Men’s Guide On How To Be a Better Boyfriend/Husband During Her Period

I promised I’d write this for Poh Ching a long time ago and it’s finally time I live up to this! In this entry, I’d like to take some time to discuss ways to make your girlfriend or wife feel better shortly before or during her period. Let’s face it, most men rather avoid a woman while she is menstruating and that is too bad, because we should not ditch our second half just because she’s bleeding between her legs. Some men are opposed to my way of thinking, “being there for the girl” and rather, feel that they are more of a help if they just stay out of the way. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and every girl is different on how she wants to be treated or what makes her feel good. However, this entry will cover some things I feel might be ways you can help comfort your partner. There is no “definitive” way to make her feel good and I can’t say this will work for every girl, but these are things for guys (or girls) to consider. Remember that your commitment to your girlfriend or wife should be just-cause not to feel that you don’t need to be a part of her life every week of a month.

I recently typed up an answer for Yahoo! Answers to any inquiry from a male about what he can say/do for his girlfriend while she is on her period and here’s my reply. It was chosen as the “Best Answer” so I decided it’d be good enough to be reposted:

Best Answer – Chosen by Voters

Really, words mean nothing at a time like that. Also, saying sorry is like something you say at a funeral or something. You shouldn’t be sorry or feel sorry for her that she’s having her period, it is a normal bodily function. Sorry also implies negativity towards periods and it should be necessary that men and women do not view menstruation as some kind of “bad” thing. Take some time to understand her period from both an anecdotal (from her experience) and educational point of view, use books, magazines, articles, online, etc. to find information pertaining to her body and menstruation.

You can’t make the pain she’s going through better, since it is her body, but you can do things that will make her as comfortable as she can be. If she has cravings, let her have it, there’s nothing worse than resisting a craving because all that does is cause crankiness. If there’s something she asks you to do and it’s reasonable, try to accommodate her. A massage, warm bath and just being there for her will do more for her than anything you can say – because actions are what matters. If she’s still capable of going about, take her to do an activity which removes her attention away from her period/pain. While initially she might feel that the pain is disabling her from concentrating on the activity, show enthusiasm, get her into it so she’s not constantly thinking about the pain. I cannot say that this will remove the pain, but it makes no difference whether she’s crunched up and feeling the pain or whether she’s doing something and still feeling it.

Actively helping her out in things she would normally do would help take the stress of her “thinking about her responsibilities”.. if there’s things that need to be done around the house, do it. Your sole goal is to make her feel as relaxed as possible because stress will compound the pain she feels. Helping her feel at-ease will provide a form of stress-relief which will relax muscle tension and potentially reduce the pain (or at least not make it worse).

Let her fall asleep in your arms, skin-to-skin contact with someone she cares about is an excellent psychological relief. Just be remember that you have to be understanding and sometimes be willing to bite your tongue. It doesn’t mean you should AVOID her, but menstruation is very taxing on the body, mind and is triggered by flares of hormones. It is possible she might be more sensitive to things you say or do, especially things that would not normally trigger negative emotions.

If you two are ready to engage in sexual activities, I should suggest to you that one of the best natural pain-relievers for cramps or otherwise painful periods is an orgasm. You can either allow her to do that on her own, or do it for her. She might be resistant to it, but mind you she will be glad afterward because many girls report that an orgasm or sexual stimulation helps alleviate their cramps.

Lucky for you, part of the site I run is “menstruation basics for men” – something that you might be particularly interested in if you are not sure what you can do for your girlfriend while she is on her period. It is menstruation simplified for guys (without gory details) but gives you a good understanding of what menstruation is about. There are also helpful tips on what YOU can do as a boyfriend with contributions from myself, other authors and female posters.

Here’s the most important thing you can say to her, “How can I help you?” … only she will know what you can do to make her feel best!

Beyond that, here are some thoughts about what you can do to make the best of her period:

  • Be informed! You’re a much better boyfriend or husband when you understand what she’s going through
  • Participate in physical activities with her as exercise tends to reduce cramping or period-pains. Exercise is not something that’s important only when she’s on her period, but also regularly, as moderate exercise throughout the month will help regulate her menstrual cycle and side-effects.
  • Avoid expressing your discomfort, grossness or negativity towards menstruation and brush her off. You’re together because you’re supposed to be together for better or worse, not only when you see fit
  • Help her pick up her pads and tampons from the store, especially if she’s not capable of doing it herself (Read Feminine Hygiene Basics, Maxi Pad Basics for Men and Tampon Basics for Men)… please get the rights ones so you won’t piss her off even more
  • Don’t be greedy, if she needs a “girl’s night out” let her do so and encourage her to enjoy herself!
  • Don’t point out the fact that she’s being moody or irritated, you really think she doesn’t know that?
  • Steer away from causing more stress than she already has… avoid any “surprizes” or asking for her judgment for any large-scale questions or decisions (When her mind is more clear and her hormones aren’t speaking on her behalf, more rationale decisions can be made)
  • Let her indulge, she’s not going to gain 10lbs overnight just because she ate an extra chocolate bar… attempting to act against her cravings is like kicking yourself in the nuts. Even if she’s on a diet or the food is “not the greatest for her” – if it comforts her, you’ve won half the battle, LET HER HAVE IT
  • Keep your guy-friends away from her, guys tend to be a bit potty-mouthed when it comes to being sensitive to a girl’s time of the month, so unless you have well-behaved male friends, avoid exposure to social interaction between them and your girl
  • Make her a nice warm bath or give her a heating-pad for her pelvic-area as that’ll alleviate the effects of stomach cramps. I remember a not-so-smart guy decided to use a plastic water bottle with hot water poured in it as a replacement… not a good idea. Don’t stick around, let her enjoy the peace and quiet and not feel obligated to you
  • Do anything that’ll soften her heart… tell her she’s beautiful (because she is), tell her you love her (because you do) and anything that’ll melt them to little-itsy-pieces
  • Lots of girls are hornier during her period – set the mood for her and if she’s willing, you’re in luck
  • Although this is not necessarily related to comforting her, remember that it does not mean a girl can not get pregnant during her period
  • Give her a lower-back or lower-abdominal massage
  • If her conditions require pain-killers, make sure you have them available and offer it to her as necessary
  • Take part in her menstrual cycle, talk to her about concerns you may have if you see menstruation being unbearable for her to encourage her to consult a medical professional
  • Be aware that sometimes she will do things out of the ordinary because of hormonal fluctuations and don’t take it personally, resist the urge to fight back
  • Get her to open-up if you can about her period. It is embedded in most girls that periods should be a hidden thing and an often uncomfortable discussion with men. Getting her to open-up about her period will help you understand what you can do for her and perhaps make her feel more at-ease when she’s on her period around you
  • Help her keep track of her period, which might also be in your interest to know when she’s getting close and about to start. If you keep good track, your records might be even better than hers
  • In regards to the above point, her period is still her private matter if she talks to you about it. Don’t talk to her friends/family about it unless you know she is comfortable and willing. She trusts you with that information, therefore it is inadvisable to alert others of it
  • If she doesn’t want you near her during that time, buy her sex toys or something that allows her to enjoy herself, privately – orgasms relieve cramps, this is scientifically proven
  • Fulfill her daily tasks because she probably isn’t up to them… it isn’t going to kill you to do things around the house
  • Don’t be flirty, teasing or a pervert – unless she wants you to be – around her during her period, she’s not in the mood to listen to you talk about how hot one of her girlfriends look

