U by Kotex – Overnight Pads “All Nighter” Review

For those of you who knew, I happily acquired the new “U by Kotex” yesterday and I hope for those who follow along, are excited to see this post!

At around 1:30 yesterday, I hoped on to a nearby Sobeys by work and picked it up. It was well-noted that on the shelves were a fairly small section dedicated to this new line of Kotex products. Certainly, I can imagine that they chose to be conservative with their stock, not knowing whether this new line would sell well. It does boast a hefty price of $4.49 (4.99 at other local retailers) for a mere 14 pads if you’re buying the overnight versions. There were fewer sales for pads and even less for the pantiliners. However, either the female populace who lives around the area are avid tampon users or for whatever reason, there was a huge hole in the shelving stock for the new “U” tampons. I must say, throughout my many experiences with feminine hygiene shopping, I can say in my area that the pads section tend to be the ones that are cleaned out, not tampons.

Funky little designs on the box... not that it matters 'cuz hey, I ain't eating it or anything!

I didn’t take long to find the one I wanted, however, it definitely took extra time (a few seconds? LOL) as opposed to my easily-spotted absorbency of all the other brands – yes, this is I must say, the only brand I’ve ever needed to do a “double-take” to make sure I got the right version. True enough this is my first time buying it and I do not have prior experience to rely on to locate the right one easily, BUT, the assortment of packages look very similar that it be inadvisable to just grab it and assume you got the right one without reading it. I picked up the “U by Kotex All-Nighter” (“Overnight” equivalent). On the way out, I noticed that at the register, the cashier charged me $4.99 instead of $4.49 as stated in the flyer. She assured me it was $4.99 and I disagreed, showing her the flyer I still had on-hand.

I did notice as I was making the purchase, the tag on the shelf did say $4.99 which I thought was weird, but took nothing of it. I asked for her to verify the price in the flyer as it clearly says $4.49. I have a feeling she thought that because I am male, that I would not be inclined in making a stand – trust me, I did and I stood there with the box of pads right on top of the scanner without even turning a shade of a red. I guess whoever she asked did inform her that it was $4.49 and she proceeded with the purchase… BUT oh wait, she also noticed I had an e-coupon for $1.50 off on any U by Kotex product. Of course I know there are retailers who give a hassle for printed-coupons so she again, had to verify with a manager. She came back, rang it through and I got what I wanted at the price intended, $3.14 after taxes.

FYI… you can click on the pics to get an enlarged version (although limited resolution with my iPhone camera)

As you can see, there are just way too many damn colours on the box, lol. The first picture also shows that the pads are all individually wrapped in a bunch of funky colours and unlike the usual where most brands have all the same colour to either specify their brand or absorbency. Of course, the “purple” colour is to indicate the overnight pad size, but still it is much less of an indicator compared to say – the all green colouring of the Always Super pads. As you can see, for 14 pads @ $4.49 (without coupon discount) means you’re talking about almost 32 cents per pad and that’s not with taxes in! On each side of the box has a variety of useful information such as the wide range of available “U” products, pads, tampons and liners and their respective absorbency, features of the product, a fact/myth section and usage instructions. The thing that caught my eye was, “Made in China” – oh dear, should I assume lots of accidents are going to result from this? LOL… I kid.

As you can see the box open from the top and originally, the flaps are “sticky sealed” against each other, however, can then be resealed using the “slits”. Once you open the box, each pad is vibrantly coloured and each wrapper has a notable “U” Kotex logo on them. From the feel, the wrappers are a smooth-plasticky feel, however, very light and thin. Nevertheless, given that these are overnights, there certainly is quite a bit of size to them, so I would assume maybe the smaller CleanWear versions are a bit more compact. After opening the box, as I mentioned, it can be resealed by taking the top fold of the box and putting it into the slit of the lower one – thus making for a great resealable packaging. A single overnight pad within the wrapper is 13 X 15.5 cm

And here’s a close-up of the pad wrapper… Ok ok, sorry about the wrinkles, crookedness and awkward colour-tone because my camera didn’t like the “shininess” of all the different colours it started really warping the tones, haha.

And the what everyone’s been waiting for, some nice shots of the pad itself…

The first picture depicts a half-opened state of the pad/wrapper. As you can see, these wrappers are hard to reseal a used pad in for disposal. The pad adhesive is stuck on a centre strip which is part of the wrapper itself, very akin to Always pads. The pad design is a very typical curvature of their regular Kotex line – I did not see much difference in that. However, the “pores” of the pad which are intended to quickly trap the wetness in the pad was definitely more dominant. I can definitely say the speed of which wetness was trapped in was amazingly fast – a very good thing for those who experience “stand-up, sit-down” gushes or do not wish to feel the dampness when as menstrual flow is coming out onto the pad. In the second picture, it is simply the wrapper/pad flipped face-down and as you can see, part of the pad and centre-strip actually “sticks out” from the end. I’m not sure what the intent of this design is, although I suppose it may act as a “grasping point”. In the third picture, we finally have a full-blown view of the pad itself. The wings are secured to be stickers, which are affixed to each other like the typical Kotex’s. I’m not sure why they have not adopted a single-sticky like Always, but hey, whatever works! Also note that the designs on the pad (especially the sticky-side) and wings are extremely bold and I’ve noticed when disposed in the garbage, they definitely do “stand out” compared to regular pads, haha.

