Start of the Year: Bye Bye Money!

I always love new years, because it’s about a new 365 days for life to change (hopefully for the better)… and sometimes for things that are “not so good” – a chance for it to become great! Even though the new year often brings fear (of bad things happening) and anxiousness (for good things happening), it also brings in the beautiful bill payments! Now you might wonder…, “Why is he posting this? It is February already!” and that’s because expenses I put on my credit card in January, show up on my February statements, lol.

At the start of each year, I usually find masses of money disappearing from my accounts. Every day, I fear logging into my internet banking to take a look at my balance, lol. There’s not a “lot” of bills to pay, it is the amount, not the quantity, haha. I laugh at the fact that my “minimum payment” is $10 – LOL.

Buhbye money! It was nice knowing you 😦

Because this is a known trend, I tend to err on the side of conservative spendings for January… you know, so I don’t become poor and can still afford my daily meals, lol. A good portion of that was car insurance – it is messed up in Canada… no matter how crappy the car you drive, your insurance is eating you in the ass, inside out! No wait, I should not say Canada, I should say Ontario – because my cousin has a nicer vehicle out in B.C, and has cheaper insurance than I do!

I’m not sure if I should be happy that I’m getting older, but I will be turning 25 in a bit over a month, which means, I will start getting their “good rates.” The term “good” is only relative to the outrageous amount that I currently pay – not that it is “fair” by any means. Interestingly enough, younger, shitty female drivers who’ve been into accidents and have gotten tickets still probably get a better rate I do. Want to complain about your period? Then I’ll complain about being male and the unfortunate prejudice we get as being “dangerous drivers!”

Anyways, tax season is coming up and I’m still waiting for most of my forms. It is almost mid-February and all I’ve gotten so far are my donation tax-receipts… where the hell are all my T-forms? I’ve lived at the same address for the past 20 years, surely they could not have mailed it to the wrong place or anything like that. Good thing my taxes are fairly easy and my business tax is handled by one of my friends, so we get it done in less than 3 hours. I just hate having things “waiting to be done” – I prefer all my forms get here, I file my tax return, pay whatever I owe and get it over with!

Now it’ll be a couple more months before I’ve saved enough money to put into investments again. From Jan-Mar, I find almost all my income goes to paying off bills or other expenses, blah! We’re not even talking about me buying stuff for myself, we’re talking about fixed costs. The last thing I’ve “bought for myself” (other than food obviously) is my GPS before Christmas! I spend so little on myself that it worries me… haha, saving up for a massive Chinese wedding clearly, LOL! But honestly, I’d rather spend money on my BeBe than myself… in fact, she’s pretty low-maintenance (which is pretty awesome) and really knows how to manage money… I suppose given that she’s an accountant she knows enough about handling finances, hah.

To be honest, I’ve actually lost track of my pay days now. See, we used to get pay-stubs on the Wednesday before payday (payday is Thursday), so it’d remind me that, “I’d have more money in the bank account by 12:00AM tonight!” but now they’ve switched to an electronic pay-stub which means you have to log-in and print off your own pay-stubs, lol. Since I don’t mark my paydays on my calendar, I’m starting to log into my internet banking and then finding out I got paid and didn’t even expect it, haha. Of course I’m not complaining, but the lack of mailed-to-us-pay-stubs now is making me lose track of when I’m supposed to be paid… heck, if they missed a payment, I probably wouldn’t know!

So now that I’ve made most of my “large” payments this year, I suppose I can start calculating how much money I need to save and where I can put some away. The biggest two items that come to my mind really is car insurance and internet (lol)… or maybe that’s just the important ones that come to mind. All my other payments are usually monthly for utilities and stuff, so I don’t have any other large “upfront” payments to make. I could make internet payments monthly too, but I save $100 every year by paying for 12mo’s upfront… hell, the money is going to go anyways, so why not now rather than later (with a discount!)?

The start of this year was so promising when it came to stock markets. Over the past 4 days though, not very impressed… lost almost $5,000… then again, yesterday and today seems to be good. Of course we’re still talking negative numbers since the economic collapse back in the end of 2008, but at least the numbers are green and headed in an upwards direction… but I highly doubt this recession is TRULY over… it is just at the weenie steps of recovery. There’s definitely been many days of ups and downs… looking at the numbers everyday can bring a lot of excitement or sadness, LOL… it is amazing how hard earned money can appear or disappear in the course of a 6 1/2 hour trading session.

