Innocent Girls and Precocious Puberty

Yesterday, I had the fun of doing some massive eating. On top of getting up at 8AM in the morning to go out with a friend to eat breakfast because she needed someone to pick up/spend time with her while her car was in for repairs, my aunt/uncle also came to visit a few hours later to do an early celebration for my birthday at our nearby sushi buffet. Let me just say beforehand that it was a very filling day. Because I already knew my aunt/uncle was coming in at around lunch time, I decided to take it easy on breakfast. The breakfast was pretty expensive, $8.50 but it did have a good variety and the presentation was nice. I suppose mid-class places always have these outrageously inflated prices… I had a breakfast, not a steak lunch, lol. Not my type of place, but she chose it, so oh well. Definitely not a place I’d take my BeBe though or any girl on a date for that matter. If I’m paying those kind of prices, the décor better be stunning, like Spice Avenue or Lord Byron’s. Although I had to watch my time and make sure I was home before my family arrived, there was still a good 3 hours for E and I to talk.

My conversations as per usual, go from left, right to centre, wherever the topic ends up going. One of the more interesting and on-topic (for this blog) that came up was the early maturation of girls and the removal of once, innocent little girls. The amount of information in this world available to boys and girls these days severely cripple the innocent childhood that I and many preceding generations had, especially when it comes to topics of sexuality. For those who don’t know me well, I do err on the side of liking younger girls and by younger, I don’t mean underage. However, give me an 18-year-old girl and I’d be all over that, even though I’m effectively 7-years older than her, lol. Beyond the amount of knowledge floating around these days, you have more occurrences of puberty hitting girls at a much younger age defined as precocious puberty when it occurs before 8 years old. The earlier on-set of puberty in girls are definitely scary for the guys, haha. My friends and I have all-too-many-times looked at a girl, thought we’d take a second glance, only to notice that she definitely did not look legal. Having saw a “mature-looking” Asian girl in Kelseys the other day while eating dinner with my friend, I mentioned to him, “Hey, check out that cute girl over there.” Only for him to reply, “Dude, that girl looks like she’s still in high-school.” Ewwww. She had the full package, voice was no longer squeaky little-girl voice, she had the upper-body parts developed and the height, but the conversations they were carrying out were definitely indicative of being high-school girls. This was not the first time or the last something like this will happen.

Now of course to say the only issue of early puberty is because we guys can’t tell the difference would be truly wrong. The severity of earlier on-set of puberty for girls is that it could be indicative of existing health conditions such as tumours, social behaviour issues and effects on psychological development. While menstruation used to begin at the average of 15-years, it has now been reduced to 12.5-years and most notably is the fact that these age averages might be dropping even more as a result of early female maturation. Part of the reason why we’re hearing about so many teenage pregnancies is that this early on-set of puberty has resulted in girls becoming an earlier target of sexual interest. At such young ages, girls don’t have the mature mentality to deal with sexuality in a responsible method, thus, many are falling prey to becoming pregnant as a result of unsafe sex. To downplay the feeling of sexual arousal to boys and girls when puberty occurs would be foolish. Hormones are surging throughout the body and people do uncontrollable things. Many people claim that girls are becoming sluttier and guys look up to being players, but the reality is that during the phases of puberty, the body is extremely horny. Mind you one of the guys I used to hang out with had this really bad reputation of having to spend at least 2-3 hours in his room and it certainly wasn’t for the purpose of studying. Girls are steadily catching up to boys. Where masturbation for girls used to be a frowned-upon activity, it is becoming more prevalent and a talked-about subject between the female populace. For guys, it is almost assumed it is done, so it is even more awkward for a guy to not admit doing it.

I remember how innocent boys and girls used to be, me being one of them. We didn’t need to know those “adult things”, we played in the park, throw rocks in the pond, played “doctor” without sexual implications and knowing any better, got my first kiss in kindergarten and had no sexual urges, had a crush on my elementary school French-teacher, and wondered what cool things the vending machine on the girl’s washroom wall gave out… was it chips, pop, gum (how come they have it, and we don’t? :() The reality is that knowledge of sexuality is becoming more prevalent at younger ages and in the past year, have spent more time doing business of installing parental filtering/monitoring software on computers more than anything. I can’t remember the first time I wanted to see a female body naked, it was really a long time ago, lol. Don’t forget that years ago, such access to material was considerably harder since it was on paper-media (magazines), late night TV (was asleep already) and the internet was text-based.

