A Realistic Approach to Feminism – Menstruation

Read a really great entry today by at Yankee Doodle Sweetheart pertaining to a very realistic approach towards feminism. Although not being female, I cannot relate to the inequalities applied to them, I do believe that many headway has been made in society to tackle the injustices women face. Nevertheless, I think some feminists I’ve read before “take it too far” and simply look at how they are treated, rather than men and women as a whole. The blog I linked to above, truly gives insight on a very practical feminist, one who looks at the bigger picture and not simply that they’re “out to bring down men.”

Part of what made me link to her entry is also the fact she brings to light issues surrounding menstruation, such as the need for both girls and boys to have true knowledge about periods and the likes. Not only that, but she also believes the information about menstruation should be equal for both genders, even if males never have to actually deal with a menstrual cycle. To me, this entry echos the many reasons of the existence of this blog, to reinforce knowledge that men should know about the female body!

Although I cannot say I’ve taken too much time being a feminist activist or anything like that, I can certainly agree to many (if not all) the points she articulates within the entry. Please do drop by there and take a look and see the wonderful thoughts of a woman who is bargaining for equality on behalf of both men and women!

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  1. I like what she wrote too… I dun like being ‘told’ I have to be at home because I am a girl, but have the opportunity to do that if I want to. I have not decided whether I would rather stay home or continue working if I have kids… wut ’bout you? Still think like u used to? kakakaka.

    • I think to me, it is necessary to do whatever to ‘make ends meet’… I mean if we can survive on single-income, that is fine with me. After all, Dad brought up this family on single-income too and also it wasn’t even with a high-paying or steady job… he just job-jumped to wherever they offered him money. Clearly, it is not “impossible” to raise a family on single-income, it just depends on how you want to spend money and whether you are willing to make sacrifices to lifestyle. Nevertheless, I doubt she will be happy to live off of single-income. Also, when she graduates, she will have a much better education than I will and it’d be wasteful for her to sit around the house. I personally wouldn’t mind taking care of her and she’d be a great mom, I just don’t think she’d want to take those duties full-time. Maybe give my mom something to do, take care of our kids? haha.

      If we were to go single-income, I guess whoever made more money would continue working since that makes the most sense. She’ll probably graduate and make more money than me in the first year, LOL. Other than that, I know a lot of families, especially those who do accounting who often do a home-business thing, that way they can be home to take care of the children and still stay “active in the business world” – but I do not expect it, because it’d be really unfair to her to have to deal with family AND job at he same time.

      My thoughts have changed a lot since I was younger. Obviously I realize in this era, fewer women are willing to take the “Kitchen and Baby” role within the family and that is fair. If she does, so much the better, if she doesn’t, I have no right to say that’s how she must be. I’ve leaned towards both trying to keep a traditional household setting, while maintaining a more “modern” viewpoint, it is the only way to survive here… if I held firm and said, “Man must go to work, women stays home to do chores.” I would be not be married and be single forever 😀 I also realize that it is not acceptable to force her to follow that role, unless she chooses to out of freewill. BeBe and I are very “strong willed” type of people, we will BOTH stand firm on our decisions/values (maybe that helps out to be great parents? haha), therefore one of us has to be the soft-mushy one.. I guess that’d be me, otherwise we’d be like a meteor hitting the earth everyday, haha. You know that saying 一個願打 一個願捱… and I’ve seen that in lots of successful marriages, there always has to be one willing to make adjustments, otherwise things fall apart.

      We are a long way from getting there though… although of course I’ve thought about it before because it really is a dream I’d like to achieve and be with her, nothing can ever be said until it really happens. However, having hope does make me happy and thinking about the future sometimes makes me daydream and feel really joyful, haha.

  2. I’d come to buy into with you on this. Which is not something I usually do! I enjoy reading a post that will make people think. Also, thanks for allowing me to comment!

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