Purchasing Feminine Hygiene Savvy

Thanks for letting me borrow your arm ^__^

Having been through many purchases of feminine hygiene products before, I can definitely relate to some of the discomforts of purchasing these things. Whether for a sister, girlfriend or wife, practice and doing it often is the only way to overcome discomforts and sometimes even embarrassment of making these purchases, especially when done as a “solo purchase” (with no other items). Nevertheless, practice makes perfect, whether it comes down to making sure you buy the right item or being able to look at the eyes of the cashier. It has been many years since I’ve made my first purchases and given all my cute little god-sisters, buying such items with or without them is a fairly regular routine. After a while, it no longer fazes you and just like shopping for fruits, vegetables or chips, it is even enjoyable with all the different brands and types.

I decided to make a post with a few thoughts that come to mind to help with the purchase of feminine hygiene products for the guys. This might also be some good tidbits for younger girls who have recently started her period. This is not a direct addition to my Men’s Guide to Feminine Hygiene as it may or may not contain some information provided before. If it confuses you, see this as a completely new and unrelated post. Sometimes I really have random thoughts… wish I wrote them down more often because I can’t remember them by the time I start typing things up. Here are some “savvy” things you could do to such as…

– Check your local stores, flyers or e-flyers for specials and sales… even though I hate media coverage of feminine products, pay attention to advertisements too

– Be a smart shopper, use coupons in flyers, print-outs or even mailed-to-you coupons from places like save.ca. It is often elusive since stores might not advertise it, but they may even have walk-in coupons available in related aisles or at the entrances of the store (See picture)

Find coupon dispensers or "rippable" coupons near the products you are buying or at the entrances of the store

– Get to know your prices well, what is considered cheap, regular and expensive. Don’t forget to be aware that there are a variety of quantities for packs/boxes so don’t forget these factors when comparing prices

– Generally warehouses, pharmacies or chain supermarkets will sell pads/tampons cheaper than a convenience (gas station) or small store. Avoid shopping at places that offer “last minute” services as they will likely charge higher markups

– Take time to analyze your purchase… it may help you in the future to really get to know the product you are buying. Don’t hurriedly put the items in your basket or taking it to checkout before ensuring it is the right one as much as you may not want to be caught reading the package

– If you truly feel self-conscious when going to the checkout, pick self-service counters or lanes that are serviced by an older male or female, they are more likely to have experience dealing with such items and will think nothing of it. Younger cashiers are more likely to make a scene of things or make comments. Some pharmacies even have their personalized checkouts, consider using those if available and they are willing to register your items

– Show pride when making the purchase. Why should you not be? You probably have a loving sister, girlfriend or wife waiting for them 🙂 The more shy or uncomfortable you appear, the more attention you will likely attract to yourself, such as saying or doing something stupid

– Avoid staring at other girls making purchases in the feminine hygiene aisle; it just makes you look like a pervert, lol. Yes yes, I know for us flow-lovers that in the back of my mind we appreciate menstruating women and have all sorts of sexy and crazy thoughts, but fantasies and dreams are different than actually sizing a gal down… that is unless you know she’s into that sort-of-thing

– If you see another male in the feminine hygiene aisle, no worries, you are both likely to be in the same boat

– If you feel embarrassed upon every checkout, stock-up so you don’t have to “suffer” as many times… honestly though, get over yourself, you are not going to lose your job because you were caught buying pads and tampons

– Suggest reusable items to your female companion as they will reduce the frequency of you having to make purchases on her behalf… reusable cloth pads or cups are economical, environmentally-friendly and do not require regular purchases

– Another thing about purchasing comfort is that if you’re doing further shopping, bag your feminine hygiene items using reusable cloth bags… they’re generally non-transparent so no one can see what you’ve purchased

– Buying in bulk reduces not only reduces the frequency of your purchases, but also, you will likely get a better price-per-unit

– Take advantage of online communities or resources dedicated to finding “good deals” and stay up top of the newest products, free samples or upcoming discounts. Even sites such as eBay may connect you with sellers who are selling feminine hygiene products at reduced costs to get it out of their way

