If it Ain’t Broken, Don’t Fix It

Yes, that’s a pretty common phrase and I think we’ve all heard it… but now here’s the kicker… apply it in to talking about menstrual hygiene products and now, does it make so much sense anymore? LOL!

I must say, for guys like me who are flow-lovers (or for those not inclined to this term, just guys who are “interested” in menstruation), many of us (and yes, there are quite a few whether you believe it or not) like to explore the world of menstruation, pads, tampons, sponges, cups, cloth, organics and many other forms of menstrual products. We get excited over new, revamped or discontinued products which we truly miss. I think that to my younger days, the classic versions of Always, Stayfree (back then under the name Stayfree Prima), Vania (which are no longer sold in Ontario), Kotex – ah yes, the good ol’ days! I still remember vividly all the awesome packaging that they came in 😆 But anyways, when it comes down to women, how many of you actually consider using different products?

Not my drawer... don't get too excited!

The reason I bring this up is because I remember several instances where I asked some of my girls whether they like to explore different existing products, try new ones that come out or use a variety or adjust what they use. The overwhelming response seems to be that they don’t really take a lot of time thinking about their current products. Many feel if they find what works for them, they don’t have a reason to experiment or switch. Of course I also have my few girls who always like to test out new ones with me and let me know how they work, you gals rock ^__^ I still have an email from my ex-ex about one time I wrote to her asking about whether she has any inclination to try out the Always Infinity (when I first found out about its pending release 10 months ago or so)! I’m not going to quote word-for-word her email, since that’s between her and I 😉 kekekek, but… she tackled a few points:

  • Has not bothered trying something new
  • Does not have opinion on her existing product(s)
  • Has been using the same products since period started
  • Does not take time to consider the pros/cons of current products she is using
  • Believes her existing products serves their purpose and has no further considerations

So of course in our flow-loving mind, we can’t fathom why a girl who’s lucky enough to get (should I say lucky or do I risk being slapped? haha) her period would not want to try new products… something new/revamped, perhaps something better for comfort, absorbency and/or discreteness. Suffice to say, not every revamped or new product is better than an existing one, but certainly, there are merits to trying it. I know trying new products often have an air of discomfort, after all, who wants to go through a leak because of trying another product? I always advise my girls if they’re trying something new, to try for a bit at home first, then take it into public when there’s a bit more faith? A lot of my girls are really nice and can give me a pretty good review after a period or two, along with my own personal testing methods, so I can usually get a pretty accurate idea of the product!

New "U" by Kotex line hosts a variety of maxi pads AND tampons

For those who haven’t read my historical posts, there have been news pads released across North America – most notably the new “U” by Kotex line as well as the new Stayfree Thermo Control, both of them boasting some inventive technologies to enhance comfort, dryness, security (wings/adhesive-wise), and discreteness… and in the back of my mind, I wonder whether it’s just another excuse for a cash-grab, but hey, I’ll let you know when I test them out! From Kayo’s board, I read that apparently there’s already some Walmart’s in the U.S that have put the new Kotex’s on sale already and hopefully it’s only a matter of time before it hits Canadian shelves… or Ontario shelves for all I care, lol. I remember the wait, I think it was almost 4-5 months after Always Infinity were released in U.S before it reached here, bah!

Stayfree Maxi Pads w/ Thermo Control

Unfortunately, one of the posters also mentioned that the new Kotex’s are no longer made in U.S.A, but now made in China… oh lord – do I already smell leaks? LOL! Ok, so I should have a bit more faith in that things being imported into North America passes a degree of quality assurance, so I should zip my mouth for the time being. Nevertheless, if they’re going to start having pads made in China, why they hell are they not bring those great Asia-brands over to Canada while they’re at it? 😀

So girls, are you the type of explore new/revamped products or do you prefer sticking to what you have? Do you consider trying if someone recommends you give it a shot? Do you use a variety of products to meet your needs or only stick to one brand/absorbency? Do you consider whether your existing product meets your needs or think that there may always be “something better”?

