Liking is Different Than Being

Oh how I love fan mail… can’t help but make me smile during the day 😀

Given that you love being a girl so much, have you ever considered being a crossdresser?

I’ve never actually considered cross-dressing before, because I am an appreciator of women, not “wanting” to be a woman. I enjoy the femininity which surrounds girls, they give off an aura of sexyness and desire. Nevertheless, although I spend time studying the female body, anatomical and reproductive structure, I do not equate it to me having an sort of motivation to act, dress or “be” a girl. Through my life, I have met 2-3 cross-dressers and I absolutely do not have a problem with them expressing themselves in the method they choose. Heck, there could be people who I know currently who cross-dress “underneath” and I wouldn’t know – nor does it matter, because I view them as a human being, not whether they cloth themselves as “male” or “female”. Out of dare from my ex-girlfriend, I have worn certain items before (but definitely NOT IN PUBLIC), but they really did not suit my tastes. I enjoy wearing my own clothes, because they are comfortable and express the person I am fine. My chest is not big enough where I can actually put on a bra anyways 😛

For me, studying girls is like a hobby for me. I’m not obligated to know about it for my daily job, but I enjoy it because it imparts great knowledge upon me. Furthermore, menstruation has been something I’ve been interested since I was young because from that, is how children are born. Without this beautiful process, humans would cease to procreate. Also, the lack of males who truly learn to understand the cycle of the female body, I really want to touch the lives of willing males who really do want useful, simplified information on menstruation and at a later point, they can dive in-depth to as far as they want to explore. I have had the privilege of dating girls who have been open about menstruation with me, satiating my willingness to understand what their bodies go through every month. It is not gross, embarrassing, humiliating or a curse, it is the beauty of the female body which I admire, but do not “wish to be.” I was given a male body, so that I could be the opposite half of a loving girlfriend and wife, and to be an uncle, father, grandfather and hopefully great grandfather.

Like any other hobbyist, people always do not agree with what we choose to do and that is fine. My experimentation are safe and do not harm anyone in the process, therefore, I consider it a positive aspect to my knowledge. After all, how many guys can a girl really talk about menstruation or their choice of feminine hygiene products without having the guy relent? Suffice to say, knowing a bit about girls definitely pays off and wins points with them 🙂 or well, at least most of them. For my girl-friends, having a guy to talk to about what they go through, what products they use and being able to actually ask for my opinion creates a strong bond between us, knowing that they can speak openingly and that I have, at least, a wee-bit of knowledge/experience. How many of you gals would trust sending your boyfriend/husband out and know they will return with the right products?


So today, I was out for a funeral… nothing exciting, really. Tomorrow, I’m back to work and also the day I have to do my first large-scale training session. So far, I’ve been used to talking to small groups or my own staff, but the atmosphere of a “few” people is a lot more calming than the one I’m engaging tomorrow. Tomorrow at lunch, will be like walking into death row, with people staring at me as I go down the aisle to do my presentation and run the training session. Oh me oh my, I think I’m going to piss myself 😛 Here comes another Amy “now you need a pad!” joke. I really want to conquer the anxiety over mass public speaking. I’m not sure if anxiety is the word, it’s not like I’m getting all stressed out over it or I’m really afraid, but I dislike it. I know however that should I want to continue progressing down my career line, that I will need this skill, therefore, I am working hard at breaking through that barrier.

Today, since my god-sister’s mom was at the funeral as well, we had an extensive talk about how my lil’sis is really getting out of hand. You know things are really whacked out when her mom comes to me, asking me to help out if I can. Honestly, my lil’sis is whacked out the head right now – worst time ever, you know, the teenage rebellious stage? Sometimes seeing her, I wonder whether I want to have children, haha… and if I do, they better not go through that stage like her 😛 Between her and I, god-sis and god-bro was all strictly “talk” – just what we called each other, there was no official induction or anything like that. Nevertheless, today made me feel particularly happy given that even her parents accepted me in that position. Before, I have only ever “lectured” her about things and given that her parents have given me the “ok” to provide disciplinary methods, then she’s in for one hell of a ride. I’ve grown up with a lot of god-sis’ and god-bro’s so I know where to draw the line. In general, I’ve always been the elder ones, perhaps at some point I should get an older GS/GB, but for now, I settle with ones younger than me. By nature, other than the title by respect, there’s no real powers. However, when my GS/GB’s parents have ever given it to me, especially in the teenage stage, the permission to watch over them, then I really crack down hard.

People always describe me as the nice guy, the one who’s always smiling and with the perception nothing bothers me. Truth of the matter is when it comes to discipline, I’m every teens nightmare. I grew up in a traditional family where respecting elders was not an option and by nature, all elder members of the family had a right to discipline you… similar to military personnel – if that person’s your senior, when he/she says jump, you respond with, “How high?” Likewise, I’ve thrown down the same disciplinary guidelines for the many younger GS/GB’s I’ve ever had… and it really sets them straight. This difference is as they grow and mature, over time, they realize the way they were treated was for their benefit and learn to love it. Through that, it actually fosters a positive relationship between us and the bonds-ever-tighten. This GS in particular is going to be a pain, she gets spoiled by all her friends and she thinks she’s invincible. She does things that’s completely inappropriate for her age and loves whenever she has the opportunity to take advantage of someone. There’s something clearly wrong with this scenario because her mom, dad, (biological) older sister and brother doesn’t have that same personality – the influence is not from family, but her poor choice in friends. I’ve managed to get her to break contact with some of the more “negative influence” kids, but she just seems to attract them left, right and centre. Having talked to her parents today, we both actually thought of having her switch schools. I think for her Mom and I, we’re just worried about her coming home pregnant – blah!

Anyways, after that talk, we parted ways and I went to a nearby Chinese grocery store to pick up some stuff for the evening. Turns out I didn’t have dinner tonight, but hey, it’ll be available tomorrow – something yummy! I also found something of interest, looks like I’m finding more and more of these teensie stores that bother to get imported items for their shelves. I must endeavour to pick them up at one point and test them out. I’m not sure whether before I started my blog whether I just didn’t pay attention to these items or whether they just recently got them. I also found a place across from this supermarket that had similar products (Kotex imported from Vietnam) and assorted non-brand name items…. the package looked massive and there were only 12 in there, it makes me wonder how huge each one is, lol! Hopefully these Asian places will start stocking things like Elis, Laurier, Sofy, etc. it will make me happy… and maybe the odd girl who feels she needs to use ones from Asia instead of local brands 😀

Findings of imported Always Classics, Kotex and Stayfree Secure

Well, looks like that’s it for the night… time to take a deep breath and prepare myself mentally for tomorrow! Well on the bright side, at least I get a paid lunch, LOL!

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