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Analysis: Flying Single or Flying Double?

With so many variety of adhesives out there, I have found two that are distinctly different, with several brands following the two different “types” of adhesives, mainly concerning the portion at the bottom of the pad and the wings. For this comparison, I have chosen to use Always Maxi Super w/ Wings (Green) and Stayfree Super w/ Wings. I chose these two only because I happen to have them handy, lol.. and the fact each of them show one of the “versions” of adhesives. This is strictly an analytical or expressive post and therefore, there is no “moral to the story” or any type of “conclusion” or point I’m trying to get at.

Always Super Pad in Original Form

Stayfree Super Pad in Original Form

To explain a bit before demoing the pictures, there are large differences in the way these two pads are removed from the wrapper and the paper-backing. For instance, Always pads are melded to an adhesive to a paper-backing that is affixed to the wrapper itself. After opening the wrapper, you simply pull up on either end of the pad which detaches the pad from the paper-backing, thereby revealing the sticky adhesive underneath (which consequently would attach on an undergarment). The adhesive on the wings are protected by another small piece of paper, which when removed, reveals the adhesives of BOTH wings. Stayfree pads on the other hand are completely separate of the wrapper. The paper-backings are “a part” of the pad which is then removed to reveal the adhesives, along with a tab for each wing. The following pictures will help you understand the explanations above.

Stayfree Pad Wrapper Half-Opened

Always Pad Wrapper Half-Opened

As you can see, the Always wrapper itself is quite intricate, designed to be opened in smooth movements and because of the way that the pad itself is “attached” to the wrapper, you won’t have instances of it falling on the ground as you take it out. On the other hand, the Stayfree pads, if mishandled, will fall out right after you open the first side. The white resealable sticky tab on the Always pads also makes for great disposal use after folding/rolling the used pad back into the wrapper.

Always Super pad when exposed completely from the wrapper and thus, can now be peeled off the paper-backing (the paper-backing stays attached to the wrapper). The wings are held together by a SINGLE piece of sticky-paper.

Out of curiosity in terms of waste-generation, I was interested in knowing whether it was more efficient for the adhesive of the wings to be “single” strip like the Always pad as shown above or whether it is better to have a per-strip basis for each wing like Stayfree shown below.

Stayfree Super pad removed from wrapper and flipped over. The pad is not "attached" to the wrapper and has a separate centre-strip, and each wing has its own adhesive tab which is removed individually.

After some brief measurements,the Always wing adhesive is 5 X 7 cm while Stayfree has TWO tabs measuring 2 X 7 cm each. I haven’t bothered doing any further calculations on the overall waste generation, since I would have to include the wrappers and any adhesive sheets/strips to really make an accurate judgment on which method is more efficient, but that’s not the point of this entry 😛

Always Super pad when completely detached from the paper-backing as well as having the wings tab lifted, revealing the sticky-wings.

Stayfree Super pad with the individual wings tab removed, revealing the sticky material to wrap around the crotch over undergarment

Each method of wings have its merits. For instance, having separate tabs means you can remove the centre strip, place the pad on the undergarment, remove one tab-sticky, wrap it on one side of the crotch and repeat with the other. While you have “extra pieces” to handle, you are also less likely to screw up on getting the wings to flap down. I’m sure we all know that things get stuck to adhesives sometimes… like your fingers or perhaps…. hair, URG – painful. With Always, you are a bit more prone to getting the wings not placed before it accidentally becomes stuck to something else or even getting stuck to itself and it’s quite annoying to try to separate things that are stuck together! Since by lifting the adhesive over the wings, you automatically expose both wings, and even I, as a professional pad-handler (LOLOLOL), I still screw up sometimes >_>

So there you have it, especially for those who have never seen the differences of different brands/sizes since not everyone likes to explore like us flow-lovers 😀

Here’s a pretty cool video I found while doing some content-searching… cheers to my Malaysian girls 🙂 I have a lot of regular visitors from there, so surely, I must show some kind of appreciation and tributes to you gals! 😛

Hey, maybe you can even learn a lesson or two from here! 😆

Menstrual Product/Attitude Survey… and some happy music!

Changed the video to a better one I found without the crappy audio static

No big update today… but… I was just doing some blog-jumping and found this one asking the girls to fill out a survey.. it takes very little time (said 5 minutes on her site, but it’ll definitely take less unless you do some major analyzing or something, lol..) – please do it if you have the chance. You can refer to her entry on her site if you want! This survey is not affiliated with me in any way, I just thought I could help out someone who is looking for information in-line with my blog topic 🙂


Ohh… I must mention that I’m really happy today – something awesome happened, lol.. doesn’t really matter what it is, but damn do I ever feel excited, happy, motivated and rather flattered today XD As much as I bitch about life, I suppose somethings good things do happen…. just wish it happened a bit more often, haha.

Nevertheless, because I’m in such a joyous mood, here’s another one of my favourite medleys by two great singers, Hacken Lee (李克勤) and Alan Tam (譚詠麟). Whenever the songs 一生不變  and 一生中最愛 play, I’m immediately in-tune with it, but the songs are even MORE amazing when they’re meshed together in amazing sequence for both melody and lyrics. To really understand and love these songs, you must also read into the deep meanings of the lyrics.