This leads me to the point where I truly miss the innocence in girls. Poh Ching claims to be innocent, but I know better 😛 Tsk tsk. Is it better for our current generation to know more and be aware or is it better to know less and not as aware? Not knowing will definitely allow for a longer period of innocence within our younger generations, however, may have a “shock” value when they find out about adult-related subjects. On the other hand, knowing more and being aware has brought along the side-effects of curiosity. Sometimes the more humans know, the worse off they are, especially those of inquisitive nature. Luckily for me, all the girls I’ve dated with the exception of one have all been the innocent type… or at least I perceive them to be innocent, lol. I prefer my girls not to know too much and still have the innocent angel within them. I’m not sure whether I’d want my girls to actually understand a dirty joke if I made one, haha… I’d be slightly scared if she did, especially particularly bad ones. See how annoying humanity is – we always want the best of both worlds – innocent and not innocent, hah.

Then it makes you think does a point of innocence when you reach into your twenties that it is still “cute”? I made that point to P.C, asking her where you cross the line of being innocent to the point when you just seem retarded, lol. One of my best friends’ cousin really stirs our thoughts when it comes to innocence. They used to live together and I’d hang out at their house all the time and my friend (henceforth denoted as M and her cousin, B) and seriously B is like the pinnacle of innocence. Every time M and I would make dirty jokes or references, B would ask, “What does that mean?” For a while, M and I thought that B was just trying to act innocent and pretend she doesn’t know what we’re talking about – but that’s not the case – she was truly clueless. Even today being in her 3rd year of university, she is still awkwardly innocent, I wonder how she survives. Given how her boyfriend is constantly waiting to pounce on her (sexually), it makes me feel bad for the poor guy having such a ditzy girlfriend, LOL. Don’t think I have a problem with B though, she’s a very gentle, kind, outgoing and pretty girl – I just think that when you’re too innocent, sometimes you just become a bit socially awkward. Just these two are totally opposites of each other… the guy can’t wait to rip her clothes off and the girl is totally clueless that he’s thinking about these things (while all the other 9 people in the room can clearly see it). Not sure who I feel more sorry for 😀 There are more stories about her, but I’ll leave it for another time.

I actually had more to write about this, but I swear I’m getting old and senile (and will be even OLDER in 11 days, ewwwww). Once I slept on this information last night, by the time I woke up this morning, I had totally forgot all about the important content I wanted to include. Therefore, this entry will have to abruptly end since I don’t have an “end point” for this topic. Perhaps I will think of it and continue to update this entry if it hasn’t been pushed off the first page or simply continue on a new once. Sheesh, age hurts! Given how fast girls are reaching puberty and thus starting their periods, perhaps I should start investing money into feminine hygiene stocks as hopefully women will have more menstruating years before menopause! Let’s see how much money I have in the bank account and start looking into it, haha.

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  1. Innocent? Are you talking about your MM? kekekeke. She can’t be THAT innocent, can she? haha. Are you going to corrupt her? 😛

    Who was the non-innocent one, was it any of the ones I’ve met? 😀

    I’ve been trying to catch up on your blog lately, past few days doing over-time work.. had to stay in the office because boss needed me to finish the project with him before deadline. Will get back on track soon!

