Menstruation Privacy in Women’s Bathroom

I know this post isn’t necessarily geared towards the guys as this blog is intended to, however, I thought this is something that everyone, both males and females can ponder.

I can understand that many girls, either affected by family, friends or the media are ashamed when it comes to discussion or dealing with their periods. Pad/tampon manufactures by far are the guiltiest when it comes to playing the general discomfort against menstruation that women have. Even before putting comfort, absorbency and price to heart, discreteness is of utmost priority. However, I ask, where and when do women go to change their pad or tampon? I would say, most do it in the washroom, maybe in their room or even at the very least, a place of privacy. So then I ask, why is it that especially so, women feel the need to conceal that they are menstruating when they are inside the women’s bathroom? I can perhaps agree that for those who need to use co-ed bathrooms that a girl would want to ensure her privacy when changing her pad and tampon so that the guy in the stall next door doesn’t hear, but for those who go to gender-specific bathrooms, what is there to be afraid of? Do you not think the lady in the next stall deals, will deal or has dealt with her period before?

Kotex Overnights with Cloth-Like Wrapper - One of my favs

The beauty of the female body is the ability to have menstrual cycles and bear children. Having a lot of experience with a variety of products, I must say that Kotex has made one of the most discrete wrappers, very cloth-like so as you’re tearing the wrapper apart, you do not get the noise and crinkle of the usual plastic wrappers. Unfortunately as the top part of the wrapper dis-joins from the top, it still does make a ‘tearing’ sound, although the rest of the wrapper makes no further sound. Since the pad itself is also very cotton-like, the pad comes out of the wrapper without much noise either. However, whenever pad/tampon manufactures come up with something new, they always bring up the price. Does these new pads that offer extra discreteness perform better or is it simply because they found a new way to allow women to hide their feminine hygiene products? Are you paying extra money so that your pad makes less noise or less visible? How outrageous is that, that women are paying extra so they are not embarrassed to change their products in gender-specific or private bathrooms? Even if say your friend was in the stall next to you, is it so embarrassing that SHE knows you’re on your period? Isn’t it more gross to think that you didn’t change your product and it began to leak or stink? We can almost find the realities of life everywhere, drugs, sex, rape, murder, plastered amongst medias of all form, hell, I even see a big condom ad in the guy’s washroom of my college, but yet, menstrual products need to be made invisible, unheard and in fact, if a male were to see it, he SHOULDN’T know what it is!

I’ve pocketed pads/tampons for my girlfriends before and I’m sure one time, it was actually sticking out of my back pocket probably because I was standing/sitting so often that it began to come up. Whether I got weird looks or not, I never noticed and whatever people think of me is absolutely irrelevant. However, the point is, even I, as a heterosexual male, I am not afraid to be seen carrying or even hell, opening feminine hygiene products… so why do girls feel the necessity to hide their products or that they’re handling their periods in gender-specific bathrooms? If women want to be hiding something, they better ought to spend more time properly wrapping and disposing their used products so that the next person who uses the washroom doesn’t have to see it. I’m pretty sure given the choice, most people would opt to see an unused product over a used one!

I wonder how many girls who read my site will dare speak up, but I will still pose the question, “Why are women so concerned about hiding products or usage of them, especially to other females who will, has or had their period?” and perhaps any additional thought you may have on this matter!

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  1. I NEVER feel embarrassed about the pad/tampon. I rip it open for the world to hear, I’ve even changed my pad/tampon in front of my bf with the bathroom door open, and have also done it in my bedroom with my bf there after I shower, etc. I think women who do hide it are either trained to think that they need to be ashamed by societal norms or a little bit insecure. When I was younger (14ish) I WAS ashamed of my period because my mom hadn’t spoken to me too much on the subject… I remember specifically hiding a used (wrapped up)pad in the back of the toilet because I didn’t want my dad or brother seeing it in the hotel trash can. Nowadays, not so much. 🙂

