybe this is the case for many people that hearing someone speak a common language is something that causes a very positive reaction. However there are some languages I don’t understand but find that when spoken is like “music to my ears.” One of the girls I met at college one time (was not in a relationship with her) she would constantly speak Taiwanese-Mandarin to me and would just assume I could pick up on every word she said (which I can’t) and the odd time she’d drop a word of (broken) Cantonese in there to help me understand. Her speaking TW-M was attractive or perhaps it was also compounded by her voice. On the other hand, hearing China-Mandarin is a really “rough” language, it sounds shrilling like a girl is being hit and she’s screaming at the top of her lungs. It is worse because many China girls have raspy voices, so now you have a “rough language from a rough voice.” TW-M is very smooth and calm language, so when a girl speaks it, it is with grace and fluidity, making it sound very nice. I remember hearing my dream girl yell (even though she was yelling at her brother to go eat), I thought I was going to pass out at how beautiful her voice was when speaking Mandarin (ok, well she’s completely beautiful in every-way-shape-and-form so maybe that’s a biased comparison, haha). Alas, I live in an area that are not populated by a lot of Asians, so to be able to hear someone speak your language definitely has attractive qualities!3TEB9CX

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  1. You are so cute when you talk abt your dream grl ah! She is so lucky to have you appreciate her so much. Even if not now, she will know later la. Dreams don’t come true on their own, make sure if you want to hear that pretty voice 4ever to let her know she is special!! Sooo kawaii ^____~

  2. hehe, Am’s… love it when you come visit me here lor! It is a bit quiet here because a lot of people are shy to post 😀 Oh well. Yes, she is my heart and soul right now, I hope things will continue to work out for us… sometimes things just take.. well, time right? And plus, just because I’m looking at other girls, doesn’t mean I don’t care about her or anything, haha, don’t get that mixed up – it is just a guy thing to look 😛 I wouldn’t expect her not to look at other guys anyways, haha, what’s wrong with a pretty face and nice body once in a while? (I’m sure P.C will agree with this – lol).

    I know dreams won’t come true on their own, so I’m trying, I really am, haha. Even though I haven’t heard her voice in a while, I can recall it in my head like music to my ears and poetic songs to my heart! Awwww…. KAWAII indeed 😀

    • Wt are you doing replying so late ar?!? Go to sleep, bad for your body. I’ll poke you on fb tomolo ok?

      • Haha… +13 hours now, not +12.. only 1:17AM here, but ya, I should sleep. Wah, are you turning into my mom now? HAHA.. OK MOMMY, I’m going to sleep.

        I drank 3 cups of coffee today, lol.. this is gonna be rough.

  3. NOOOOO I do not say “F’kin HOT!!” I say “DA-YUM HOTTTT” – its different! =P “Nosebleed” means extremely attractive? That’s a polite way of explaining it =P
    Yay Taylor Lautner!!!!!!!!!!!!! XDDDDDDD

  4. I love languages. I think everyone should take the time to learn at least one other than their native. Sadly, I do not know any (although I have been dabbling in trying Japanese and only know one or two words). My other half is half Thai and will be going to Thailand soon to take language courses to learn Thai. I think it will be quite hot to hear him speak in Thai <3.

    • I think it’s a lot easier for someone to learn a language when they NEED to… lol, for instance, if you’re going to Thailand, it’ll likely force you into speaking it 😛 Although in most areas you can get away with English, I think you get a better reception within the community when you can speak the native language. You mean you’ve never heard him speak Thai before?!! =O NOOOOO!! lol.

      I want to pass out when I hear my dream gal speak Cantonese or Mandarin, LOL… even when she’s speaks English there’s something about her beautiful voice that puts me in a trance. 😀

      A lot of people really like learning Japanese… I guess it is one of those “cool” languages.. although it is mostly the guys who like learning it to watch a Japanese pornos and understand it, hahaha…

      One of my uncle’s wife grew up in a Chinese household, but most of them were English speaking. Until she married my uncle, she could barely choke out her own name. After just TWO years of constant mingling with our family, listening to it at home, on TV and at family gatherings, she began speaking it like “one of us”.. although lacking the ability to pick up complex concepts or slang, but the ability to communicate was there! I mean of course growing up in a Chinese household would give her a slight advantage, but seeing a QUICK 2-year transition is applause worthy.

      Hope you learn Thai, imagine how hot it would be for your other half and you to be speaking privately in a different language 😉

      • Nope, he’s never “learned it” actually. His dad tried to get him and his siblings to learn it back when, apparently, but they’ve all just now taken interest. I’m sad he’ll be gone 3 months, but I can’t wait to hear him speak it =D. I definitely would like to learn it at some point as well.

        • If you learned it while he was gone for 3 months, that’d be impressive when he gets home.. ^__^ ohlala! I think people begin to really love languages as they find need or advantages of it. I can speak/understand Cantonese fluently, however, minimally read/write it. I remember growing up thinking “Why the hell would I care to learn Chinese?” and now I regret it. I’m too old to pick it up as easily as I would’ve when I was a kid, LOL.. fail.

          Oh… are you not going with him? I was under the impression it was a vacation for both of you or something…

  5. Forgot to mention, I also call my honey “Banana” or “Twinkie”. =D

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