eBay Pads for Women & Flow-Lovers

I spent most of my night playing Bright Shadow and talking to my BeBe… so I can’t really think of anything to post up for today. I did receive my eBay subscription feeds as usual and thought I’d just leave a link for the gals and flow-lovers out there who want to take look-see or maybe even buy the items up! I’m not “advertising” them per se, just bringing them “to light.” Nevertheless, I did mark “preferred” by the ones that I personally thought was pretty awesome. The Modess were pretty cool, a bit hefty on the shipping – but hey, after Maysea teased me about how great Modess were, can’t help but wonder… hahaha.

eBay Links Below

BodyFit Cotton Sanitary Napkin Set (Pads, Day & Night)*Preferred
$34.99 as of this posting

BodyFit Cotton Sanitary Napkin Set (Pads +Pantiliner)
$34.99 as of this posting

Always Maxi-Pads Package
$5.00 as of this posting

Modess Sanitary Day Napkin*Preferred
$4.00 as of this posting

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  1. Sorwy la, long time that I haven’t checked in – been busy @ work. I noticed that the Always in the picture are the ones I think I used to use but last time you showed me new packages of Always doesn’t even look like dat anymore! Wah, whoever has been keeping it in their house must be from so long ago because it is still in the “old style” pkg…

    I really wish I could read Korean, those pads look so comfortable… I got your email the other day, thanks for letting me know ^___*

    • Ya, those are definitely older versions of the packaging… even I haven’t seen that for like 3-4 years now. A lot of people stockpile and end up selling it back out on eBay when they don’t use it or want to use other ones. I guess you could make it a pretty good business if you find good deals and then resell. Even if you make like an extra $3-4/sale, given volume that’s quite a bit of money! I haven’t bought any Always for like 10 months now, so I dunno… I’ll send you what they look like now, haha… maybe soon. I got new coupons for them ^__^ in the mail yesterday!

      The Korean pads look nice and I’d love to do more research on the, but I don’t have any Korean friends that could help me navigate and translate. I know 2, but both guys and I think they’d barf looking at the sites/pictures, LOL! I will have to see if I can bump around and manage my way to the sites. There was another huge LOT (like 200+) of Korean Whisper pads, but I’m not sure how they compare up to the ones in HK. How about you buy it and tell me? 😀

  2. Just teh package? 😦 Why not show me the pad-pad 2? kekekek. They are prob diff than b4, right? I want to see… you should send me some! I went to Citysuper today to see if they sell Always… they do, but $70/package!!!! Not even big pack either wor. Stuuppoodd. Link me the Korean Whisper, I want to see it… But probably very expensive to ship if there’s so many because of size and weight. Coupons are so rare here, it is like they know gurlo still need to buy even if no coupon, hahaha.. unless they want blood everywhere.

    • I can show you the pad-pad too if you want, lol… it’s not a big deal. I think maybe in 2 weeks or so I’ll go shopping if there are good deals 😀 I’ll check with my lil’sis or something to see if they need to stock up as well. Citysuper always sell things at outrageous prices… did I ever tell you the HKD$60 I spent on buying Marshmellows “Made in Canada” … ? HAHAHAHA… that was messed up buying Canadian products in HK even though I just flew away from there.

      You have so many better brands available there anyways, so don’t even get excited over Always. Normally if it wasn’t for the crazy carry-on checks, I’d probably pack a few bags of Always for you just to reminiscence in my backpack or something, but I’m not sure how I’d react if they searched it and asked what I was doing with it… – lol, not sure what mom would think either. Maybe I’ll stash one in my luggage just for you 😀

      Whisper Sanitary Napkin Total 210pads

      That’s the Korean one.. it’s pricey, 79.99 – eep! No shipping.. probably because shipping cost is already in the price. Closer to ship to HK from there than here anyways.

      Ya, I’ve never seen coupons in HK before, it’s weird… for almost anything, not just pads/tampons O_o … guess people are too rich there, don’t need it, hahaha.

      • So did you buy the Modess yet?!! They almost expire la, then you miss your chance.

        I look @ the Whisper pads… we have it here, so too expensive to have them sent over, especially so many, haha. We dun have space here like in Canada, no place to put it. How about I put in your garage? LOLOLOL.

        I saw you bought new pack, so you are not buying Always in a few week anymore gwa? 😦 Awwwweee…

  3. Yau thought about it la… but doesn’t seem like a good idea to waste money on shipping like that. If I ordered lots then it’d be worth it, but no experience with it so don’t want to take a chance like that. I asked Maysea if she has, but haven’t heard back from her yet… I think she’s trying to reapply to Medical School so she doesn’t have time to respond O_o There is another bidding anyways, so I still have plenty of chances in the future.

    I dunno about next few weeks, depends, haha. Maybe will offload some stuff to sis’ or whatever. Will let you know, don’t be disappointed 😛

  4. Hey, you have Modess Spirit! 🙂 I don’t use them now but before I was a fan, they were cheaper than other Modess napkins (I think) and just as comfy. I will try to post pics of the Modess ones that I use. I don’t believe I’ve ever heard of Always, too bad.
    Just an info, we ran out of Modess here and I had to switch to Kotex. Well, erm, this is embarrassing but I kinda had a reaction to it. Can you get like a napkin rash (diaper rash) from them? Because I think I did. 😐 It happened to my kid before when we changed her nappies from her brand to something new, she got diaper rash. Does that happen to women with sanitary napkins too?