When it comes to your menstrual protection – are you the “If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it” mentality? 🙂

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  1. Hrm… well I guess u already know the answer to this since u got me into trying everything 😛 It’s yur fault I spend so much money buying new stuff, LOL! Before, I would always only use my particular type of tampon or pad, but then u made me so curious about ‘exploring’ different ones. I agree w/ u that when it comes to trying ones other than the ones we’re used to, that there can be good and bad ones. I have tried a few u recommended and switch to using them. Other ones I try were no good, so I went back or moved on to others. I like to use diff pads/tampons for diff days, it is easier to handle and I can suit it to my comfort level. No point wearing a super-huge-maxi-pad when I don’t need one… but I know u love that 😉 kakakaka.

    Of coz I stick to a few brands and sizes I like, but I am not “against” trying something new if u or another one of my frd recommends… I trust yur judgments 😛 (or should I not? lol) I don’t sit down to think about whether my pads/tampons are working out for me, because if I know they aren’t, then I don’t give it a second thought about getting new ones. Maybe u dun understand what I mean? Just that it doesn’t “run through my mind” – I jus act on it ‘when’ it happens. Although the few brands/sizes u gave me r very good, so I have not had to switch in a while.

    Haha, u make it sound like made in china is so bad… we have lots made in china here, my underwear r still clean xDD I suppose I’m not like yur ex, I love trying new things if they r available, either local or shipped… because if I dun like it, it’s only “once” anyways. I can always donate to fam/frd’s if not and at least it is not going to waste.

    It’s ok u say we r lucky… some think so, some dun’t, can’t make everyone happy. I love my period lor, you know that… ‘cuz it makes me so…. nvrmnd, u know what I mean 👿 kekeke. You have Walmart too rite? Maybe if they cm out in US already, soon to hit Canada!!

  2. I stick to what works for me 😛 And I bet you know which brand I am a fan of 🙂 Even if I do try new stuff, it’ll have to come from Kotex 🙂 Except for pantyliners, I use Carefree sometimes – it’s as good as the one Kotex has ^^

    • Hurr… kinda funny you mention carefree ptl’s because it was only recently I found out carefree makes tampons, lol.. I always thought they were ptl’s only 😛 Guess there’s something new to learn everyday!

      Ya, I did some research on the Kotex in Malaysia and they’re definitely nice ^__^ I don’t like the design of the top-sheet of the ptl’s… although I’m not sure if they’re different for you. The ones sold in Canada have a really unappealing (lol) top-sheet design to them, so ugly 😀 Always (your Whisper) has recently come up with a new ptl, but none of my girls have gotten it yet, so no one to test it with or ask about, bleh. I don’t feel like getting them either since they come in huge ass boxes, lol.

      If one of your good friends recommended a product to you, would you consider trying at all? How did you “discover” the right ones you use now or have you just always used it (or maybe passed-down from mom/sis?)..

  3. I used to use Laurier when I first got my period, not sure if Ontario has it. But they always gave me terrible rashes! I wasn’t sure if it was my problem or the pad’s problem until I grew older and found that I might actually be allergic to the pad itself. -__-

    Since then I’ve switched to Kotex and Sofy (again, not sure if you have it there) and I have had no problems since. Though I did try to use Laurier again just for the sake of seeing if I’m really allergic and whaddaya know, rashes again. Major urgh.

