Manly Sunday Musings

I decided to do a male related post for once just to break the monotony of all these lady-things, haha… perhaps it’ll give my blog a “male touch” too so that everyone doesn’t think I’m a girl (or wants to be one :lol:) This isn’t going to be a full-out written post or something – just whatever passes my mind. I’m sitting around waiting for my cousin to arrive on the train, so I suppose I’d update my blog a bit and just drop my thoughts I had this morning about being a guy… can you tell this is going to be oh-so-fun listening to me talk about GUY issues? HAHA.

As much as menstruation can be such an inconvenience and painful, being a guy, we have our own issues to deal with too 😛 Ok ok, so sure, we aren’t brave enough to go through periods every month, but being a guy is not without annoyances either! 😀

  1. I just woke up this morning and looked at myself in the mirror, holy shit – I have to shave already… I think I have to shave twice a day or else by next morning I look like a bum off the street
  2. Too many guy thoughts… like seriously, can I not have sexual thoughts floating in my head every 52 seconds (or some even say every 7 seconds)?
  3. Referencing the above, it is even worse when you have a ‘reaction’ to NOTHING. That’s right, when guys wake up in the morning even without sexual implications, Big Brother is standing at salute… what the hell are you doing waking up before I do?!
  4. We have this “smell of a guy”… no matter how often we bathe ourselves and have good personal hygiene, guys have this natural smell. Maybe it is pheromones? I could take a shower right now and 10 seconds later, I already have that “man smell” coming back.
  5. Being masculine.. or at least what society defines our roles and traits should be.. for instance, I should swear, I should spit, I should howl at girls, I should suppress emotions, I should love money more than my family, I should be able to do all “heavy duty” work, I should be muscular, I should talk with a deep voice and be macho, etc. I don’t think I have gender issues, I simply don’t think that I need to follow suit with all male attributes, because I’m an individual, I am me.
  6. We have major sensitivities to our penis, like seriously… we always wonder whether it is “big enough” to satisfy girls… it seems like whether it is 5″ or 10″ – we will still worry
  7. Getting hit in the nuts… not fun.
  8. Hair loss… that’s right – for girls, unless you’ve gone through some kind of medical issue, most girls will not lose their hair enough to the point of balding. You know why we lose hair? Because WE have to produce too much testosterone -__-” My hormones are all going to waste right now until bebe and I get married? LOL – FML 😆
  9. It is common for guys to snore when we sleep, medical-problems aside, it is annoying for our partners. There’s definitely a much fewer percentage of girls who do snore when they sleep.
  10. We don’t get boobs or a vag… that sucks – LOL. Maybe we don’t really want them, but as a guy, we love them, therefore we think we want them 😀
  11. We get a male-version of menopause (andropause) – it happens and although I haven’t went through it (and hopefully won’t for quite a few years), I heard it was pretty damn nasty
  12. Insecurity – when a bunch of you and your girl-friends are together… when all you girls start giggling, we start to think whether you’re secretly making fun of us
  13. We can’t sweet-talk our way out of problems, but girls can (if they’re good at it)!
  14. We’re not supposed to cry, even if we feel really hurt, physically or emotionally
  15. We are at an extreme disadvantage when engaged in a fight… all it takes is one swift hit to the head to take us out.. I don’t mean the head above your shoulders
  16. We always are told to be the “bigger man” and it sucks sometimes… if you’re staring down my girlfriend, I’ll walk away NOW in front of her – but I’ll come back and rip your eyes out later.
  17. We’re naturally aggressive and violent
  18. We don’t get cool underwear… speaking of which, we pretty much have to wear boxers unless you constantly want your nuts smushed up against your body
  19. We have to (in general) hold it to go pee… which means we have to wash our hands. Girls, you don’t have anything to hold, so washing your hands is only optional (but highly preferred…)
  20. Our insurance premiums are rated, even with a clean record. Apparently being male automatically makes us more accident and ticket-prone.
  21. When something like rape or harassment is contested, people will always believe the girl first, especially if she’s the “victim”
  22. Wet dreams… ya, you girls think it’s funny, don’t you? It’s messy and rather disturbing….
  23. There’s no way to become “close” to your guy friends between heterosexual males before you are automatically deemed gay. Between girls, you could be holding hands or practically on top of each other and people still won’t assume you are lesbians until proven otherwise
  24. It is more degrading and unacceptable for a guy in a relationship not to have a job or be putting the food on the table. It is acceptable for girls to get away with that.
  25. Along the above note, it is frowned upon when your girlfriend/wife makes more than the guy does, it generates a lot of “bad talk”… look at Kay Tse (謝安琪) and her husband.
  26. Quoted from “When men love and care for women it is thought of as some kind of privilege for them, but something done by men is just to impress and win over affection of women. But when women do similar things, they are praised for being naturally loving, caring and affectionate.”
  27. If you get into a divorce and you’re a guy… you’re fucked, better spread your ass and prepare to be raped, financially.
  28. “Fathers Day” is a joke compared to “Mothers Day”
  29. Statistically, we live shorter life spans than females
  30. We get called upon by our girlfriend/wife when they “need” us… then we’re cast aside until they “require” our assistance us again
  31. We’re expected to be a “gentleman” to girls, even when they don’t act in a lady-like fashion