Here’s some zooms for the pad, from front to back. Some measurement FYI’s… the pad itself is 30 cm’s long, with the front of the pad measuring 10 cm‘s at the widest point. In the middle, when the wings are not extended (and folded in), it measures 9 cm‘s and a hefty 13 cm‘s at the widest point in the back. During overnight, many girls experience leaks towards the rear, mainly due the gravity being at play and the wider coverage will hopefully “soak up the flow” before it goes off an edge. With the speed of absorbency though, I would not see it as being a particular problem it needs to address, although playing it safe never hurts.

Close-up of the "front" of the pad - it is narrower at the front to channel flow towards the rear

Close-up of the "middle" of the pad (wings/adhesive still intact)

Close-up of the "rear" of the pad - the wider back to protect against leakage

I’ll have to say, after thorough testing of the product, I was neither amazed nor disappointed with it. Let’s just say, unless getting a product with wacky looks is your thing, it isn’t worth the extra dollars you’re putting in (unless they decide to do a price-drop). It definitely is thin, although comparable versions such as Stayfree DryMax or even their own Ultra Thin Kotex lines should be able to match this thinness and if it doesn’t match it, at least the difference is not great enough to justify the additional cost.

In terms of comfort, it was quite comfortable and it is light against the skin, unlike the traditional plasticky top-sheet like Always. However, because the “siding” (as you can see from the pictures) often hangs loose, those who have more sensitive skin might describe it as being ticklish or bothersome to them, having it rub up against their skin unnecessarily.What it nice about this product is I’ve noticed that their absorbing “pores” extend completely from front-to-back and there isn’t a “cut off” point on the pad itself, therefore, there is still a “last line of defense” from flow because going off the pad and it might just be very-well the thing that keeps you clean from experiencing a leak instead!

The absorbency capacity is quite large, although once it becomes highly saturated, you do run into an issue where the top-layer definitely does not feel as dry and the surface becomes slightly damp. Again, for those who may be extra sensitive, this “pooling” feeling might be an issue. What I find however, is that unlike many other pads, the “U” distribute flow throughout the rest of the pad very well, which means you don’t (or shouldn’t) run into a scenario where one portion of your pad is heavier than the other and thus encourages build-up and leaks. Unfortunately, it is perhaps this distribution of fluid that it keeps the wetness a bit “surfaced”. Even an intense concentration of flow in a particular area after a while will dissipate itself throughout. When you remove a saturated pad, you will feel it is “evenly balanced”. I think I did mention that the draw-in rate is quite fast and although it immediately makes you feel dry, I have a feeling it does “flow back up” a bit once it has been sitting for a while. Nevertheless, the wetness on top is not indicative to me as an unacceptable problem as every pad I would imagine has a degree of wetness at the top, it’s just a matter of how much and whether it is to the point where it bothers you.

Now it comes down to the adhesive, both at the bottom of the pad and the wings. The adhesive at the bottom of the pad is quite sticky and will adhere to underwear well. I will definitely give a thumbs-up for the fact the pad operates very well under conditions of rapid movement, activity and is resistant to bunching both when dry and wet. Because of also how well it stays on the underwear, it is also capable of conforming to movements of your body and thus, keeping it close to you to keep you leak-free. I must say however, the adhesives do not go completely front to back, which means I found tendencies for the pad extreme front and extreme rear to possibly “come up” which might result in peeling off the underwear in the most unfortunate of cases. The wings were definitely secure and so secure that even a single misplacement might mean it makes it very hard to “re-place” it. I accidentally wrinkled it a bit and I can tell you it stayed wrinkled until I threw it in the garbage. Like the previous complaint before, I did find that the wings because the adhesives weren’t 100% covering that it exhibited a “peeling” action towards the edges, which might mean a possibility of the wings becoming undone if the motions are just right. Each of these scenarios are rare, but I thought I’d bring it to light anyways.

And above is the look of the wing when the sticky-tabs are pulled off with the remainder of the wrapper when the pad is fully removed. The centre core of the pad is very similar to the regular Kotex line of pads, including even the line-designs and such.

While I do think that the pad itself does not “revolutionize” menstrual hygiene and such as it doesn’t have anything amazing like the Always Infinity Infinicel (or does it and I don’t know about it?), the whole idea of Breaking the Cycle and bringing openness towards the topic of menstruation for males and females is great! I certainly hope that more men will become aware, educated and helpful when it comes towards dealing with their menstruating family and friends alike!