– Consider the usage  length of the product when comparing purchasing quantity/price ratio. For instance, if the product needs to only be changed once for every 2 of another item, you have already saved 50% of the usage of another product. When using higher absorbency products, for example, not only do you reduce the frequency of change and you’ve also prevented additional waste ending up in the landfills (even if larger absorbency products might be larger/thicker, it is not an entirely separate item itself)

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  1. O no.. Please do not suggest reusable items to us….
    It seems to be so yucks……. eeee…..
    I know it’s good for the environment…. 😛
    But, quite…. Not quite…. I just cant take it….. XoX

    • Lots of girls still have problems with that – it is ok, after all, that is why disposable items still exist lor. Some girls are just more comfortable with their bodies than other and can deal with the murder scene afterward. I can stand looking at others blood, just can’t stand seeing mine. When I bleed, I’m like “ohhh shit…” but when I see some guy walking drenched in blood into the hospital, I’m like “meh, no big deal” – LOL. When I was younger (and sometimes even now), I get ‘hot air’ easily after eating fried foods… and I’d get these massive nosebleeds. It’s like a friggin’ waterfall of blood.

      There are many types, some like pads that are made from cloth or other washable/reusable materials, and some are cups/sponges you put ‘inside’ and then dump out/wash. Essentially, both still are an external or internal form a protection the idea of pads and tampons still have not changed.

      Period blood is not gross jeh -_-” And don’t say “us” … haha, that’s only you and some other girls who don’t like using reusable products. There are many satisfied girls out there who use reusable products… might want to watch what you say before someone yells at you 😆 Yes, you should recognize how many pads you throw away every month – can you imagine the waste!!! Also, it is a lot cheaper. One of those reusable products will last anywhere from 3-10 years… yes, YEARS.

      You ever have a brother, boyfriend or husband buy anything like this for you? Kakakaka.

      • Okok…. Please do not recommend reusable thingy to ME…..
        K k k… It’s not grossy.. But, IT IS when you come to the part of washing….
        I just cant stand it by just imagining it….
        I can see myself and not others bleeding (minor one will be alright… Not the type that we can see in hospitals where someone’s limb is going to tear off type)-o- LOL
        I always store up my stock…. So, no worries on that……
        FYI, I got no bro, no bf, no husband…. kekekeke…… *.-

  2. You don’t need to use reusable lor… in Asia, you guys get all the best brands T_T (cries) So many brands, so many features, so nice and so cheap!! I feel so ripped off living here, lol… not that it affects me physically in any way though, haha.

    Ya, the washing part is kinda… ya, lol. As much as I love menstruation, that's still one of the things it took me a while to deal with, haha. Having to dump blood out of a cup is so 驚險… LOL, especially because it holds a lot more than a tampon does, so it is like spilling a drink on the floor 😆 There’s no cuteness with cups though, although they do design the cloth pads fairly pretty. Not sure if you can wash cloth pads in regular washing machine… if so, then fairly easy and don’t have to do it by hand. Do you feel uncomfortable with your body?

    I think the whole idea of seeing someone bleeding does not bother me unless I actually know/care about the person. Like when I saw my dad cut himself with a knife one time and he was bleeding, I was so worried. One time I saw a guy get hit over the head with a guitar (lol) and his eye/skull was cut open and it didn’t really bother me, haha… blood splatter and drenched tiles and I was like “oh well” XD

    Ohh… so lucky you have such a big stock. I will steal some from you if I ever go visit CPC, haha… I think it’d be fairly cool since I know I have a couple of friends who live in KL who I can stay with 😛 CPC also told me Malaysia has many “forms” of ‘entertainment’ (note the quotes… LOL). Just joking though, I’m not like that… I’m just 口花花… if it comes down to it, I’d chicken out anyways. I don’t want to ruin my morals and catch some crazy disease, haha.

    Well, ever ask a guy-friend to buy for you or you bought with him? LOL… I just love seeing the reactions of guys, seriously, I laugh my ass off.

    • I know T.T is crying face la….. =.=lll

      Asia’s pad and tampon are cheaper?? Really? Maybe only in HK? hehe.. I am not sure… I din buy it outside Malaysia before.. I usually bring along when I travel…. Sometimes hard to get back the brand that we are using… So, just bring along la…. No big deal… ^^

      Eeeeeeelk…. Washing machine… Imagine the water that flows out ( I know washing machine nowadays has hidden pipe)…. YOU ARE CONTAMINATING your washing machine….!!! I dare not use it to wash my clothes after washing the pads….. Its more gross to me… HOnestly………… @.@

      You lack of the heart of sympathy….. He is still a living creature k….