I remember having a lot more points than this, but I always forget to jot them down as they come to mind. I’ll add to this as the opportunity presents itself! Here’s your chance to show your girlfriend or wife you really care about her, including menstruation. There’s no excuse to avoid her like the plague, 365 days a year, she’s your girlfriend or wife!


Just to finish it off, found an amusing FML today:

Today, I finally felt ready to take my bra off during sex. My breasts had “deflated” somewhat due to weight loss and I was really self-conscious about them, but my boyfriend insisted I was hot no matter what. When the bra came off, the dick got soft. FML

#8793926 (95) On 03/03/2010 at 4:24am

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  1. Thank you for this! This reminds me of an argument I had with my boyfriend. he was averse to buying tampons/pads for me because from previous experience with exes, he kept on getting hell for it because he almost always ended up with the wrong brand. I made such a huge fuss and told him how much my father and brother loves me and they would buy maxis for me any time I yell “Emergency!” It was pretty funny. But I did win that argument. However, I agreed to give him a not with the brand for when the day comes that I run out of stock.

    It’s true that we need extra TLC on these particular times. Although I recently went through a horrible period week, I usually am PMS-free and cramps-free. But it doesn’t mean I’m not uncomfortable, bloated, and miserable about it. The extra TLC matters. So guys, remember this, as your women will really love this about you. 🙂

    • Well, girls can get pretty snitchy when you get the wrong ones. I’ve had a couple of instances where my guy friends asked me to go with them to pick up their girlfriend’s pads/tampons because they were too scared to on their own. They are sooooo embarrassed, I remember going to the checkout and he was like, “I’ll wait for you over there…” and wouldn’t even dare line up with me 😀 and then afterward, I scolded him because it is his girlfriend, not mine, I’m buying for so he should be there at least… the only thing he did was give me the money! When he got to the aisle, I completely laughed at his reaction… it was like he saw God or something because he was standing there stunned. I asked for what he (or well, she) wanted and picked it out in 5 seconds while he still stood there looking like a retard 😆 Poor guy, don’t think he ever recovered. I spent the rest of the way driving over to his girlfriend’s house lecturing him on the different brands, types, how to know which one, etc.

      You definitely should make a fuss over it! If he’s your boyfriend, buying stuff for you should never be an issue. He might need to learn, but definitely should not object. It’s great to hear your father and even BROTHER is willing to buy maxi’s for you, that’s RARE! See, those are true men and gentleman right there. He shouldn’t need a note, have him memorize it 😛 It is his duty!

      Like you said, your period is just a week long and 3 weeks for you to enjoy pain and mess free 😀 I think girls actually tend to be “softer” on their period and that’s where I like to “take care of them” – lol, perhaps my protective nature, but I think they’re especially cute that-time-of-month, no matter what those guys say about them turning into devils 🙂

    • Hi this is John Sundeen I recomend Pampren for bloating during your period by the way. I Think you are super cool for sharing this on the website most ladys i know are bashful but how can they expect help if the don’t ask for it i mean it’s not like it can’t happen but the sooner they ask the sooner women can get the help they need by there Man true gentelmen are there for there lady during there period and a wise true ladylike Lady is wise to ask her gentelmen for help during her period

    • How can i make peace in my marriage when my Husband wants to Divorce me?

  2. Good post! I love it! I see you have a few spelling errors but altho I’m an admin of the informative MEN in MEnstruation – I seriously don’t know how to edit posted posts =_=

    Anyway, I have a point to add: …….. Which I forgot after trying to figure out to edit this post. =_=

    As to your comment, yes – girls are cute during that time of the month if you treat us right =)) Cross us and face the RAGE of a Girl in PMS MODE! (They should so create a “PMS” mode similar to “Trance” or “Rage” mode in the Final Fantasy series =P)

  3. Haha. Yes you keep of mine better than I do sometimes. It is so nice that you remind me so I don’t have to worry lol. Help your MM keep track too so you can tell when she easily gets mad at you. Maybe that is why she’s being so mean lately ar? xDD

    • Hi my names John paul Sundeen I am 22 my email is i extend friendship to you. by the way i can totaly relate to the whoal mood swings and stuff and the emotional trils it’s better then geting cramps wile your starting your period by the way bananas help with that.

    • Hi Amy W .Y kok This is helpful a helpful tp for you my names John Paul Sundeen
      I have other helpful posts but hers the one i give you for Fun or for a man you know or. Any one that needs to know why Girls and women have there period there are helpful and fun and alsome times cute Menstration Vidios. At feel free to cheeck it out I wna save them to a flash drive to Help my Daughters in the. Future by the way thank you for leaving a comment your one super cool lady to Chat about periods.

      • lol @ John Paul Sundeen

        • John Paul Sundeen

          Hi Dan wanan be friends at this chat room? by the way this is John Paul Sundeen
          sothe helpful tip of the week for singels guys and gals periods are tough but a closed mouth is not easaly feed so if you need help spesfie the help and ask also guys if you happen to be dating. and some how you endup boy friend and girlfriend effort should come on the part of both partys. galls if you run out of pads try investing guys if you know your women is at that stage of her life why not show her she matters by helping her with that my weekly advise for married couples the perspective of a matter only shows relivence of ones own persepsion. so if you wana make having a period a speshel time remember your one being galls guys you who are married guys please do not say it’s her period I don’t care they have feelings please consider them you will get taken care of a lot more if you do married gals please don’t say it’s only mine my period you sound possive of it and if you want your man to care do not program that in him in less you want a negative responce. parents of menstrous littel girls are thouse of you who are coming into thouse years of preciousness
          they may not be infomed many girls may grow up feeling repusive if there period is consider thus so please consider showing your girls with there dolls and plushy teddy bears by cuting out a peice of paper geting clothing for the toys helps plus you can show them a fun way how to use pads . for thouse of you with boys I find it best not to beat around the bush the best way to explan it is telling them it’s a girls milestone to womenhood as for fun on this part
          you may wna inform them emaional support to girls during this time equals more friends and a brighter future. socialy and plenty of play time for them like on play groundsJesus loves you and he’s coming agen he died on the cross so you could be his bff and have the only type of tickit to heaven for more FYI Example for your infomationplease Email me at also to all the ladies out there I will contenue to pray you have healthy periods.