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  1. Harlo! So tired la… 通宵 AGAIN -___-

    Just wow… so wow, information so detailed! They definitely look thin n’ I like – maybe they will sell it here one day. The colours are so crazy, I think my eyes would begin to hurt, haha. Very cool box though and stylish designs! Why do u not think u would like to continue using the pad, too expensive la? What about the Always Infinity u were talking about?

    The wrapper looks very smooth, I think I would like it!

    • OMFG, 3 AM for you, that’s nuts… ai… gonna get sick like that la.

      Ya, it took me a lot of work to write this… err.. maybe ‘cuz I was talking to bebe at the same time, lol – but still, a lot of thoughts and considerations to be made. Getting the pictures taken, enhanced, cropped and all that mumbo-jumbo took a bit of work… also, WordPress media management sucks nuts. They need to make pictures easy to handle like in Facebook or something.

      The colours of the pad really were funky and my camera had problems getting all the colours right. Every time I held my phone over the pad wrappers or something, it’d go all funny trying to compensate itself 😆 I’m surprized some of the pictures came out as good as they did to begin with!

      I really don’t think the pad is super great, so I doubt I’ll spend any more money on future boxes. Maybe I’ll split one of the Super/Heavy Flow CleanWear ones with one of my girls, but that’s about it. Although I found Always Infinity to be “revolutionary” – I have yet to buy any more though, even though I think I have like 3-4 coupons for them. Maybe I’ll give it to M or something if she needs it – hope they don’t go to waste. Maybe I will donate them if it’s cutting really close to expiry date, harhar. The pad itself cannot justify the additional cost – so ya.

      Ya, the wrapper is quite smooth, but the smoothness is kinda weird too, almost feels like rubbing saran wrap, LOL… that squeaky-rubbery feeling, haha. Oh well, don’t really care about the wrapper. I’ll have to tell you about a situation with the wings though.. not going to share it here, lol – msg me about it or something.

      Now – do the pads work or at work well? Ya they do – but for $4.99 (the original price of retailer average cost), I could probably buy two packs of normal Kotex Maxis or something – which even has more quantity than this. I still think the maxi version are more comfortable than the thins >.>

  2. Good thing boss let me take next 2 days off for my birthday… at least make up for it. So tiring, I just slp slp slp.. went downstairs to 7-11 and go up and more slp, kekekeke.

    Mayb this time u cm bk, bring me Always Infinity and Kotex U instead, harhar… then I can gift u sthg in return la? HAHAH. Do you like the HK Kotex more or the new one now? The other day, my friend gave me Sofy to try…. she was in JP and brought some back, so comfy.

    The other day, was talking to 1 of my frd’s and she said even here, Elis is hard to find unless u go to JP-specialty places or sthg… and expensive also, so maybe if u jus buy @ T&T, u can try those. Dun have to buy lots, just 1 pack n’ u can let me know if they’re good ^__^ They’re very similar to 1 I use anyways, so no pt changing unless u can persuade me… hahaha 😛

    So what did u do Friday night?

    • Haha, good, you deserve days off for all that hard work, especially on b-day… at least he’s not THAT cruel 😛 I love 7-11, miss is so much… instant dim-sum, lol.

      Ya, I could find space in my luggage for a few boxes… and because they’re boxes, I could wrap them up as gifts 😀 might be a bit easier, haha. Hope they don’t get crushed or something. Don’t forget to tell me which ones you want, although I can already guess. Maybe I should buy you tampons too… 😆 they’re so colourful, haha.

      NEVER EVER do I think that I’ll like the Kotex here better than ones there unless they suddenly change them. The Kotex here are far from what the ones in Asia offer, the comfort level is unsurpassed. I don’t like the new ones much or at least they weren’t as great as all the hype made them out to be. Then again, I’m waiting for some of my girls to get back to me on it – but so far, they’re just said it is “ok la” – so obviously not super-duper great or anything. Kotex in HK just came out with another new line, can’t wait 🙂 Yes, Sofy is very nice, I’m not sure if they have a diff from the ones in HK or JP though… think very similar from my research. I’ve always been a big fan of Sofy – just hard to get around here, haven’t I told you? LOL. That’s a hint for you if you’re thinking of a present, no? 😛

      Elis is hard to find I know, because it’s supposed to be THE sanitary napkin, like a queen of queens, lol. Then again, I haven’t tested them yet, can’t justify the cost until even I’m amazed by it XD Ya, next time I go out to T&T out in TO, I’ll get them.. but I’ll need one of my girls with me. There’s something awkward about buying that at a Chinese store versus a “Western” store… maybe it’s a cultural thing? haha. It’s kinda messed up, I told bebe I’m more embarassed to buy condoms than pads/tampons – everyone has a weakness 😀

      Nothing done of Friday night.. cleaning up my Mom’s taxes and filed them… then waiting for investment broker to get back to me on one more thing before I submit mine. Had lots of “home” stuff to do, so couldn’t go out. Today… sitting here, eating a lunch mom bought for me ‘cuz she went out with auntie to TO. Cousin should be coming in tmr, so didn’t want to go out. I’m so bored ‘cuz just playing BS and nothing to do. Maybe I’ll go out shopping on my own, lol – but still, can only do that for a bit. I msg’ed bebe to see if she wanted to do something before she goes meets up with her friends… no reply yet 😦 Even if I do get a reply, won’t be anything good anyways >_< … probably… unless it's my lucky day, then I go buy lottery ticket. JEALOUS JEALOUS ENVY ENVY ANGER ANGER… breathe….

