Don’t Advertise Stuff You Aren’t Selling

Gah, went to Sobeys because I couldn’t resist the fact I was home alone and wanted to check out the new U by Kotex. As per my previous post, they were supposedly being sold for an outrageous (lol) $4.49. Given I had a save $1.50 coupon, I could bite my tongue and just suck it up – just so I can be one of the firsts to review it! When I got there, I immediately went towards the feminine hygiene aisle. You know, I can enter any store and get lost like an idiot… but I know where my FH aisles are without a second though 😆 I know with “new items” they don’t always put them in the regular aisles, so I scoured the entire store just to see if they put it in a “special display” or something but sure enough, the shelves haven’t even been moved to create space and everything was “as is”. It was quite disappointing since I did go there just for that and it wasn’t like it was “on the way” or anything… actually, probably “out of the way” at that.

My day was honestly boring, but then again, I didn’t bother finding much to do ‘cuz I know I’ll be busy tomorrow. I really did want to test out those news pads, so I’m going to try again at the Sobeys near work, in case it is a more “popular” store there that might stock a variety of items and such. My ex-ex girlfriend just teased me, telling me that she think she saw the new pads available at Rexall in Toronto Downtown… what a teasing little bitch 😀 lol. Well, hope I find it at the Sobeys near work or at one of the local stores! The coupon only lasts ’til mid-May or something, gah!

That’s it for tonight, wasn’t planning on an entry today anyways – but you got one 😛

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  1. Ne pai gam empty geh? … Go to TO to buy U Kotex la, not that far away. Visit your cousin too if yur out there.

    • Many university/college ones studying hard right now ‘cuz it’s exam period (lol). They barely have time to blog themselves, don’t even have time to read/reply to mine =\ It’s tough for them though, so I don’t blame them for concentrating! I’m sure they’ll be back once it’s all over. I still see some of them on FB, so I know they’re still alive 😛 But ya, kinda quiet in here… but s’ok.

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