Changes to MiM

Ack, I had to change a to different theme because the previous one just couldn’t handle it. I was TOTALLY IN LURV with the previous one but alas, it did not fit everything I wanted. Furthermore, how many people use small screens these days anyways? LOL… no need for my content to fit in a twinge of space in the center of the column so thus… I present to you, the new look of MiM!

I am currently experimenting with colours so as you refresh my page, you may wonder if you’re going colour blind or becoming epileptic… fear not, I’m just messing around with the page. Right now, the page is using a mixture of blue and light pink. I’m honestly not a lover of pink (besides on girls), but I wanted to convey the very point of my blog – to bring males and females together, in a bond of menstrual-understanding. On that note we have a typical “male colour” – blue and typical “female colour” – pink. Now now, let’s not get all riled up about how colours don’t have gender-attributes and just be happy I didn’t make the text lime green!



Obviously changing the theme nerfed all my navigation drop downs which made viewing media extremely hard in their categories. That’s retarded might I add… well screw it, back to iNove… which is a great theme anyways, wish they had more widget space.

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