I have graciously found a people who have within his/her capacity, translated the meaning of the songs very well from Chinese/English:

Title: 一生中最愛 Translated by eileenytheloony

If foolishly waiting
can finally end with the love of a lifetime
who minds our relationship
Everyday there are accidents, the future is unclear
何曾願意  我心中所愛
Never wished the love in my heart
Gazing alone at the sea everyday

I’d rather keep silent my whole life
than tell lies to you
Weighing our relationship
You will discover a distance between us
無言地愛  我偏不敢說
Wordless love, I dare not say
說一句想跟你一起  Ooh…
That I want to be with you

如真  如假  如可分身飾演自己
If true, if false, if I could act myself
I would give you the warmth in my heart
如痴  如醉  還盼你懂珍惜自己
If crazy, if drunken, still hope you treasure yourself
有天即使分離我都想你  我真的想你
Even if one day we are apart, I will still think of you
I really miss you

I’d rather keep silent my whole life
than tell lies to you
Weighing our relationship
You will discover a distance between us
無言地愛  我偏不敢說
Wordless love, I dare not say
說一句想跟你一起  Ooh…
That I want to be with you

如真  如假  如可分身飾演自己
If true, if false, if I could act myself
I would give you the warmth in my heart
如痴  如醉  還盼你懂珍惜自己
If crazy, if drunken, still hope you treasure yourself
有天即使分離我都想你  我真的想你
Even if one day we are apart, I will still think of you
I really miss you

如真  如假  如可分身飾演自己
If true, if false, if I could act myself
I would give you the warmth in my heart
如痴  如醉  還盼你懂珍惜自己
If crazy, if drunken, still hope you treasure yourself
有天即使分離我都想你  我真的想你
Even if one day we are apart, I will still think of you
I really miss you

If foolishly waiting
can finally end with the love of a lifetime


Title: 一生不變 | Translated by tlina069

A quiet wind passing by the shoulders

The eyes carrying hints of hate

Its appearance tells us that we will never change

Every corner of slashed pain disappears quickly in the dark

An unbroken circle of worries and grieves

Ignoring warm and cold

How can’t my heart melt the moment I saw you

Having only a scarred heart, that I may bring myself to say more words

The dark blue sky can’t separate the hatred from foolishness; to be lovers is such a wishful thinking

Although the separation is unavoidable, it makes this moment before the eyes more cherishable

I know that distance makes the heart grow fonder

I know not if this is foolish, however, even if we’re separated, this heart will never change

I’ve gone through so many heartbreaks

I’ve gone in and out the thoughts of the past

Let me kiss you again, kiss you once more

Once parted, don’t know when we will see each other again

Once parted, don’t know when we will see each other again

And you wonder why I really like these songs… so touching, sentimental, loving and deep… (sigh) just the way that love, loyalty and commitment are supposed to be like, amidst this world of despair!

Weekly Sales #7

These deals are only applicable to select regions of Canada, Ontario. Please verify these sales against your local flyer or e-flyer before purchase!

Seems to be very few sales this week, good thing my girls or I need to buy any lately, or else this week would suck! Hopefully sales get better in the following weeks when we need to top-up stock 🙂

Wehehehe... HelloKitty pads are soooo cute!

Weekly Sales

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Fortinos and RCSS Chains

Assorted O.B. Tampons (40’s) for $5.49


Assorted Always Maxi Pads/Liners (12 – 72’s) and Tampax Tampons  (12 – 72’s) for $5.99

Worrying Over The Uncontrollable

Today, I read an entry by one of my regular visitors, Cherrie on the topic of death.

In my mind, I always wonder why most people worry about things which they cannot control. Suffice to say, I’m not chastising her, I’m just thinking why humans have to have such an active mind, sometimes where emotions and logic disagree with each other. Let’s just say that you as are standing out on the street and see a missile dropping down on your spot. What can you do? Absolutely nothing. You can scream, you can tell other people, but within seconds, all that is useless. I am like that too, I worry about things I shouldn’t be. I worry about things out of my control.

Although I have changed a lot, I am still far from being one of those people who can “Using the sky as a blanket should it fall down.” This is a Chinese expression, used to describe people who have a really good ability to view every scenario in the best-possible way. I wish I could be like that, my grandfather and my father was like that. Whatever happened, they just shrugged and smile. You cannot believe how happy people like that live. Over the years, I certainly have done some self-improvement, learning that if things are uncontrollable, I should not worry about them. Whether I worry or not, it will not change the situation and at most, I am only damaging my own health and stability. I agree with Cherrie and it isn’t that I’m not afraid of dying, I am – but there’s nothing to change the course of life and death. Nevertheless, I have gone through panic phases before and I worry about death. 😥

It is slightly annoying I find that on one level, I am logical. I tell myself, “If I can do nothing to change the matter, I should not care.” – yet, I still do. I’m sure you’re all wondering why this suddenly came to light. Ever since I met my bebe, I worry about small things, things that may or may not be out of my control. Maybe I am extra sensitive when it comes to hurt, I’m attentive and want to be accessible to her at all times. I fret about small little things. When I don’t see her online for a few days, I worry. I cradle my phone and hope to see a text message or I want to send one out, but don’t want to annoy her. I look at my MSN frequently to see if she logs on. I check the news, to see if something has happened near her neighbourhood. I check my voicemails and answering machines to see if she has left me something. I peer at Facebook and see if there’s any sort of activity that I know she’s ok. In my mind, there’s 101 things that could happen to her. Whenever I don’t see her presence, I begin to worry. Indeed, I do not dispute that she “has a life” other than being online or talking to me, but all these worries float up when she’s away unexpectedly or is busy. 😐

