I’m Afraid of Asian Girls Now… or wait..

Was reading Chinasmack and found these awesome pictures 🙂 It really won’t make sense until you read after the last picture… [I compressed the entry down because it was long.. make sure you click the “Read More” to get the full story!]

From Mop:

Japanese cross dresser Luxfero

Japan sexy crossdresser Luxfero

Japanese Luxfero

Pretty by Yin You Shi Yi

Cross dresser Li Jingcheng

Duo Luo Mei Mei

Yao Yao Er

Cute Chinese cross-dresser Yao Yao Er

Chinese cross dresser Yao Yao Er

Pretty boy cross dressing Yao Yao Er

Ri Gao Liang Ping

Cross dresser Chinese Xiao Kui

Cross dressing Jiu Yue Zi Yuan China

China cross dressing Duor (Duo Er)

Sexy cross dressing pretty boy Duo Er

Sexy legs black dress Aiko from Taiwan

Taiwanese Aiko pretty boy cross dresser in black underwear

Taiwanese cross dresser Aiko lyin gon blue sofa

Cross dresser Liang Ping

Japanese schoolgirl or cross dresser Mo Li (Molly?)

Japanese cross dresser Mo Li shopping

Li Jingcheng cross dresser

Li Jingcheng scroll

So, were you as excited as I was with these pictures of sweet Asian girls? For the guys, I’m sure you got a wee-bit excited… for the girls, maybe a bit of jealousy? 😛 Either way… they’re men. JEEBUS! Do I even dare to get close to Asian “girls” anymore in fear that they have “something underneath”….? LOL.

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  1. They’re not men. They’re not. They’re not. :/

    • I wonder Maysea… are you really a …. LOL, just joking my little sister, haha.. I do prefer Tito though, does sound kinda cool 😛 Kuya makes me sound like a warrior… let’s see… would I rather be respected or sound cool? hahaha..

  2. i would love to see whats underneath these sexy girls

    • Hehe, if you like penis, then I suppose you might like what’s underneath these ‘girls’. These are guys dressed up as girls, beyond recognition. One of them happens to look like my ex-girlfriend, so it’s kind of scary seeing one of these pics, LOL!

  3. Really… one of them yes a male ex: like member megamsso Ryohei she is he,but others ihavenot know yet

    • It’s amazing what they can do… I think it’d be quite impossible for me to look like a girl, just based on my body’s physical characteristics. Men and women have very different body curvatures, so for a person to be able to mask it is impressive to me!

  4. I’m half Filipino and I’ve been called a Girl lot of times before when I grew my hair out. T_T (not that long like only Asian Guy Hair Long) My sister said I should wear a wig and be a girl. That’s embarrassing for me. I’m glad she didn’t force me to wear one. -_- I’m really surprised that a Guy could pull this off! I thought they were Girls at first! I’ve been to Japan before to visit Family because I have Japanese in me. Man, next time I visit… I need to be careful when finding a Girlfriend. If I want to live down there with them that is. Haha

    • Haha, this doesn’t happen as often in Japan as it does in places like Thailand. I actually finished making a post about that like a week ago: https://meninmenstruation.wordpress.com/2011/04/07/ladyboys-kathoey-bell-nuntita-thailands-got-talent/ — Asian-guy long is pretty typical nowadays, I can see it in the more Asian-influenced areas of town, my cousins or even when I visited Hong Kong. In fact, guys with long hair seem to be the current “style” right now… I swear everyone looks the same when you go to Asian districts because there’s no “individualism” … we all like to wear the same clothes, use the same hairdo and probably talk to same way too, URG!

      Having long hair or even wearing a wig won’t make you girly alone, unless you have a feminine body, haha. Also, you’d have to have a very high-pitched voice to pass as a girl too and find a way to get rid of your adam’s apple, either if it’s naturally small or you may need to use surgery to reduce the size of it.

      I have to say, it was embarrassing to go through all the pictures, think that they’re super hot and realize that they’re guys, LOL… the weird thing is that although I knew they were guys, I think I still kinda got an erection just thinking that IF these were girls, they’d be pretty awesome 😆 These pictures in particular though, none of them had very prominent breasts, so it definitely made me start wondering as I went through the pictures. I’m not saying all women have to have big boobs, but with over 10 pictures of “women” – at least ONE of them would have sizable breasts, which is when I started to become suspicious.

      Even though I’m not gay, I do kinda think it’s amazing what these guys/girls can do with their bodies… almost makes me kind of envious, LOL… I wouldn’t even come close to being able to pass as a girl, haha.

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