        • Lol… Yu has get alot of sppeling errers ;P

  4. LOL, there should be an “Edit” button at the top of the post Poh Ching. haha. If you can’t get to it, let me know and I’ll add it for you forgetful-head 😀 Also, you started working on a post for MiM and it is still in “draft” haha finish it up so it can actually be an entry 😛 Spelling mistakes? Hrm… I’ll review it tonight, I always re-read my posts, but maybe I understand myself so I completely miss the spelling errors, haha.

    I’ve never had a girl I dated go PMS-rage on me, lol, so I dunno the feeling of being on the opposite end of the attack, haha. I like to take good care of my girls anyways ^__^ My god-sis gets a bit edgey with me, but once I put the right words/actions on her, she melts like a snowman under the sun, haha.

    Amy. LOL yes, I account for “variations” you have every month, so it is easy to calculate how often your period falls outside the normal cycle. Of course it’s not 100% accurate, never can be 😛 but I try my best, haha.

    She won’t let me keep track of it for her. I asked her last night and it rather hurt. Read my other post, then you’ll know how I feel. But nevertheless, she used to tell me and she used to get excited and we’d talk about how much I’d spoil her and everything. It pisses me off so much has changed, one time she was saying how she wanted to ‘fake’ her period so that I would spoil her more (it was VERY sweet-sweet)… and now she won’t even tell me when she last had it, ah diu.

    It isn’t something as simple as a “date” that matters to me, it is kind of like a trust thing for me, it denotes that there’s common trust between us that she can confide that kind of information with me, so it is more than just her “letting me keep track” – that’s just the small thing. But ha, funny Am’s it could be ‘her time’… and I wouldn’t even know, FUCK this to hell.

    I think I’m PMS’ing even more >.> HARG!

    • Lol,
      Well I found one logical mistake over here. I don’t mean any offense 😛

      //let her enjoy the *piece* and quiet and not feel obligated to you//
      I think that should be ‘peace’ (?)

      & another one where You used ‘horniess’. I think that word does not exist.
      //have an increased horniess during her//

      but the word hornier does exist :S You may use this word & edit the whole sentence to make it grammatically correct.
      (comparative hornier, superlative horniest)
      (taken and checked from Microsoft’s Encarta)

      Thank you, Just thought to share what I found.
      & You got an amazing blog

      • LOL, well that just sucks, heh. I never really check my work much – I just post it and correct them IF I see it 😛 Thanks for pointing that out, I have corrected it. Most of the mistakes I make are usually typos more than not knowing the proper wording/structure. Nevertheless, I’m not defending myself, shit happens 😆

        I guess “horniness” is a widely used word and although not “dictionary certified” word, it’s well-known enough to be understood 😀

  5. yaa i always prefer helping and treating woman that make her feel good and never forget and avoid small happiness on her face.

  6. You have to give her more love at this time of the month thats for sure.

  7. I agree love and understanding is good for her and helps build your relationship.

  8. datingandmisbehaving

    Awesome. Okay, this was even more exhaustive than my list! I guess I thought guys might not be able to handle that much information, but your site is the Queen bee, and I love it. I might just need to print this out and hand it to every guy I’m in a new relationship with. . . although hopefully I can do enough to pick the right guys who just have a natural sense of how to be nurturing and observant. I usually do. But I definitely want to get guys more involved in that time in my life. I can’t stress enough that it is like one-fourth of each month and so each year and so about 3.7 decades. Fabulous job. What a great mission to be someone opening up the conversation. Thank you. I hope lots of people read this. It looks like they do.

    • I try to make it extensive enough that it’s useful 😛 Sometimes I find that when I make things too short, I often cut myself off on all the things that are on my mind or I think are important… so best if I spend the time to elaborate on my thoughts, especially because English is not my first language that sometimes it takes me more time to express the same thought that a native-English speaker could. I think guys in general do not want to/enjoy taking in this much information, lol – I think it is more of a “me” thing… you could bombard me with info about the female body and/or menstruation every day and I’ll never get bored of it! Such a beautiful thing, and girls just downright ROCK 😆

      Absolutely, I’m soooo happy that you find it an important aspect of finding a guy who is natively nurturing and observant. I’m not sure about the observant part, but the nurturing part I’m pretty good at… if not overly good at ‘taking care’ of someone, lol. Unfortunately for me, the girl I’m after right now is not “overly supportive” of my knowledge of her (or female in general) body, LOL!! I wish she’d really let me be more a part of her life, whether she is on her period or not. If more so, letting me spend some quality time with her just as your blog put it, about making a presence, would truly make me feel a special part of her life. I guess I’ll just have to work my way up from there. A few months ago, we had a close relationship where she’d share everything with me, periods included… she’s backed away and unfortunately that rather pisses me off because it gets me so…. urg, don’t even know the word.. hurt, disgruntled.. bleh, can’t think of a good expression. >.>

      You’re absolutely right… just some rough calculations in my head and it’s pretty obvious how much time a woman is spent menstruating that for guys to ignore her or ‘stay away’ is retarded. If anything, I’d want me girl to have her period more often just so I can cuddle-up with her and take care of her – lol, maybe it’s just that dominant-caring part of me that shows through. With gender-equity aside, I still enjoy “taking care” of my special half 😛 I hope one day she can appreciate and take advantage of my loving interest in her body and needs 😀 I hope this year will bring us closer together – although I think now I’ve strayed too far off the course of this reply, haha.

      Certainly there are an abundance of readers – just sometimes wish this blog could build enough of a conversational community. Nevertheless, getting readers is a good start – getting posters I still have a long way to go!

    • Hi datingandmisbehaving my email is i totaly agree more guys should be more open, to help a women when she is having her period by the way I extend friendship offer to you. I am 22 by the way I am there for you emtionaly if you need some to chat with. i found out some women and young girls when they start may have a energy boost that can help them lose weight.

      p.s please feel free to email me any time

  9. I DO most certainly love the nurturing, dare I even say maternal? nature of men when it is there. I CANNOT tell you just how damn sexy it is when I don’t feel well and a man actually knows his way around a kitchen, understands that mommy used to sit beside us and tend to us and so it’s really comforting if he can put a cold washcloth on our heads, or just rub our tummies too. And enjoys it! Man, those men are rare. But I just want to fuck them. (oh, sorry, is this blog PG?)