LOL, that’s all I could think for now… my cousin just sent me a text message to let me know that she’ll be probably a friggin hour late… did I not expect it? 😀 lol… well, guess I’ll go eat lunch now! Toodles.

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  1. WAH, realli? I thought being girl was hard, haha.

    LOL @ 夢遺!!!!

    Hrm… guys have to make the money? Guess you will never be able to be stay-at-home dad… haha.

    • Haha, being a guy is hard leh. You’d be surprized Amy… my mom used to always think that being a man was so easy, because all it seems like all dad ever did was go to work, come home, do a few small things, watch TV then sleep. I think a lot of guys, especially the “man of the household” don’t really get a lot of credit for what they do, because most partners will only see them going to work and that’s kind of the overbearing notion. Even though I pretty much took over my dad’s role within the house, my mom has taken on some responsibilities and she’s truly come to realize/appreciate how much ‘men’ actually DO (or well, most… men). Even though I go home and do get a lot of time to play the games, there are many ‘other’ things I have to deal with, things that are not money-generating, but part of being the primary household role. We have a lot of burdens and things we try to shelter from our family so they do not worry.

      Ya 夢遺 sucks, lol… glad I can barely remember those days, haha… at least didn’t happen as often as some people I hear about. Do girls get that? LOL… I didn’t think so, but maybe they do 😆

      I think most guys within a household setting is usually responsible for pulling-in income. I know the structure of households and relationships are changing, so that isn’t always the case, but there’s only a few stay-at-home dad’s I’ve heard about. I wouldn’t mind going to work OR taking care of kids, I do not believe that household duties are mom-only jobs. However, society still gives lots of “hidden pressure” indicating that men should be the breadwinner of a family unit. I don’t think bebe would let me stay home anyways, but I’d happily let her stay home…. lol. I always figured she could run a home-business anyways XD Oh that’s so cruel… now she has to do work at home, housework and take care of kids – LOL… but of course I wouldn’t take that for granted… I’d spoil her so much 😀

  2. lol…. transexual den…. since you are good in menstruation…. and so many negativesss points being a guy……. XD

    • Sophia, you’re ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      LOL, not interested la… I admire female beauty and love the process of menstruation, but does not mean I want to be a girl 😛 I’m too 揦茜 to be a girl anyways… I’d have a major problem with make-up, getting dressed properly – bras/panties/thong/lingerie, organizing my purse, getting my spa treatments done, etc? hahaha… OH MY GOD, could you imagine that if I was a girl, how long I’d take to choose what pad or tampon I want to use today?!?!?! 😆 I would never be able to get out the door.

      Yes, being a guy is not easy, we don’t get cool things like menstruation and pregnancy… kekekkekeeke.

      • I crawl hard out from the toilet bowl and i am still ALIVE to come and read and comment on your blog…. XD

        You named menstruation and pregnancy as cool…. OMG…. IT IS NOT…..

        You need not need to dress up nice and put on make up although you are a gal k….. 🙂

        And please la.. ONLY you will need to take so long time to choose on what to use today……

        • I’m happy today now that you come visit 😀 Sucks to not have your presence here.. seems so bland. PC’s being bitchy for not being around much 😦 Stupid sttuddyingg!! Are you done yours yet, off for the summer meh?