      • Dun b so 心淡 leh… see last time u put so much effort in and see your rewards now? Dun forget that what you give out is what u get in return, 論功行賞. One step at a time, even if it feels like ages. Rmbr what yur cousin say la, this is the best time and u shld cherish. Remember maybe when u r officially together, it isn’t as exciting as now when u hv to chase her.

        Yur heart pounds every time u ask her out, yur sensitive to her every smile & frown and she’s playing “hard to get” – this is all the best part of pre-dating. I miss how Josh used to spend so much effort on me too, kekekek.. and after a while, that adrenaline goes away and it just feels like “another day”! Love the fact she’s giving u a chance to chase her becoz maybe that’s the reason she drags u along, ‘cuz she likes to feel of someone “come after” her… hahahaha.

        U dun really need to hint me at what the gift u, haha, I’m pretty sure I know all about it xDD Tampons not a bad idea – you know the crazy prices we have here for them. I think I found a place that sells O.B. a lot cheaper. How can u find buying pads/tampons easily than condoms? haha. Dun they all fit the same anyways lor? LOL. I always buy them, they’re easy… no need to fuss or look at the packaging, even easier than m巾 … kakakak.

  3. So not to be the naysayer here, but do you only look at disposable pads? I say this only because personally I have tried every single disposable pad (even organic cotton) on the market and I get terrible allergic reactions from wearing them. I have since switched to cloth pads and the diva cup, and am very pleased with my menstrual products now. Not to mention, that many disposable pads are loaded with yucky chemicals that actually make women bleed more…

    • I’d love to explore the world of reusable or cloth products, but given my male anatomy, that makes it rather hard. I do only know of one girl (obviously not all will talk to me about it even if they do use otherwise) who uses the Divacup and has nothing but great things to say about it. I have made posts of reusable products and such and even have links on the side. If I had more girl-friends who were open about menstruation and who used alternative products, I would definitely have more information on it.

      I always welcome any of my female readers who would like to make a review of products to send me their entries and I’d be happy to post it for them with full credits. Feel free to flip through some older entries as I do have coverage on reusable products – just definitely not as many as disposable products or pads. Don’t forget, it’s very hard (or to say, impossible) for me to express my opinion on “comfort” or “satisfaction” with something like a sponge or menstrual cup given that I am unable to use it. If I had a vagina, trust me, I’d be one of the firsts to test it out 😛

  4. So how do these compare with normal overnight pads? Which do you prefer?

    • I’d definitely just stick with the normal overnight pads. I prefer the Kotex Maxi Overnight w/ Wings as I’m not a big fan of Ultra Thins.

      However, to elaborate, I personally feel that the Kotex Ultra Thin Overnights does just as well as the U Kotex All Nighter. Doing a VERY simple comparison using an online store (obviously priced higher than local stores), you can get 14 “all nighters” for $6.49 and 14 “kotex overnight thins” for $5.99. Perhaps, a small difference in terms of raw numbers, 50-cents… but if you look at percentage, but that’s an 8% difference in cost for a product that isn’t considerably different, other than the the funky packaging.

      Now, to be fair… I do believe (because I haven’t measured it) that the “all nighter” MAY be slightly longer than the regular Kotex line. If this is the case, then perhaps some women may be able to justify the price for the extra length of added coverage. However, in terms of comfort and absorbency, I’d still go for the Maxi version, even if at a reduced length.

      However, unless the U by Kotex line comes down in price, it’d be a hard seller, similar to the Always Infinity line. Really, the mfg’s have to consider whether women will buy a different product at a higher price unless there is something in the new product that truly changes the way they handle their periods. At Shoppers Drug Mart on sale days, I can get a package of the usual Kotex-line pads for anywhere ranging from $1.99-$2.99 … meanwhile, “premium pads” (Always Infinity, Clean, Fresh … Kotex U) will generally not fall under those sales or be offered at a higher price. Therefore, one would question whether comparing $1.99 to say, $4.99 retail price would then now be worth it. Suffice to say, the means needs to justify the cost.

      Where I do give thumbs-up for though when it comes to the regular Kotex line versus the U-line is that the “U by Kotex – All Nighter” pad really does odour-absorb a lot better and even after disposal, the smell does not emit as much.

  5. I definitely like the normal overnight ones as well. I like the length and the comfort too. I am still torn about which brand is best. I like stayfree, kotex, and always although I normally lean to kotex. Have you tried the extra heavy overnight ones by always? I’m not sure if those ones win for largest size, but they work well. Maybe one of these days, you’ll do a round up comparison of them all.

