Guys, have you actually seen…

a tampon before? I mean, really seen one, not just the package or what you see on television? Most of you have never taken the time to truly know what a tampon looks like, unless you have been curious enough to ask a girlfriend or wife. Nevertheless, I figured I’d post something up for you guys to open your eyes to the intricacy of a tampon. Of course, like all of my posts, unfortunately they are related to certain brands. I’m not a promoter for these brands, it just happens to be what I have, so without further ado, I figured I’d spice this place up with some pictures and media since that’s been lacking for a while. If you’re the curious guy who has never seen the ins-and-outs of a tampon and have always been too shy to ask, here’s your chance! Knowledge is power.

Box of Tampax Compak Pearl Lites (On The Go)

Unlike regular “full-sized” tampons… this one is packaged in a compact form (thus the “compak” name), but extends to a full-sized applicator/tampon. This size is great for discreteness for the shy girls or simply for a smaller form to put into a purse, pocket or bag.

Top of the box describing all the features - sorry for the blurriness, I can't use flash otherwise you can't see anything

So what makes Tampax Pearl … pearl? Well, here are the features!

Side of the box, indicating features in details, tampon composition, absorbency information and off course the beautiful warning about how tampons can lead to DEATH (via TSS)

The instruction leaflet that comes with every box... features, warnings, usage instructions, etc. Since it requires "extension" of the applicator use, there's a diagram as well. Don't bother trying to read it, the resolution isn't high enough or clear enough - this was for reference only that it exists within the box.

Second side of the leaflet with continued instructions, including removal techniques and a diagram for vaginal insertion of the tampon

The tampon inside the wrapper, the picture is misleading due to the size/close-up, measuring a total of 10cm

Best thing is to open it from the side corresponding to the "bottom" of the applicator - tail end. Don't ask me how I know which side... I just do, can't explain it, LOL!

The look of the tampon when removed from the wrapper - very soothing colour isn't it? Look at the cute lil'tail 😛 The tampon is current in the compact form, measuring only a mere 7.5cm

The tampon when fully extended measures 11.5cm... don't worry guys, the entire length doesn't go into the girl 🙂 During insertion, the bottom half of the applicator is "pushed in" to the upper portions, thus ejecting the tampon out the front and depositing it into the vagina

Of course during regular use, it should never be like this since the tampon would already to pushed into the vagina and applicator removed, but here's a demo of the what purpose of the lower applicator being pushed into the upper one. Oh by the way, if you haven't gotten the clue already, the white wad you see is the tampon 😛

The applicator is thrown away (err… hopefully) and then the string at the bottom of the tampon lies outside the body. Some girls prefer to tuck their tampon string to prevent any faux pas, especially if they’re wearing revealing/tight clothing or swimsuit. I think for the flowlovers, none of us would be bothered by seeing a hanging string though 😆

And last but not least, just toss the applicator back into the wrapper and then throw it away!

And there you have it guys, for the ones who have never actually seen the full deal of tampons, you got your chance now! Don’t be shy, seriously, I’m sure if you knew a girl well enough, she wouldn’t be shy if you asked her about it. Girls are definitely more open about their periods than the previous generation and unless you have some REALLY uptight girl-friends, most of them would not mind teaching you a bit about pads/tampons.

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  1. just a heads up for the aussie guys reading your blog. tampons in australia don’t come with an applicator :S and yes they put them in the way you think they do.

    • Hehe, Libra? YAY! 😀

      Applicator-less tampons are available here, and really, more environmentally-friendly and compact. All it is is the tampon with a plastic wrapping… take the wrapper apart, extend the string and use the index or middle finger to “widen” the base and stick it up. Definitely a large reduction in material footprint not having to make the applicator from cardboard or plastic. Thinking about how many tampons a girl would use each day, the number of disposed applicators make me puke. I’ve been slowly trying to convert my tampon-using-girls from using applicator to no-applicator tampons 😛 I’ve had a success-rate of 3/4 – lol.

      Cheers to girls who are comfortable enough to touch their own bodies! 😛

      Connie, doesn’t this suck for ya? Just found it while reading another related article from AU…

      Govt won’t remove GST from tampons
      July 4, 2009

      The federal government says it has no plans to remove the Goods and Services Tax (GST) from tampons, after a major supermarket chain announced it’s cutting ten per cent from its prices on female hygiene products.

      Coles supermarkets have decided to permanently remove the equivalent cost of the GST from the goods, saying they should be treated the same as basic food, education and medical services, that are exempt from the tax.

      Labor campaigned to have female hygiene products exempt in 2000.

      But assistant treasurer Nick Sherry says there are no plans to remove it now.

      “The government has made a commitment to maintain the existing GST arrangements,” he told AAP.

      Stupidity at its best…

  2. No applicator tampon way faster…. dun hv to fiddle w/ the applicator… just remove old, unwrap new, plug, throw away n’ GO… kekekkeke xDD

    I completely DO NOT miss having to calculate tax in everything. Now when I see something on shelf that says $10, means $10.. not $11.30 – LOL. Tampon looks very cute… where’d u get it frum anywayz?

  3. Am’s … Haha, ya… plus, non-applicator tampons are sexy.. ya, you heard me, SEXY – LOL. I do remember the first time I saw one though, I was like, “How de eff do you put it in?” .. ahh.. the innocent-me.

    I got it from the store… you know, like where I get everything else? 😆 If you’re asking ‘why’ I have tampons in the house though, THAT, I’m not answering 😛

    For the time being, they are still going to exempt the 8% PST portion of the HST this coming July. According to my accountant friend though, it is only going to be for ‘a while’ until EVERYTHING is going to be taxed under HST. The exemption is only going to be for a transition period.. (hehe, period.. :D)

  4. I once had a tampon fall out of my purse… a guy friend of mine stooped down to pick it up for me. Going, going, about half-way… then realizes what it was and straightens up without picking it up for me. I then laughed and picked it up and waved it around for good show 🙂

    • Heh, that’s a shame…. well at the very least, he KNEW what it was. They had this really funny Tampax commercial at some point where a guy who got a tampon out of a girl’s purse thought it was candy or sugar. I laughed and felt sad at the same time, because there ARE truly guys out there who are totally clueless about menstruation/feminine hygiene products – and quite unfortunate in fact.

      Picking up something for a lady is the gentlemanly thing to do, EVEN if it was a tampon or pad. Nevertheless, from a male point-of-view, it could also be because he felt it would be inappropriate to pick up a personal item belonging to a girl. I’d have to say I’d be sitting-on-the-fence for something like that. On one hand, helping someone pick up a dropped item is proper, but on the other hand, not all girls would feel COMFORTABLE having a guy pick up a personal item like that. Guess we always have to look at things from both sides 😀

      LOL – cheers to you waving it around, did he turn red instantly? Poor guy 😛 Guys are cute like that, aren’t they? haha. I remember a bunch of kids at school were kicking a pad around and I picked it up because the girl was clearly distraught. I was torn between whether I should hand it back to her (which would be dead-embarrassing for her) or just put it in the garbage (which would’ve suck, what a waste of a pad)! I threw it in the garbage only because I knew how sensitive period-issues were in high school (or at least during my era). Later on she thanked me for not returning it to her and causing a scene, but I swear for 3 days she did not look me once in the eye, lol.

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