My friend Amy, often brings up the point of whether it is better for guys to have a girlfriend or not (or in my case, someone I care about). Little things that we fret over, whether she is safe, healthy and sound. For several months, my bebe ignored me because she could not come to terms that someone could care about her so deeply and did not know what to say for me. When we began talking again, I found out she hurt herself and as she told me, I swear my heart skipped a beat. I started worrying, oh no, is she ok, what is wrong, is it a big problem, can I help, should I have been there for her? Is it my fault for not being available to her? How did she get to the hospital? Are there long-term effects? What have I done wrong? and there’s a lot of self-blaming and over-reaction to things like that. Most people would say, “Then why don’t you just contact her?” and truth be, I know she doesn’t want a guy clinging to her 24/7 and that she has obligations like school, clubs, friends, personal time and errands. Yet, how does a regular person, express care and affection, without going overboard and contacting someone like that? I want to send her text messages to see what she’s doing, yet I do not want to appear I’m prying. I want to know that she’s safe, but how do I do it without looking like I’m tracking her every move? How do I tell her I care, without sounding like I’m treating her like a baby? How do I communicate with her, without worrying that I’m disturbing her from studying, sleeping or an activity? How do I ask her what she’s up to, without making her feel like she has to report to me? … God, so many things that I want to do, feel hesitant, yet feel like I ought to do… how does a person keep their distance, yet stay close enough for her to feel it? ACK! -__-”

Yes, worrying about those you love and care about is nothing unusual, but certainly, it seems trivial to worry about something I had no control over. Logically, what happened has happened… she already hurt herself and I can’t change that – yet, I still worry. When it comes down to this, I think I remember my parents once telling me that as a parent, who has a son/daughter, you worry about them 24/7. When you are 70 and they are 50, you still worry about them. It is an everlasting commitment and bond. Every moment that my bebe isn’t in front of me, I think about her well-being, hoping that she is happy, safe, in good-company, healthy, etc. Even when I’m in front of her, I ask myself whether she is happy, enjoying herself and feels relaxed. Why is it that us humans (or maybe me…) are so stupid like this? So obsessed and overrun by emotions rather than logic? Or is it me, who do not think like a regular man and rather, think with my emotions like a woman? Men are supposed to tough, supposed to be uncaring, supposed to be unaffected by emotions – we are supposed to be rock-solid, void of feelings and think strictly through practicality and logic. 😕

Alas, tomorrow I am having my accountant-friend over help me with doing my taxes for my business. My personal taxes as usual have been done for a while since I like to keep on-top-of-it. I feel stressed out over it, although I know that he’ll take good care of me (in a completely non-gay way) and I don’t need to question his help. We’ll probably go out for an early dinner or late lunch once we finish up as thanks. I’m so happy to have friends of all fields and they come in handy, what friends are for… and they know they can rely on me when they have computer issues. I suppose once tomorrow is done, I will hopefully be stress-free until the next tax season! I’m just waiting to find out how much more money I have to fork over the the government… urg.

But anyways… I thought I’d leave this music video for you guys. 🙂 I lurv it… moreover, I lurv GEM, lol. Sorry, it’s in Cantonese, so it might be a bit dry for you if you don’t understand it 😛

Funny Little Fridays

Fridays are always interesting at work, because everyone becomes really complacent and laid-back. Half the staff are usually gone for 1PM, lol. I walked around today after my lunch, looking for one of the other project managers to talk to about some upcoming things we’ll be handling and his office was already dark with the door closed, lol. I headed back to my office to work on some leisure stuff since there was no much to do. Work was minimal, although I did have to photocopy 3600 pieces of paper today… and yes, it is completely wasteful, so much for our “paperless” environment! What I printed off was a powerpoint, could you imagine? Wasn’t the whole point of using powerpoints to provide a method of digital visualization or presentation format? Every person in the room will have access to a computer and their email, so if we mass-mailed the powerpoint out, there would be no need to waste paper like this. There are going to be 200 or so participants, so given how many slides I have in my presentation, that’s probably a couple of trees that we just killed.

Funny things happen on Fridays, I think people become whacked-out or too excited about the weekend. I have to say, even though this week has only been 4 working-days, it feels ass long. I have to agree I find myself being a lot more relaxed and casual on Fridays… but some people are too casual… not in the way they dress, but I think their mind becomes mush or something on Fridays. As I was walking down the hall, there were some groups standing along the edges talking, which is fine, since they’re not in the way. For some reason as I was mid-way down the hall walking past a conversation (and I have NO idea what they were talking about which prompted them), one of the guys asked me non-nonchalantly, “Hey [my name], I was just wondering, do you shave your balls?” That’s the oddest question someone has asked me before… and given the environment, at work, in public, like really? Even my girlfriends have never asked that before and “WTF” was my thought, lol. As a guy, I really don’t want to know whether another guy shaves his nuts or not, lol – what concern is it of mine? Do I plan on going near it? NO. So that’s highlight number 1 of my day 😆

Highlight number 2 was the fact Ontario is experiencing some crazy temperatures. A few days ago, it was hot enough that I had the windows opened all night and even began to tone-down the heat. We set the house thermostat at 12 degrees so that the outside temperature wouldn’t trip our heater to come on and waste all the heat going out the window. I had even brought a few of the fans up from the basement just in case we need some circulation pre-air-conditioning season. The past 2 days, the temperatures decreased dramatically again and at work today, there was even an hour of flurries! Luckily it did not snow hard enough where it began to cover the roads, but traffic was slow. When I got home, realizing that the thermostat was still on 12, the house was COLD. For those who know me, I can stand the cold very well, I’m the one who will be still wearing shorts and a t-shirt when everyone has their jackets on. However, given an enclosed environment such as my house, coldness is like being in a walk-in freezer, it is trapped air which continues to circulate around. At around 4PM, I decided it was just a bit too cold in the house and turned the thermostat back up to 17 degrees Celsius (which is still below-normal temperatures for most people, but we’re just used to it).

