Why Men Love Whisper – Phillipines Sanitary Napkin Contest

I thought this site really deserved a post because it is starting to make periods “men-aware” and to start being inclusive of men within menstruation. Although it is not as explicitly done as something like my blog, it is beginning to slowly break through the taboo-ness of menstruation involvement for guys. The site is also under my “Notable Pages” section on the widget navigation bar. Again, this really comes down to the question as to why even in quote-on-quote “3rd world Asian countries” that they can be so open about menstruation and menstrual needs, yet in an advanced “1st world country” like North America can’t even say the word “maxi pad” or “tampon” without shits and giggles.

Site Entitled: Why Men Love Whisper


Here’s a cutout of the rules and eligibility:


1. HOW TO JOIN: To join WHY MEN LOVE WHISPER Promo, participant/s must submit/upload a photo of himself/themselves together with his/their special someone. The photo/s should depict a “getting close” moment and should include a short story explaining what made that “getting close” moment so special.

2. WHO CAN JOIN: WHY MEN LOVE WHISPER Promo is open to all interested parties who are residents of the Philippines. Persons under the age of 18, thus considered minors, may enter but written consent from their parent/legal guardian will be required before their entries will be broadcast or be eligible for prize awards.

3. HOW TO SUBMIT: Participant/s may submit their entry by uploading their “getting close” photo story on the Whisper Multiply site, www.whymenlovewhisper.multiply.com. Entries must be received between 12:01 a.m. February 1, 2009 and 11:59 PM April 30, 2009. Photos must be in JPEG format and should be at least 1280 x 720 pixels in size. Participant/s may create up to 10 albums, with a maximum of 5 photos per album. However, each photo per album must be different. Each album must also include a corresponding short story explaining what made the “getting close” moment that is depicted in the photo/s so special.

I’m glad to see that the Philippines Whisper branch is reaching out to boys and girls to come up with something crafty (albeit to promote Whisper products) relating to how the use of Whisper products bring a boy and girl together in a relationship! The reality is there that something as simple as a sanitary napkin can bring to a relationship. How many girls would really be comfortable meeting up with her boyfriend when she has to worry about an accident? What about certain activities, intimate or ones involving close physical (and risky) contact? All these things are out the window unless the girl feels comfortable enough with the menstrual protection she’s using!

Funny thing is that don’t get an idea that I’m actually promoting Whisper pads… I actually dislike them, because they are very similar to the Always brand here in Canada. In fact, they are pretty much made by the same company, just under a different name for country-purposes. The new Always pad covers get damp, sticky and gross… and they’re rough. Whisper is only slightly better, so I’m only putting up their information for the fact they are promoting sanitary napkin awareness for both guys and gals. Although if you ask me to pick between Always or Whisper – it is hands down Whisper. Unfortunately, they don’t have them in Canada those son of a ______’s.

I bumped into this site completely by accident when I was trying to find some Whisper commercials from Youtube. I caught glimpse of a webpage and decided to give it a shot and sure enough, it was a real and live site! There’s a Kim Chiu Whisper Commercial (It is part English and part Tagalog) I added to the media page as well 🙂

Cheers to Asian pad/tampon manufacturers continuing to involve males and females in the processes/accommodation of menstruation!

Thought I’d leave you guys with a blog entry by a lady who amusing talks about the perks of menstruation… although from a cynical point of view, lol. 😛

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  1. First, I note that the contest is already over and winners are posted on the Whisper site. It was a 2009 contest.

    What we don’t know about this Phillipines ad campaign is in what media the ads ran. It is my guess, and remember it is just a guess, that it only ran in media aimed at young girls. Remember, Proctor & Gamble was also running their “Have A Happy Period” campaign here in North America. Again, my guess is that this campaign is a variation of ads of guys wearing trendy clothes and having girls fall over them. In other words, “Sex Sells”. My guess is that the message to girls is, wear Whisper pads and guys will be wild about you.

    As for “Why Men Love Whisper”, it can be argued that their girlfriend will be in a better mood if wearing a high-quality pad. Guys would prefer this. But, this ad campaign does not seem to be aimed at guys. Such a campaign would explain to guys why wearing a high quality pad would put their girl friends in a better mood, and try to get them to suggest to their girlfriends to wear Whisper pads. The quesion is, is there any evidence that boys and girls in the Phillipines are actually talking to each other about the various types of pads on the market?