    • That’d definitely be a very cool thing to do, having a round-up of a variety of products to compare. I think for the most part, in terms of the “big 3” pad brands in Canada, Always, Stayfree and Kotex – I’ve pretty much tried them all and can probably list off most of the experiences off the top of my head. Of course, I haven’t gone so far as to measuring the thinness and length of each one, but have a pretty good idea on this-and-that. Maybe in the future when I can get the cooperation of a few female friends to help out, I could definitely do something more extensive. Nevertheless, I will be trying some new brands in the near future and hope to provide info on those individually, versus trying to compare multiple brands.

      It is always hard to do brand comparisons since unfortunately (or fortunately?) – I don’t get my period… lol, but I certainly do enjoy alternate methods of testing these products. The usual group of my girl-friends have departed back home for the summer vacation from post-secondary, so it’ll be a few months before they’ve regrouped back here! Certainly if you ever have any input, please feel free to comment or send me an email! Thank you very much as well for being a contributor, I hope you do check in often and continue to contribute 😀

      I’m in the EXACT situation as you!! I find myself not being able to decide and although I have ‘preferences’… sometimes it is still a tug-of-war with no victor in the end. Sometimes I get bored and switch between the 3 brands and since there are limited options in Canada, I find myself looking for ones from other countries, generic brands or scour the dollar stores. For the past few months, it has been Stayfree and Always. Previous few months it was Kotex and Stayfree. I got bored of Kotex and went back to Always – even though I find their top-sheet is not to my likings… the plasticky feeling it always icky, however… boredom sometimes makes you do crazy things like go back to something you dislike, haha.

      I have NOT been lucky enough to try the Extra Heavy Overnights yet… they’re only available in the US and it’s extremely hard to get a hold of it here. Even international retailers like Amazon will not sell the product here. I’m wondering whether there’s a marketing limitation they’re doing to prevent that particular absorbency to hit Canada… weird, after all, it’s just one extra thing they could be making money from. I can’t wait to try that and yes, it is considerably longer and wider even compared to the Maximum Protection version. I’m hoping if a friend of mine visits me from the US, she’ll be able to sneak one back for me, haha.

      I think in terms of domestic products, the Always Extra Heavy Overnights is THE winner when it comes to coverage & length. I’ve seen some pictures of it off the internet and it was impressive and looked very comfortable. How about you, what has your experience been like with it?

  6. Please post a review of the U by Kotex Curves Regular liners soon. I am curious about these, yet I don’t want to buy these because I’m disappointed by liners that are not Always ultra thin.

    Also, I agree iwth some other posters that you should do more reviews of reusable menstrual products, like Diva Cup and Lunapads, which I also like.

    • Hi AH, I’ll definitely add that to my list of items to review, but I’m not sure how “soon” it will be. Since liners come in a pretty large pack, I’d probably have to find one of my girls who would take the rest or simply spare one for me as I wouldn’t want it to go to waste! Always liners have been pretty good and recently, they even released a new “Always Thin Flexi-Style Pantliner” – have you tried that yet as well?

      In regards to the posters who request more reviews of reusable products – I am definitely for it as well! As I’ve mentioned previously, it is not entirely possible for me to review things which I don’t have the anatomy to use 🙂 I’d love to if I did but I’m always up any reviews I receive from those who have tried and will post it up! I’ve recently twitted to Lunapads to see if any of their readers would be willing to share a review which I would happily post up!

      Thanks for your input, I will certainly keep it in mind.

  7. Good thanks, You guys do a great blog, and have some great contents. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  8. Hi, i couldn’t find a place to share my own review so i thought i’d post it on here, only this is regarding the super thin liners.
    The adhesive is extremely sticky and got attached to the fibres of the underpants and ripped apart the stitching, i couldn’t believe it!
    I definitely won’t be buying them again, they hardly worked either.

    • Thanks for your input lulu. If you’d ever want to write a more extensive review, you’re welcome to send it to me and I will happily post it here for you with full credits to you of course.

      One of my girl-friends also mentioned that she had to manually wash her panties because she couldn’t get the sticky stuff off them… and even after a machine-wash, she could still feel it. Not only was it bothersome for her, but also she mentioned that because it still had the sticky-effect, it started pulling on her… errr.. hair.

      So far, the only pantiliners which I have heard people give big thumbs up to are the Always ones and Carefree. I used to have a friend who used the Kotex pantiliners, but she gave up on them after they dropped a few of the contours she liked.

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  13. OMG…these pads are by FAR the worst I’ve ever tried. Hello leaks! I made the mistake of wearing these on an hour long flight…my flow wasn’t THAT heavy, but I still managed to leak through my jeans. Thank goodness I had a jacket to tie around my waist. Never again will I wear a Kotex U pad (I’ll stick to Always Infinity).

