Toilets, Prostitution… all in a post?

I love how Poh Ching always manages to merge multiple topics in a single post… heck, I’m even starting to do that because of her! 😕

Public toilets.

Ohai. Here I am. Before I go M.I.A again, let me just crap a bit more here.

This post will be on the PG-13 side so kids, if you are reading this – go no further. Like those kids will listen.


Please click on this link to help you understand the following opinion.

The statistic is sad. SAD SAD SAD. Where’d all the good guys go? Are the male population going in the reverse direction of the evolutionary line? We are supposed to get more civilized, not give in to animalistic instincts like sex. Sexing-up random people isn’t going to sow anything. Men would say that their instinct to keep sexing multiple females is in the genes. It’s biological. It’s in men to pro-create lots of babies. So what? Do we have need for one man making lots of babies now? Do we have need to build armies? The world population is getting out of hand – less space for us to live, rising prices of land.

BUT we can’t control it – when the urge comes you gotta do something about it? Instead of banging some girl (or guy, if that’s to your liking) whom you do not know how clean she really is (click link here for more info =P), or how many disco sticks she’s danced with (EewwWw yuck! Sticking your personal lil brother where another person’s brother has been? EEEEWWWWW!!!), why not stick to one privy chamber which you know is clean, and yours only, yours truly? Or if you don’t have one, per T-700 (a.k.a The Terminator a.k.a the role Arnold Schwarzenegger played la lol):

“Talk to the hand”. (p.s. One step leads to another, needless to describe la kay don’t pretend donno!)

OK, another analogy: Do you prefer to take a crap in public toilets or at home? It’s troublesome to crap in public toilets because:

1. Some idiot peed all over the toilet seat.

2. Some idiot left his/her shoeprints on the seat.

3. Some idiot forgot to flush.

4. It freaking stinks to the high heavens.

5. How clean is “clean”?

6. You do not know about the previous user – did he have a contagious disease?

7. Is that a disgusting bug crawling stealthily under the seat?

8. OMG. Is that ……………… hair? Is that – OMG OMG…….. pubic hair?!?!!! What the HELL! GAWD *stunned speechless nothing to say and move out as quickly as possible without doing what you initially intended to do in the loo*

So, that’s my view on visiting prostitutes. Dirty lah.  Sorry, no offence intended to anyone. Maybe some are quite hygienic, I don’t know. Come on la, at least make it “long term”. Look at my idol, Madonna and her model toy-boy boyfriend. She can afford a troop of toy-boys but she prefers to keep just one, young, handsome boyfriend. Clean mar. You know he isn’t sticking it in any other privy chamber rented out belonging to someone else.

I totally LOL’ed at some of the post tags I had to put in this…

I dunno P.C…. you are the one who “left something red” on the counter for your brother to find, lol… not sure who’s the one dirty wor XD

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  1. I don’t know if this post cracks me up because I also hate public toilets, or because I’m a prostitute. Thank-god everyone doesn’t feel the same way as you. LOL. All this menstruation, though, really makes me happy to be gay. I’m forwarding the link to my straight men friends.

    • Haha, I posted this for “lol” purposes… not because I believe in everything she’s written here. On that note, other than the root post, the content within the “quote” is not mine but that of another blogger who I exchange with regularly 😛

      I’m very respectful of any profession as long as it is legal (or legal in the particular country/region) and that it is not a profession intended to generate harm (such as an assassin). I have several girl-friends who have put themselves through post-secondary education through prostitution. Although I have not acquired the services of a prostitute before, I’m not against it as much as Poh Ching here. My only concern I’d have with prostitution is that as long as it is done in a safe (condom or equivalent protection) manner between willing individuals, so-be-it. Prostitution is just like any other profession and has both “good reputation” and “bad reputation” depending on the person performing the service, i.e a salesperson can easily give their profession a bad name out of poor service/manners. Our profession or field is something that allows us to support ourselves and something we enjoy. If prostitutes TRULY ENJOY the work they do, then I have no gripes about it! On the contrary, some do it through poor practices and thus, generate a bad reputation for those in the same field.

      To me personally, I could only have sex with a girl who I truly love and can believe I can spend the rest of my life with her. I do not discount the fact that sex is probably VERY PLEASURABLE, lol, but for the time being, I have a strong belief that I could only “make love” to “someone I love”. While growing up, I’ve had many random opportunities to have sex… but could not bring myself to it because I don’t “feel anything for that person” and thus the opportunities went away (which is fine with me). Although the said friends no longer works as a prostitute as she’s finished her studies, she imparts knowledge upon prostitution to me in angles/ways of understanding I never could comprehend before.

      I’m very honoured to have the presence of gay (or any) readers, and your choice of profession and lifestyle does not bother me at all! Whether you ever mentioned your sexual orientation or profession to me is the least of my concerns 🙂 Your happiness, enjoyment of your job and pleasure you gain from it is a reward in itself!

      Thanks for spreading my blog, it’s greatly appreciated to get more readers 😆

    • Cool! A male prostitute! =D You must be pretty cute =P Although I am against prostitution, I am not against persons who do prostitute. To each his own =)

  2. Well, I must say, comparing prostitutes to toilets…the idea’s certainly interesting lol. xD

    Have been reading your blog for quite awhile but I just don’t know how to comment on some posts lol. It’s not everyday one comes across a guy who blogs about period. I think I might even know less than you in this! Hahaha.

