U by Kotex – Show Me the Hype!

You know, I’ve actually received 2 emails about this on why I haven’t covered anything about the new “U” by Kotex that are being released. Given the big hype over the whole advertisement‘s use of the word “vagina” on public TV, I decided having read 7 blog entries about it in one day is enough for me. Moreover, when you have too many people covering it, the entry just becomes a useless weight to my blog when people have probably read about it somewhere else already. Nevertheless, I’d like to let my readers know that it isn’t that I’m not interested in the new Kotex “U” pads and the way that Kotex is trying to revolutionize the way people think about periods, but I just didn’t want to cover something that’s already been (heh… wait for it….) saturated – :lol:! I’m very happy that a pad/tampon manufacturer is finally making a stand on the whole censorship behind feminine hygiene products. As much as I hate how these companies monopolize on women’s need to feel that they need to be absolutely discrete about their periods, we are finally making progress one-step-at-a-time by first, bringing positive exposure to periods.

Having looked at some information about the “U” pads, I have not been extremely convinced to feel that these pads are revolutionizing menstrual protection. Certainly, part of this game was their “Break the Cycle” campaign and advertisement, but the pad itself does not appear to be groundbreaking technology unlike Always Infinity that truly made me turn my head and say, “Wow, that’s one hell of a new product!” I’ll be frank, I’m not easily impressed by feminine hygiene products… they really need some amazing quality, comfort and price-point to render a nod-of-approval from me. I’m sure they don’t give a shit about what I think, especially because I don’t have menstrual-needs, but these pads have a long way to go before meeting my expectations to their Asia-counterparts!

From my personal observation, these are some thoughts about the “features” of the new U pads:

  • Tru-fit wings (to help the pad stay put… a pretty common thing to have amongst most pads, just wings with a fancy name)
  • ClearWear cover (keeps you fresh and dry… I guess I’ll find out when I can get my hands on one.. the existing Kotex are pretty soft already)
  • MicroMax core (helps lock fluid away fast… I’m wondering if it’s as fast as Always Infinity Infinicel)
  • Cottony side-barriers (I suppose this is slightly new, based on the concept-design, a more defined side-barrier, but not sure if it’s any different from the existing softness)
  • Colourful wrappers (Are you kidding me? I know you’re trying to change things and be “different” than other brands/types, but the packet-colours help define the absorbency levels and now you’ve messed the whole system up. Even if that’s not the case, really, you’re trying to market a product because it has different coloured wrappers?!! LIKE REALLY?!)

I guess I shouldn’t give such a negative feedback on it yet since I haven’t tested it, but wow… the whole multi-coloured wrappers made me laugh a bit. Unfortunately it would seem that these “U” pads are ultra-thins… and yes, I hate those, lol, sorry for the ultra-thin lovers out there 😛 Too bad they didn’t make a maxi-version of them… HAH. Well I suppose the maxi-version might potentially kill off an “discreteness” due to the size, lol. Nevertheless, I will still of course test them out and make a note of what I think 🙂 I should not be prejudice before trying them out – it is only fair! I’m not quite sure when it is going to arrive in Canada… I thought they were sending out samples and stuff, but it doesn’t appear to have hit-the-shelves yet. I ain’t getting any samples sent to me, so maybe I’ll have to persuade one of my girl-friends to let me send it to their houses? LOL. On an unrelated note, apparently Stayfree has some new pads coming out as well… I wonder if it’s another gimmick where they change the colour around, claim it has some “new technology” so they can jack up the price. I suppose making money off women is really easy… better hide now that I just said that 😀

I believe this campaign has been around for a while and that the greater hype is that they revamped it a bit and brought it into North America. I do remember a while ago already having seen this new rebranding and similar “controversial” advertisements released in Australia and Europe. I don’t know why we’re always the last to get everything, lol. Just as I recall from memory, I looked it up and indeed there is a Kotex Beaver Ad. I’m pretty sure with this entry, I’m already “behind the time” due to my reluctance to cover this topic, so you’re welcome to read about it more in detail about the Break the Cycle Campaign @ re: Cycling sponsored by Kotex. Now all I hope is that I’m able to get my hands a couple of these pads before I fall even further behind with the times, lol.

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  1. They look so thin in the picture, makes me want to try gimmegimmegimme!!! Since when did u start liking Stayfree since they moved to the new ones n not the classic ones nemore? Thought u didn’t like the smell either meh? U have pics of these new ones yet? U shld find them so I can see 😛 u r so lucky now, like a dream cm true with so many news types lately 🙂

    • Haha, I would happily giveyougiveyougiveyou if I had my hands on some too… I’m OK with Stayfree, just don’t love it. A very-special-someone is a Stayfree fan, so if I wasn’t, that’d be a very bad idea, lol. Yes, the classic ones were better and I don’t like how they scent all their pads now, but oh well. The smell does get ALL OVER the place though, on your hands, on underwear, and it really carries because if you have a really good nose, you’ll notice it very easily. Seems like no matter how much washing you do, the smell stays there for a while until you stop using it. I got the scent smell on my hands and I had to use lots of soap and scrubbing to get it off!

      I don’t have ‘live’ pics of them yet, but you’ll be the first one to find out when I do! Ya ya, when they get offered in Canada on-the-shelf, I’ll grab them. Maybe I’ll even dig some coupons for them 😀 I wish I had more friends who lived in the U.S who could send some of their products over, haha. Not really that lucky right now la, only 1 new product, Always Infinity, that has reached here… the Kotex U and Stayfree ThermoControl hasn’t reached here yet… bleh. I still haven’t even gotten to see the purple-packaged Extra Heavy Overnight Maxi Pads yet… gah >.>

  2. Is it me or did this article make you want to buy an iPad?

  3. Do you know the price point for U Kotex? How does it compare to other brands?

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  13. I juz tried these my last period, I likey 😀 It’s nice n’ long too, while it is so thin. Perhaps u shld give sm to bebe, it’ll definitely absorb for her heavy flows n’ at nite so she doesn’t hv to get up to change! Get me more next time u cm bk 😀

    • I think I gave one to bebe, but it’s rather long and given the length, I’m not sure it’d even fit her, HAHA… she’s a small gal and I think it’d cover all the way up her butt 😛 She might need it after we have a kid or something for post-pregnancy periods, LOLOLOL. I don’t think she has that heavy of a flow, just based on the pads she gave me her period isn’t whacked-out heavy, unless she changes a lot. I always wanted a girl with a heavy period, but hey, haha… that’s a stupid thing to base who I love on XD She is who she is and I love her like crazy that way!

      I don’t think most girls need to get up mid-night to change, most overnight pads should get them through the night. Now I got bebe on my mind now, nice going… I just want to grab her and smoosh her right now 😆

      I’ll get some for you as long as you have some stock for me when I get back 😛

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