    • Yup, the Always Infinity are definitely better than the UbK and given that they are roughly the same price, I’d rather put my money down on the Infinity. The Infinicel core is really something and although gel-type pads have been pulled off the shelf due to particular chemical composition, obviously Infinity has improved a lot from their initial gel-type pad to make it viable and legal-on-the-shelf. Having seen so many pads and tampons, I must say I was much more impressed with Infinity than UbK. As I mentioned in my review, there is quite a bit of pooling feeling and surface-wetness after a while, making something like a flight a very uncomfortable circumstance.

      There’s something about the UbK that irks me, but I can never seem to “put it in words” and as much as I have always loved Kotex for their other series of pads, the UbK aren’t ones that I’d completely recommend to my girls. However, I’m all for people and their own experiences/opinions, so if one of them really wanted to try or even use them regularly and they find it works for them, then by all means! Beyond the funky packaging and their pro-openess towards menstruation marketing, I wish they’d put some creativity in the actual functionality of the pad!

      • I have tried Always. Infinity on two separate occasions. I will admit that I love the shape, absorbancy level, and overall feel. However, a couple of days after using them the first time, I developed a rash. On the second occasion, I was only wearing it a few hours before I noticed that painful rash..
        I’ve also used theExtra Heavy Overnight pads from Always and they feel like diapers. Yes they are super absorbent and you’ll have very few leaks, but I just don’t find them comfortable, ESPECIALLY on warm summer nights.

        • I definitely think it’s their “plastic-like” sheets on the pads that cause the itching and the stickiness. Most of my girls do complain about Always pads for that reason – luckily they’ve released a few more pads that steer away from that, with more of a truly cotton-like feeling. However, Always pads are still considered to be the “premium” brand and many of my friends still stick to it and just complain afterward, haha. The “dampness” that’s generated by the top cover doesn’t feel very nice indeed, especially over time or weather-dependent.

  14. i wore overnight pads extra soft kotex and washing out the blood was hard..

    when i it’s completely wet the gel is visible now and i can feel it. the inside pops out! -.-
    ughh, draining the blood was hard enough.. now the cotton inside is out too..
    this is a bit embarrassing but it’s important for me to know how to properly darin “it” out using this pad.. 😥

    • I think the quality of Kotex really depends on where you’re buying them. I found Kotex found/made in certain countries weren’t as good as others. For instance, the Kotex in North America really isn’t as great as the ones found in Asia, even though it’s all technically the same larger company. They have different versions of the pads and thus, even under the same Kotex name, it might not necessarily be an equal comparison. I understand that some Kotex in other countries still use the gel, while others do not. The feeling of having the gel core come to surface is not particularly pleasing. I’ve only seen one time where the cotton was loose enough where it actually began to fall apart, another unearthly sight.

      What do you mean by draining it out of the pad? There’s no need to expel your flow from the pad. Simply wrap it up and throw it away. However, do not be embarrassed to ask questions, I’d be happy to help if I can! 🙂

  15. I needed to post you that very little remark to help say thank you again over the splendid knowledge you’ve discussed here. It has been quite incredibly open-handed of people like you to present openly what many people could have advertised as an ebook to help make some cash for their own end, even more so since you could possibly have tried it in the event you decided. Those inspiring ideas likewise served to be the good way to realize that other individuals have a similar desire like mine to figure out a good deal more related to this condition. I think there are a lot more pleasant moments in the future for folks who read through your forum.

  16. I am in Australia and I have worn several U by Kotex products,

    – 2x U by Kotex Ultrathin Pads without wings (aquired from step-sister)
    – 1x Kotex Ultrathins pad with wings (aquired from mother)
    – 2x U by Kotex Super Tampons (aquired with my own money)
    – 1x U by Kotex Nude Liner (aquired from mother)
    – 1x whole pack of U by Kotex Designs “Surfie Chic” Ultrathins Pads with wings (aquired from friend [we were in English and we were passing notes about what the best pad was. Then my friend reached into her handbag and told me to open my bag. I did, then she took my bag, hid from me and gave my bag back 1o seconds later. She said, “Don’t look ’till lunch break.” So I waited 2 minutes for lunch break to arrive. I went to the toilet and opened my bag in a cubicle. There was a whole pack of U by Kotex Designs “Surfie Chic” Ultrathins Pads with wings!!!! There was also a note that said, enjoy. I will give you another pack in 3 days. Sure enough, I waited, and every 3 days for the last year, my friend has given me my favourite pads to use.])

    and loved using every one of them! When I think of Liners, Pads (favourite), or Tampons, my first brand of choice is U by Kotex! Love them!

    U by Kotex Designs “Surfie Chic” Ultrathins Pads with wings are the best pad you will ever wear!

    • Hi, thanks for the great reply, very cute (with your friend hiding the pad in your bag) and informative! That’s a very nice friend you have there, because as we all know, pads are quite expensive, haha. I will rarely gift an entire pack of pads/tampons for my girls and the only person who I’d buy them for without asking for a portion of the cost would be my bebe. In Ontario, unfortunately there’s still a small amount of tax (PST portion of the HST) collected on feminine hygiene supplies, so it all really adds up. I buy some every 2-3 months to test and when I’m done testing a particular pack, I like to share them with my girls/girlfriend, but usually it would only be 2-3 per person. Obviously your friend shares the same enthusiasm and love of feminine hygiene as I do! I like to share the products I like as well.