    • Am’s, she IS innocent – seriously, not even a hint of “bad girl” within her. You know, I’ve always easily been able to fantasize (lol) about girls, even the best of girls I’ve managed to twist their personality and be able come up with sexy thoughts about them. Honestly, with her, I can’t come up with those sexy thoughts, not because I don’t feel attracted or care about her, I just can’t see her in “that way” or that I have any way of thinking of placing her in a sexy scenario, because she’s like a little ANGEL! 😀 At first I thought it was weird that I can’t come up with like a sexy thought/dream about her even though I care about her so much but now I’ve just accepted it because that shows how innocent she is, can’t even get my imagination enough to come up with a hot dream. The dreams I have about her are usually happy-family dreams, LOL – nuts, who ever heard of a guy who can’t stir up a sexy dream about his girl (or ANY girl for that matter!) 😕

      The non-innocent one wasn’t any that you’ve met, although I might’ve sent you a picture since you already left Canada then. We only lasted like 4-5 months (lol, can’t even remember) and the breakup was pretty shitty. By shitty, I mean she emailed me, haha.. not only that, but we haven’t talked since and I keep in touch with all my ex’s except for her. I wonder if it has to do with my parents hating her guts and if it wasn’t because they wanted to save face for me, I’m sure they would’ve booted her out of the house and not even let her stay for dinner. YEESSH and yes, I was on the rebound from L and it was out of that that I went for her, doubtful that it was because I truly thought we belonged together. Before her, it took me like 3 years after L before I could date another girl again.

      I doubt I’ll be able to corrupt MM and I don’t need to. I like the sweet angelic self she is 😛 She’s for me to wrap my big arms around, not to ‘think’ about like that, LOL… mmmm Vivien Yeo… 😆

      • Awww… you speak so highly of her, I totally want to meet her now! I’m sure I’ll get to one day when you guys get married XD

        One thing did occur to me though as I was reading through your posts…. u spend a lot of time “building” yourself for her… hair, the way you act, trying to lose weight, self-confidence, etc. — and hv u ever thought about the fact that if u suddenly become lengjai again or something, whether u would still want to be with HER specifically? Wouldn’t u want to then look for like a supermodel or something then? U know, when someone changes the type of person they are, it changes them as a whole and u no longer think the way u once did.

        For now, u say u want to be with her, becoz you are the person u r now. What happens if u suddenly become this built, manly and shining guy, will she still have the same quali as she once did in ur eyes n’ mind? See – lots of things to think about when u start changing urself, especially when you begin to amass self-confidence, nice body, etc. not so easy to believe in the same things afterward…

        U kno, whenever u say innocent, u pretty much know what that means… dun think u’ll be too happy ’til u get married 😉 especially if she is that innocent and traditional, haha. U can keep your pants on for a few more years, kakakaka.

  2. Oh really? What if I said I know some guys who DO spend time in his bedroom to STUDY? =P

    Geez, do warn your innocent friend (or cousin? lol) about the evil boyfriend’s intentions. At least the knowledge may prepare her from any unwanted advances =P

    Knowledge does not everyone more curious (to do the real thing), pal. I am curious, but at least I know what I am doing and not give in just because “everyone else is doing it” “it is normal” and some friends’ “advise” to do so to “make the relationship” closer and whatnots. I am actually glad for the information so I do not jump into the water without being prepared=P My parents actually bought books on such subjects for me to read (presumably so they can avoid the “birds and the bees” talk =P), although I never knew how to pronounce the word “orgasm” properly for some years (ORG-SARM? OR-SOME? lol!).

    By having such information, although one may not be so “innocent” in the head (WAHAHAHA =P), but at least she/he remains clean and innocent when it comes to the physical =D Better than not being equipped with these important knowledge and then regretting the real deal in the end =)

    • LOL, ya you probably do know guys who spend time in his room studying… you know, like 5 hours in there, 4 1/2 hours is doing something with his hand and the other 1/2 hour studying 😆 hahahaha.

      B is so into her boyfriend that no matter what you say to her, you can’t throw her off it. M has known B’s boyfriend for a long time and severely hate him…. last time we were over at her party, M almost kicked the guy out of the house, she’s such a cocky little bastard. I’ve only ever met him once and M never actually told me she disliked him so I wouldn’t be biased when I first met him. He actually parked next to me and I thought “Wow, nice car… oh rich boy, no wonder the attitude” but turns out the car wasn’t his, lol, because no one his age and jobless could afford a car like that – his friend let him borrow it. Personality is one thing, but he treats B with so many put-downs it wonders why she sticks around. Then again, we all agree that she clings to him so tightly because that’s her first boyfriend and she doesn’t want to lose him because she doesn’t want to have to go “search” again, hehe. We don’t bother warning her, either she won’t believe us or won’t understand what we’re saying, hah. I was teasing B’s younger sister (who happens to be my god-sis) about how her older sister would come home pregnant and I’d laugh my ass off.

