Happy Chinese New Years and Valentines Day!

For those who celebrate it, Happy Chinese New Years!

It is Valentines day ❤ as well, a very rare and odd occasion for both events to happen on the same day! I’ll have some pictures and videos to post up later on, but it’s awfully late and tomorrow is another day-of-action waiting to happen. I’ll update this post or completely repost it when the content is up or I decide to make some changes!

Of course this blog and my life is dedicated to my sweet BeBe who gives me the drive to be the best person I can be and to be successful in life! Without her, I would never be who I am today.


I might be occupied with guests and new years festivities for the next few days, so don’t expect any updates… although I might sneak one in if I have time 😛


One would like to hope on a day like this, commitment and loyalty would be important 😛 … talking to my cousin and apparently not-so, LOL:

Oh how I miss when people were committed to one another...

It is in the context of me asking him why he still has his Relationship Status on Facebook set to “Single” when he’s been with the same girl for 1 year… and such is the result. I only threw it in the “God” jab because him and his family are HIGHLY religious, so I would’ve thought he’d be the “act like a saint” personality 😀

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  1. Dear Friends, Happy Valentines Day!!

  2. How come I didn’t get a vday prezzie this year? You have M.Y now don’t give me anything anymore ar? 😦

    • hehe, so cute… actually, you’d be surprized, I didn’t forget about you at all.. I think there’s just been a delay.. might want to keep an eye out in your mailbox or if they send you a courier-notice 😀 Just ‘cuz I have M.Y doesn’t mean I’m going to stop caring about all my female friends and little sis’ >_< I did get her something cute though whenever she wants to see me 😀 I'll take a picture of it and send it to you!! … tomorrow, so tired now XD

  3. I GOT IT!!! Yayayaya, I love it, THANK YOU!!! (Big Hugs) I will buy you sushi when you cm bk!

    I put one on my phone and one on my keychain, it looks so… so… kawaii! I want to see what you got HER, it can’t be better than my present 😦

    Don’t worry ar.. I didn’t forget about getting you information on Elis products, I just haven’t seen my frd at work yet…

    • Haha.. good la… you got it in the middle of the night?!! Or did you get it in the afternoon when you were at work? haha. I’m still checking with my cousin to see if he’s planning to go to HK.. ‘cuz Mom wanted to reschedule if we wasn’t, but I want to go anyways, it has been two years!! -__-

      Oh, I took a picture of what I got her, I just haven’t sent it to you yet… but I’m also going out now so I’ll have to send it later. Talk to you later tonight, k?

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