          Menstruation and pregnancy is totally cool. Both of those bring a new life into this world. You exist because of menstruation and pregnancy 🙂 I like to spoil my girls when they’re on their period… maybe you don’t like it ‘cuz you don’t have someone who will spoil you XD If you had an older god-bro, I’m sure he would too… or maybe he wouldn’t unless he’s a period-lover like I am, lol. I spoil all my little god-sis’ ‘cuz they’re so cute and even MORE so when they’re on their period 😛 I want to spoil my bebe too when she comes on, haha 😀 Makes the annoyingness of period go away when I give them the princess treatment 😆

          Haha, well I would imagine myself to be more of a girly-girl if I was one… so.. that would require nice fashion style, make-up, and blah blah blah! I’d be VERY high-maintenance… haha, in high school when I took a damn-long time in the washroom to get ready and shit like that before I go out! It used to take me about 30 mins, just to do my hair, LOL…. then now I can wake up and walk out the door, HAHAHA.

          Well, I’m sure I would have lots of diff choices, so it’d take me some time to think about how light/heavy it is, choose a brand, choose a size and choose how many to take with me.. LOL… and I’m not the only one, there are other guys/girls like me too who has to think and choose because of how many options we have! 😆

  3. Exams le…. I am on exam period now……..

    PC is the hardworking type… I am the easy going and lazy type… That’s why I am here though I have a paper nex morning….. 😛

    I dunno la… It’s just another normal day for me during my menstruation…. The frustrated thing is that I need to put on the pad and I just forget to bring one into the bathroom sometimes…. hehe….

    So, not really a big deal to me…..

    • God, when I was reading your reply on my phone, I thought you said your’re on your period now, I was getting so excited… then read closer and then realized you meant exam period -__-” fk!

      Oh good, you use me to procrastinate, haha!! I like that idea 😀 Speaking of which, you ever hear that… “Procrastination is like masturbation… in the end, all you’re doing is fucking yourself” 😆 learn a lesson, haha.

      Hrm… I suppose maybe because you live on residence and use shared bathrooms? Most girls I know keep their pads/tampons in the washroom, so they don’t really “forget” to bring one. It’s good that you see it as a normal day, I know lots of girls have a lot of negative effects when they’re on, it is so sad to see them go through it 😦 My ex used to have cramps and when she starts her period, it’s so sad seeing at her lying on the bed with “that painful look” on her face.

      Maybe start carrying an extra pad in your pocket or something… I don’t like it when girls don’t keep their stuff in their personal washroom XD lol… it seems slightly illogical sometimes, hahaha.

      • I am not procastinating k…..

        I am taking up some rest so that my brain is not saturated…. LOL

        excuses…. hahahhaa…..

        Anyways, I dun keep pads in washrooms le…. I kept them in my wardrobe…. hehe……..

        Many of them do so too le….. hehe……

        It’s just a different manner of putting your stuff…. NOT even a slightly of illogic k……. 😛

        • 藉口公主 la… lol, you can’t be 藉口王后 because my bebe already has that title 😆 hahaha… all in good fun anyways!

          Most of my girls who don’t keep them in the washroom are because they used shared washroom, either on res or if they live with a lot of other people. Although I think bebe doesn’t keep her in the washroom either… and I don’t think she’ll tell me where, LOL – maybe she’s afraid I’ll steal them XD I have my own anyways, don’t need to steal hers, haha. I’m sure I’ll find out one day…. she’s so much cuter when she’s shy, I prefer it that way… maybe I wouldn’t like her as much if she was too outgoing, lol. Us men, we’re so hard to satisfy aren’t we? We want everything! I’m pretty sure I can guess where she keeps it, but I’m sure she’ll kick me if I do find her secret stash 😛

          I guess my reasoning of keeping it in the washroom is that you pretty much have to go there to change anyways. I know some girls change in their room (RAWR – SEXY!!!) so it makes sense to keep it in the room, but most will go in washroom to take care of ‘other’ business anyways. So if you leave it in the washroom, it’s just easier access and don’t have to worry about forgetting or not being convenient. Also, you get more privacy since you don’t have to carry it with you.