    • Please feel free to transfer your love of a caring man onto my baby… lol, I wish she’d think the same way as you, to be loved and cared for by me! I’ve always been the attentive type and she’s a bit too independent, haha, wish she’d take some time to ENJOY being cared for by me 😛 Nooo, you’re making me all jealous now, haha. Can I transplant your love of nurturing from you to her? 😆 Isn’t it more sexier for us to express ourselves in a paternal nature? Why not the “Daddy who wants to take care of his baby-girl?” haha… ohhh boy.

      Tummy rubs are very cute, especially because it is such a bonding moment. Nuh, a bit of swearing on this blog is not going to bring it down, lol, there’s plenty of controversial stuff on here, haha. Keep em comin’ (literally :D)!

      • Okay, I’ll flutter my sparkly angel wings and some of the shimmer dust will land on her. 😉

        And that’s good you’ve got readers. I mean, hey, it’s a great topic that can no end be discussed. I guess my bloggie is just in it’s nascent stages, so I guess I’ll have to live and learn how to evolve. But I don’t care. It’s so fun! And yes, I’m being quite anon too, although I wonder if the people who know me would figure it out just based on my personality. Only two people know about it, and I’m regretting telling them. Ha.

  10. Haha, damn those magical wings 😀 I better get some kind of refund or satisifcation guarantee that this will work 😀

    Sometimes when menstruation and me come to a cross, it is freaky. I’ve been known to easily carrying 4-5 hour conversations on periods, female anatomy, pads, tampons, organic femcare, reusable products, etc. without breaking a sweat or having to scrounge up something in my mind. I suppose if you’re ever looking for period-talk, you know where to find me 😆 I wish WordPress natively gave better statistics… it’d be nice to know about whether people are repeat/new visitors and if they are repeats, how often they come back, etc. Every time one of my girl-friends come online, texts or calls me and start complaining about their period, I get all excited knowing that there’s a long conversation ahead of us, HAHA. I’m one of the few guys they can share that stuff with and where I can actually give them a degree of serious feedback on products 😛

    I have only put a few readers who know me personally that know about this blog. Either extremely close girl-friends (I dare-not let my guy friends know about this, lol), ex-girlfriends (for me to have dated them, surely they must know something intimate like this about me) and maybe my baby… and that’s also the same reason why I can’t openly talk about everything only because it might very well come back to bite me in the ass or used against me, LOL.

  11. My wife always wants to be near me when she is menstruating, because she says I make her feel better. She is very loving & likes to cuddle during that time, so I don’t mind it at all.

    • That’s excellent – you’re a very lucky guy!

      I hope the wife I end up with in the future will share the same appreciation of menstruation as me. I’m not asking for one who has the same fetish or love of it, but certainly having a girl who’s willing to share with me her thoughts and experiences is a plus. Just letting me take care of her and cuddle up with her is already enough and the rest is just a bonus! Maybe one day she’ll appreciate that my understanding of menstruation allows her to have a great monthly experience!

      Cheers to us.

  12. Thanks for this blog, its really interesting and totally right in every way. i was trying to explain to my boyfriend how even if i am in a bad mood during my period it doesn’t mean i don’t want to just snuggle up on the sofa with him and watch a movie or something. I’ve linked him this and he’ll be reading it soon enough 🙂

    • Hi Jane,

      Thanks for pointing him this way! Your boyfriend is very lucky to have a girlfriend like you who’ll allow him to snuggle up with you XD Can’t wait ’til my girlfriend will let me cuddle up with her and rub her tummy when she’s on her period 🙂 Some nice and simple activities can complete the day and doesn’t have to be extravagant! Love is love and it’s just the same enjoying each others company on the sofa!! Falling asleep together will cure the bad moods of any partially-sane girl 😆

  13. Do you earn decent money from this blog or are you doing it just for fun?

    • Nope, I do this just-for-fun.. or well in the hopes that I’m helping guys and girls who want to learn more about menstruation out! There’s no profit to be earned here because it’s a freely-hosted site and it’s against the terms for me to make profit from this. If and when I decide to “go big” with this, then I’ll host it on a private server I own and generate revenue from it 🙂

  14. Well, it’s definitely refreshing to hear open-minded discussion of menstruation from a male perspective. Have you ever seen a guy stick his fingers in his ears and sing to himself when two women sitting near him try to talk about the subject? It’s sad and funny at the same time.

    While I certainly applaud your encourage other men to be supportive during their partner’s menstrual periods, I wonder if what you’re advising might be a little much in some cases. Naturally I only speak for myself and not all other women, but what I want most of all when I am having a period, is to feel normal, and go about my day-to-day life as usual. I don’t want to spend a lot of time thinking about my period or feeling bad that I am having it. The best boyfriend would fill my hot water bottle and hand me the painkillers when I have cramps and then change the subject. Nothing wrong with caring and nurturing but why wait for a special reason to be kind to your partner? Surely if she likes it she will like it at any time.

    • I’ve seen guys walk away, completely act “grossed out” or try to steer the subject away. I don’t know, I find menstruation pretty awesome so if anything, I’d tune in more… guess I’m one-of-a-kind type of guy? LOL. Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. I know many of my guy friends really try to distance themselves away from even approaching this topic to begin with, so I’ve never had a chance to see many reactions. Nevertheless, for the few guys who I’ve “tested the waters with” to see how comfortable they are with the subject of periods or feminine hygiene, I can tell you they weren’t the least bit concerned about wanting to learn anything about it. Although I can understand we have no need to know, I don’t believe that being ignorant of a human bodily function is a good thing either.

      I can definitely see validity to your point and like you said, I think I’d treat my girl(s) on a person-to-person basis. Some girlfriends I’ve had totally want to milk-it during the period. They go into a I-want-you-to-take-care-of-me state where they try to soften me up and do anything for them. Other ones, simply keep it to themselves or share “just enough” details with me. To be honest, I do like a girl who’s open about her period to me, especially if she’s my girlfriend or wife, because I’m concerned with what I can do to make her feel better – whether that is doing something she wants or whether it’s simply letting-her-be.

      I know there are many women who echo your statement of simply wanting to be “normal” and not be reminded that you’re some kind of weak-state during your period. I think what I try to aim for is making my girlfriend/wife know that I’m here for them and to provide the care up to the point where she feels necessary. I do enjoy running a nice hot shower, putting on some relaxing music, lighting some fragrances, warming up towels and checking on them once in a while for my girls’ periods. I might be a bit of a coddler and I’m not going to defend myself and say it’s the right thing, but I’ve always been the “I want to take care of you type” – which may be more overbearing than what some women might like – and yet – can be something a girl who LIKES to be taken care of in that way, love.