      I took a look at the Australia Kotex pads and I think their bag designs (with the draw-strings) are great! It’s a great way to be able to reuse the bag even after the pads run out. Seems like the UbK is a big hit in Australia and have a much larger variety of products than we have here in Canada. You guys even get a MATERNITY version of UbK pads! I’d definitely like to test the pads/tampons in Australia if I ever get a chance to go there (on my “places to go” list). I actually knew about UbK before it hit Canada because it was already implemented in Australia well before and had very funny advertisements.

      I’m glad UbK began hitting shelves in Canada, but wish that Canadian women are offered more variety as compared to other countries, because it always seems we’re “behind” everything new… let’s be the forefront of modern-day feminine hygiene for once!

  17. Yeah. I wouldn’t know a thing about pads in the States or UK or anywhere but Aust. I really like the draw-string bag, too! In australia they don’t have colourful wrappers. They are just one straight colour. Have you tried U by Kotex Platinums from Australia? They are only a fairly recent release, but they really do provide brilliant protection. Another of my favourite brands is Libra. I also use Libra Invisibles with wings and without wings. I am still yet to buy the ones with aloe vera in them, so that is on my to-do list. I have tried using shop-brand pads but they feel awful! They have to be a certain brand for me to wear them. If I had to choose 1 brand of pad to wear for the rest of my life, I would choose U by Kotex. What about you?

    • Honestly, sometimes I laugh when they try to do all these “things” to pads/tampons that have no effect on the usability of it. Adding a colourful wrapper won’t make me any more impressed with the USAGE of the product itself, lol. A colourful wrapper sure as hell won’t prevent a leak or something like that 😛 I’ve never tried any of the UbK Platinums or LUXE… those aren’t available in Canada. I’ve had opportunities in the past where some eBay users were selling their local feminine hygiene products which I could’ve bought – but I cannot justify the shipping. If say the pack costs $4 and then another $10 to ship to me, that’s a bit ridiculous. I don’t blame the seller though, that’s a cost they incur from the delivery-company, but still, I do try to stay within my expected budget, haha. Especially now that I started dating, I’d much rather spend my money on my girlfriend than on pads/tampons from other countries 😆

      I have not tried Libra before, although I have done a lot of research on them because they’re such a cool brand! Nevertheless, I did try “Libresse” which is essentially one of the other branch companies of SCA with similar pad structure and designs. I really like them, but the supply of those are also limited to me. I’ve heard Libra Invisible were amazing and even saw that funny commercial where the guy picks up the pad in the washroom, asks his girlfriend about it (not knowing it was a pad), then freaks out.

      When I was in Hong Kong, I wanted to experiment with one of the pads that had something similar to Aloe Vera on it – it was a Kotex brand pad that had a “herbal” top layer (it is literally GREEN) and it supposed to reduce bacteria formation, have a natural scent, feel soft/comfortable and absorbs odour. Unfortunately I had so many different products to test I wasn’t able to get to it this time. Next year when I go back to HK, I’d definitely like to try then!

      I think I’m really turned off from store-brand pads now. I’ve done quite a few reviews on them and while they were “surprizing” compared to branded products, unfortunately there’s a reason why they’re store brand! Also, I’m finding that if you have good timing, you can stock up on branded products at the same price as non-branded, so why buy no-name right? haha… I’ve always been picky about the pads I test, but I also try not to put too much personal bias and give every brand/type a fair chance!

      I think I’d choose Sofy out of any brand out there, because they always introduce new product lines and modify them – showing they actually have commitment into their products. I have yet to test a single Sofy pad that wasn’t comfortable and had above-average absorbency. Their designs are sleek and they have a LARGE variety of everything from pantiliners to the biggest overnight pads you could imagine. They also have a lot of “side items” like cup-shaped tampons and other feminine needs products to go along with it.

  18. Cool. Libresse from what I have read are exactly the same as Libra???
    I am still enjoying a new pack of UbK’s every 3 days… (got a stack of packs to use in my wardrobe! lol)…friend says Hi!
    I probs won’t have much money to spend on pads at all for a few weeks coz i have to buy a new fone… Mine is outdated, like, no support on manufacturer’s website at all… sad face…..

    Anyway, Enjoy and ttyl!

    • Yep, Libresse is extremely ‘close’ to Libra, so you’ll find very similar designs and properties of the pads/tampons. The last UbK in my package just poofed, maybe one of my girls used it when she was over, so no biggie. Well, a phone you can live without, pads you kind of need when you’re having your period, haha.

      Well let me know if something new stirs up, I’d be happy to listen to any new experiences you may have or if you have something on your mind to ask me 😀

      • Cool. Thats good to know that the branches all have similar properties, yeah?
        I had to go for a walk today to take my friend a pack of pads (kinda emergency, she had no pads, hates tampons and had her period today) so that was interesting.
        Apart from that, nothing new happening.