    I think I’d probably try new ones if someone I know were to recommend it to me. 🙂 I actually stumbled upon Kotex when I borrowed one from one of my pals during one of those ‘surprise’ visits. >.> I still have my own preferences towards the texture and lengths and stuff like that though. After all, I know what sorts fits me best. 😛

    • Haha, everyone’s body is different… see you had no problems with Kotex, but a friend of mine does and she gets rashes (and sometimes even worse) when she uses Kotex. I know my cousin (2 of them, from the same family line.. so maybe inherited allergy) who can’t use Whisper and if they do, they can’t stop scratching, lol. You’re lucky that you are only allergic to some pads and not all, because I think there are women who can’t deal with the general pad-composition, which means they’re down to using organic ones, tampons, or reusable products. Weeh.. tampons 😆

      We have Kotex here, but not the great kinds Malaysia has (or other Asian regions) 😥 – it is so depressing yes. Sofy we can’t get here except at specialty stores. If I go to one of those import stores, I can get them for about ~22rm/package… expensive as shit eh? I have tried getting them online, but have not found a place with good shipping rates >.> bleh. However, I have experimented with Sofy when I was in HK and will be going there this Christmas, yay ^__^ I’m not sure why I loved Laurier so much, but the first time I saw the super-guard barrier (http://www.kao.com/my/laurier/lre_super_30_00.html) that comes up as you open the pad, I was like, “WOAH, that’s so cool!” =O I think Sofy has similar kinds, but I ran outta time in HK before being able to try all the brands/types… LOL! Ouch, guess you won’t be using Laurier again >.> Poor Cherrie!

      Hehe, I like how you quoted ‘surprise’ visit XD Did not know that happened to older girls anymore since they’re usually on a pretty regular schedule. But, ya, shit happens, and lucky you that you stumbled upon Kotex 😀 Try the Kotex Soft & Smooth Overnight ones if you haven’t already ❤

      Ya, I know what you mean by having preference of texture and length. Sometimes I find myself criticizing certain brands/sizes only because they have crappy texture, not because it necessarily is a 'bad pad' (lol)… even some tampons have crappy textures so some are better than others!

  4. I know from the limited amount of information from my wife, she started with always when she first got her period at age 13. She has used both Stayfree and Kotex when she gets free samples of them, but always goes back to always. She told me once the Kotex pad felt like cardboard and didn’t absorb as quick as her usual always. So she felt wet and worried about leakage. The one time she tried Stayfree, she told me it was ok but nothing special.

    When always infinity came out she was skeptical because she has been brand loyal to always ultra since our relationship started. But soon after trying the always infinity she threw out her supply of always ultra and stocked up on always infinity.

    I would love to chat with the women here to see what they think!

    • Hey CF!

      I think you’re right about Infinity being the most impressive so far. Although I do like the assortment of Kotex and Stayfree, really, they haven’t came out with anything new for a while. With the new release of “U” by Kotex and Stayfree Thermo Control, I’m really waiting to see if that can amaze me as much as the Infinicel core has within the Always Infinity.

      With most of the girls I know, they too are loyalists to Always. I guess given they also have a strong market-share, it is no wonder so many women flock to it even though there may be better brand alternatives. Rather, this goes back to the nature of the topic in that whether women take the time to explore other kinds or just feel they want to stick with what they have, because it is proven to work. Each mentality has its merits after all, if they’re like your wife – a bit more adventurous, they MAY find something that suits them better. Nevertheless, if they have found what they like, maybe then that already makes them comfortable enough.

      I guess the Kotex cardboard feeling depends on what she’s using… yes, the Kotex Ultra thins do feel very cardboardy, but the maxis do not. Likewise, the Stayfree thins are pretty rough/stiff as well – and thus, perhaps I’m more inclined to the smooth and soft nature of maxis rather than thins. I find the equivalent absorbency of Always and Kotex to have the differences in that Kotex seems to absorb less quickly, but can hold more.. on the other hand, Always holds less, but absorbs a bit quicker. I’m rather annoyed with Stayfree ever since they made their pads “mandatory” scented… I can’t find non-scented ones anymore. The smell of the Stayfree pads get everywhere… doesn’t even come off my hands with a few washes!

      Thanks for dropping by, I haven’t posted much in Kayo’s lately.. X_x I probably should.