  2. That’s awesome 😀 I think it really takes openness and a really loving-connection to handle just a private matter in the midst of each other! Unfortunately, only 2 of the girls I’ve ever been with have actually been brave enough to do that in front of me… although my ex did leave the door open (at her house.. if it was my house, my parents would boot her out, lol) and it wasn’t a big deal. She was also one of the weird ones who left her pads outside in the closet rather than keeping it in the bathroom or her room. The funny thing is, you hit a point where you “just don’t care” anymore. Had she been my first relationship, I’m sure I would’ve been curious and try to peek in, but the novelty has worn off, LOL. I’m not sure whether she was just forgetful or that I was available at a-shout-away that she wouldn’t take a pad into the washroom when on her period and ask me to get it! I think back and amuse myself sometimes at the first time I had (ya, it wasn’t really a choice…) to see a used pad, rather than being the typical guy and thought “ewwwww” – I thought “wow, that’s so cool!” 😆

    Back in my high-school relationships, I remember one girl I went out with was extremely embarrassed over her period. If anything, she would die if the world knew she was on her period or carried feminine hygiene around. I remember she didnt’ tell me once and put a pad in my bag… and unknowingly, when I went home, my mom used to clean my napsack and questioned me on why I had that… then I had to admit that I was dating this girl, lol. When she’s going into public washrooms (like at the mall), she’d get me to open the pad up so that she wouldn’t have to let people hear ‘the sound’ when she was changing. I rolled my eyes, pulled it out RIGHT in the middle of public, took the wrapper and tore it open (in your words ;)) ‘for the world to hear’ and handed it to her and her face would be beet red, lol. Oh, poor girl… how she didn’t understand she’d have to deal with this for another 30 years of her life, LOL.

    Hiding used pads is never a good idea, haha… they begin to smell… very quickly XD

  3. (I’ve pocketed pads/tampons for my girlfriends before and I’m sure one time, it was actually sticking out of my back pocket) […] — kekekke, talking about me wor? Have u ever done that for me, can’t rmbr.

    I think like most girls, I used to be very shy when I first got my period… for some reason, the first person I told was you >.> haha. For the first 2 months when u would buy napkins with me, I nvr told my mom or even best friend. But I think it was very obvious… you know, back then, big napkins (thin not so popular then) stick out in the trash bin, everyone can see it.. mom found out pretty fast, xDD

    For first year or two, I think I used to try to hide them in my shoe or bra… as long as no one saw, I was happy! Too bad I did not use tampons then, so much easier to conceal, hehehe. Have you ever notice that one headlight is larger than the other b4? I probably had put it in my bra if u noticed, kekeke. Put in shoes is ok too I guess, but walking was hard (unless I put one in each shoe) and the wrapper makes lots of noise becoz I used Always (did not know Kotex were silent!!).

    Now that I’m grown up, dun even care anymore. If ppl see, they probably more afraid of than me 😛

    • Hehe Am’s.. I’m not sure actually, have I? Most of the time I do this is for the girls who don’t carry purse or bag… If they have purse/bag, then they can carry it themselves, why would they need me to do it? haha. I can’t remember either, so long ago, LOL!! Ai… we’re getting old la, haha.

      Pads are still pretty big these days, especially the maxi’s and not the thin ones. Thin ones are so easy to hide in the garbage, you can’t even tell… I can get the Stayfree Overnights down to about half the size of those small spring rolls, lol. If you want to challenge, try rolling/folding up the Always Maximum Protection or Kotex Overnights (one in the picture) to a “small” size… it won’t happen 😛 lol.

      I’m surprized we even survived for 2 months before your mom found out! I figured after the first month, she’d already notice all the “extra garbage”… did you hide them or something? haha… I hope not. Even if you put a pad in your bra, I would’ve never noticed… I really don’t spend a lot of time staring at your breasts or anything >.> What kind of guy do you take me for?!! If you’re going to do it – but them on both sides so they aren’t lob-sided, haha. Ya, Always wrappers are very noisy… it’d kinda defeat the ‘hiding’ purpose if you put it in your shoe and every step you take you can hear the crunching.

      • Oh I usually carry bag with me so mayb not la. We’re not that old, u r just too mature. U would love living in with me n my friends kekekkeke. We leave our pads and tampons out and when we throw it away, we just use old wrappers or tp and toss it in the garbage. I think u would faint from being too excited.

