U By Kotex @ Sobeys Canada (Samples/Coupons Within)

ZOMGWTFBBQ!!! They have arrived.

Just as I was complaining about how there were no Kotex sales this coming week, sure enough, I wake up in the morning to check the flyers and Sobeys is the first place I’ve seen the new “U by Kotex” hit local Canadian-shelves!! Although I won’t be picking some up (unless I can’t resist) until there are better prices or a coupon, I’m excited that they’re available. I’m not sure how many of my girls I will be able to talk into trying them out, although many are currently busy with their final exams and such.

I will have to say, $4.49 a package is pretty pricey, with only 14 pads in the smallest package and I was typing this at the very moment, I decided to check out the revamped Kotex site. Apparently, they do offer a coupon, so I just printed it out and now I have a save $1.50 for the next package I buy!! 😀 I have a Sobeys right by my work, so perhaps I’ll sneak over there during a break or something to do a bit of investigating!! I suppose given the do also have a 25-sobeys bonus points, it might be worth it 😆

The coupon is available to both Canadian and American residents, so please verify at the top of the page or use the CA or US links I have enclosed here! Unfortunately right now, I can’t send samples to any of my girls’ houses since they have either left campus or whatnot >_< or have even left back “home” to vacation! I’m also not risking having Kotex samples to my front door addressed to me, lol. However, for those who have the liberty of ordering and live within Canada/US, feel free to check out the free samples! Likewise, the following links for CA (English), CA (French), or US (English).

Suffice to say, I’m not a big ultra-thin lover or anything, but hey, I’ve been commenting a lot on the whole new designs and said features, so it’d be unfair of me to make judgments before actually try them. Unfortunately, only 2-3 of my girls actually use tampons, so I won’t be able to get a good review on those for a bit! It’s going to be rather hard to persuade my ex-ex to use something other than O.B., lol.

I’d just like to note for the guys, that having seen a review for the new U by Kotex at Kayo’s that Kimberly Clark (Kotex MFG) that they’re willing to send even to male sample-requestors, which is kinda nice and all of them! I’m sure that a good portion of the pad/tampon sales are actually to flow-lovers, lol, so they definitely would be smart to send to us too! 😛 I wish I had sisters that I can use as an excuse to have sent to my house, har har. I’ve tried send it to work too, but unfortunately, they will only send to households, so it never got there 😦

Now that I’ve spent some time researching this, I really want to run out to Sobeys right now and get a package, lol, damn, I should stop reading about this stuff. Maybe I’ll wait until the weekday since today I’m wrapping up some other errands and tomorrow is Rose’ birthday, so I don’t want to pack too much into my schedule. Looks like this is an interesting morning to wake up to and now I have to go pee, so I’m going to end my post, lol.

Toodles, I hope those who will take the time to test out any of the U by Kotex products, liners, pads and tampons alike will take the time to post their thoughts should you feel comfortable! If not, feel free to send me an email to let me know how it turns out for you! 🙂

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