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A little project

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Hi everyone! I need your help! The video below is something my classmates and I did for a class project. We need all the view counts we can get, so help us spread the video to all your friends, friend’s friends, family, family’s friends, extended families… you get the drift.

I’ll be eternally grateful! You can also watch it every day hahaha. xD

It’s our very first time doing a video like this so please support and be nice kay? :) It’ll only take less than 2 minutes of your time!

Again, a million thanks if you would spread the video to everyone you know! :D

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  1. Posting stuff for your friends wor? …. who is she, I never met one of your friends? hahaha..

    • Actually, I don’t “know” her… lol, she’s just one of the bloggers I read 😀 I thought even if I can get 1/4 of the visitors on my blog to visit her video, it would already give her a decent number of extra hits! Not sure if I’ll REALLY be able to help her, but every little-bit counts.

      I think you’ve pretty much met all my friends except for 2-3, haha.

      I enjoy reading her blog and she’s very “real” – so I’m a big fan of her blog ^___^ That is… whenever she decides to update it, haha.

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