        Hey, look what I see out the corner of my eye. My frd has a bag of Whisper sitting on top of her drawer 😀 tease tease!!!

        Before we throw the garbage down the chute, we will usually wrap with old newspaper becoz it is gross smelling to dump and have someone have to clean it up!!

  4. !!!!
    I started questioning myself because up until the moment I finished reading your entry, I realized that I do try to be as discreet as possible when I’m on my period.
    To other girls, though, I’m more open to it, I think because we’re all going through it (and will be for the next thirty years or so…).

    • Heh, that’s the whole point, to get people’s mind going and thinking about whether they do or not 😛 I suppose most girls are definitely more comfortable with sharing with girls than with guys of course, so it is a pretty natural thing. Yep, it’ll be a long while for you to deal with it, mind as well enjoy it and love it!

      For some it is fear, shame, embarrassment or consideration for others that they don’t want to know. Out of my own group of girls, I think the earlier the girl gets her period, the less open they are about it. On the other hand, those who are the late bloomers seem to be more open, perhaps there’s less embarrassment associated with periods as girls get older… maybe even a status quo in the teenage years to becoming a woman!

      So what’s your analysis of your reasons? hehe. 😀

      • are you talking about this one?
        well, one, there’s blood and tissue coming out!!!
        two, periods make people all moody and do things for no reason, so discretion could be part of the mood swings and strange behavior. ‘cept, i just get made and sad easier.
        three, when you’re cautious of people, you’re cautious all the time.
        four, girls don’t want others in their bodily matters.

        yep… that’s all i could think of off the top of the dome. satisfied? hahaha
        joking… this was actually a great question you asked. and i told my friend about it and she had to think about it as well.

  5. How thought provoking! I guess many of us don’t actually realise we do it. However I myself couldn’t be bothered, I guess it came from the time I started, my dad used to tease me it could’ve gone either way I mean I could’ve been so self conscious but thankfully I’m not. My dad was very supportive and I guess that plays a big roll.

    I would imagine that women are discreet because men tend to be more embarrassed by menstruation than women? And it prevents a Mom from explaining to her child of 5 what it is? Honestly, if men like to fart in public and find it funny… some women may parade their sanitary ware in public for the same reason. But it’s just not tactful.
    But as for why we ‘hide’ it in our gender specific bathrooms…no idea. Could it possibly just be that our discretion extends from the outside to the bathroom subconsciously?

    We might even try hide it in public bathrooms due to hygiene? Some women would rather not know about the blood that could’ve been spilt before her? In my country AIDS is a big thing and quite honestly if I can… I hold out till I get home.

    What I’ve found though with the ‘silent’ wrappers are that the pads themselves are softer and more ‘natural’, ‘cotton-like’ than those disgusting glossy, plastic feel pads that come in the noisy wrapper. Here in South Africa, we have lil-lets pads which I think are wonderful. I bought Always for the first time this month because I couldn’t find my normal brand and they are horrible.

    After giving birth you realise how comfortable the more natural, soft pads are compared to the others. Everyone always talks so negatively about maternity pads…but better comfort you won’t find. (IMO)

    So the silent wrappers may be for discretion…but if women want discretion then tampons are the way to go.

    PS… I think this blog is wonderful!

    • It is rare to have a father be a positive influence towards a daughter’s view of menstruation, what a MAN he truly is! I read a lot of forums, many of girls growing up in a single-family household with their fathers who do not have other female role-models who feel very alone when they have their first period. Although understandably it is hard for a daughter to approach their fathers about starting their period and carrying a frank discussion, I think fathers should take the initiative in ensuring that they make efforts in conveying to their little girls that their daughters can rely on them for useful information. Perhaps with actual personal-experience they cannot give anecdotal information, but they can certainly be supportive and take time to provide good information for their daughters.

      I can understand that women are more sensitive and aware of their surroundings than guys are and in their view, it is because of male embarrassment that they restrain themselves from being too open about things. This is certainly by no means a flaw and in fact, women’s protective nature towards men due to our general mentality being against knowing anything about menstruation or even wanting to accept its existence. If women actual paraded their sanitary products, I’d be pretty happy about it…. LOL, but then that’s just me or perhaps menstrually-interested-men such as myself 😛 Farting in public is pretty tacky and I think even worse than a woman showing a pad or tampon.