      I did grin though to think some people might think I really like to remind my girls about their period or tell them what to do, haha. I’m not the type to be walking with one of my girls in the mall and be like, “Hey, don’t forget you need to change your pad!” or anything like that 😆 I will of course ask them if they need to go to the washroom before we leave for a long drive home 😛 I completely agree with your statement that caring should be all the time, not simply when she has her period. I mean, I’d spoil my bebe anytime she wanted, not just when she’s menstruating, nevertheless, sometimes a bit of EXTRA spoiling (however you want to define that), when she’s not feeling well or simply needs someone to bite while she’s in pain – I’ll be there for her!

      Over time, I try to gauge the girl I’m dating what type of person she is and how she likes me to react to her having her period. Some like a more “cuddle up with me” approach while others do the whole “hands off” thing. All I want and expect them to remember when they’re having their period is that I’m there for them, whether it is simply NOT being there or whether she wants a hand with something or someone to snuggle up on the couch with and rub her tummy or back massage. Maybe I have this really old-fashion mentality that girls are more “fragile” when they’re menstruating and that’s why maybe I’m extra coddly to them, haha.

  15. My girlfriend is really touchy about this subjects and can’t stand it when men take their gender for granted. I’ve bought tampons for her before and try to be there for her when she is need of me, especially during her time of the month, I like it when I can care for her, it provides a good feeling for me and hopefully to her as well. I think these tips will come in handy for a lot of unaware men.

    • I’m glad that your girlfriend is supportive of your interests and also your well-intentions to take care of her during her period. I’ve found that my girlfriend has been marginally accepting of my care for her and I guess she flips between acknowledging that it’s really nice to have a guy care for her during that time, but also feels the discomfort of her period being such an “open” subject for me. I certainly try not to be too direct with my questions or being to blatant about her period as being the only reason why I would take care of her (since I’d love to take care of her whether she has her period or not, including when she’ll never get her period again, i.e Menopause) and wouldn’t want her to misconstrue my love for her as being a love of her period.

  16. I can give you a few pointers. Having raised 2 daughters I can give u some tips.
    1) if she wants to near don’t leave her side and if she wants you to leave don’t question her just leave and ask if she needs anything.
    2) if cramps are a big problem like my oldest daughter has always have either a warm cloth or heating pad around. Putting warmth on her lower stomach relieves some pain.
    3) don’t chicken out like I did the first time my daughter ran out and asked me to run and buy her pads. There is always a nice lady there that will take your cover if your too embarrased. Which honestly you shouldn’t be cause it is a natural process.
    4) if she is craving anything let her have it. It always helps if her cravings are satisfied.
    5) this is gross and has happened to me MANY times… If she bleeds on your sheets or furniture or even her clothes it is no big deal. It does wash out with the correct detergent. At least 2 times a year she will bleed on her sheets while sleeping and there is no need to be mad it isn’t like she purposly bled on the sheets so cut her some slack.
    5) my wife has a hormone deffisanty so she often gets very upset during her time. The doctors gave her medication but it still doesn’t help the fact that she feels terrible. Ihave often walked into a room and found her crying. Just let her cry but try to comfort her. Any emotions she shows like anger, deprssion, or even just wants to cry she can’t help. I found found it best to let her show her emotions but giving her massages or distracting her by a movie or something I know she likes gets it off her mind.
    6) just do what she wants this only lasts 5-8 days.

  17. First time I’ve ever been to this site and I read this. ^^ You are a very special type of person to have started this site,so Thanks Much! ^^. I do believe more guys should be more understanding of what girls go through and make the effort to learn about it…(I’m having a crappy time right now,actually T^T) I WILL be making my boyfriend read this. lol. I mean he’s wonderful already! but I tend to avoid him when its “my time of the month” he only really hears “I feel bad” or “I’m upset” and then hes like “oh…ok i wish i could help”. But i think there will be a day when he will have to face this. MAN its gonna be awkward. I hope he doesn’t freak out like I’m gonna have a kid or something….lol.

    • Thanks for dropping by Mia. I’ve received the description “special” a lot, I wonder what it even means these days anymore, haha 😆 I wonder how he’s going to receive the site… might hit some gag reflexes so you better have a barf-bag or bucket for him as a gift. If you two are planning (or already do) to live together at some point, whether long-term or whether through marriage, he’s going to have to deal with it, unless he wants to be like those old-fashion guys who just pretend it doesn’t exist and ignores all concepts and products regarding menstruation. Having a baby is a bit bloodier I’ll say… haha 😀

      Hope you continue to drop by and contribute, it’s what makes this blog complete!

  18. I actually am a very lucky girl. I’ve read that alot of people that post here say that their gf/wife’s periods last 5-8 days; but mine only last 2-4 days. I wonder if that’s a good thing or not. I’ve never had a cramp until this month, (I’ve had my period for 5 years now). But my Boyfriend of 2 years just came home from Tech School in TX, (He is in the Airforce), and he has visited me 3 times already and he is coming over tomorrow and taking me to Kings Dominion. I told him about me being on my period and he told me that we should go anyways and that he will stop by a store and grab me some tampons and keep them in his uniform so I don’t have to carry my purse into the park. He also said he would bring me some hot cocoa tomorrow morning and we can watch a romantic chick flick of my choice. I love how he is so careing when it comes to my time of the month. I know men like mine are very hard to find now.

    • Hi Hunnybunny this is a helpful bit of truth ful advice from a guy that knows alot about periods, Just so you know some heavy periods are unhealth for the most part if how ever you have a period of 2-5 days it is perfectly healthy but if you are ever having a cramp it is important you eat at lest 2or 3 bananas a week the potassium helps fight cramps, also you may if you would try reading my last post here the one that starts
      of by talking about how alsome this site is

  19. this is the coolest website ever for the longest time i prayed for a thing like this hay every one. intristing fact there are many things that can happen deringa girl or womens period
    this is why, when it duse happen that i recomend pampren if buy chance you have a lady in your life or you are a lady I also recomend trying cheeking out kings herbs in LA look up Herb shops it helps a lot i have luned Life Root has very helpful benifits, please don’t for get to get a OB/GYN help also thank you for reading this if any one wants a healing from there problems faster please fallow my advise and please consider this i will pray for you and be for any one chues me out, its not religon it’s prayer and besides even if i were trying to get to that poiont it’s a relationship not a religon if how ever some feels inclined to find out to whom i am praying please email me at all i am trying to say is this i prayed for my Girlfiend and many other women and all worked out the problems of periods stoped my prayers for my girlfriend are proff not that i am trying to force that on any one but please way your options.

  20. great info… many thanks

  21. Hi John here todays tip of the day if you go to you can help the ladies you know or your self if you are a lady, or some one who is un informed also know i will pray for all of you before you diregaurd this please here me out it worked for me and If it worked for me it will work for you,Jesus loves you more latter he healed the women with the issue of blood so he can cure women of period problems to if you have any Qestins please contact me at

  22. I really appreciate your sensitivity towards women. You make a girl feel so special. Thank you. I hope lot of men read your blog and enlighten themselves 🙂 lol..

