Don’t Forget to Contact

Hello Readers, just a late-night update before I go into ZzzZz’ing mode!

I just wanted to say thank you to every single visitor I get, whether you are a first-timer or a regular here, your support is greatly appreciated! I’m extra thrilled to those who have taken the time to contribute, whether by posting or even though email. I do keep in touch with a handful of  dedicated readers on a regular basis via email.

Regardless of the reason you bumped into my blog, always feel free to contact me by email: or simply post under an active entry! I love to hear from my readers and welcome those who may wonder why a guy is interested in menstruation, how I started, my experience with products and so forth. Suffice to say, I’m a fairly open person so unless there’s a risk of compromising my privacy, I will likely talk just about anything. If you have a thought you’d like a share, a topic you want me to cover, a suggestion you’d like to make, I want to hear it all! I know many males may be hesitant to post here (unless you’re a fellow flow-lover), so if you have a question in regards to menstruation or perhaps looking for a way to keep that girlfriend of yours happy during her period – drop me a message!

Toodles for now, time to get some rest!

About Prexus Swyftwynd

Probably not a good idea for you to know anything about me....

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  1. I’ve sent you an email regarding MiM, I love your site too much!

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