    • Hrm, well that sure as hell were some great points to bring out – never thought about it in that light! Guess I always want to perceive it from a positive point of view – lol, after all, the blog was mostly opinion and bias more than a research-factual views 😛 In regards to the contest, I know it is over already, but posted it because it was a topic I wanted to cover… heck, this blog wasn’t born until the last day of 2009 anyways 😛

      Nevertheless, I never actually linked this to the “Have a Happy Period” campaign that happened here, although from what I recall, when I went to HK last year, they were running the same thing. As of this year today, the HHP slogan is still being used actively for Always and Whisper. I think unfortunately most of these commercials and advertisements are still aimed towards girls but just even having that TINY bit of male exposure is breaking the barrier at the very least. It is hard to change the world all at once, but even finding a guy willing to actively play a role in a pad/tampon advertisement is slowly breaking the ice.

      It is quite probable that the idea of “sex sells” or “wearing this pad/tampon will make guys fall for me” is a common theme. There’s definitely a lot of controversy or different views that people can place on the WMLW campaign, but as much exposure that I’ve seen personally, this is one of the most “male-involved” contest. In my opinion, I did not notice as much as “male involvement” in the HHP campaign.

      What I do know though, even if they are using the opportunity to promote their own products, the stories are actually submitted by males.. or presumably so based on the name (such as Glenn – since that’s not a typical female name). For instance, their contest wording states:

      “So…does your girl have the confidence to get close? Is she always fresh that you love to be with her everyday, in every way? Do you have getting close moments with your guy that you’d like to share? Be confident to share and submit your getting close photo stories and get a chance to win amazing prizes such as laptops, Ipods and bags from Digital Hub, Sumdex, Crumpler!” The “does your girl…?” part of the questions is aimed towards the male counterpart to answer. Simply bringing male-awareness is a stepping-stone.

      There could be a degree of discussion between boys and girls about the various types of pads or just feminine hygiene health in general… I really wish I could read some of the commenter’s post, but they are not in English. It is not easy to change a society of menstrual-taboo overnight, so even small things like this promotion is one of many steps needed to achieve openness of menstruation and menstrual needs between males and females.

      Perhaps this contest runs to the similar tone of many Tampax and Playtex commercials where using their products will result in them having the 5 hot guys surrounding her smiling and happily engaging in activities. Personally, I think this is one of the “better” campaigns that have attracted me to post it up, not necessarily because it reflects the true nature or intention of the campaign.

  2. Google Translate (translate.google.com) does have a Filipino-to-English function. While not perfect, it did a good job of translating some of the stories. I did not open a multiply.com account to read all of the stories. First, I am not convinced the stories are genuine. I am reminded of UK tabloid newspapers like The Sun with their manufactured news. Some of the stories read like what you find on Literotica. Some of the guys writing the stories sound like ‘enthusiasts’, if you catch my drift. Some of the girls (cyberguys) may have written the stories to try to win a prize. Another clue is in the comments to the various sections on the WMLW site. To post an avatar, you need a Multiply account. I notice most of the comments are by girls.

    If guys in the Phillipines are really more open, I would expect them to be seen on web sites of other Phillipines SANPRO manufacturers. Also, they might be posting on message boards. But, this fellow WordPress blogger may have better insights:

  3. CeeDee,

    Sorry for the late reply, didn’t expect today to be so busy. From the looks of it, the author of that entry is definitely not a “happy period”-camper. Having reviewed all the things you have said and the contents of the WMLW site, it is quite possible I will soon be removing the WMLW link from my widget bar… heck, it was good while it lasted and it did get a lot of attention (based on outbound clicks). I suppose it was “too good to be true” that manufacturers really want men to take part in menstruation and genuinely helping out their girlfriends.

    However, there is one particular commercial I’ve seen that TRULY is a promotion of a guy helping out his girlfriend which doesn’t involve her oogling over him or being surrounded by a bunch of hot guys as a result of her using a particular product. I’m going to snoop around in my videos archives to see what I can dig up. Nevertheless, I’m not going to give up MY personal tirade on trying to help men become more involved in menstruation, especially if they happen to have a female partner or wife.

    Furthermore, I want to bring men out into the open when it comes to menstruation as there shouldn’t be ANY shame discussing it at all. I admit I have been ashamed to talk about it at one point and I’m still careful by means of knowing who feels comfortable and who doesn’t talking about it when it comes to girls – but it is something that I’ve turned around and seen it as something really positive in my life.

    Thanks for all your thoughts and contribution… hope you’ll have more great thoughts in the future! I’m going to talk to one of my Filipino friends to see if she can give a couple thoughts into this if she’s seen the campaigns happen ‘live’.

  4. Hello,

    A great post on helping men and women connect on personal matters such as these! Although the advertisement does not necessarily reflect a global change, it does help one step at a time! Cheers.

  5. Nice brief and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you as your information.

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