    • LOL, it is international order from eBay from Thailand… I don’t want to pay the nasty prices, that’s nuts! If you are ever shipping stuff to Canada, let me know so you can ship something to me too… HAHAHAHA. Only costs $4 to buy 3 packs of 10, but will cost 9.99 to ship, BLAH. Make sure you let me know if you are sending anything this way, haha… of course will pay you money, lol. So how does it make Modess “Spirit” by name, is there a reason or just a quirky name? haha. I was referring to the official Modess PH site and it just says it comes with a Funky package… so there’s no enhancement or anything about the pad? Also, noticed the pad doesn’t have wings… eep!

      I wish they had Modess here locally… you are so into them that I want to know if they’re really that good XD I’m sure if I look hard enough in Thai/Filipino marts around here I’d find it, but people generally stick to stores of “their own culture” here and I wouldn’t even know where to start, haha.

      You haven’t heard of Always, but I know you’ve heard of Whisper. They are exactly the same brand, just marketed under a different name for Asia-regions. Even the “types”, material and technology they use are the same. They might have slightly different designs, but that’s about it. I don’t get excited over Whisper as much because it is essentially the “Always” equivalent here, so bleh.

      I don’t believe you posted the word “embarrassing” on MY blog >.> How can you be embarassed to say something like that to me? You should be embarrassed that you said embarrassed, LOL! There’s never a point of “too much information” for me XD How can you run out, aren’t there stores on every street corner in PH? haha. It is common to have reaction to pads/tampons, this isn’t new or anything. It is just like any other “allergy” anyone can have it to any thing. Did you ever use Kotex because and never had a problem or did you always have reaction to Kotex? Manufacturers some times try to make things “better” and use different material or whatever and to those who happen to have a reaction to a certain material will find suddenly the pad/tampon they used to use now bothers them.

      You can ABSOLUTELY get rashes from a reaction from pads or tampons and because of how close it is to your skin, it is not unusual. Kotex (in Hong Kong at least) has an assortment of different “material” pads like Cotton, Silk, etc. to fit the different needs of girls who might have reaction to certain material. I know there is also an organic one as well, but then again, all of the “specialty” types cost more. For girls who have no other choice, well, they have to buy it either way.

      Also, some materials allow more wetness to get out… like the current pad I was experimenting with didn’t “trap” as much in the pad and the it would come to the surface more… so it could cause rashes when your own period flows back out (and with the ‘ick’ factor when things “come back up”).. if that’s the case, you can just change sooner to avoid the same pad-cover from being in contact with your “area” so often. There is always bacterial build-up as a sanitary napkin is being used when you’re flowing onto it, so that build-up might cause irritation.

      One of my close friend posted on one of my entries…

      and she recently told me she had a reaction to one of the products she used. I found it awkward in the sense of the brand-in-question, but hey, it’s her body and she knows best. She was asking me about opinion on swapping pads too and stuff. Go get yourself some Modess again so that doesn’t happen 😛 But that sucks that your Kotex isn’t serving you well, they make such good stuff, haha… although I guess I dunno about in PH.

  5. The Spirit was geared towards the teens, I guess, hence, the quirky packaging and name. But I think the Spirit and the “regular” Modess pads are the same. The Spirit also comes with wings. When it comes to the price, I believe the Modess Spirit is selling a little cheaper than the regular ones. But I have to check on that.
    I’m so into them because they have the cottony soft ones. Our Whisper here doesn’t have that. (It’s always been between Whisper and Modess for me.) Which is why I am sooo into Modess than any other brand.
    I had to wear Kotex because my stock ran out in the middle of the night and I forgot to buy new ones during the day. The only thing they had in the store during that night were Kotex ones so I gave them a try. I am still regretting that decision. I read your post and comments on that post. I pity her for having experienced this itching!!! Modess is the one for me, I guess. Whisper irritates my skin esp around the wings part.
    If I will ever send something your way, I would definitely inform you. Don’t hold your breath though because I know of only one person who lives in Canada and she was a professor in college. 😐
    Good Day! 🙂

    • Looking at the picture of the content on the packaging of the pad (bottom-right corner of the package), they make it look so comfortable, haha… sucks, stupid Canada XD or more, stupid shipping costs, lol.. if it ever became cheaper, I’m so sure I’d snatch it up just to see what your thumbs-up is all about! Then again, you get them locally for like 60 cents CAD, lol, that’s crazy how cheap things are in PH – or at least these kind of things.

      Yes, cotton covers are great… the recent pads I demo’ed a few posts ago had a pretty rough-ish top cover, just not to the degree of sandpaper, LOL 😀 I just looked back at the Whisper types offered in PH, definitely a lack of assortments and material! That’s too bad, so maybe Modess IS truly superior XD Arg, you make me so jealous 😛

      Oh jeebus, you have to wake up in the middle of the night to change?!! =O Eep. The overnight Modess look very nice, I would like to imagine those should be able to last the night. I’m trying to make out the letters of the package, but does the overnight pack seriously say 4 pads? LOL… hope it doesn’t come in only 4, haha.

      I wish I could remember which pad with wings caused a lot of irritation. I remember there was one brand in particular that you would just want to cut it off because it was so scratchy against the legs, haha. At least you nailed it down fast and now know that Whisper’s not going to work out for you rather than using them for a while and then coming up to that conclusion! Modess might become a “favourite” brand soon if I ever get to demo them, haha.

      LOL, it’d be funny if you ever sent something this-way, I could return some Always with your friend and maybe that’d excite you to be able to try something “foreign” XD Night night to you!

  6. Hello,

    My roomate is korean. She left her things in america and my sister took her pads. They are the same kind. Where do you think I can find them?

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