    • OMG, Cherrie!! You mean you actually read my blog? ❤ YAY! LOL, I did not choose the topic… Poh Ching wrote the entry which she linked back to mine which I linked back to hers and re-posted hers with linked back to each others… get it? 😀

      I don't blog about periods, I blog about LOTS of things 😀 I always tell people if they only want to read about my thoughts, they can filter my blog using the CATEGORIES below to "Personal" mode, hehe. Really, I enjoy learning about the female body because I lurv girls to itty-bitty pieces haha.. if you were here, I’m sure I’d totally spoil you when you’re on your period too XD Actually, I think I spoil girls in general, whether they are ‘on’ or ‘off’… period (lol, what a great pun).

      I think how people perceive my interest is on a case-by-case basis. Only a few of my friends know (really close ones), plus any ex-girlfriends or existing one. The ones that I have told have always been open with it about me, so I knew they weren’t “against me” knowing. On the other hand, the girl I’m trying to get with now isn’t a “big fan” of my knowledge – lol. It’s ok though, there are huge benefits as a guy who knows things like these for her… I see it as an asset more than a liability. I would imagine girls would rather date a guy who knows their body rather than a clueless idiot. Once I cuddle up with her for the first time while she’s moody and bloody (lol, to quote you…), she’ll feel the warmth of my love and care ^___^

      Girls will always know more about me on this topic because they get it… I don’t… although from what I hear from my friends, if I actually GOT my period for once, I wouldn’t be so excited over it anymore… LOL! You will probably say the same 😛

  3. I do! Just that, uh, posts about offers on sanitary napkins and stuff… that I can’t relate cos they don’t have the products here lol! Can’t expect me to bid for those on ebay and have them shipped allllll the way here. xD

    Hmm, I can understand why some girls are squeamish about guys who knows too much about menstruation. Sometimes they’re even more knowledgeable on that matter than girls! o.O But it’s all the perception of the person I guess. 🙂 If you think it’s ok, then it’d probably be fine to discuss it. Though I don’t think many of my male friends would be interested in discussing periods and what-nots with me. -_-

    And yeah, period is something… akin to pregnancy? No matter how much you research or read about it, to actually experience it, that’s another completely different matter. Haha.

    Oh yea, I realised that the post was quoted from another blogger AFTER I posted my comment and saw the link on the side lol. -__-

    • So you’re one of the people who have been reading it from your area. The large portion of my visitors are from Malaysia (based on statistics) and although I know I have Poh Ching who visits, I at least know one of the Malaysian visits are coming from you. Nevertheless, even adding you and a few others, still doesn’t account for the massive visits I get from your country. I guess there’s a lot of guys (or maybe even girls) who have similar interests but are afraid to speak up – lol. Haha, ya the deals I don’t expect you or anyone else for that matter to comment on. I generally post it as a convenience for those who are interested or as a FYI. You already have access to the greatest brands anyways, you wouldn’t want our crappy ones here 😛

      I’m trying to be one of the few pioneers to break the silence between men and women, understanding the realities of what women go through. I got tired of hearing one of the older guys from work (who had like… 3 ex-wives and a current one) who always uses, “Oh, she must be PMS’ing” as an excuse when a woman is unhappy with him (thus the divorces probably). I think for a guy who’s well into his 40’s, he should know better than to use that as an excuse. Whether or not she IS PMS’ing is irrelevant since I don’t think guys really need to point it out and in fact, be more understanding of what she’s going through.

      Guys in general are very clueless about menstruation… some simply accept it at face value that “it happens” or “blood comes out” but a lot of the information that they DO know, tends to be misinformation or general hearsay. Although I cannot guarantee 100% accurate information from my site, I definitely base my more authoritative posts on research and at least anecdotal evidence.

      I don’t deny that some girls will forever, feel naturally uncomfortable talking about their periods with a guy or with anyone for that matter (especially the shy ones). Part of me understands that the girl I’m after is not very open about things, especially about bodily functions, which is ok, but at the same time, I wish she would trust me enough to impart that information upon me. At one point, she did tell me everything about it and in fact, joked about faking her period because I’d spoil her and make her extra happy – so the hurt comes from not knowing why she refuses to be that way with me anymore. Nevertheless, like Poh Ching always tells me, perseverance and “add oil”, because commitment to a special-someone is how you show you care and will move them. I can’t think of any of the girls who I’ve been with have been as hard to crack open as her 😛 Kinda pisses me off sometimes, lol…but massive soft-spot for her. Being able to have frank discussions between a girl and a boy will really help the boy understand, rather than being misinformed about periods and surrounding topics. For me to be able to “open the barriers” between how men perceive menstruation and the contributions women can have to alter the taboo/unacceptable mentality is my goal. It is too bad your guy friends wouldn’t talk to you about that stuff, but at least your boyfriend really should… Nevertheless, you know who you CAN talk to if none of your guy-friends will, hahaha.

      Agree with your idea of “research” versus “life experience”… because I’m so open about things, my girl-friends have often asked me, “So what’s it like to have a penis?” 😆 … I tell them it’s not all that exciting… breasts and vaginas are so much better 😛 Like guys not understanding the pains of period, getting kicked in the nuts is not a very pleasant feeling for us guys 😀

      Thanks for being such a great reader 😀 I’m so happy you actually bother reading my blog, lol.

  4. Cherrie: Thanks for the compliment =P

    Prexus: Heheh thanks for posting my post on your blog ^^

  5. Prexus: OMG! How did you get to know Sophia! We were ex-classmates in highschool =DDDD

    • LOL, I don’t “know” her like you do… I just went to her blog through yours one time as I was looking at your side-links (ya, I actually read those… what a geek, haha). I read through a lot of entries in her blog and really liked them. Also, she wrote in Chinese, which was a winner right there 😀 lol. I’m happy she moved her blog to WP, now I don’t have to go to stupid blogspot to read it 😛

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