      When I say “hide” in public bathrooms, I mean more-so that some feel the need to ensure that people around her don’t know her period is occuring or that she is carrying/using feminine hygiene products. Using silent wrappers is just a way of saying, “The person next to me should not know I’m having my period!” in a way, not so much ‘hiding’ as in ensuring proper disposal. Absolutely that proper disposal of used products is a MUST and indeed, blood-borne concerns are definitely valid. I think it’s pretty obvious that whatever stall you’ve been in, someone has dealt with their menstrual-needs in it before, unless you are the first ever to use that stall. The assumption is pretty natural and whether there’s any evidence left behind, it’s an obvious thing. Likewise, I likely assume when I walk into the guy’s washroom that every single stall or urinal has probably been masturbated in… it’s just what guys do 😆

      I certainly agree that pads with the more silent wrapper are also more indicative of a more cottony/softer pad within. Always pads are horrid when it comes to the plasticky composition and very obvious wrapper sounds. Plastic being non-permeable also encourages the build-up of wetness so there can be a very damp feeling and a sense of roughness when it is saturated… urg, not comfortable I do imagine. Thank you for the info on lil-lets, I was not aware of such a brand! Spent some time doing some research and sure enough, they too use “whisper” wrapped for a more discrete carry/opening. I will be sure to add it to my side-bar 🙂

      I have yet to experiment with maternity pads only because I’d find it hard to find, lol… maybe I just haven’t tried hard enough. I know there are a few options back at home in Hong Kong, but I’m not sure where I’d be able to hide them if I did get them 😛 I do have a couple of friends who happen to work in hospitals here… hrm.. now you’re getting me thinking 😀 haha.

      I just think discretion is completely unnecessary, PAH! Being considerate of those around, yes, that’s nice, but being overly sensitive with tucking a pad/tampon in weird places, burying it 10 feet into a purse, wrapping it with “non-obvious” things or slowly ripping one open and taking 5 minutes to do it is beyond discretion, it is just downright fear of embarrassment and really, that should not be the case.

      Thank you for your positive words about my blog, I certainly hope many of my readers feel that this is a positive contribution! It is an honour to have you here and being so active in this discussion!

  6. oh. I am so not discrete about these things. After all, its a natural occurrence, without it our mums wouldn’t be able to give birth to us! 🙂 I really don’t care of anyone hears the ripping sound the plastic makes, at least I CHANGE my pad frequently and not let it collect and smell… I know girls who wear their pads up to 6 hours… That can’t be good eh? It’s fresh blood, and bacteria starts to feast on it very quickly… resulting in a bad sourish smell… Ugh hate it when some girls don’t change often enough! Hahaha

    • OMG, can I live with you? Seriously, please? 😀 I fear not!! Be as non-discrete as you can be with me please, hahahaha. Indeed, it is a very natural and beautiful thing! Girls should be very proud they get it 😛 I’m going to get hit for saying that, aren’t I? LOL. All we get is this thing between our legs 😆

      The plastic is actually pretty damn noisy, lol… sometimes it is disturbing when you know who that noise is coming from, ewww… haha. I mean, if it was from some hot chick or something, it’d be awesome, but other women… uhh, not so hot, LOL. Yeppers, better to change it than leave it all saturated and smelly. 6 hours is pushing it, but it’s still ok if they’re not too heavy. However, 4 hours is really as far as it should go, depending on their flow and what part of their period they’re at. Yes, bacteria begins to form pretty fast, especially near the vagina it poses an optimal condition for bacterial growth. In general, period blood on a pad/tampon doesn’t begin to smell until it contacts with air. Also, some pads come with a light fragrance, so it shouldn’t smell that bad unless she’s waving it around. You don’t go around sniffing girls between their legs, do ya? 😀 haha. The sour smell is pretty strong, lol, a couple used pads stacked in a garbage bin tends to air-up-the-room pretty quick. 😛 And you seem to know quite a bit about how often (or not often) that some girls change, LOL… sounds like you have experiences XD