I realized the house was beyond cold in the most amusing manner. I felt my bladder getting full, I had to pee. Yes, I knew I had to pee and I walked to the washroom. Do you know how guys can tell that they’re cold? That’s right, I had problems getting it out because it decided to go back into its “hiding spot” because of how cold it was! It took me a while to warm myself before it came out of its shell to go pee. Next time your boyfriend is cold or just comes out of the pool, ask to see his penis, I’m sure you won’t find it very impressive, LOL. This came to light because one of my friend, D, recently came back from Alberta where he worked in at the oil rigs out there. It was great money, but amazingly cold conditions. Any exposed skin could render it frost-bitten within minutes. What we experience in the more “urban” provinces is nothing compared to what he went through. I remember him telling us his experience out there. The workers (generally guys) would huddle around and go pee with each other. Why? Not because they were gay, but because that’s the only way you can stay WARM while trying to pee. He jokingly (yet in all truth) said that, “No matter how well-endowed you are, 8″, 9″ or even 10″ cock, in that kind of weather, you’re lucky if it’s even 2″ and trying to get it out to pee is near impossible. If you can manage to get it out to pee, no one will even laugh at the size because everyone else’s is like that too!” and we all laughed. Today, that is when I realized my house was too cold, I had to find my own penis to piss, lol. Suffice to say, I’m not black so I don’t have a 10″ cock, but I certainly do not under NORMAL conditions need to look for it 😆 HAHAHA – what a day.

Having found some hidden spots on my car where the paint is peeling a bit, I started thinking about buying a car after another 2-3 years. Of course I know if I really wanted to, I could hold on for this car for quite a while because of its great conditions, but I like to have a new car every 5 years – it’s nice not to be driving the same one for too long. Nevertheless, don’t think I’m not loyal or anything… we’ve had two family-cars before, both Honda’s and the first one lasted 13 years and the second one lasted 7 (because I sold it, what am I going to do with two cars?). With this new car, I’ve already used it for a solid 3 years, so if I give it another few years, 6-7 year-old car is about time to be replaced. I love my cars a lot, but not to the degree of a typical guy. I don’t spend a fortune maintaining it or adding “cool things” (but I follow regular maintenance schedules), I don’t do rust-coatings or get my car spray-painted every year and I don’t wash my car everyday until it is spotless. I’m a regular vehicle owner. I do get attached to my cars however, and dearly miss them when they depart from me!

I have been spotting two models of vehicles for my next one, although I have yet to decide what works for me. Also, I have to consider that it is possible in the future, that there might be a ‘growth’ in occupants (e.g. hopefully marriage, kids?), so I must make sure my purchase takes that into consideration. I have considered buying a smaller vehicle, but that really depends on how my love life (LOL – yes, funny) works out. Also, with the way hybrids are slowly matching the prices of regular gas-vehicles, I’m also looking at that as a potential.

HS250h - Hybrid Sedan

I’ve never driven a hybrid except for the one time my driving-instructor took me out in his. In terms of fuel economy, proper use of the hybrid-nature will definitely help slash the costs on fuel. I haven’t been doing a lot of city-driving lately, but if things begin to turn around and I end up visiting my bebe more, there’ll definitely be a need for a city-efficient car as getting to her house is 100% city-driving. It feels like ages since I’ve been over to her house >.> but I have to step-back and understand that she’s under a lot of pressure to handle her school-matters first! It is annoying she has time for her friends, but not me, but I’ve only complained about that 502942390 times by now haven’t I? Yes, jealousy and anger, never a good mix, RE: my post yesterday, lol. I’m going to take a DEEP breathe before I continue.

ES350 - Luxury Sedan

The ES350 is a larger version of my existing ES300… given that this one would also be a newer version of it, I will no longer have to worry about buying a new GPS every few years as most new cars have them built-in. Also, a lot of cars have voice-control as well for GPS and phone-handling. It’s nice not to have to pair my phone with my GPS every time I get in the car now as the in-dash bluetooth should kick in once I get within range of the vehicle. Seating is comfortable and there is sufficient rear-seating and trunk space. I always like to “future proof” my cars, rather than have to worry about buying a bigger vehicle later. It seems rather stupid, but things occur rapidly in life and you don’t want any more stress than you’ll already have!

On happy news, I’ve went down from needing to wear LARGE clothing to MEDIUM now – wow, it has been a long time since I’ve been able to do that. Although I’m not visibly thinner (some people have noticed, just not the majority), I am making progress. My stomach however, to me, has been visibly cut-back and I’m starting to feel the abs perking up from underneath. All those intense cardio sessions and abdominal-workouts have really paid off. I’m still not as slim as I’d like to be, but everything starts with the first step! In a way, I think we as love-stricken humans do stupid things, like trying to modify our body to win someone’s love. Ya, humans are stupid, lol, in most cases, we always do something “on behalf of someone” not because we should be doing it on “behalf of ourselves”. I should be healthy and slim, regardless of whether I am pursuing a girl or not, rather than ‘doing it for her’… but I suppose, any type of incentive that’ll get me going is good enough! This has been the first time I’ve ever stuck to a plan for this long when it comes to weight maintenance. I usually just slack off after a while. When the weather gets better, I’d like to begin doing some running too! My coworker is currently doing 15 (yes, FIFTEEN) kilometers every day, that’s nuts! Of course, he used to work in the military, but the fact that he’s almost 50 and still in great shape – that’s something I want to look forward to!

