Code Red – Men’s Perception of Periods Compacted Into an App

Was looking through some blogs today, and noticed someone (a male.. obviously) advertising this “great” iPhone application called CODE RED. You can see more details about it here, of some which I will cover.

The whole idea of the program is to alert guys of the impending arrival of PMS and a woman’s period. Of course it also covers the various stages of the menstrual cycle from “start to end” – Post-period phase (When everything returns to normal after menstruating), Horny phase (Her hormones are high, time to start banging), PMS phase (Keep your mouth shut), Ovulation phase (Time to start making the kiddies), and On-period phase. While this application seems to have more of an “amusement under-tone to it, certainly, it is a good representation in how the majority of men view menstruation. I can’t say I didn’t chuckle at some of the “notifications” that came up.. like this one for instance:

Not my phone...

and also when the red-tide hits the shores…

I prefer saying "cute" over "sexy"... uh oh.. Bebe's going to kill me, haha.

I absolutely think a couple should have the courage to share intimate details such as this with each other and perhaps, not need to rely on an application to do it for them. I suppose if the true intent of this was a great way for couples to guess ovulation time to conceive, it would have a much more “positive” effect… but then you would use something nice like FertilityFriend. In fact, I used FF for a while to track my Bebe’s period… lol, but I haven’t opened the app for a while – I guess I should (I sure as hell wasn’t tracking on when I could get her pregnant XD). Anyways, you might not be realizing it, but looking at the big picture, men are completely afraid of his partner’s monthly visitor. Hell, not even partner, this could be anyone from mom, sister, aunt, cousin or whatever – but periods to men are a very negative thing. In most cases, guys will be pretty much stop dead in their tracks when it comes to having sex when a girl is on her period… wait, not even sex – let’s say, not even get close to her… as if menstrual blood was the plague or something.

I know this isn’t a full-out written/laid out post, but seeing an app like this makes me acknowledge the fact of why even in 2010, menstruation is such a taboo topic and something where it cannot be discussed frankly and without shame. I don’t doubt that a couple using this app could get a few laughs with the wording of the reminders, especially some of the features like reminders to buy flowers, presents, groceries, etc.

I acknowledge the fact that PMS is no fun and games, both this is true for both the male and female. Would it not be in our hearts, that we sympathize and understand what our significant other (or female counterpart) is going through at this time? Should we not be there to support her, perhaps even suck up a few hits here and there and make her feel comfortable? Come on, read this, get your act together and take care of her like you should! If you’re married, even MORE SO, because you made that vow of marriage with her. If it’s your girlfriend, let her know that you really can care for her, even before the ring goes on her finger. Why is it we fear women so much we must run away in fear when PMS or her period strikes? To quote Russell Peters, “Be a man, do the right thing!

I know in the past, I’ve had guys disagree with me and say it is probably for the best they stay away to keep out of trouble for 5-7 days… I just think it’s unreasonable, because if you think about it, over 10 years, that’s practically 720 days you’re “ignoring” her… are you willing to WASTE time like this in our already short lifespan? Learn to love your partner, because she really IS worth it… isn’t that why you’re together in the first place? PMS or bloody period or not, us guys should not be high-tailing it, because it just not right.

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  1. Oh! I like Russell Peters too! ^^

    Anyway, this app has it’s good points too. It’s cute and funny! Helps out some guys who are totally clueless – getting help (from this app) shows that they (the lousy guys, the good ones don’t need this because they already know and can handle us girls heheh) are actually taking the initiative to try how to figure out us girls and our unpredictability 😀 Although I really wouldn’t like it if my guy uses it, BUT it is undeniably helpful to clueless guys ;P

    “I prefer saying “cute” over “sexy”… uh oh.. Bebe’s going to kill me, haha.”
    HAHA you can replace “sexy” with “beautiful” for Bebe, works better then sexy or cute. “Cute” (IMHO) is appropriate for girls who are friends and you intend them to stay that way. 🙂

    • It’s definitely funny – I did give that. However, I think the overall thought over something like this is more of a “I want to know when my gf’s period is coming so I can stay away” versus – “I really want to know about how her period operates”. See, you admit you wouldn’t like it too if your boytoy had something like this, LOL!! Why would you feel that way? I’m interested in knowing! Is it because you’d feel offended by what shows up on the phone or would you rather him actually figure it out? Would you tell him things if he asked?

      Beautiful is not bad, I shall consider it, although there’s things she does that’s SUPER DUPER cute… makes me swoon like a dead pigeon dropping out of the sky, hahaha. I can’t use sexy on her, because that’d be get me slapped or something (although ‘normal’ girls would find that weird… LOL – what kinda woman doesn’t want to be viewed as being SEXY? RAWR!) I should start making my own period-apps… maybe I could be a millionaire.. 😆

      • He’s not my boytoy T__________T He’s my personal pillow heheheheh. I’d rather him figure things out – plus I do not like the fact that the app is a sort of “cheat” – get what I mean? Cheating in exams is unethical – so is “cheating” this way too! 😛 Of course I tell him anything that he asks, and more lololol I canNOT stop talking to him!