      I am currently not in KL…. 😛
      PC is not in KL too…. PJ to be more specific… hahaa…..
      But, she is much more nearer to KL compared to me… hehe…..

      I cannot remember whether I brought a guy friend to buy pads before o not le…. Maybe yes, maybe no… I am not pretty sure tim… hehe…..

      • Che, I know he’s still living being, I’m just saying that I was “not as concerned” lol.. and yes, I lack sympathy for some people/situations if it warrants it. Let’s say someone was illegally crossing the street and get hits by a car. I do not feel sympathy. If you do something wrong, there is a price to pay. Not only that, but you caused the person in the CAR to have an accident. Kind of like if you commit the crime, you expect a punishment. Of course he didn’t get hit over the head on purpose, it was a stage-accident for a band.

        Asia’s PADS are cheaper, not tampons though. I think they probably import a lot of the tampons from JP, TW or even America. For the price to buy one package here, can probably get about 2 in HK – and don’t have to pay tax either (here, we pay extra 5% on top of pads/tampons… 13% on other things). Ya, I know what you mean by not being able to find the same brands >.> blah, especially when you go to a country with COMPLETELY different stuff. Good idea to pack with you, although depends on how long your trip is… if you go for a year then… lol.

        Ya, washing machine you’d have to do SEPARATELY for sure, don’t want it to be done with normal clothing, haha. You are the type who can’t stand a bit of ickiness XD Che!

        Haha, I know neither of you are in KL, but the point is I was just saying I have friends who live there who I could stay with! Saves a lot of money when I don’t have to worry about accommodation. PC is within driving distance of KL, so it is ok. She can come pick me up XD hahahahaha.

        How can you not remember? It would probably be a very priceless moment, haha. PC likes to mock me because she tells me about all the wonderful brands she has there >.> damn her, lol.

  3. I agree on you on the crime-punishment part…. No need to ke lian that type of people one….. nyek nyek nyek nyek… hahahha…..

    I know you have to do it separately also… But.. STILL….. I just cant take it………..

    So, you are planning a trip to Malaysia? WoW……

    Wonderful brands? There are how many brands selling in Canada? We have a lot in Malaysia.. Really…. Countless… kakakka….. She is not trying to fool you…. kekekeke…..

    • You know… it is not the first time I’ve seen the word “ke lian”… and for a while, I just skipped over it as I read things. Now that you used it, you are like the 4th person and I seriously had to find out what it meant. It took almost 20 minutes of digging…. and because PC used it once, I thought it was something in Bahasa Melayu or slang, then realized it was in mandarin… urg, lol.

      Not “planning” a trip per se… just thought it’d be one of the things I’d do if I suddenly had lots of money or something. Or maybe something really-really-really good happens in my life, I will need to make a trip there. But anyways… nothing “on my schedule” though.

      Haha, I’m not saying she’d trying to fool me, just saying she likes to rub it in my face that she has access to so many good brands, lol, damn it!

      We don’t have a lot here.. and even if we do, they’re not as good.

      Primary Brands:


      Secondary Brands:

      7th Generation

      … and of course lots of those no-name or generic brands… but compared to all the other “awesomeness” in Asia… ai, no comparison.

  4. I know you cant read BM… I wont write BM to you… 😀

  5. Men do have huge issues about PMS etc … I blame sex education being just about biology and not about feelings and relationships and how to navigate ‘sensitive’ issues.

    • ?????? Are you replying me?
      How come turn to be saying PMS?
      But, quite true…. I tot Western countries have more education on sex?

  6. Wa….. giving me assignments huh…
    Get PC to give the list to you….
    I am damn lazy to do that…. hehe…..

    • Because you are so dak han with nothing to do. Can’t even do something small like this for me? Haiiii… So sut mong. Haven’t talked to PC in a few days already, worried about her – bleh. Call her for me or I’ll text message her lol.