Last night, I had a weird dream. The dream involved both my ex-ex girlfriend and my bebe… wtf, why the hell are they both in the same dream? LOL… that’s quite weird. It’s not unusual for me to have dreams of my bebe, but why my ex-ex O_o I haven’t seen her for quite a while, so how she appeared in there, I have no idea, haha. In the morning, I woke up as if I never slept and still felt tired. Weird, I’m usually quite energized in the morning because I’m one of those regular 8-hour sleepers. I even slept-in an extra hour since there was no morning-meeting today as per usual. Probably makes sense though, my mind at night had to deal with TWO (2) women in my dreams, that’s frigging exhausting, lol. The other day I posted this article on my Facebook about how this lucky guy managed to get twins to marry him. One of my friends, Elsa, mentioned that what guy would ever want two wives, there’d be so much bitching your head would explode. Funny how I felt tired when I woke up… my ex-ex and my bebe all in a single dream? Ya, my mind probably imploded on itself – two women even in a dream world managed to make me restless 😆

So anyways, there’s my Friday in a nutshell. I’m sure you’re not overly excited about this. I’m going to go brush my teeth now, stretch on my bed and go watch some TVB series 😀 Toodles!

If it Ain’t Broken, Don’t Fix It

Yes, that’s a pretty common phrase and I think we’ve all heard it… but now here’s the kicker… apply it in to talking about menstrual hygiene products and now, does it make so much sense anymore? LOL!

I must say, for guys like me who are flow-lovers (or for those not inclined to this term, just guys who are “interested” in menstruation), many of us (and yes, there are quite a few whether you believe it or not) like to explore the world of menstruation, pads, tampons, sponges, cups, cloth, organics and many other forms of menstrual products. We get excited over new, revamped or discontinued products which we truly miss. I think that to my younger days, the classic versions of Always, Stayfree (back then under the name Stayfree Prima), Vania (which are no longer sold in Ontario), Kotex – ah yes, the good ol’ days! I still remember vividly all the awesome packaging that they came in 😆 But anyways, when it comes down to women, how many of you actually consider using different products?

Not my drawer... don't get too excited!

The reason I bring this up is because I remember several instances where I asked some of my girls whether they like to explore different existing products, try new ones that come out or use a variety or adjust what they use. The overwhelming response seems to be that they don’t really take a lot of time thinking about their current products. Many feel if they find what works for them, they don’t have a reason to experiment or switch. Of course I also have my few girls who always like to test out new ones with me and let me know how they work, you gals rock ^__^ I still have an email from my ex-ex about one time I wrote to her asking about whether she has any inclination to try out the Always Infinity (when I first found out about its pending release 10 months ago or so)! I’m not going to quote word-for-word her email, since that’s between her and I 😉 kekekek, but… she tackled a few points:

  • Has not bothered trying something new
  • Does not have opinion on her existing product(s)
  • Has been using the same products since period started
  • Does not take time to consider the pros/cons of current products she is using
  • Believes her existing products serves their purpose and has no further considerations

So of course in our flow-loving mind, we can’t fathom why a girl who’s lucky enough to get (should I say lucky or do I risk being slapped? haha) her period would not want to try new products… something new/revamped, perhaps something better for comfort, absorbency and/or discreteness. Suffice to say, not every revamped or new product is better than an existing one, but certainly, there are merits to trying it. I know trying new products often have an air of discomfort, after all, who wants to go through a leak because of trying another product? I always advise my girls if they’re trying something new, to try for a bit at home first, then take it into public when there’s a bit more faith? A lot of my girls are really nice and can give me a pretty good review after a period or two, along with my own personal testing methods, so I can usually get a pretty accurate idea of the product!

New "U" by Kotex line hosts a variety of maxi pads AND tampons

For those who haven’t read my historical posts, there have been news pads released across North America – most notably the new “U” by Kotex line as well as the new Stayfree Thermo Control, both of them boasting some inventive technologies to enhance comfort, dryness, security (wings/adhesive-wise), and discreteness… and in the back of my mind, I wonder whether it’s just another excuse for a cash-grab, but hey, I’ll let you know when I test them out! From Kayo’s board, I read that apparently there’s already some Walmart’s in the U.S that have put the new Kotex’s on sale already and hopefully it’s only a matter of time before it hits Canadian shelves… or Ontario shelves for all I care, lol. I remember the wait, I think it was almost 4-5 months after Always Infinity were released in U.S before it reached here, bah!

Stayfree Maxi Pads w/ Thermo Control

Unfortunately, one of the posters also mentioned that the new Kotex’s are no longer made in U.S.A, but now made in China… oh lord – do I already smell leaks? LOL! Ok, so I should have a bit more faith in that things being imported into North America passes a degree of quality assurance, so I should zip my mouth for the time being. Nevertheless, if they’re going to start having pads made in China, why they hell are they not bring those great Asia-brands over to Canada while they’re at it? 😀

So girls, are you the type of explore new/revamped products or do you prefer sticking to what you have? Do you consider trying if someone recommends you give it a shot? Do you use a variety of products to meet your needs or only stick to one brand/absorbency? Do you consider whether your existing product meets your needs or think that there may always be “something better”?