  7. Erm…. Sorry to say… I hardly hide… hehe…..
    I dun use Kotex.. I dun mind the plastic sound…. I would make it as loud as it can be… Kind of ‘enjoying’… Haha… I dun like the wrapper that does not make any sound… Weirdo I am here… kakakkaakka….
    Well, I sound to my friends that I am menstruating… Erm….. It’s my girl friend that find weird if they see my unwrapped pad in my bag….
    But, quite weird if a man saw a pad in my bag… But, I will just ignore it…
    Malaysia’s society quite conservative in this kinda thingy…..
    Anyways, now I start to realise why is it my girlfriends like hiding all the feminine things…. Erm….. I din think of it before and sort of ignoring their act….

    • =O God damn, why must I live in this forsaken country where everyone is so hush-hush about it? HAHAHA. It is very enjoying to rip a wrapper open really loud, lol… don’t worry, I find enjoyment in that too XD Yes yes, we’re all weirdos, we’ve established that. The old Kotex with the pink plastic wrappers made a shit-load of noise, I’m sure you would’ve loved those – LOL .. but that’s probably why they’ve gone the cloth-wrappers now. You’re pretty 變態 that you ENJOY it being loud, you want the world to know meh? haha.

      Like some of my other posters, I guess it is more common and comfortable to tell girl-friends about that stuff, and I don’t see anything weird in that – it makes more sense to express something to those who know about it rather than someone who doesn’t. I just think that’s where the barrier comes in on why men don’t know about it or have wrong information, because FACTUAL information isn’t shared with them. Why would you unwrap your pad in your bag anyways? O_o It gets all crushed and wrinkled, bleh. It’s even worse if the adhesive sticker comes off and starts getting stuck to everything… LOL!!

      It’s rare that a guy would be going through your purse anyways 😛 – so should not be an issue. The only purses I’ve ever gone through it my mom’s, cousin, girlfriends or REALLY REALLY close girl-friends, because a purse is like a wallet, a very personal/restricted item. Most girls keep pads/tampons in side-pockets, at the bottom or in a separate bag so it is not as “visible” Don’t worry, you don’t have to feel weird if I see it, I will just give you a scary grin, lol.

      See, I guess this entry was good, helped make you think about why your girl-friends do that XD I dunno, maybe just particular to the Malaysian girls I talk to, they seem VERY VERY open about it… a few of my fellow bloggers even took pictures of what they bought (sanitary napkins included) after they went shopping and gave it great captions, lol… I find they’re more open about it than here in North America.

      • The unwrap statement means…………..
        Some of them wrap it with newspaper… Some put inside a small tiny bag…..
        Not the unwrap that you got….. zzzz…. hahaaha…..

  8. Sophia Chu :

    The unwrap statement means…………..
    Some of them wrap it with newspaper… Some put inside a small tiny bag…..
    Not the unwrap that you got….. zzzz…. hahaaha…..

    Cheee… so secretive ma? Have to hide in newspaper? OMG…. it’s like as if they were hiding a bomb or something, lol. Well, at least now I know where they hide the… so I can steal it now so that when they go to get a pad, there are none left… muhahaha… SO EBBIILL (yes, I spelt it ebil, not evil) 👿 … told you I am a devil in disguise 😀

    • Swt.. They placed it in their bag k….
      Are you going to put your hand into their bagssssssss and take it??????

      • Haha… well I dunno who reads my blog or not, so I’m not going to say anything. There’s an angel and devil in every one of us 😀 I’m very complex and unpredictable with a tinge of evil on-the-side… I’m not that stupid where I tell everyone everything 😛 If I plan on doing something bad, no one would know about it. If I say it out loud, the likelihood is I won’t do it… HAHA.

        知人口面不知心…. XD

        It is raining hard and thunderstorming… I WANT MOMMY!!! T_T

  9. Someone is using proverb.. Not bad not bad…. 😛
    Mommy boy…. zzz

    • Haha, I know lots of proverbs… I’m very Chinesey… I just don’t show it normally 😛

      I’m the only child, so of course I’m a mommy & daddy’s boy! However, I always tell people that just because I’m used to having someone take care of me and do things for me, doesn’t mean I don’t know how to do something, I just choose not to do it 😆 But…. I do like taking care of my girls, so I’m not a complete asshole 😀

      Plus, if I get so scared of the thunder that I have to pee myself, at least I have lots of pads and tampons around… LOLOLOL.. no worries there.