    • Thanks Mouna, I want to make everyone happy – though we all know that’s usually never possible. I want to inspire both men and women to think about periods differently, because so much of this hatred comes from so many angles. Just like anything in life, there are always pros and cons to a situation. While I can understand periods may not be the most comfortable thing in the world, there are many positive and health-beneficial things that occur during menstruation. More facts need to be taught surrounding menstruation and if there are one “group” of people who I would say should be the #1 proponents of periods if they want to change the attitudes of men, is women should be the ones showing that they feel positively themselves to show men that periods aren’t something to be a taboo and horrific thing!

      I appreciate you taking your time to express your positive thoughts, thanks.

    • John Paul Sundeen

      hay thats what were here for I think more guys should please cheesk out my fav period art gallary at this website if you have any problems please contact me at
      gallary picture www. and please consider bing images under period blood and at deviant please cheek under mensration the best part the art is printable I wana make a gallery at home of fine art.alsoI will hold you up in prayer that you mensrate healthy.

  23. Hey! This post couldn’t be written any better! Reading through this post reminds me of my previous room mate! He always kept talking about this. I will forward this post to him. Pretty sure he will have a good read. Many thanks for sharing!

  24. Good Post ….. thanks for sharing

  25. John Paul Sundeen

    For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.
    before i am called crazy remember Jesus healed a women with a issue of blood she had for twelve years poor girl probly had a bad period with booding and stuff

  26. An Informative post. I wasn’t open to my man but am realising that it’s a good remedy to menstrual cramps. Thank you

    • well you will definity be better of that way have you considered the power of prayer I know i might come,off as crazy but I pray for women all the time to Jesus and sence i have they i know have been helped I prayed for my feet to be healed when i was cripled and I got healed I will pray for you more yah I know we . just started a online chat but don’t give up he can help and i will be there as much as I can to help. also a word of advise if you are going to tell your man about your period you may wana come to the subjest gently for example, youcan ask him if he knows. what the bloosoming point the milestone the first milestone of womenhood is ie a girl becoming a women also it helps if you explain that you have serten emotional needs during this time. yah i know a lot of guys wont talk about feelings i know i am a guy but if you apeal to his masculent side he may just open up.formroe info look for me here at John paul Sundeen or just John Sundeen links

  27. Also ladies during this encounter difficulties. This is the time women needs special attention as well as rest. If the lady is a working class, the working environment should be conducive i.e with showers, incinerator for her hygiene. Keep post such information

  28. As a woman I find it amazing this was even written. Its top notch. I’ve been doing a little research on male oriented websites that discuss women. I have to say most of them are insanely degrading and I hope are sarcastic because the advice is horrible. This warms my little heart to know there are guys who are looking for ways to be real men and treat their women with respect and dignity. So good job, especially on this post. I’m know this particular issue is tricky for men and it’s all very good advice without making women come across as a crazy cows. Excellent.

    • Hi Jane,

      Thanks for your kind words and taking the time to leave a message. Indeed both women AND men can be challenging. We are after all, individuals so none of us are the same, regardless of any mix of race, culture, gender, etc. factors. Certainly as humans we often share similarities such as bodily builds and I hope this site will give men and women and idea of how we can build ourselves to accept our bodies in pride and not in shame. Just as men have much to learn about menstruation, women also need to learn that sharing their periods and information about it is something that will HELP men truly understand what is happening. Without the support of women, men can never truly understand menstruation both at a biological and at a day-to-day life scenario!

  29. I try to be as helpful as I can during my gfs period. Everything is great up until the bleeding stops, then I have to endure severe verbal abuse if I can’t get away and go fishing/hunting. And I DO mean severe, razor sharp tongue, mad at all men, anti-man, rotten potty mouth verbal abuse. Sheesh!

    • John Paul Sunden

      Hi Ricardo this is John please understand women need emotion support have you ever considered maybe she likes her period but is said it stoped and she is trying to vint that out in words you may consider sugesting this website so other ladies can suport her during this moment of sadness for the ending of her period. also please consider reevalulating your relashionship is this women realy your soul mate God found my soulmate why not trust the one who made women you might as well he has the owners mannual for life the bible Jeus loves you he died on the cross for you rose on the therd DAY so you could be in paradise and be Blessed sin sepreates you from the blessings of his even a better Girlfirend.if this is not ment to be please diligently consider praying this out.

  30. Thank you very much now I know what to do.

  31. Some guy from our school asked my older sister about her period. She said,

    ” Shut up and get lost, you perverted coward. I don’t need you sticking your filthy nose in my business. It’s my period, so I’ll deal with it myself. I don’t need you so run along and bother someone else, you son of a bitch! ” Then she beat the guy to a bloody pulp, his nose started bleeding and he was cramped up and she kicked him in the ‘ lower reigons ‘ and he didn’t come out of the hospital for a week! …I’m thinking that I should be more careful around her…:O

    • Her actions sound quite criminal, but I’ll let the authorities/the guy decide on that. I understand that periods can be considered a private, bodily matter but unless there was harassment/indecency, violence should not have arisen from it. Anyway, you may also consider though that the guy perhaps wasn’t someone she was willing to share with. As her brother, she may be willing to share more with you than a stranger or a typical friend. Everyone has a comfort level with different people and may be more willing to share menstrual information with those who they feel they can entrust with such information.

    • Oh my god. I almost want to laugh. Almost. I mean, sure, I know what it’s like to feel awful and then to be just highly irritabl (although usually I just get really sad/ weepy. That’s where comedy TV and extra sleep come in handy! Especially the extra sleep. Being bitchy to innocent people = not cool) I’m never rude to people though (errr, I try not to be!). But holy smokes, maybe she has that condition – PMDD? I hear it can be very, very severe in some people and can make them almost psychotic. :/ Because, yeah, that seems like a completely…excessive reaction. At most, all she needed to do was say, “well, I don’t think that’s any of your business” or something and walk away. Didn’t need to hurt the poor, unsuspecting guy!

  32. I liked this article. One thing though I find a hot water bottle isn’t too bad as long as it’s in a nice cloth case to get rid of some of the heat. Just an observation for those guys that don’t have a heating pad on hand.

  33. wow this is such a thoughtful article, I’ve had partners in the past that as soon as I tell them I’m on my period they disappear for a week, which is very hurtful to me as I am often physically sick on the first day of my period and will sometimes faint, my current boyfriend is much more caring though, he will leave me if i just want to sleep, tie my hair back for me if I’m being sick, and fetch warm drinks and heat pads for me. He’s also extremely understanding when I occasionally leak on the bed sheets, this makes me so embarrassed it mortifies me, but he says its natural and actually thinks my embarrassed reactions are silly.