When it comes to your menstrual protection – are you the “If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it” mentality? 🙂

Small Awakenings

This is going to be a rather long and random post about happenings and thoughts over the past while. If you’re looking for period-content, it’s quite possible you won’t find much of it here! However, for those who want to read on, please do 🙂 I don’t have a layout or a time-line for this, so enjoy reading it without any clue as to when/where it happened, my thoughts are like usual, all over the place 😆

This morning, I felt this awakening of myself, both internally and physically. I woke up, around 5:30AM to hear the heavy rain splatter on my window. Usually I try to sleep it off, but the previous night, I was savouring the beautiful cold breeze that I had left the window open. I was worried that if the rain came on an angle or came hard enough, that the water would come through the window. I groggily put my hand up against the window and curtains to see if there were any signs of wetness, luckily, there was not. As I laid in bed listening to the splatter of the water and the birds chirping, I felt as if my spirits had been lifted. Although slightly annoyed that I was awaken at such hours and unable to fall asleep because of the birds and water splashes, I decided to just sit up and a bit and enjoy the moment. I sat by my window looking out, still pitch dark with only glimmers of light that would occasionally shine through as cars on the other side of the street (through the neighbours yard) would come through. Staring blankly out the window, my mind fell into almost a semi-conscious state and while aware of my surroundings and being awake, my mind drifted onto thoughts of their own. It is no wonder so many people practice meditation, to allow subconscious thoughts to come out, while maintaining self-control. I mused at how amazing my current lifestyle is and although I have relationship faults, I cannot say life is not fulfilling right now – and certainly, I do have what I need even if I don’t have everything I want.

Oddly enough, I started thinking about some family that I truly miss, uncles, grandfathers/grandmothers and my father of those who have left this physical world. However, there were not feelings of unhappiness or sadness but more, of yearning their presence. Whether you believe in religion or not, the feeling of having the metaphysical presence of loved-ones near you can be very strong and touching. Sometimes no matter what words people say to you cannot boost your motivation or provide comfort, a thought about someone you truly care about, whether living or deceased gives you great strength and power. Every time I encounter problems where no one seems to be able to help, I think to myself, how my dad would confront something like. I think of principles, life principles that my uncles have once said to me. I remember wisdom that my grandparents out of life experiences have imparted upon me and through all that knowledge, I am able to overcome fears, obstacles and clear my mind of negative energy.

In my empty-state-of-mind, I also recognized my fear of feeling emotionally empty. I fear that being crushed so many times in relationships, that often, I no longer feeling secure and believe in “any good” in relationships anymore. For many years after the break-up of my ex-ex girlfriend, I could not date another girl. I forced myself to only to find that it is foolish to be in a relationship for the sake of having one, versus needing one. I wanted to stand up and try again, but it failed because it lacked commitment from both sides. We were together, because she wanted a companion and I wanted someone to help get me out of the relationship-rut. For those of you who do know me personally, will know I was extremely committed to my ex-ex and even as of today, she still holds a very special spot in my heart. Although we still get into arguments, she still yells at me for being evil 👿 and all, our connection with each other has been unparalleled… that is, not until the recent 10 months finding myself head-over-heels over another girl, in essence, the girl of my dreams, love and affection. While I cannot say she’s currently returning the same feelings, it has been a long time since I can feel myself growing fonder and committed to her. For those who have felt this feeling before, you will know well that out of 6.7 billion people in this world, that it is not easy to find someone who you feel that connection to and truly, it is a blessing in itself just as life itself. Sitting there staring blindly out the window, I felt that power of loyalty, binding and compassion, the yearning to hold hands, fall asleep in each others arm and to share the other glorious parts of our lives with each other together and as one entity.

Going back to last week, I had a day off and visited a dearly departed friend of the family out-of-town. One of my co-workers called me because she wanted to see if she could get to an item I had locked in a drawer. Since I had promised her the day before (forgetting about my booked vacation day) to get it to her, it was on-the-way of where I needed to go, so I dropped into work for a few minutes to get it out of storage. Since I moved into my new position and building, my mom has not been in my new office so she sat in there while for about 5 minutes. Obviously she was checking out the layout and most notably was the fact she noticed how I rearranged my pictures. I think she got really jealous because she noticed I moved my family picture to the centre while moving my BeBe’s picture into the frame right next to me. I LOL’ed when she commented on that, although I thought putting my family pic right in front of me was even “more prestigious” but I think she felt jealous now that my entire picture frame has been replaced by ONE girl, haha. Mom’s are like that though, I remember with my ex’s parents, I used to do so much for them and my mom was like, “Hey, how come you don’t do these things at home?” and I told them that it was important for me to impress her parents. On the same note, I told her that, “Impressing my own mom doesn’t really change anything, either way, you are my mom and I am your son.“- hahaha. Oh, yes yes, being a son is so bad like that. I remember one time she was mumbling to my dad that she thought I treated ex’s mom better than I treated (my) mom – hurg, rivalry between moms, LOL! It’s true that I did strive to be “the perfect man” in front of her mom of course, because it really DOES help. Having a girl’s parents who like you does give a degree of power – not that it guarantees the success of a relationship though, it just “helps”. Last night, my mom asked me “who the girl in the picture was” and I just casually ignored her question, lol. I would proudly say it is my girlfriend, but unfortunately, I can’t say that yet >.> Fuck my life 😦 But it’s funny that this is the first time she’s noticed, only because I have her pictures everywhere else… guess she’s not very attentive 😀