Well, time to draw up some invoices for my customers and collect some money! In the meantime, I’ll have to think of a valentines gift… although she won’t want it, I’ll have it saved up for her whenever she feels like she wants to receive it! That’s it for now on this segment of the post…


After posting the Saba video yesterday, I got a couple of e-mails essentially asking “What the hell it is…” – so clearly, my site does not get a lot of visits from central/south American viewers or maybe the people asking weren’t from there. Saba is under the same line as Libresse, Libra, Nana, Nuvenia, etc. line of menstrual protection, mainly serving Europe, Australia and Central/South America. The reason why I know Saba is only because I have a dear friend who lives in Costa Rica and she happened to bring back a few packs for me to experiment. It was a shock actually because I never actually asked her nor did it come to my mind when she told me she was going back home for vacation, so definitely very thoughtful 🙂 One of the follow-up question was that no one got what the commercial was about. Although I don’t understand Spanish (maybe a few words whenever I listen to the my two friends talk to each other – sisters), I understand the concept because my friend S.L, who brought a few back for me, was explaining to me that Saba made their pads with a scent… but a really good one, not strong like Stayfree, but a mild, very nice fragrant, Chrysanthemum (菊花)! I thought she was joking or made a mistake… because I’ve never heard of ANY pad manufacturer making them with that smell, usually they’re mixes of perfume smell/chemicals! Sure enough, Saba has the most RELAXING smell ever and not like the pungent ones that you get from most North American scented pads/tampons!

Saba - Buenas Noches (Good Night) Pads

Hell, it would make any girl smell nice “down there” – LOL! 😀 So from that explanation, I can make sense of the girl dipping the pad in the scented-flowers pot and then hanging it up in the car. Of course the one in the commercial is not the Chrysanthemum-based scent, but probably a similar flowery one, but not being able to understand it, I can’t comment on the accuracy of it. So hopefully that clears up any question people had on “not getting” what the advertisement meant. On that note, I also found another Saba commercial with the help of Katie, you can check it out at the Media Centre! 🙂

The picture is the bag that my friend gave me, so it looks like the exact one. Of course it is downstairs right now and I don’t want to go fetch it, but it should be it! Unfortunately, she made is mistake of getting them without wings, but just having the soothing chrysanthemum scent alone was enough to impress me… I’m sure the winged ones would’ve been superb! On that note, I find it weird that the package with wings actually comes in 12 and wingless 10! Usually comparing the same brand/type of pad, the quantity of winged pads are always less than wingless one… talk about weird. Hell, dunno how people can survive with wings… I guess only weird girls like Poh Ching can, HA!

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  1. 25 so young… LOL, that’s when girls will start paying attention to you because you are at least semi-mature xDD … girls hate immature guys, too young and most of them are like little kids… Maybe you start your “flower luck” this year… kekekke!

    I kno why your car insurance is expensive tho…. YOU DRIVE A NICE CAR! If you drove a cheap car like I did when I was in Canada, you would not pay so much – so stop driving a nice car arrrr!

    Do you actually have to pay extra tax on top of what they take off your pay? =O Kwazy! >_< Stop investing, aren't you afraid of seeing such big up and down? Pee your pants at night? haha.. maybe you need pad now la… 😀

    • QUARTER CENTURY old!!! What do you mean “so young”? hahaha… I don’t want “girlS” (with an “s”) pay attention to me, I only want GIRL, one, singular, HER, DREAM GIRL, LOL… I’m not greedy like that.. like you and want 50 boys, lol. If I have her, she’s ALL I’ll ever need!

      I don’t drive a nice car… it’s OLD… old like ME! >.> You drove an amazing car, what are you talking about? haha.. the only reason why yours was cheaper was because you’re a girl… and insurance companies like girls, lol.

      Yes, last year I paid like extra $2,000 la… ugh, I hate it. Nah, investing is how you make money… I’m not going to make big money by doing my job – lol… investing makes lots of money when things are going well… even though “not going so well” now.. it will go up in time, I invest long-term mostly anyways. I don’t have sleeping problems just because stock goes down… it goes both directions, that’s the matter-of-fact for investing, nothing to worry about. LOL @ your pad comment.

  2. I drove a car one-series lower than yours ar… so my car wasn’t “better”! Yar, kekee… girl insurance much cheaper! Lucky us. We deserve it because we have to deal with PERIOD every month, lol.

    OMG, you make too much money and that is why you have to pay even MORE taxes. Investing makes me scared, I only invest in those things that are “guaranteed” so that I will be able to fall asleep every night…

    Less than one year to go… then you can go to Wellcome, Watsons, Park n’ Shop and go crazy… xDD

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