Analysis: Flying Single or Flying Double?

With so many variety of adhesives out there, I have found two that are distinctly different, with several brands following the two different “types” of adhesives, mainly concerning the portion at the bottom of the pad and the wings. For this comparison, I have chosen to use Always Maxi Super w/ Wings (Green) and Stayfree Super w/ Wings. I chose these two only because I happen to have them handy, lol.. and the fact each of them show one of the “versions” of adhesives. This is strictly an analytical or expressive post and therefore, there is no “moral to the story” or any type of “conclusion” or point I’m trying to get at.

Always Super Pad in Original Form

Stayfree Super Pad in Original Form

To explain a bit before demoing the pictures, there are large differences in the way these two pads are removed from the wrapper and the paper-backing. For instance, Always pads are melded to an adhesive to a paper-backing that is affixed to the wrapper itself. After opening the wrapper, you simply pull up on either end of the pad which detaches the pad from the paper-backing, thereby revealing the sticky adhesive underneath (which consequently would attach on an undergarment). The adhesive on the wings are protected by another small piece of paper, which when removed, reveals the adhesives of BOTH wings. Stayfree pads on the other hand are completely separate of the wrapper. The paper-backings are “a part” of the pad which is then removed to reveal the adhesives, along with a tab for each wing. The following pictures will help you understand the explanations above.

Stayfree Pad Wrapper Half-Opened

Always Pad Wrapper Half-Opened

As you can see, the Always wrapper itself is quite intricate, designed to be opened in smooth movements and because of the way that the pad itself is “attached” to the wrapper, you won’t have instances of it falling on the ground as you take it out. On the other hand, the Stayfree pads, if mishandled, will fall out right after you open the first side. The white resealable sticky tab on the Always pads also makes for great disposal use after folding/rolling the used pad back into the wrapper.

Always Super pad when exposed completely from the wrapper and thus, can now be peeled off the paper-backing (the paper-backing stays attached to the wrapper). The wings are held together by a SINGLE piece of sticky-paper.

Out of curiosity in terms of waste-generation, I was interested in knowing whether it was more efficient for the adhesive of the wings to be “single” strip like the Always pad as shown above or whether it is better to have a per-strip basis for each wing like Stayfree shown below.

Stayfree Super pad removed from wrapper and flipped over. The pad is not "attached" to the wrapper and has a separate centre-strip, and each wing has its own adhesive tab which is removed individually.

After some brief measurements,the Always wing adhesive is 5 X 7 cm while Stayfree has TWO tabs measuring 2 X 7 cm each. I haven’t bothered doing any further calculations on the overall waste generation, since I would have to include the wrappers and any adhesive sheets/strips to really make an accurate judgment on which method is more efficient, but that’s not the point of this entry 😛

Always Super pad when completely detached from the paper-backing as well as having the wings tab lifted, revealing the sticky-wings.

Stayfree Super pad with the individual wings tab removed, revealing the sticky material to wrap around the crotch over undergarment

Each method of wings have its merits. For instance, having separate tabs means you can remove the centre strip, place the pad on the undergarment, remove one tab-sticky, wrap it on one side of the crotch and repeat with the other. While you have “extra pieces” to handle, you are also less likely to screw up on getting the wings to flap down. I’m sure we all know that things get stuck to adhesives sometimes… like your fingers or perhaps…. hair, URG – painful. With Always, you are a bit more prone to getting the wings not placed before it accidentally becomes stuck to something else or even getting stuck to itself and it’s quite annoying to try to separate things that are stuck together! Since by lifting the adhesive over the wings, you automatically expose both wings, and even I, as a professional pad-handler (LOLOLOL), I still screw up sometimes >_>

So there you have it, especially for those who have never seen the differences of different brands/sizes since not everyone likes to explore like us flow-lovers 😀

Here’s a pretty cool video I found while doing some content-searching… cheers to my Malaysian girls 🙂 I have a lot of regular visitors from there, so surely, I must show some kind of appreciation and tributes to you gals! 😛

Hey, maybe you can even learn a lesson or two from here! 😆

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  1. I miss Always so much now >.> U shld calculate the overall strips/tabs to see how much waste it generates… I nvr thought of that b4… Such a hassle to have multiple stickies for each wing n’ stuff tho.

    • Nuh, I don’t have that kinda time, lol… you think I’m really THAT dak han? Took me a lot of work just to take the pictures, crop them, enhance them and post them. WordPress has a really crappy picture-posting system, takes a lot of work. I type pretty fast, so getting the post together wasn’t hard, but the pictures took quite a bit of time. I didn’t have the paitience to measure each strip after that, lol… and you know, it’s hard right, mom is around all the time 😆 it’s pretty risky 😛

      Ya, it is rather a hassle… I still have like 1/2 pack of Stayfree Super left and the tabs are kinda annoying, lol.. I end up with like 3 pieces of paper (2 tabs + strip) and a plastic wrapper -__-” I have 1/2 pack of Always Super and I find they’re more convenient in terms of only having the wings-adhesive piece and wrapper itself… all the paper-backing is part of the wrapper so it’s not as lunky to deal with. However, the wings will often get stuck to things since once you peel it off, both sticky-stuff from the wings become exposed. But really, I’m finding Always pads now even though they say is supposed to have a “cottony” feel.. I find it very rough.

      I need to get a new camera though, the one I had (for like 7 years, lol) is finally starting to report “no battery” even though I put fresh ones in it. I think it’s about time to retire the 4mp camera anyways and move into double-digit megapixels, HAHA.

      • lol… tired of Always and Stayfree meh? Not much else to go to… only a few brands, your choices are limited xDD Finally going to buy online ar? haha.

        Always wrapper very much like Whisper lor, of coz same company, so very similar. I think Whisper colours are better tho, lol. I like the purple ^__^

        When u buy new camera, bring it back with u and take a pic with mmmeeee 😀

  2. Well, there’s still Kotex and I really do miss it. Haven’t bought some for like 3 months now. Mm… can only think of 2 of my girls who like to use Kotex, so it’s rare that I get it unless I’m with them or unless I catch a really good sale that I can’t resist. S and I haven’t shopped in a while together, and 契妹 is busy lately – so no Kotex for me 😦 But soon, since tomorrow going to try to sneak out of work to check Sobeys 😆

    But yes, you are right, there are not a whole-lot of options for me. I checked around online, shipping way to nasty. Maybe I will though if I get REALLY bored. I got a few emails and such asking me places to buy online, so I think I’m going to write about it soon.

    Yea, even though I don’t like Whisper a lot, I really like their purple wrapper too, haha.. so classy.

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