For Easter weekend, I was EXTREMELY lazy, you cannot even imagine. I took some pictures for dinner and also when we went to Niagara Falls on Sunday, but I have yet to post them up… anywhere, not on Facebook, not on my personal blog and not on here – and yes, things have been that lazy! On top of that, it was a weekend of major unhealthiness, lots of eating and even worse was lots of eating out and you know how eating out usually doesn’t provide the healthiest-of-meals. I should also mention that this week has also been very expensive as a result of eating out so often. My mom did say that this weekend we used a lot of money and I commented how, “Oh my god, so much money, now I have to work more/harder!” but she said, “But this is how you enjoy life.” and certainly she has changed a lot from being cheap-ass to really using money more freely as long as it is not out-of-bounds. I am slowly trying to change myself as well and thus, we go on extravagant vacations more often than we used to. My BeBe complained something about me and I’m not sure whether it was joking, serious or perhaps a bit of both at how cheap I am and how I would make her feel guilty if she spent money, lol. The difference is, I’m the type to find happiness out of spending money on others, but not on myself. I am weird that way, I completely follow after my dad. Nevertheless, yesterday, I went to the bank to get some currency exchange from CAD -> HKD for my planned trip at the end of this year! The plans is to visit Taiwan this time around, but certainly, I do want to get a change to visit Thailand and Malaysia in the coming trips following years!

Previously for my Birthday, I received some great gifts and the comments on the card were great. Every year, I get some really funny and deep comments in my card, but I think especially this year, they put extra thought into it. It is a champagne year as they call it, turning 25 on the 25th… and as exciting as that sound, all it means it that I’m getting older, LOL! Yep, only happens once a lifetime so if the Gods or Heavens want to give me a really nice present this year, all I yearn for is to return my love from my BeBe… all I ask for! I think that is really what’s on my mind a lot, her, us.. together… it is a wonderful thought and a beautiful life we could have before us. It’s kind of freaky, because as I’m typing this, I looked out the window and amidst the gloominess all day, I’m starting to see this crack of light and the clouds parting to show a beautiful ray of sunshine. Surely, the weather is a representation of light and no matter how dark things are there will be at some point, light. Although I am not getting younger by the day, I truly believe I can move her one day to feel what I feel. As I was walking around the other day, I saw an elderly couple… walking hand in hand as if they were 20, smiling and as if there were no life worries. I fear life, because I fear death – but if I were able to spend my life with her, I will fear nothing – that is the power she gives me.

This weekend, we did our Ching Ming festivities. For those who are not familiar with it, it is generally a day where Chinese-descendants celebrate the life of their ancestors and often, to visit graves to do maintenance and cleaning. There are food and incense galore, each community and culture with different traditions, celebrations and practices. Same as previous years, I always wish upon family and friends the same thing, that our ancestors will provide us with a stable life, good health and to be worry-free. Unlike previous years, this year, I asked for one thing… or more importantly, one person who I hope will make myself complete. Last year, I asked for a person, any person, this year, I gave a name and one name only. I am happy that fortunes are bestowed upon us and whether by coincidence or forces unknown, sometimes what we pray for in our heart, minds and soul is what makes us feel good. You could say, it is like a placebo… you don’t really know whether that pill you’re taking is real, but you feel better already and that’s all that matters!

I will endeavour to post some pictures up of the falls when I get a chance. I have been playing a lot of Bright Shadow and unfortunately, that has been sucking up my time. Business has jumped a bit for the last 2 months, so I’m happy that I’m pulling in some extra income, although I wish things would go back to or even better than 2008. Like I always say, once I start writing, I always forget about things I want to write about. I’m sure I’ll think of more which I will append to this post, but that’s it for now! 😀

U by Kotex – Show Me the Hype!

You know, I’ve actually received 2 emails about this on why I haven’t covered anything about the new “U” by Kotex that are being released. Given the big hype over the whole advertisement‘s use of the word “vagina” on public TV, I decided having read 7 blog entries about it in one day is enough for me. Moreover, when you have too many people covering it, the entry just becomes a useless weight to my blog when people have probably read about it somewhere else already. Nevertheless, I’d like to let my readers know that it isn’t that I’m not interested in the new Kotex “U” pads and the way that Kotex is trying to revolutionize the way people think about periods, but I just didn’t want to cover something that’s already been (heh… wait for it….) saturated – :lol:! I’m very happy that a pad/tampon manufacturer is finally making a stand on the whole censorship behind feminine hygiene products. As much as I hate how these companies monopolize on women’s need to feel that they need to be absolutely discrete about their periods, we are finally making progress one-step-at-a-time by first, bringing positive exposure to periods.

Having looked at some information about the “U” pads, I have not been extremely convinced to feel that these pads are revolutionizing menstrual protection. Certainly, part of this game was their “Break the Cycle” campaign and advertisement, but the pad itself does not appear to be groundbreaking technology unlike Always Infinity that truly made me turn my head and say, “Wow, that’s one hell of a new product!” I’ll be frank, I’m not easily impressed by feminine hygiene products… they really need some amazing quality, comfort and price-point to render a nod-of-approval from me. I’m sure they don’t give a shit about what I think, especially because I don’t have menstrual-needs, but these pads have a long way to go before meeting my expectations to their Asia-counterparts!

