The Blog is a Success!

I say this, because it has always been my goal to at least touch the life of one, yes, just one male who’s perspective of menstruation has changed. I never wanted to become some kind of blogging hero or famous celebrity nor would I ever expect to be. Torchic44 made several entries on his journal, concerning his curiosity into the world of menstruation which lead to my blog. I must say, he’s definitely a brave guy to dip his head into “unknown territory” – unlike us guys who were practically born loving menstruation, lol.

Don’t worry, I’m not closing this blog down or anything, I just feel really happy! Even if I’m not responsible for any “life changing” events to this gentleman, at least I know that this blog has accomplished its mission in helping – if just one person – break down the barriers of menstrual discomfort (in the sense of the topic itself :P)!

I already have a next topic in mind for the coming week, so stay tuned! 😀

P.S. what a nice guy who has taken the time to research menstruation on behalf of his female-friend who may be suffering from PMDD

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