  7. Line sucks here……… Got to rewrite everything as it is not posted…. ARGH!!
    I am really blur lo… Seems like replying to a wrong message….. XD
    I am dak han but can do better things like luk on my bed…. kakakakakaaka…..
    Din read my blog a??? kekekkekkee……
    Anyways, not something small k…. So many brands……….. 眼花缭乱。。
    Text her la…. I seems like long time din talk to her liao tim….. Erm erm erm…… PCPCPC…..

    • WordPress has weird ways of displaying posts… I already fixed mine a bit to make it better – had to edit some code… was WORSE before. There are better things to do on your bed than luk around… hahaha. Ya I read your blog, but sometimes ppl are willing to not be lazy for someone else. Psh, at least I’m not lazy when it comes to helping someone else -_- CHE!

      Found some info on it, but probably not all of them are “mainstream” brands.. probably lot of smaller brands like we have here. All I care about is Whisper, Sofy, Laurier and Kotex that you guys have go there… maybe have Elis and Center-In?


      Shows all the sanitary napkin mfg’s in Malaysia. Have Modess in Malaysia?

      • Whisper – yes
        Sofy – Yes
        Laurier – Yes
        Kotex – Yes

        THese are the main one la……

        Elis, Center-in, Modes – I dun even know them…. hehe…

        I am not good in this… I dun even wan to know them if I am not using them….. LOL

        See…. That’s the main reason I am not helping you…. hehe……

        Not in the line my of interest…. kekekeke…….

        You got a web telling you more than I know…

        If I would be helping you, I think I will be in the mall for more than half day………… T.T

  8. Noooooo, no Elis, CI or Modess, fak, lol. That sucks… or maybe there is and you don’t know 😀 Maybe I’ll ask someone so much more knowledgeable like PC 😆 haha. Nothing wrong with using more than one brand anyways! You should always try, you know, explore the world, hahaha.

    Not about “line of interest”…. sometimes u know things even if yur not interested, haha. Sometimes web doesn’t tell everything, anecdotal is often much more informative and powerful la.

    Should not take half a day in the mall, lol.. that would probably mean yur not actually helping me, but shopping for yourself, LOL. Feminine Hygiene aisle is not THAT big 😀

    • LOL……
      ask PC then…..
      Some shops selling this and some shops not…..
      Like ‘Caring’ Pharmacy, they sell some brands that others dun……
      Anyways, really… sincerely.. honestly… Get someone who has much much much more knowledge on this to help you like PC…. 😀

      • Can’t find her wor… or else I would bug her and ask her, haha.. Go help me if u say u are, lol… better yet, call her for me 😀

        Damn, makes me want to visit that pharmacy now, lol.. gotta remember that name if I ever go there XD

        Too bad costs much to have stuff sent from Malaysia 😆 bah. School sucks, wasting up all her time >.> She hasn’t even updated HER blog for ages… noooooeess.

  9. Very nice la… I always love how you try to connect girls and boys together to understand things. It is very sweet of you! Either though they may not say it, I’m sure your god-sis’ and girl-friends are very happy that you always help them! I know I was always very happy when you help me… I think you get a big joy out of buy xDD kekkekkeke.

  10. No point helping you adi la since you say I shop for myself more than helping you…..
    Better luk on my bed than wasting half of my day in the mall…..
    Call her la uncle… Text her la uncle……
    I am also schooling and yet I can still blog and reply you…. hehe….. 😀

    • Haha, well most of the time I reply to you is when I’m at work… probably less convenient to reply at home because usually by then, I’m working on my own business or playing games XD At work, lot of free time and can reply!

      Can’t call or text her, don’t have her number… lol, that’s why I asked you to do it 😀

      Ai, can’t wait to visit HK again at the end of this year… can buy all the great stuff 😛 hahahaha. With how often you ‘luk’ on your bed, I’m starting to think that’s not all you do on there… MUHAHAHAHA 😆

      I wanted to see how diff universities are for you compared to here… wow, USM looks sooooo nice. The pathways look so tranquil and peaceful!! Surrounded by gardens, trees, WATER FOUNTAINS (my fav) and a very “village” look. Of course we can’t have this kind of flora here ‘cuz it’d all die in the cold winter, lol… I flipped through the e-book of the university garden… wooooww