  4. minxysmusings

    Hee hee, can I just say 2 and 3 aren’t exclusive to boys! I think about sex ALL the time…I need sex daily (of course I don’t get it…damn it!) Some women think about sex just as much as men, maybe we are just more discreet about it?

    As for morning wood, is there a term for women who are aroused before they even wake up? Morning flood? Hee hee. Again, we can be more discreet about it but we suffer the same!

    Just so ya know! Hee hee! (Good blog by the way!)

    • Haha, I wish more girls had #2 and #3 more often 😆 … I think most of the girls I date tend to err on the conservative side, so it’s hard to see that in them! Unfortunately for me with raging hormones and all, I still sometimes succumb to it. I really wish I didn’t, because the girl I’m dating really isn’t very… “sexually inclined” (I think that’s the word) and very conservative when it comes to physical contact of ANY sort, not even sexual.

      Sometimes I’ve made flirtatious passes which was meant to be flattering at how beautiful and how nice her body was, but she wasn’t all too happy about that. Eek, it’s hard for me to sweet-talk her sometimes, haha, I can’t imagine any other girl I’ve ever been with who doesn’t grin when you flatter her body! Even though I try to control my “pervertedness” towards her… the reality is I’m still a guy, I still have may not-the-most-polite-thoughts, I still think she’s a very beautiful girl inside and out which I appreciate – so I still ‘slip’ once in a while when I talk to her. I just wish she could be a bit more receptive to flirting, you know?

      Morning flood sounds very good… LOL – from now on, I’m gonna use that term, haha. I hate morning wood, it is annoying… especially because I have to wait before I can step out my room, lest it be a very embarrassing situation if my mom saw, hahaha. Like, it would all make sense if I had a really sweet dream about a girl or something, but most of the times, I don’t dream about anything and it still happens.

      In all honesty, I think you’re absolutely right about discreteness of it. Likewise, it is still more common to hear about guys who openly admit to masturbating, but on the other hand, many girls are very hush-hush about it. A couple of my close girl-friends wouldn’t admit it to me, until I had known them for a good amount of time. Obviously I’m not saying this is something a girl should blab about to everyone, but I think girls tend just not to be as mouthy about it. Like guys, I like to assume most girls play with themselves unless proven otherwise – not the other way around, lol. Every creature in this world tend to be very sexual beings, and humans are no different. Maybe not being a guy, bebe doesn’t understand what guys go through and how we too (like girls + hormones = PMS), suffer from control over our hormones when it comes to our “desires” and “needs”. I know a few girls who have over-active sexual minds, LOL, I love hanging around them because I don’t feel like I have to suppress myself 😆

      Thanks for your kind words about my blog, hope you drop in more often! 😀

  5. minxysmusings

    Oh I intend to, don’t you worry!!! Hee hee!

    • minxysmusings says:
      May 3, 2010 at 1:01 PM

      Wow! Really interesting. I am amazed that at the age of 5 (!!!) you were able to go to the library (alone?) and “research” about menstruation and the femaale anatomy. You truly are amazing and one of a kind!

      I hope your girlfriend/wife (which is it?) appricates how lucky she is. I’d give anything for my hubby to not run a mile for 5 days every month…won’t hardly even touch me during that time of the month! I always though I was gross…now I am not so sure!

      Wooohh… you sure know how to make a guy happy, even without sex 😀 lol. I decided to answer here just because where you posted is damn historical and no one ever seems to go there much 😦

      In regards to going to the library that young – ya, “back then” (lol, does that make me sound old?), things were safer than now and my parents were pretty trusting of me to hang out in local areas. As long as I didn’t leave outside of a 2km radius around our house, they were ok with that. Don’t kid yourself though, I was on a pretty tight-leash besides that – and still am today, haha. The library was one of the few places I’d be able to go to alone and because I was always a very strong reader, they were ok with me spending hours in there. Also, I knew we knew all the librarians there, so if there were any issues, they’d be able to contact my parents. The particular library I went to was not the ‘main’ branches and was a local library to our small little town, so there was not a lot of body-traffic. Ack, enough about me being alone at the library, no one wants to hear about that 😆

