Menstrual Cups… Gross? Educate Yourself!

No big update today, sorry… talking to a lot of people on MSN right now, lol.

But… I was completely outraged today after seeing an author make a horrible statement against menstrual-cups. Go figure, it was a male author (judging by the name). I found it only because I also happened to be reading a post made by another author, expressing her own positive experience with menstrual cups.

Likewise, I’d be happy to make a note about the way cups and alternative menstrual protection are slowly changing the way women deal with menstruation. The offending author writes that menstrual cups are… “possibly the grossest feminine hygiene product ever created.” Yes, that is right, I want to kick him in the face for making such a statement while being oblivious to the items. Too bad this guy is putting males to shame with such a statement. Wish he took some time to do a bit of research about all the benefits before putting his fingers on the keyboard.

Feel free to read more about her views of menstrual cups and its benefits on her site!

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  1. I have to say…great blog! I use a menstrual cup. There’s nothing gross about it that soap can’t fix! In the 5 or so years that I’ve used my Moon Cup I’ve saves hundreds of pounds by not having to shell out for tampons/pads etc every month. I tried sponges for a while, but they just aren’t as good as the Moon Cup. Gotta love it! If you haven’t already…check out LadyComp 🙂

    • Thank you!! It always makes me smile (behind the screen, really… ya, I’m that freaky, lol) whenever I see positive reception to my blog! Clearly, you have been a dedicated user of reusable products for a while, wow, 5 years! The reality is that a regular-flowing girl would only take about 1/2 year to pay-off the cost of a cup (brand-irrelevant since they all roughly float around the same price point) compared to buying disposable products. I think it takes a LOT of work for a girl to be truly comfortable with the whole dumping of the blood and cleaning the cup out methods rather than “wrap n’ toss”. The insertion of a cup or other alternative-internal products often trigger an “eek”-factor, having to get close-up and personal with her body. The weird thing is that although I have many girl-friends who I’ve ran the idea of using such a product through before who I know actively use tampons and/or masturbate (thus they’re supposedly comfortable with ins/outs of their vagina) are still very reluctant to consider using a cup. Heck, it beats me what the difference is reaching in there, LOL.

      I heard although sponges are fairly safe, the fact they’re not sterile does pose some health risks. What’s your thought on that?

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  5. My own opinion would be that menstrual cups are the best option to prevent leaks and reduces the need for pantyliners in comparison to pads,tampons and sponges,they would be the best for swimming,water sports and most other activities,they would also be the best option to wear a bikini or other beach wear garment

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