  11. zzzzzz
    Then get her no from her and bug her for the brands…. 😀
    Cannot luk on bed now izzit? luk luk luk den sleep de la….. XD
    Photos to be shown only la….. hahahahaha……
    But, USM is really a nice uni….. Looking from a high place, it really looks like a small jungle…. But, I AM IN THE UNI… So, still can feel the heat la…… 😛
    Malaysia…. Tropical countries ma…. ^^

    • LOL, that’s a stupid reason to get her number XD I’d rather she just actually get her ass back on here to chat! I hope she didn’t fall in the toilet or something >.> OMFG, her period starts tomorrow and I want her to be here!!!!!!!!!!! Suck suck suck.

      Haha, well you can luk on your bed all you want, but I’ll think of something sexier you do other than luk’ing and sleeping.. HAHAHAHAHA. mmmmmm… LOL

      Ya really, looking from top-down, it really does look like a university in the middle of a tropical forest! The landscape truly reminds me of places like Thailand… lots of greener and just buildings buried in between. Creates a very nice atmosphere, because a lot of our universities here are all smack in the middle of cities, so it is very hustle-and-bustle, like as if there’s no place to relax.

  12. …………
    When’s her period you also know….
    Got a chart on jotting down who’s and who’s period is on date a? 😛
    My uni also mid of city ma….. LOL

    • Not chart… I’ve programmed my own scheduler, lol… 😀 Don’t include everyone… only those who are comfortable with me knowing or I end up “finding out”.. hahaha. I even calculate for early/late periods in case they have them and deviation of how often their period is early/late so it adjust over time 😛

      USM area looks very “village”-like, even if mid-city. I only know her period only because the reason why we met was that she complained about it on her blog and I ran into it. Hehe, it’s kinda cute, no? 😛 I haven’t known hers long enough to calculate variances, but hers is pretty damn accurate… right on THE scheduled day last month.

  13. ……
    You programmed that software? hehehe……
    Not bad not bad…. Got such thing tim… I didnt know that……. XD
    I din complain bout period cramp or anything bout period before on my blog e….
    Erm.. Which post seems so ‘period’ to you that makes you drop by huh….. LOL
    hahahaha…. kakakaka…..

    • Only takes a bit of work… like 10 minutes? LOL.

      There’s lots of other calendar/prediction sites and software out there… I just prefer using my own. I can add lots of reminders and secret notes for myself XD

      Hrm, you complain about PMS la… and when I visit your site, it was from Poh Ching’s site… not because of keyword match.

  14. Erm…. Did I????
    Maybe… LOL

  15. I am not complaining bout PMS also….
    I used the word…..

  16. Fantastic blog! It is going into my RSS! You may be interested to read about my entry on pantyliner on this link http://bodytreats.wordpress.com/?s=panty

    I had so many comments from our female friends from all over the world. There’s really a lot to be done to help the female species get better in life!

    • Thanks for dropping by and your words of kindness! I am glad there are people who appreciate the information I provide. I just finished reading your many comments on your topic, very interesting! I also learned that apparently skin cannot breathe through plastic – never thought about that!

      I noticed you had already added my links, thank you, I have added yours to my bar as well! Cheers.

  17. Very admirable that a man be so nonchalant about buying feminine hygiene supplies! Even as I was growing up as a young girl, I’d be quite embarrassed to buy them myself, let alone ask any male family-members or boyfriend/husband. Your girlfriend must be VERY lucky she can be so open with you, you’re one-of-a-mind man! I adore your personality and your site and being able to stand up against so much flak and negativity over menstruation and particularly, being a man interested in menstruation! I hope with all the comfort you have for buying pads/tampons for your girlfriend/wife that she would be willing to buy your “male” condom needs!

  18. Good article. I will be dealing with many of these issues as well..

  19. It doesn’t shame me whatsoever when purchasing period products,they’re just a totally necessary feminine health product for a normally natural biological process, is there shame in buying toilet paper or condoms?

  20. I am a hetro male who has been buying my own maxipads and tampons(which I use daily) for years–used to get embarrassed but now I don’t care if someone see me buying them now…this all started with a former girlfriend who used to “sissy train “and I still enjoy them

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