      When I was in kindergarten, I actually got my first kiss (aside from family), lol. That girl was infatuated with me and my mom freaked because we didn’t even know the difference between “boy” and “girl” back then, let alone have one kiss me! I obviously did the typical guy thing and went “ewwwww” and ran away. I remember when I was young, I asked my mom things about menstruation and why she needed to use “a diaper” and at first, she was very open… then began to limit information she gave me, probably as a result of being embarrassed or worry about my curiosity (which actually DID lead to me wanting to know more!). From there, I did small little things, like sneak a peek at “puberty” books in the young-adult area of the library, then became fascinated with how beautiful the female body is. I’m sure if there was a horny little kid – that would be me, LOL… by age 5, I already succumbed to how amazing the female body works, whether it is from how pregnancy occurs to the overall operations of the menstrual cycle. No doubt, my knowledge back then must’ve been just a “generalized” overview to me.

      If you’re wondering about the girl I’m with… it’s a complex situation, lol. I’m still in the process of winning her over and while we have not officially committed to being boyfriend/girlfriend, we do have a degree of affection – or at least, more so from me to her than the other way around. I would happily call her my girlfriend, if that were the case… but for the time being, I affectionately refer to her as my bebe as that’s a more neutral reference to her, LOL. I’m ready to make that commitment whenever she is 🙂 and then at that time, I will call her my girlfriend. I certainly do agree that I hope one day (soon hopefully? haha) that she recognizes how lucky she is to have someone who has taken the time to understand her body. Not to be egoistic, but certainly, I can say not a lot of girls have someone who is willing to go the extra mile for them like that.

      Without sounding like I’m badmouthing your hubby (which I certainly am not), but you can see the stance that men have when it comes to menstruation – run, and run FAR away! I’m willing to be there for her, whether she is on her period or not! I’m sure I’d be lying though if I said I wouldn’t spoil her when she’s on her period… because I know I’d be extra-extra gentle, caring and treat her like the little princess she is! I’ll say that although she may have “accepted” my interest in menstruation, she’s still not quite at the point of comfort with me where she’ll share it and let me take a part in it. Certainly, I hope this changes because my love of menstruation is a fundamental part of who I am and she should see it as an advantage to her, versus something that is “weird, gross, perverted” or what-have you. I want to know about her body, because that way, I can treat it right as well! I want to love her in her entirely 🙂 Do I sound love-stricken by any chance? HAHA. She’ll really get the most out of my nurturing side, once she learns to see my knowledge in a positive light… because I live to spoil her crazy!

  6. 😦 U hv so many other commentors to talk to now, u forget about answering me? Or r u ignoring it so u dun have to tell me that I got it all right? kakakakka..

    Chk it out la:

    • Not ignoring you jeh, just didn’t have time to reply 😛 I’m at work during that time, remember? HAHA.

      – Kotex Whites 32cm… or mayb even 41cm now that they hv it [Yes]
      – Laurier Superguard Extra Long [Kind of… have not tried this one, but kind of the equivalent… they don’t sell this in HK.]
      – The Saba Overnight thingie… dunno Spanish, so can’t read the name [Yes, Buenos Noches.. I think my friend is going to get me some :D]
      – Sofy 超熟睡夜用 42cm [YYYESSSS]
      – Modess All Night [Have not tried, but I’m sure I’d like it]
      – Elis Megami 32cm [Only one you kinda got wrong… the pattern and look of it is cool, but I don’t think I’d like it. I think entire Megami line is thins 😛 32cm is rather nice though]

      LOL, you really do know me pretty well… haha, gotta remember me n’ thins don’t mix well though 😆

      And to answer your question.. it is called Incognito, but I’ll post more about it later!

      • Aw, poo… I got one wrong! I could not find any Modess too here in stores… too bad.. maybe go over to Thailand or smthg 😀 Hrm.. u dun like thin but u went and tried Kotex U meh? or do they not offer otherwise?

        And… I kno yur in bad mood last night, but when u left.. I know u didn’t go to slp >.< I KNOW WHAT YOU DO!! Don't do that la, it's not safe and bad for yur body. I kno u want to go release yur anger, but it's dangerous to do smthg like that.. just slp instead. What if u get hurt? Who is going to take care of bebe then? Juz think abt it la… not worth doing that… Don't make me worry abt u!

  7. Your list is funny. 😛 Though I think a couple of points could be applied to females too lol. xD

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