      Your parents brought you books?! OMG… I got nothing – NOTHING! I didn’t even get ‘the talk’… they just assumed I’d learn everything I need to at school (barely any info) or from my friends (bad sources of information, lol).. ahhhh. lucky you la! You don’t need to know the word orgasm Poh Ching, only ORGY 😀 roffles. I love how you’re still trying to act all innocent and stuff… trying to be a B? 😉 haha… you don’t have the innocence she does, you get all my salty-wet jokes, haha.

      Your last paragraph made me laugh because of your evil laughter right after you quoted the word “innocent”… gee, you don’t make it seem obvious of your evil intent 😀

  3. Trying to make sense of the article because same with the first post I didnt read all of it. 🙂 Trying to keep my eyes from closing now but I jst have to say that this post is right on.
    Although we still have a lot of innocent high school girls here in the Phils. But I predict the stats will drop in a few years.

    • Holy shit, today… I must say, I saw one of the most physically-attractive Filipino girl ever, geebus. I’m not normally “into” Filipino girls, but wow, she was definitely high-up on the “cuteness factor” and especially where I live, it is particularly rare (to see Asian people at all, haha). Gawd, she sure as hell was innocent… or had the innocent look, LOL… weeehh.

      Why must you always read my posts when you’re dead-tired? LOL.. I’d rather you be wide-awake and paying attention to things I write XD I always heard the Philippines and Thailand were the greatest places (and most common/cheap) for picking up prostitutes and stuff. Didn’t think there’s a lot of “innocence” in girls in a country where that stuff was so widespread. I suppose maybe the smaller towns are sheltered from it. Have you noticed girls in PH have a earlier maturity rate (period-wise) since the past 20 years?

  4. great article

  5. Amy, Ya, I speak highly of her because I truly believe it, lol… you know me, I only speak highly of people if I really feel that way, not “false talk” – haha. If we do get married, you’re welcome to meet her, haha, I don’t think a little good luck my way would hurt, pray for me… or well, “us” 🙂

    Hrm, have I ever thought about that I’d have different expectations if that happened? Yes, I’ve thought about it, but whether I’ll change my expectations of what I want in a girl will probably not. Like yes, I will be more fit, maybe even have my lengjai-self back, but I’m changing FOR her, not I’m changing because I’m looking for someone else, so the whole point is that the changes I’m doing for her is to win her, not so I can go look for someone else. She’s not just some girl I want her to pass through my life, I truly want to commit myself to her and hopefully she’ll feel that way one day. I understand my confidence might change me, but I want to aim that confidence towards HER, that way I can even make her BELIEVE in me, that I am suitable for her and that we make a great match.

    I’m changing my physical appearance for her; I’m not getting a brain/heart transplant that will change me, lol. Maybe if I look better, other girls will look at me and maybe she’ll feel even more proud then. Girls love it when other girls go goo-goo-gaa-gaa over their boyfriend, like we are some kind of prize to “show off”… hahaha… it’s reality la. Give her a bit of incentive to keep me around? I guess treating her nice isn’t enough XD always have to have a bit more to “tip the scale” in my favour, hah. I didn’t choose her because she’s “right for me now”, I chose her because she’s “right for me forever”… errr, hopefully at least. I even told her if she cheated on me, I’d still take her back… — totally violates my usual moral standards don’t they? LOL – ya, I’m nuts over her ❤

    Ya, I figured so much when I noticed her innocence. Nevertheless, it'd be nice just to hug her, hold her hands and lie on each other's chest… don't even care about thinking taking it the other step. I can wait for marriage; I'm not going to die or something without it, lol. I have your typical male attribute, but I have learned to respect the boundaries of my girls, it is just something I learned as I got older. That stuff is supposed to be an act of love, so until she's ready to show it, it's not really a concern to me. One step at a time lor, she can't even show me that commitment to have steady relationship yet, don’t even want to think about creating any life 😆 I have confidence she will make a good mom, but just have to wait until she finishes school, learns a bit about the realities of life and have her mind be able to settle down.