    • Hi Carla,

      It’s interesting how our society operates when it comes to the “historical ways” that we used to work. For instance, the world used to be very man-centric, with the man going to work and taking care of the physical needs of the family and the woman dealing with “home stuff” such as cooking and laundry. With that said, it would only make sense that the well-being of the wife would be considered a physical “need” that should have been satisfied by the male provider. However, such things rarely existing and the male would ignore the physical menstrual needs of the woman even though his role would be to ensure the healthiness of his family.

      I’d definitely say if your current boyfriend satisfies all your other requirements as “Mr. Right” his positiveness towards menstruation should be an indicator that he’s definitely a keeper!

    • wow, your bf is amazing! 🙂

  34. I was very pleased to encounter this web-site. I wished to thank you for your time for this marvellous read!! I decidedly enjoyed every little bit of it and I have you bookmarked and look for new stuff your blog.

  35. My boyfriend cares me at times but not to the level i expect him to do.He just says are u allright now? Has it gone? I told him that girls get little frustrated even for silly issues during this time,but he never wanted to accept it in my case.He says u r a different girl u wont behave like that. Of course i wont be that bad but I wanted him to understand me and care me more than anything.He failed to do so.I’m feeling very bad.Is there any way to make him understand my pain,and longing to be cared??? please do help me.

    • Only through communication that this will happen. As we will never experience menstruation ourselves, it’s not possible for us to put ourselves in the same situation. If perhaps he received more mentoring from fellow females, he would be able to understand the pain and inconvenience that you may encounter during menstruation. You need to give him the basics of what menstruation is about and educate him on experiences you have and the hurdles which you encounter during your period. It needs to be both an open-discussion to allow him to feel comfortable and receptive to the information and that he isn’t ashamed to ask questions back. Inevitably, we have many questions on our mind with something which we don’t experience, so if this is a closed-minded conversation with him, he’s not going to absorb anything.

      As your boyfriend, he does have a responsibility to ensure your well-being, in which case you need to lay down the expectations of what you want from him during your period. Not every woman wants the same type of care that another would and certainly, we aren’t mind-readers. You will have to explain to him the boundaries while you’re menstruating and what you would like him to do for you, whether they are physical or emotional needs. He needs to know that menstruation will be an on-going thing for many years to come so he does need to learn how to deal with it, including how he should be respecting your needs for love and care!

    • i guess you could suggest that he finds out more about this “behavior” on internet (that’s where the proof is!)
      also, do you know how to get your bf/husband to read about this stuff and how to treat a girl during periods without actually suggesting? i want my husband to read about this (or just read what’s on this page!) but i can’t say it because then it would be like i’m demanding things :/

  36. Thumbs Up! this is so right!! also, guys, don’t over do stuff, ok? 😛 and when you read this, don’t discuss that you read this and don’t be like “hey i read a guy should treat the girl like so-and-so during her periods. is that ok with you?” 😛 just DO it, and if you are concerned about whether she’ll like it or not, for example a massage, begin to do it (lightly, what ever it is) and ask her softly 🙂 [telling her you read this is just stupid 😛 we don’t want to know :P] also, learn how to massage 🙂 if you do it wrong, that would just make things worse 😛 and don’t be a stiff personality! be the candle light prince charming!

  37. Thumbs Up! this is so right!! also, guys, don’t over do stuff, ok? 😛 and when you read this, don’t discuss that you read this and don’t be like “hey i read a guy should treat the girl like so-and-so during her periods. is that ok with you?” 😛 just DO it, and if you are concerned about whether she’ll like it or not, for example a massage, begin to do it (lightly, what ever it is) and ask her softly 🙂 [telling her you read this is just stupid 😛 we don’t want to know :P] also, learn how to massage 🙂 if you do it wrong, that would just make things worse 😛 and don’t be a stiff personality! be the candle light prince charming!
    *i think this page should be e-mailed to all men!!*

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  39. I wish i had a man like you in my life at least you have a open mind and is caring enough to try

  40. thats really good to know

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  42. Nicely written ; but some girls use their periods as excuse for being emotional abusive ; my ex yelled at me and next day used this as excuse , from then i never cared lol

    • It affects their moods. I know because my girlfriend gets mad at me over the smallest things and then we just laugh about it. But yes it does get abusive. Then you just give her peace and quiet and you shall be good brother.

  43. Reblogged this on Amor's Thoughts and commented:
    My girlfriend was seeing her period and I was wondering what I could do to ease her pain or at least comfort her throughout the process. So I turned to our dear friend Dr. Google for an answer and I found this article. It’s a really good read.


  44. I feel so bad for my boyfriend because i really am horrible to him when I’m on my period. And even as much as a week before it even starts. But i did not know it was my period causing my raging fits until tonight! I realized it because every month, i would be mean and start a fight for no reason. Something my boyfriend said caused me to put two and two together. Whenever we would fight, he always said “it seems like you pick fights with me EVERY MONTH. Every time.” And he was right! But it sucks even more because most of the time I’m a raving lunatic during holidays. I always threaten to break up with him over the stupidest crap because of my period hormones. I am so mean to him and i hate it! He doesn’t deserve that. On the upside, now i can finally tell my boyfriend why i act like a crazy person. And also apologize and tell him I’m not being mean on purpose. I hope he understands because i do love him. He’s such a good guy so i do think he will understand. Poor baby. I don’t like acting this way, but i can’t help it, ya know? Lol.

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  47. Dat has reali helped and i wil apply dat to my G.F