  10. I’m not embarrassed about my period and I don’t know anyone else who is either. Recently I have seen two purses with tampons clearly visable. One was made of clear plastic and the other was a black mesh. At my daughter’s dance studio, I heard someone shout, “Anyone got a tampon?”

    I think manufacturers would like us to think we are embarrassed. But I just don’t see that happening.

    • Hehe Jada, well you’re a different type of lady anyways (in a good way!) 😛 I suppose your daughter’s dance studio would generally be majority of females would it not? Nevertheless, it’s great to see children are being more exposed and brought up in a way that does not see menstruation as some kind of terrible and embarrassing thing. Of course we know you openly discuss your period at Kayo’s and much to the happiness of the community members 😀

      Yes, manufacturers will continue to prey on those who’s resolve is not as strong as the women who feel uncomfortable with openness about menstruation. It is not necessarily about flaunting it, but a realistic acknowledgment of menstruation is a good start. Oh, just another thought on dance classes… I suppose it would be logical for many girls who do dance to use tampons, but I ponder whether there are those who will still use pads as long as they’re not wearing tight-clothing.. hrm…

  11. alysonman :
    ‘cept, i just get made and sad easier.

    i meant ‘mad’

  12. alysonman :

    are you talking about this one?
    well, one, there’s blood and tissue coming out!!!
    two, periods make people all moody and do things for no reason, so discretion could be part of the mood swings and strange behavior. ‘cept, i just get made and sad easier.
    three, when you’re cautious of people, you’re cautious all the time.
    four, girls don’t want others in their bodily matters.

    yep… that’s all i could think of off the top of the dome. satisfied? hahaha
    joking… this was actually a great question you asked. and i told my friend about it and she had to think about it as well.

    Haha, ya, this is the one! I’m so high-maintenance, aren’t I? 😛 Psh, you make blood and tissue coming out sound so horrible… bleh, haha. It’s rather cool and enjoyable (well, at least for the person not having to experience it, lol). But anyways, those are some good thoughts, especially where the discretion is as a result of “staying away” from people during that time! Nevertheless, I just find that’s a bit interruptive (ya, not a word… haha) to regular lifestyle because girls will spend practically 30% of their lives actively menstruating, so if one were to be “cautious” of people (because of irritability/PMS, etc), then there goes 30% of a woman’s life worrying about bleeding between her legs – OUCH!

    Maybe girls should start adopting guy-standards to bodily functions, lol… I think as guys, we’re pretty crude when it comes to making things well known, haha. We’ll often be like, “Ya, I gotta go take a shit” or “Man, I’m going to go take a piss” or “Hey, you know when you get skid marks in your underwear?” and all sorts of publicly broadcast things like that 😀 Not very tactful to say the least, but definitely engages conversation, LOL!!! There’s a few of my girls who will dare say to me, “My pad is getting full I think – I have to go change it.” O_o .. they rock!

    • High maintenance Canadian. And blood and tissue coming out IS horrible. Makes me tired as crap, painkillers are my best friend for those heavy days. But yeah, periods get in the way of so many things, like you worry about it coming out and getting on your clothes and it makes fun stuff not so fun.. Like going swimming or staying over with friends.

      And it’s strange that “broadcasting” that you’re about to pee or take a shit isn’t taboo. Loads of girls say it, actually. But with periods, it’s muchhhh different for those reasons that people came up with above.

      Honestly, though, I really don’t want to know if a girl’s pad is full but that’s just me.