        Got new phone and still had money for my fave Pads… 🙂
        (I’m one happy person right now)

        WbU? Any new pads tried?

        • Ya, they are usually similar even between their own companies lines. For instance, even though Always and Whisper are two different “brands” – under the main company of Proctor & Gamble, their pads share much similarity in design and technology. Even when I went to Hong Kong, the pads there by Whisper were very similar to the Always here in Canada and that’s mainly why I’m usually not interested in testing pads/tampons from branch-companies. At least brands like Laurier, Sofy, etc. are from less accessible companies in Canada, thus making their design and stuff more appealing to test since they don’t resemble what we have readily here.

          I’ve recently tested a new pad by Always, I haven’t gotten around to writing the review yet, but perhaps within the next week or so I may feel motivated enough to write it! The pad is excellent, one of the few Always brand one I’d recommend to my girls since I tend not to care for much for Always items.

          Great to hear from you! Any suggestions you may have for me that I would be able to get my hands on?

  19. R u gonna try the new tween ones? They look so cute tht I wanna try… mk sure u get them 4 me when u cm bk ^__^

    • Not unless one of my girls want to try, so far, none of them showed too much excitement. I really think it’d be “too small” for most of them anyways… those are really for SMALL SMALL sizes of girls, because that’d cover like 30% of the crotch for most adult women, lol. Looking at the size of them, I’d barely think it would fit bebe properly, let alone you… but if you REALLY want them, I will still get them for you. I give it to them that they do look “cute” … but “cute” is not necessarily practical when it comes to getting a good pad that PROTECTS, haha.

  20. A friend of mine told me to try these new Kotex. I’ve been using Always Overnights since I have a VERY heavy flow, hehe! I tried a regular Kotex that she gave me as an emergency and it felt like I didn’t have anything on. Not only that but, MY LADY PARTS DIDN’T GET ALL TORN UP! Always has ALWAYS torn me up down there from constantly wearing one for the 5 days that I’m menstruating. I’m having to change it every hour to thirty minuets. I have horrible scars from it. I didn’t get to change the Kotex ones for about half a day since I ended up (unexpectedly sleep over at a friend’s house) and I didn’t have any kind of irritation. I feel like it was a miracle. No leak also, but I haven’t had that problem in a long time. I know I’m giving everyone tmi, but I must tell you about my experience with this product. I’m definitely gonna switch to Kotex now.

    Love the site by the way!!!

    • Hi Thai, I recently got a new sample of the new U by Kotex. They have a new design and feel firmer. It gives a better sense of security and I have to say, they do look quite pretty and attractive. I’ve heard that there were multiple manufacturers of the UbK pads and depending on which factory or country they were made from, the quality varied. Of course I don’t work for them, so I couldn’t confirm but I definitely like the latest “revision” of the UbK pads. I’m glad to hear that you found these pads suitable for you and that you had a comfortable experience! Just like us guys trying to find the perfect condom and being in heaven, I’m sure menstruating women love to find a product that works best for them.

      I find that Always pad have always had a rough surface ever since they switched to the so-called “feels like cotton” material… the only two I have found exempt from this thus far is the new Always Leakguard ones (with a REALLY cottony type feeling) and the Always Infinity series. Of course, you get what you pay for because those two non-standard products cost more than the regular Always line.

      Thanks for your input and while others may think it’s TMI, it’s great information for me and for other women who may be looking for a review or a ‘female experience’ with the product. Thank you to your kind words to my site and I apologize for the late reply, particularly because I’m very grateful for you taking the time to write and express your thoughts. Please do come back and comment often as time permits as your contributions are greatly appreciated!

  21. I had a severe allergic reaction from this product! My arse has welts all over it and my thighs are black and blue from when i sat and the pad rubbed!

    • Hi Ash,

      Have you ever reported such an incident to the manufacturer? I’m sure they love hearing back from customers as it helps them tailor future products to reduce/eliminate potential allergens!

  22. See… I love the tampons, but the pads irk me. I’m the type of girl who just grabs one end and pulls up… And I’ve had the entire pad come up with it. Not to mention the wings’ stickies bother me too. They like to either a. Stick to me. Or b. Rip off when I try to place them correctly. Oh well–as long as the tampons work 😉

    • Hi Kitty,

      What do you mean about having the entire pad come up with it? If you keep pulling on one end of the pad, most pads are almost guaranteed to start coming up as a whole. I definitely echo the sentiment you had about the wings, I’ve seen the flimsy quality of them over time and had a couple of my girls mention the same thing about them. I heard of some “hair ouchies” incidents too and that’s not cool. Indeed, whatever works for you. If tampons are your thing then go for it! I know a few of my girls only admitting to trying/liking the product only because of the design, rather than the pad itself… which to me always seems impractical, haha.

  23. Can I get a sample plz

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