Poh Ching’s just going to love this… I feel emo today for some reason (no I’m not having my period… lol) … I heard a song on the radio as I was driving to work, probably a left over from valentines day and I had to turn Shazam on my phone (it’s a program that recognizes a songs lyrics/tune) and figure out the artist/song name. It grabbed it – go technology! When I got home, I had to listen to it again… it isn’t that I haven’t heard this song a million times before (I’m into oldies, probably due to my Dad listening to them a lot…) but I couldn’t quite put my finger on the song name.

I don’t have much to say tonight because today at work was so busy I didn’t even known how to manage my time. It isn’t really like there was “a lot of work to do” – but rather, I have been so lazy for the past while that getting my ass moving again was hard. Also, I’m feeling a bit sore from Tae Bo which I started yesterday along with my exercise routine so that I can lose some weight. I took some pictures for Chinese New Years and I’m too embarrassed to post them ANYWHERE, because I look so fat and ugly in them. Thus, this is really giving me to the motivation to lose weight and look good again, because believe me, at one point, I attracted a lot of girls – LOL. Actually, even with my fat face there’s something about me girls dig… I’ll get to it another time, something that happened this weekend, haha. I figured if at any time I lose motivation to work out, I’m going to print out my photos of CNY and tack it to my treadmill, TV and all over the house, hahaha.

Today, I feel the sadness kicking in from CNY/V-Day not being able to spend it with my BeBe. Perhaps over the weekend I had so much company that it diluted the pain, but today, it kicked in full throttle…. and listening to the song in the morning made me even sadder. I don’t have much to say today, so I’ll leave you guys with the song that was on the radio… it makes me cry every time I listen to it, especially when I’m having relationship problems.

I find myself singing to this song, because the lyrics really describe how I feel. Sometimes you can’t help but feel attuned to a song. What beautiful lyrics, what happened to all the artists nowadays who can’t come up with songs other than swearing or inaudible words from screaming?

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  1. You’re totally having your period. Or Male PMS =P. Don’t lie!

    • Lol I was going to say that. It was actually one of the topics I was going to write about, whether guys go through “cycles” or not. I honestly believe we do, even if we don’t bleed to show it XD

  2. Awww… you are totally “m”gun la… haha, you even go through the same emotions as us xDD Doesn’t it totally suck that you know our feelings of uncontrollable emotions? One time, Josh recorded things I did when I was “m” for a week and then I watched it after it was over and even I could not understand why I did some of the things I did. One day, I was yelling at him and suddenly started crying =.= and it wasn’t even like he did anything!

    See, now you know being a girl is not fun… you only emo once in a while, we have to go through it almost every month T_T

  3. Yes, some guys do emo – once in awhile is FINE. I know one who totally emos EVERYDAY that he has a gf (except when he is distracted doing something else like his favourite sport or game =P). Guys have it too – I guess it’s how they were brought up =P

  4. Haha, Amy… I have mood swings… ya.. sometimes I’ll wake up and be really happy and nothing during the day can derail me.. other days when I wake up, I already realize that I’m grouchy and I “take it out on the world” – LOL. I feel so bad for some of the people that have to put up with me when I am going through male “m” .. hahaha!

    PC, I think I should keep track on when I’m in a bad mood and figure out my “cycle” XD I’m usually so cheery so it scares me when I’m grumpy because I do really mean and cruel things to people sometimes, especially lately because of some issues. Why would he be emo over the fact he has a gf? He should be the happiest guy in the world, lol.

    I find sometimes if I just release my frustration and anger, it helps a bit… better than bottling it all up. Sometimes I’ll go do boxing or something so I can punch someone to get all the anger out, haha. I found that shooting really helped me too… when I took up shooting, whenever I feel angry at someone, I just envision them on the opposite end and all of a sudden I have “magical accuracy” and land 8 shots all within cm’s of each other in their head 😀 Probably not the greatest thing to think about while shooting, but at least it is a “safe way” of venting.

  5. OMG, why can I not post anything in your TMI corner? I tried like 3-4 times lor… doesn’t give me an option.. ?!?!

    Mmmm… oh oh, guess wut? Someone might be coming tonight… my big auntie… ahahahaha.

    I always worried about the fact that you actually bought a gun XD I knew you would, you always said it… I just nvr thought u’d really do it, LOL.

    • TMI corner was never open to posting … why would you want to post anything there anyways? haha. If you manage to post there, I’ll be really impressed with your hacking abilities 😛

      LOL – are you sure it’s supposed to start this early? I’ll check my calendar 😀 if it does, you’ll have to let me know so that I can modify my dates, or else I will predict your ‘m’ wrong every time, lol. Lucky for you, Wellcome has big sales this week so if your big auntie drops a visit, you can buy them cheaply 😀

      I like having something like that in the house… you never know when someone is trying to break in, lol… I remember my next-door neighbour caught someone in his backyard like 13 years ago and the guy got tackled by my neighbour and his him over the head with a shotgun XD I don’t have a shotgun yet la, too large and heavy… XD

      Sorry Am’s, I can’t stay up tonight, I’m already yawning like crazy… if you want to Skype me, we’ll have to do it tomorrow, I’m about to fall asleep! Night night… or wait, for you… morning, lol.

  6. There’s no more pain than from relationships… I wish you well dear-sir, please don’t give up on a girl like her!

    Just because she hasn’t spoken to you isn’t indicative of things being “all over”… if you don’t give up, the victor will prevail.

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