  5. I was so made when Stayfree Ultra Thins went to the Thermo control. I cant find my “regular” ones any more. I have sensitive skin, after 2 years of trying to find the right “products”, Stayfree saved me! I have no option but to change brands after 15 years. The new Thermo Control is driving me crazy. They stink! The pads smell like chemicals! They can not be natural at all. I have contacted Stayfree about the smell issue. I went for about a month wondering what was smelling so horrible in my cabinets. It was their pads! I felt so self conscious all day wearing them. I don’t have the odor problem that seem women do, so I cant say the Thermo Control helped. The pad felt the same as the regular ones. So I dont know what the thermo control is really going to do for others. I can not see how other women are going to feel comfortable wearing a chemical rag that smells like a science project gone wrong. Stayfree change back before I find another brand to be loyal to!

    • Hi Ashley,

      I agree with your sentiments about the changes to Stayfree. I was actually looking forward to trying the new Thermo Control ones, but they have not been released in Canada yet, but now from your review, it doesn’t seem like I ought to be overly excited about it. Even with the “prior” changes to their maxi lines, I was not too happy with the amazingly pungent (and not in a good way) scent that they put on their pads. They used to have both scented and non-scented lines which I preferred. As I’ve mentioned in previous comments before, my biggest gripe with Stayfree now is really the scenting… if not for that, they make for an amazingly comfortable and absorbent pad – much to your likings as well!

      Stayfree has an amazing strong scent, even if covered by clothing in the proper environments. Sitting next to girls, I may be able to even smell the scent of Stayfree because it is a very noticable and definitive scent it has strictly to their brand. I’m still a Stayfree fan because they do make good products, minus the scent and their pads, also boast some of the better wings. I’m glad Stayfree took time to tackle odour issues because unlike other pads, it was not as effective to covering it up, but using heavy scents and chemicals was not the greatest way to do it because now it seems to have backfired on them.

      With the Thermo Control however, have you found it is drier skin-contact or was it strictly for odour control? It says it is supposed to “Stay dry, stay cool and feel exceptionally comfortable” according to their official statement. I found the original Stayfree Cottony Maxi was already quite comfortable, so there wasn’t really this great need to spend more time “improving” on that matter and rather, they should worry about all the crap they put in their pads to ‘make it smell good’.

      I’m hoping in the future, maybe my girlfriend will stop using Stayfree if they keep sticking this heavy chemical in it because I’m concerned for her safety in the event it promotes yeast infections or other vaginal dryness/infections.

      Thanks for your comment!!

  6. 1. I knew someone would be able to detect the smell, if they were close enough to me. Your comment confirmed my fears. I was so paranoid last month. Every time I went to a bathroom stall, the smell of the pad would just engulf it! I have never noticed the scent prior to the product change. The scent is comparable to formaldehyde to me. There is no fresh and clean about it. It is straight chemical. The scent is CONSIDERABLY stronger than the original StayFree Ultra Thin.
    2. NO, I was not noticeably drier or cooler when they added the “thermo control”. The cotton maxi was already comfortable and kept me drier than the other brands I had tried. Which makes me question: what were they thinking? If women change their pads more frequently they will have less “heat build up”. When I was younger and didn’t know any better, I would wait too long and experience the “heat” or infection. When I started changing pads more often the “heat” or infection is rarely an issue for me. Young women should be educated about this. Pads are like Tylenol, parents take it for granted that their daughters will “know what to do with it”, modest parents don’t always know or tell young girls everything. If it says on the package of pads to change every 2 or 3 hours and adjust to you personal preference, young girls can learn to listen to their own bodies quicker. You don’t hand a 12 year old a bottle of Tylenol and say here. You expect them to be able to take their meds according to the directions or with your supervision. I know some 40 yr old women that try to wear a pad for 8 hours. They have never been told differently. That is why they have reoccurring yeast infections.
    3. Clarification: I have used the Stayfree products because of the cotton top. I had started with Always brand and their plastic top cover would irritate my skin and cause it to blister. I tested other brands for about a year before I found out that Stayfree had the unique cotton top. Stayfree was the only pad that worked for me without blistering my skin. (sidenote: Charmin toilet paper has also caused skin irritation, I have no idea why) I never used Stayfree for odor control. It was specifically for my sensitive skin. It is the reason I have only used Stayfree exclusively for 15 years. I didn’t want to risk skin irritation. Now I feel like I have a chemicals in what seemed like a more “natural” alternative to the plastic like pads. I am disappointed and feel like the “new thermo control” is nothing more than marketing and price high disguised as an improvement. I am a little disappointed they didn’t catch the strong odor of the pads in product development. I guarantee I would have caught it right away.
    4. I too love the wings on the overnight ultra thin pads! They keep it in place so well and the glue doesnt leave residue or rip a whole in your panty. It is just right! I am going to miss it the most. Stayfree is a wonderfully absorbent and comfortable pad BUT now it STINKS like a decomposing lab rat.
    Message to Stayfree makers and marketers:
    I cant wait to come back to your products. I will be looking for the “New improved Scent Free “natural” product line” logo. It is greatly needed.