      • Hrm, to each their own… some women have no ‘problems’ when dealing with their period. I know of one girl, conveniently my god-sister who has her period and it’s just like another day for her. She has a light flow and little “adverse” effects from her period. I suppose she’s one of the few I know who don’t find it particularly intrusive about having their period. One time my friend, her and I were chatting and the topic came to how she only needs to use 2-3 tampons/pads a day even on her ‘heavier’ (heavy compared to her other days – yet, still light…) and my friend freaked out, lol.. because most would use 6-7 a day. Swimming should not be too much of an issue as long as you’re not in immense pain.. tampons are you friend 🙂

        With proper menstrual management and supplies, going about your daily-life shouldn’t be an issue. In general, most menstrual products nowadays are quite reliable as long as you put them on right and change them regularly, so it should never ‘come out’ – lol. Surely, when the pad gets extremely full, it’s not exactly comfortable – so that’s a pretty damn good hint to change, lol. In terms of tampons, well then one should check on it regularly on washroom breaks with a small tug. If it comes out easily, then it’s already full. If not and it hasn’t surpassed the 8-hour mark, one can continue using it. When you stay over at a friend’s place, you usually need to go to the washroom anyways to urinate or defecate… so… changing is just one extra thing 😛

        Hrm… funny you should mention girls saying those things, but I think I’d find it more awkward for a girl to tell me she was going to take a crap than to tell me she needed to change, lol. Maybe that’s just me.. yah, totally is 😆 My ex did that once, she told me she had to take a dump and I had no words… haha. However, she regularly tells me she has to change her pad and that doesn’t bother me… 😀 One would like to imagine most people think hearing about crap is more bearable than hearing about meeting menstrual needs – lol.

        Ya, you have no need to worry about another girl’s problems… you have your own to be concerned with 😆

      • Gosh, I’m squeamish. You throw around those terms so easily! Hahaha
        And your god-sis is suuuuper lucky!!
        But you have to admit, periods are inconvenient! They sometimes start at the worst timesssssss. Gosh. lol

        Well, I need to take a crap. Good bye.

  13. alysonman :

    Gosh, I’m squeamish. You throw around those terms so easily! Hahaha
    And your god-sis is suuuuper lucky!!
    But you have to admit, periods are inconvenient! They sometimes start at the worst timesssssss. Gosh. lol

    Well, I need to take a crap. Good bye.

    Poor you, being so squeamish is a bad thing, or at least it is if you continue perputating that 😛 One of my coworkers (female, mom) told me that after you go through pregnancy and have to take care of a child, nothing feels gross or makes you squeamish anymore, lol. Have you ever thought of having a child? You know they make those huge maternity pads for a reason, right? LOL.. it’s like having 5 periods in one 😛

    I know, my god-sis is super lucky, even I feel slightly jealous and impressed, lol. We don’t get to do a lot of pad/tampon shopping though as a result 😦 boo! She really “has it easy” – I wonder if that’ll change. I mocked her that because she has such light periods now, that when she’s 20, it’ll be like a waterfall, haha. I’m so cruel… but caring, I swear, yes caring! 😆

    Ya, periods are rather inconvenient, so really, I just see it as something that can be managed at regular washroom intervals. Humans have other non-period related needs that we fulfill on a regular basis but we just don’t think about it because it doesn’t involve uterine lining dripping out (LOL – that make you squeamish enough?)… like eating and drinking for instance. Having to change a pad or tampon say every 2-3 hours is not all too bad, because you would regularly need to go pee/take a crap anyways. Other than having sex, I can’t think of all too many things that periods would “stop” you from doing (and even that’s doable). I won’t disagree that it can come at horrible times, but maybe as a guy who likes periods, it doesn’t bother me as much? LOL. I guess my opinion is fairly biased 😀

    Hope you enjoy your crap 🙂 Don’t forget to change while you’re at it!! LOLOLOLOL.

    • I’m not so sure I wanna have a kid. Haven’t even thought about it! A couple weeks ago, my friends and I watched an episode of ‘Sixteen and Pregnant’. The girl was IN labor for like 25 hours!!! Her body wouldn’t dilate so they couldn’t give her the epidural. And finally, she got a C-Section. *Traumatized*

      I’m sure you’re -somewhat- caring to your sister if you insist. lol

      Your second to last paragraph was almost too much to handle. -.-;;
      Guys should have periods too. That’d be wonderful. Ever thought of getting a period one day? I can just see it: Asian guy observing the stuff coming outta him and enjoying every second of it. LOL. Fascinating! You’re SO biased.

      And I was joking about the crap. haha
      My period was two weeks ago, FYI. I must savor the time I have without it.

