Men in Menstruation is Now LIVE on Twitter!

Could you imagine… I actually put myself on twitter.. and that’s because I was inspired by noticing that someone (liz_granger) actually tweeted about my site!!

#saninaps Just found MEN in Menstruation blog — run by a male fan of Auntie Flow. Am I in love?

I was very excited and after talking to a friend who also uses twitter that it is a pretty good way to keep people in the loop about my blog! I hope those who feel comfortable enough to have my name show up on your twitter will add me as I’ll be using both the blog and twitter proactively to keep you informed! In fact, you may find even quicker updates from me via twitter than you would on my blog!

Come drop by and say hello to me @

For those who don’t want to add me or don’t use twitter, I’ve also added a little twitter widget on the side for you to keep up-to-date on my doings!

Dear Liz: Thanks for making my day great!! 😀

About Prexus Swyftwynd

Probably not a good idea for you to know anything about me....

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  1. OMG, realli? I dun believe it, haha… finally could not stand not having one wor? I hope you get lots of followers.. will be neat to see how many people will be brave enuf to add u XD

    • Well, it’s just for blog leh… going to keep my personal account separate if I decide to do one for myself, don’t want “me” to get mixed in with the blog. I don’t think I’m really going to get a lot, because twitter is fairly public – which means if someone adds me, the people could technically see me as well and maybe be kind of embarrassing for some. Knowing that the blog gets a lot of hits a day already makes me happy, but I really felt inspired to try twitter out after being tweeted.. it made me feel nice n’ appreciated 😛

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