    • 1. Dont’ forget that not EVERY guy will know what that scent is… after all, only flow-lovers and myself would really RECOGNIZE the smell and what it is, lol… I doubt many guys will smell it and be like, “That’s Stayfree, she’s on her period!” … 😛 I can understand that some women really like scented products because it helps cover up “bad smell” (not that they shouldn’t be changing their pads regularly ANYWAYS), so Stayfree should consider offering their pads in both scented and unscented version. Even if they were to offer it at the SAME price for same quantity, I’d still rather take the non-scented ones even if I’m paying the same amount without the scents.

      2. That’s too bad… I had such high hopes for Thermo Control. I swear this sometimes remind me of the whole U by Kotex thing… releasing this “new” product that is used to generate hype but show no visible signs of improvement other than what they claim. The only time I can justify a girl wearing a pad for 8 hours straight is if she’s gone to sleep or is terribly sick (either at home or if she’s hospitalized). During the day, regular changing is necessary for both the sake of herself (reduce irritation, wetness and risk of infection) and for those around her (the not-so-great smell of period blood). It is a cash-grab indeed.

      3. I agree with the comfort of Stayfree cotton top. I remember Always had this “I like cotton, I love Always” commercial which did have a catchy tune and also noted that it has a “cotton” covering which I too found uncomfortable and also the plasticky feeling made hot weather unbearable. It’s bad enough that a woman has to have her period during hot weather, let alone aggravate it with a sticky pad. I think if Stayfree really removed the scent or made it something a bit less annoying (because the smell gets stuck to clothing/hands and dissipates into the air noticeably), they’d win me over and I’d stop getting Kotex and Always all together.

      4. The only issue I had with the Stayfree adhesives are the front and pad of the pad that sometimes “flip up”… but the centre of the pad and wings are always securely in place. I’m quite impressed with the stickiness of the adhesive and like you said, not leaving a residue behind. As flimsy and thin as the wings look on Stayfree pads, the security and coverage of it are superb! I’m doubtful that any Stayfree makers/marketers will make their way to my site, so maybe you could always write them a letter expressing your opinions 😛

  7. Your idea coincides with mine.and I Believe it’s better.

  8. Such a usefule blog…really

  9. I just opened a package of thermo control and am having sneezing and runny nose from them. Yuck. They should say “scented” on the package. Jerks.

    • Yep, I’d prefer if they gave us a choice, but if they don’t, at least mark it as being scented… I think now, they just consider scented as the “default” – so unless otherwise noted, assuming it has a damn smell. But the Thermocontrol line isn’t the first scented product, even their traditional line of pads already had the scent in it, so it has been YEARS since their pads actually had an option.

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