        NO! Say BEAUTIFUL, not CUTE! Girls don’t care for CUTE! Beautiful is a rare compliment. I personally DISLIKE it when my guy says that another girl is “quite leng” but tells me I’m “so cute la you”. I HATE IT. There, I admit it. Beautiful is THE word. NOT cute. Many other not special guys have said cute. I want to hear BEAUTIFUL. Am I not????!!!! So trust me on this *wink wink*

        NOT SEXY. At least not at the phase of your relationship. Say it NOW and you’ll probably scare her.

        • Actually, unlike my overly-conservative Bebe, I’d rather call you hot instead 😀 Damn it, if I visit Malaysia one time, I’m sure my eyes will explode and nosebleed non-stop! He is so lucky you tell him everything =\ I feel so jealous-jealous, envy-envy… gah. 😦 I want a girl to drool over me too, lol. I don’t want to hear you talking about him, I hate him 😆

          I definitely think she’d beautiful, but does cute things… such a predicament, hahaha. She’s so kawaii I want to tackle her and squeeze her like a bear XD Actually, that’d be rather dangerous… ‘cuz I’m twice the size of her and will probably crush her, haha. You know, I’ve always dated thin girls (except for one) and it always worried me that had our relationship ever been to marriage, that if we sleep together and I rolled over, I’d crush them 😆 ohhhh ddearr.. What a horrible way to kill your wife, haha.

          I’m not sure if she’d EVER want me to call her sexy… or maybe until she becomes rowdy like you 😉 You were once the conservative girl… not anymore eh? LOL…

  2. Kakakka… I LOVE the horny phase xDD

    I actually wonder if Josh has this on his phone or iPod.. LOL. I should go check it 😀

    Maybe ‘cuz I dun have HUGE PMS, I dunno why guys would need smthg like this. Is it really that bad wor? I don’t feel ‘good’, tired and maybe a bit soft… but not to the point where I’m going to murder someone. Usually put smthg on my underwear if I think it is going to start or smthg.

    R u and bebe going to use this to figure out “Prime baby making time”?!?! HAHAHAHA. Makes me want to go look at Josh’s phones n see if he has smthg like this! I wonder if he sneaks peek at my calendar to kno, hehehe.

    • haha… I think it’s pretty normal for everyone to like the horny phase 😛

      I don’t remember Josh mentioning anything about having it on his phone… plus, it costs 2.99 or something 😆 ya – ‘cuz I’m cheap. Anyways, I have my own calendar where I keep track all my girls anyways and it’s modified to calculate any variations in periods and to adjust cycle length, so why would I need something like this anyways? 😛

      I dunno, I’ve never had a really PMS-explosive girl, so I can’t say for sure if it’s “that” bad. I guess H always got it, but she was never terribly pissy with me… most of the time she was clumped over on her bed for the 1st day or 2 ‘cuz of the cramps and stuff… if she had the power to be yelling at me – then it shows she’s actually feeling quite well! Which pad do you use as “just in case” or do you use a pantiliner?

      I don’t think bebe and I will need to be checking when prime baby making time is for a while and even if we did, I wouldn’t rely on this app to do it for us, LOL. Me thinks she’s going to make a great mom 😛 … mm… wonder if I’ll make a great dad, haha. Go check Josh’s phone then la if yur so concerned whether he has it or not. There’s a reason why I lock my phone and no one knows the passcode to it… 😀 Hell, it’d be nice to know her start and end of her period, let alone worrying about making babies! Haii… so depressing she doesn’t tell me anymore, it bothers me a lot…

      What happened to your schedule anyways after your mom (lol) threw it away? I think my tracking for you is pretty accurate, so you should be ok 😛 You would’ve yelled at me if you had an “accident” anyways if I miscalculated XD The question is… would I purposely do something like that? 😆

  3. Wow! I think that is fantastic! I was kindly given an iPhone last year by a great friend of mine and this APP sounds fantastic! Thank you for bringing this to our attention and keep up the good work you sexy beast!

    • Haha, thanks… although the sexy part ain’t too true. If you teach me how to lose 60lbs, then my ‘sexy’ might come back 😆

      Wow, given a free iPhone – what a treat! The app IS pretty funny, but it does highlight the point that many guys are simply lost about how to deal with PMS/Menstruation and that our mindset is that we should be “afraid” of girls during that time. Girls are at their best during menstruation… just god-damn-HOT! Maybe it’s the fact that girls are secreting an abundance of pheromones during her period that makes me so tuned into their body. Certainly tell me if you find some really funny “notifications” and screens 😀

  4. Blogging keeps me insane. Keep up all the positive work. I too love to blog. I found this one to be very informative

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