    I’m already half a foot into a dream world, just waiting for her to bring my other foot in 😛 I’m so happy when I’m around her, whether she’s being nice to me or not. She is fearful to let me see the real her, worried she might truly fall into my arms and as a result she pushes me away instead of being herself with me. Yes, it is frustrating, pisses me off, sometimes I get pretty riled up over the way she acts, but I chose to follow the path of wanting her, so I have to go through the suffering of her “tests” – haha. It is what girls do right? Guys are just experiments they like to mix and match XD It’s ok, I can deal with the stress she gives, just go to the shooting range a shoot a couple of rounds and I’m settled again.. or at least until the next time she does/says something that makes me go nuts, LOL. It’s ok though, this was a choice I make, so whatever the consequence is, I’m the one who deals with it 😀

    • Awww… yur… soooo tim-mut-mut….! AND DON’T ASK why I’m up so early, I couldn’t slp >.> Not even rdy for work yet… aiii…

      Being a good boy you will be rewarded… believe in it and it will happen! Ho jan yau ho bo, right? Yur going to lum-sei her anyways, kekeke.

      I notice many of yur frd’s are girls from Malaysia now on blog… trying to get your BeBe jealous? 😛

      • Nope, not trying to make her jealous… wouldn’t that be contradictory to having her like me? LOL.

        In all reality, I’m not sure why I met so many of them, maybe because they just happen to blog a lot and more open with subjects. I’m not even sure how I end up on their blog. I think I ended up with Poh Ching’s because she blogged about her period or something, haha. Sometimes I blog-jump too, so I suppose I might’ve ended up on some of her friend’s blogs and were likely to be from the same region. I don’t specifically hunt to talk to Malaysian girls… I just think (most) of their mentality is similar to mine, so it is easy to get along with them. They are more well-grounded, traditional, polite and have values that I agree with. 7 months ago, I realized that I no longer like HK-girls now, if anything, Chinese-Malaysian girls suit my taste, haha. They don’t suffer from the massive gold-digging disorder and “princess-like” syndrome that most HK girls do. They say what they think and straightforward, they don’t play mind-games and mess with your thoughts (well, except for her…. lol), they’re easy to understand and they’re very sweet. The other day when I was talking to CYY, I was telling her how I was no longer interested in 港女’s anymore, and she was like, “So what kind of girls do you like now?” and then when I told her, she’s like… “You know, I’m C-MY too..” and I was like =O LOL, wtf… didn’t even know that…. apparently her mom’s from there, haha. I see her hotness came from the other half of her, haha 😛

        I just find it’s easier to make friends with them, because they’re upfront with the type of person they are – maybe it is a cultural thing. They’re more receptive to other people and don’t judge people as harshly, so ya, I think I DO get along with them. Makes me think whether I would’ve been better off born there, lol. On the other hand though, it really helps to mingle with people from there because it helps me understand the culture and general ideals and helps me make sense of attitudes/actions/thoughts/feelings/reservations that my BeBe thinks… and sure enough, just like 2 days ago, was talking to one of the girls from there and I could totally see where she gets some of the cultural attitudes from, LOL! It’s ok though, every culture has their own niches, but by talking to girls form similar regions, it helps me “connect the dots” and rather than take things she does personally, it helps me understand that it is because of the cultural upbringing and influence that she does some of the things she does!

        I think it’d be retarded for me to try to make her jealous 😀 she makes ME jealous more than anything, haha.

  6. Yeah that’s really great and hope to follow all your rules and succeed in your life thanks for sharing it to us,,…

  7. Oh man that you so much for your send at beneficial time. It helped me in my assignment. Thanks Alot

  8. K this is just pro – great job!!!

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