      • Ya, 25 hours is pretty extreme. My aunt went past the 24 hour period (lol – period, ya, I like using that word XD Just joking… just happen to fit in there) and said they couldn’t risk keeping the baby in and had to ‘force remove’ it.

        I’m pretty caring to most of my girls.. girls are great, you know how joyful it is to hear them laugh and see them smile? 😛 It’s like being in heaven!

        I’m pretty sure a lot of girls would love for guys to have periods, so they know the pain, inconvenience and all the ‘suffering’ girls have to go through. I wouldn’t be so much inclined to having it, it’s fun when girls have it so I can pamper them, spoil them and take care of them 😀 If I had a vagina, I wouldn’t mind having my period, but really, thinking about having my period through my aherm… doesn’t sound too pleasing.

        Hrm.. not sure if it was a good idea to report your last instance of your period 😛 Now I feel obligated to keep track of it and inform you when it will start, LOL. Stupid Poh Ching messed up my schedule for her and now I have to recalculate everything for her -_-” (GRUMBLES)!

      • That’s nice to hear that the females in Canada are well taken care of. 😛
        LOL at periods coming from other places!!

        Uhhhh, you don’t need to keep track of it. I don’t have a calendar, but I know when it’s supposed to come. lolol
        Thanks, though?

  14. 😦 Speaking of keeping track…. I didn’t tell u that my mom threw away my calendar because she thought it was “last year”… the garbage-lady already collected lor, now I lost track of the exact date >_< I have an 'idea'… but dun wan to be at work or something and have big aunt come, lol. Ya ya, I know u would be REALLY happy if it did tho 🙄

    Perfect that you keep track of mine, can you pweasy send me the last date I had it and anything else u kno? I don't BELIEVE SHE THREW AWAY MY CALENDAR!! She found it on my table because I was arranging my vacation dates -____-' and thought it meant "throw it away"… aiiii… See… I knew it'd be useful for u to help me track 1 day, lol… now it paid off ^__^

    I'm hungry… going to get some fish balls la, want some? teasetease 😛

  15. alysonman :

    That’s nice to hear that the females in Canada are well taken care of.
    LOL at periods coming from other places!!

    Uhhhh, you don’t need to keep track of it. I don’t have a calendar, but I know when it’s supposed to come. lolol
    Thanks, though?

    I’m not a manwhore, lol… I have a handful of girls I deal with, not the entire Canadian-female populace, HAHA. It’s OK, what I said was a statement, not a question XD Don’t worry, I won’t remind you, it’s more for me to prod you when you are most irritable… 😆

    Amy – Are you for real? Why the hell would your mom do that >.> … or rather, be in your room messing around, lol. Maybe I should not say that, because my mom is in my room all the time too, haha.. that’s why I can’t hide anything in here. I have all your information for many years, LOL… how much back-dated period info do you need? HAHAHA. I’ll send you the last few by email and stuff 😛 Things always pay off, I’m like a long-term investment, LOL!!!

    Bleh, regular fish balls or fried ones? I only like the fried ones. No need to tease, only half a year or so to go before I’ll be chomping down on yummy-HK food!

  16. *them, i meant

    • Periods are NOT a misfortune… it’s a beautiful process which has resulted in our presence here today! Mind you not all girls suffer from adverse effects or pains, so you cannot necessarily associate menstruation with ‘issues’ 😛 some have it, some don’t.

      Menstruation is awesome, just because you see it as a misfortune… I don’t, so that’s your problem 😀

  17. zl00pedragl0ver

    I hope if and when i have a daughter ,that she will find understanding willing to talk to me about periods etc.

  18. I don’t want people to know that I am on my period because I’m afraid they will disregard my feelings because I’m on my period. Plus my younger siblings don’t know periods exist.

  19. Lester Mo Lester

    If you are on your period, I will find you and I will steal your used items. I want to know what you smell and taste like. After your period, I will invade your hamper to sniff your dirty panties. Invite me in to fix your computer while you are at work. I know it will only take me ten minutes, and while you are not home, I will probably get naked and jack off on your own bed while pleasuring myself with your crusty panties or pads and tampons. At the very least, I will stroke myself with every item from your panty drawer and put them back.

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