From my personal observation, these are some thoughts about the “features” of the new U pads:

  • Tru-fit wings (to help the pad stay put… a pretty common thing to have amongst most pads, just wings with a fancy name)
  • ClearWear cover (keeps you fresh and dry… I guess I’ll find out when I can get my hands on one.. the existing Kotex are pretty soft already)
  • MicroMax core (helps lock fluid away fast… I’m wondering if it’s as fast as Always Infinity Infinicel)
  • Cottony side-barriers (I suppose this is slightly new, based on the concept-design, a more defined side-barrier, but not sure if it’s any different from the existing softness)
  • Colourful wrappers (Are you kidding me? I know you’re trying to change things and be “different” than other brands/types, but the packet-colours help define the absorbency levels and now you’ve messed the whole system up. Even if that’s not the case, really, you’re trying to market a product because it has different coloured wrappers?!! LIKE REALLY?!)

I guess I shouldn’t give such a negative feedback on it yet since I haven’t tested it, but wow… the whole multi-coloured wrappers made me laugh a bit. Unfortunately it would seem that these “U” pads are ultra-thins… and yes, I hate those, lol, sorry for the ultra-thin lovers out there 😛 Too bad they didn’t make a maxi-version of them… HAH. Well I suppose the maxi-version might potentially kill off an “discreteness” due to the size, lol. Nevertheless, I will still of course test them out and make a note of what I think 🙂 I should not be prejudice before trying them out – it is only fair! I’m not quite sure when it is going to arrive in Canada… I thought they were sending out samples and stuff, but it doesn’t appear to have hit-the-shelves yet. I ain’t getting any samples sent to me, so maybe I’ll have to persuade one of my girl-friends to let me send it to their houses? LOL. On an unrelated note, apparently Stayfree has some new pads coming out as well… I wonder if it’s another gimmick where they change the colour around, claim it has some “new technology” so they can jack up the price. I suppose making money off women is really easy… better hide now that I just said that 😀

I believe this campaign has been around for a while and that the greater hype is that they revamped it a bit and brought it into North America. I do remember a while ago already having seen this new rebranding and similar “controversial” advertisements released in Australia and Europe. I don’t know why we’re always the last to get everything, lol. Just as I recall from memory, I looked it up and indeed there is a Kotex Beaver Ad. I’m pretty sure with this entry, I’m already “behind the time” due to my reluctance to cover this topic, so you’re welcome to read about it more in detail about the Break the Cycle Campaign @ re: Cycling sponsored by Kotex. Now all I hope is that I’m able to get my hands a couple of these pads before I fall even further behind with the times, lol.

Menstruation Privacy in Women’s Bathroom

I know this post isn’t necessarily geared towards the guys as this blog is intended to, however, I thought this is something that everyone, both males and females can ponder.

I can understand that many girls, either affected by family, friends or the media are ashamed when it comes to discussion or dealing with their periods. Pad/tampon manufactures by far are the guiltiest when it comes to playing the general discomfort against menstruation that women have. Even before putting comfort, absorbency and price to heart, discreteness is of utmost priority. However, I ask, where and when do women go to change their pad or tampon? I would say, most do it in the washroom, maybe in their room or even at the very least, a place of privacy. So then I ask, why is it that especially so, women feel the need to conceal that they are menstruating when they are inside the women’s bathroom? I can perhaps agree that for those who need to use co-ed bathrooms that a girl would want to ensure her privacy when changing her pad and tampon so that the guy in the stall next door doesn’t hear, but for those who go to gender-specific bathrooms, what is there to be afraid of? Do you not think the lady in the next stall deals, will deal or has dealt with her period before?

Kotex Overnights with Cloth-Like Wrapper - One of my favs

The beauty of the female body is the ability to have menstrual cycles and bear children. Having a lot of experience with a variety of products, I must say that Kotex has made one of the most discrete wrappers, very cloth-like so as you’re tearing the wrapper apart, you do not get the noise and crinkle of the usual plastic wrappers. Unfortunately as the top part of the wrapper dis-joins from the top, it still does make a ‘tearing’ sound, although the rest of the wrapper makes no further sound. Since the pad itself is also very cotton-like, the pad comes out of the wrapper without much noise either. However, whenever pad/tampon manufactures come up with something new, they always bring up the price. Does these new pads that offer extra discreteness perform better or is it simply because they found a new way to allow women to hide their feminine hygiene products? Are you paying extra money so that your pad makes less noise or less visible? How outrageous is that, that women are paying extra so they are not embarrassed to change their products in gender-specific or private bathrooms? Even if say your friend was in the stall next to you, is it so embarrassing that SHE knows you’re on your period? Isn’t it more gross to think that you didn’t change your product and it began to leak or stink? We can almost find the realities of life everywhere, drugs, sex, rape, murder, plastered amongst medias of all form, hell, I even see a big condom ad in the guy’s washroom of my college, but yet, menstrual products need to be made invisible, unheard and in fact, if a male were to see it, he SHOULDN’T know what it is!

I’ve pocketed pads/tampons for my girlfriends before and I’m sure one time, it was actually sticking out of my back pocket probably because I was standing/sitting so often that it began to come up. Whether I got weird looks or not, I never noticed and whatever people think of me is absolutely irrelevant. However, the point is, even I, as a heterosexual male, I am not afraid to be seen carrying or even hell, opening feminine hygiene products… so why do girls feel the necessity to hide their products or that they’re handling their periods in gender-specific bathrooms? If women want to be hiding something, they better ought to spend more time properly wrapping and disposing their used products so that the next person who uses the washroom doesn’t have to see it. I’m pretty sure given the choice, most people would opt to see an unused product over a used one!

I wonder how many girls who read my site will dare speak up, but I will still pose the question, “Why are women so concerned about hiding products or usage of them, especially to other females who will, has or had their period?” and perhaps any additional thought you may have on this matter!

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