  48. My first girlfriend used to be very painful periods and understandably when she was pre menstrual she was not happy and so quite difficult to please or even be around. We were both inexperienced and I wanted to learn how to be a good lover but to be fair I also wanted to experience some sex acts that I had not. She did not mind giving me oral sex but didn’t like me orgasming that way. I admit I had fantasies about her swallowing but the reality was that I had to go in the bathroom to finish myself off after oral sex back then. I thought if I am asking (though I never pressured her) her to not be revolted my me to that extent, I should apply that to myself first about her. She didn’t really want penetrative sex during her menstrual flow due to the pain, though we had already worked out that sex did help a lot with her premenstrual mood. I therefore offered to give her as much very delicate oral sex during her period. We tried it and it was a great success. After two or three months of applying this she was a new woman. Her monthly pain prison became a special sensual time. Not just for her was it a eye opening. I had overcome my revulsion of ingesting menstrual blood in order to please her, to free her from pain and yes to be fair to maybe influence her attitudes to her giving of oral sex. I actually grew to love it and find it a beautiful thing. I was eating something of her and by doing so I destroyed completely the idea of menstruation being disgusting, that had been lurking in her mind too. It increased my sex drive quite a lot too. Even though I was still young at 21 I started getting lots of involuntary erections even more than I had when I was 16 and when I was not even thinking consciously of sex. My ability to last during full penetrative sex went up too. Over the period of that year she started too to relax her ideas of giving oral sex to me. About a year and a half she tried to swallow my semen for the first time. She ended up loving it too in a few months after that, as much I loved giving her oral sex during menstruation. I loved doing all month long but it was always a bit more special during menstruation. I loved to see the pain replaced by bliss on her face but I actually ended up loving the taste even. I was eating her and I there is nothing more womanly than a beautiful lady’s vagina (OK after a shower though) with sweet tasting menstrual blood gently trickling from. We became very intimate, very sensual, delicate and I believe very good lovers as a result. Well she was anyway and I hope I was and she did say I was. To this day I only really enjoy women giving me oral sex if they are enjoying it. If they are only doing it as a favour but find it unpleasant I would rather they didn’t. Maybe she spoilt some women for me as a result but I think that all women if treated right by their men and not pressured into things they are not comfortable with at first can if given a chance look beyond the outer expression of the act and find the inner feelings such acts can give a great liberation. Many of the women I have been with since were initially shocked or revolted, preferring to lock themselves away with societies shame. After I pointed out that it is no different really from swallowing semen they start to see my point of view, well I am in my late 40s now and many women of my age have overcome that revulsion, yet oddly of themselves when they menstruate. We are actually unnatural in this taboo as all male mammals find menstruation an aphrodisiac. Societies attitudes to menstruation come from an anti-nature stance from outdated religious ignorance I feel. I hope people understand to look beyond the pornographic ideas too though that perhaps what I have been saying might raise within the imagination. The body fluids part is yes, still messy. No I am trying to bring to people’s attention something that you could not see ever in porn. An increase in the mind of gentleness, delicacy, sensuality, eroticism and therefore true intimacy. I hope you can see beyond the initial revulsion and perhaps open your mind.

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    ) I care for such information a lot. I was seeking this particular information for a long time.
    Thank you and good luck.

  50. Good points there! As a woman, I find that Periods and fluctuating hormones often come hand in hand with times of stress and mild mood swings (at least mine is mild! I’ve friends with really bad PMS symptoms), especially the week BEFORE the period (aka PMS Week). Because of this, I want to share with all about this awesome service out there called PSLove (, basically you can buy a lot of remedies and comfort food for that special woman. Makes women happy. Makes our PMS much more bearable. Win-win!

  51. Just want to say your article is as astounding.
    The clarity in your post is just spectacular and i can assume you are an expert on this subject.

    Well with your permission let me to grab your feed to keep up to date with
    forthcoming post. Thanks a million and please carry on the rewarding work.

  52. My boyfriend of 3 months is about to be just that, “boyfriend of 3 months” and no longer because of his insensitivity towards my monthly menstrual cycle. Can you believe he is 51 (I’m 47) and he hasn’t learned how to love me during this time in my life. He says that I been going through my cycles for years before I met him on my own, why do I all of a sudden need him? (I am drinking a margarita on that response right now). I know one thing, my Dad raised 3 daughters with one wife for 35 years of his marriage and he knew what type of pads and tampons to buy each of us. Rip Dad/ Rip soon to be ex-boyfriend.

  53. When my Bride & I were first and married & I was Horny I noticed a string hanging out of her Pussy so I asked about it & she (asked or told me to pull on it so I did. )Out came her Messy tampon. Then she asked me to insert my cock. Then the FUN began.

  54. Imtakenbymegan51815

    Cuddling with her. Telling how much you love her helps too.

  55. I can tell ya im sooo not into sex during that time…its messy and smells…i dont feel at all sexy…so sex durning period i find bad advice that all depends on the girl and her flow…

  56. It’s quite important to be very knowledgable on this completely important and very natural topic in a relationship or marriage,nothing taboo whatsoever,taking part together leads to a much stronger bonding and its a beautiful,most gorgeous experience to be a part of.

  57. Thank you for writing about this as a woman I’m aware of the pain associated with a period.
    My husband has been married 3 times that’s including myself. That’s a total of at least 3 women he’s been with.
    I’m astonished that he’s so cold and at times cruel about my pain during this time.
    I find he needs more attention and becomes higher maintenance during these times.
    This month my period has me flattened. I can’t think, I’m having problems breathing, lower back pain and my skin feels like it’s on fire. I noticed I’m exhausted and took pain meds. I crashed and slept the first day. I took my dog for her walks and barely made it.
    Today I felt a bit better (3rd day) and went with him and his 2 kids to a public pool. All I really wanted was to be in bed groaning. The past 3 days my husband was angry at everyone and blamed me telling me it wasn’t him (BTW he’s concerned about losing his job, his ex has him in court and he has no money and tons of bills).
    On the way home (a 20min walk there and 20min back) he started commenting negatively about me going to bed because of my period (this he said in a sarcastic tone through laughter) to his small children (boy 12, girl 8). His son laughed and I felt sad that his father is turning his son into that type of person.

    I’m appalled that my husband is so quick to hurt me and we ended up arguing at night.
    I’m afraid that if I am ever to get ill that he’ll make my life pure hell.

    He also asked me by text if I wanted to go, go carting today. When I said “what’s wrong with you? I have my period!”
    He said it was a joke.
    I came back with did u say it’s a joke after sending the text so how would I know it’s a joke?
    I feel he’s goading me into a fight. He’s miserable (his possible job loss) and is taking it out on me. I really can’t think. My mind can’t seem to focus. I just want no jokes. No questions. No brain teasers. Just quiet and my bed.

    I’ve recently been diagnosed with alopecia and hereditary baldness. I still have enough hair to cover my head and this question pops into my head…. if he can’t see my pain today how will he see my agony later when I’m bald?

    If I won a million I’d leave him today. No thoughts. I’d take my dog and leave. I really would. I want someone with empathy and caring not this princess who behaves like he’s hurt I’m ignoring him because of my so called pain.
    I noticed 24hrs ago he was highly insensitive and I thought he didn’t believe I had my period so I showed him and he said is that all blood from your period? And yet I’m doubled over and he’s still asking me if that’s my period? Really??

    FYI we had sex the day of my period and I think he thought the blood was from that. If it were I should’ve been in emergency. In any case if he was worried then don’t make light of my pain 3 days later and to his kids.

    Anyway, I am penniless and the chances of me coming into any type of cash is only in my fantasies.

    Then he tells me I’m abusing him by not telling him he’s amazing and that I’m abusing him by not hugging him.

    I feel like he’s the girl and I need to pamper him because he’s the princess.

    I close my eyes and
    I wish upon a star…..

  58. A discharge starts to look brown when the discharge has been traced with some of the end old blood that took a bit longer to pass from the uterus. As the blood gets older, it starts to turn brown.

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