Men’s Guide on Messy Menstruation

Hi Guys,

For those who are involved with a female partner/spouse or even a daughter, I’m sure at one point or another she will likely encounter period leakage, either through an unexpected start of menstruation or leakage as a result of a misplaced/overflowing feminine hygiene product. There are of course women who have a period accident and think of it as no big deal and if that’s the case, kudos! However as a guy, you have the role to ensure that your female companion or daughter is not embarrassed or ashamed at what happened. Period accidents are common whether you know it or not and women may simply not choose to share that type of intimate detail. However, as a husband/boyfriend or as a father, it is necessary for you to understand and know how to deal with such accidents when they occur. Period accidents unless it is negligence are often uncontrolled and should not be labeled as being “her fault” because IT HAPPENS. To spare you guys from throwing up, I’ll omit any pictures that I originally wanted to put up regarding period stains.

Dakota Fanning - The Runaways

To elaborate, in general, I consider a period accident to refer to a situation where a woman menstruates on an unintended area, in most cases, their panties/underwear. Accidents can often vary from small to large accidents, depending on the degree and area of saturation, which are often determined by the location of leakage, the cause of leakage, the material where the leak occurred, the amount of time before the leak is found and also the level of flow which was leaked. Leaks that have the largest impact are usually those that occur during sleeping hours since one may not notice the leak until she wakes up. Also, period accidents may not be very noticeable at first if it’s just a bit of damping (since a pad generally has a degree of dampness to it), but if it leaks in the right place it may go undetected until it “shows” out external clothing. This is often a mortifying moment for a girl, so as a partner, you should definitely provide her a way to avoid prying eyes such as giving her something to cover it up or even buy her some clean articles of clothing for her to change.

Lady Gaga - Tampon String Performance

Period stains can happen anywhere and anytime (assuming she’s menstruating). Period accidents that involve a sudden start in her period can usually be avoided by keeping an accurate track of her menstrual cycle. Most girls do this so it may not be necessary for you to be involved in that (unless you choose to), however, if she does not, help her keep track as that can prevent an unexpected start of her period where she does not have any feminine hygiene products available or already “on” to prepare for her start. However, some girls even before they start being to have ‘period symptoms’ where they experience certain feelings in their lower abdominal where they have an idea that their period is about to begin, even without doing explicit tracking. The method of tracking a girl’s menstrual cycle only works well if she is already “regular” and does not have irregular cycles. The use of pantiliners or a small pad is advisable when the beginning of menstruation nears.

Alternately, period accidents occur when a feminine hygiene product is not placed in the correct spot (or gets shifted as a result of moving) or if the product is over-saturated. In cases like these, accidents may be avoided by choosing a higher absorbency product or changing more frequently. For pad users, using tighter underwear which helps keep the pad closer to the vagina will help reduce the “space” in between the pad and vagina, preventing the flow from landing on an unintended target. Understandably, women cannot “control” how/where the flow comes out (even if the only exit-point is through the vagina). Putting a pad in the correct spot, where flow is likely to contact at the “strongest” point pad is advisable, although this takes experience over-time to figure this out. For tampons, finding one that contours to the shape of the vaginal canal is an excellent idea. However, like ANY product, over-saturation can and will occur, so knowing how long a product will last or keeping a good eye on it will prevent a period accident from occuring. Using pads with wings can be good or bad because with wings, it MAY prevent side leakage… although at times, having the wings actually CHANNELS the leak to happen – so, I shall reserve my comments on whether it is better to ues pads with or without wings. Pads are a bit more eaisly checked than tampons. The trick to knowing the saturation of tampons is to slightly tug on the string. If the tampon comes out with ease, then it has already reached a point of saturation where it will smoothly slide out. If there is resistance, the tampon is still ‘dry’ and does not need to be changed (unless it has been used for a period of 8 hours or for hygienic reasons).

There’s a few things that guys can do OR offer to a girl in regards to period accidents such as…:

  • Consider using overlapping pads for overnight to allow more protected coverage area
  • If a woman is in too much pain, learn how to change her feminine hygiene product for her – yes, it is not “pretty”, but you are a MAN
  • If she’s prone to leaking at night, lay down towels, use old sheets or plastic/vinyl padding so that a period leak doesn’t get onto the bed itself and make cleaning easier
  • Find some old pants or panties which you don’t mind getting leaked on, use them during your period
  • If you are tasked to do her laundry or she needs assistance to get out period stains, soak the garment in cold salt water and then follow it up with bleach (if appropriate for material/colour). It is important to not use the dryer when still getting out period (blood) stains. Using hot water may cause the blood to set into the fabric.
  • When it comes to period stains, it is always best to tackle it while it is still wet. The longer a stain stands for, the harder it is to get out. Avoid using chemicals to remove period stains as a good mixture of vinegar works well
  • Wear panties that are darker colour and nylon as it is the easiest material to clean
  • If you require intervention from cleaners, first try to use environmentally-friendly dishwasher liquid as it helps break-down the blood stain’s chemical bond
  • Use alternative products like menstrual cups, sea sponges or cloth pads which generally last longer than conventional pads/tampons
  • You could try using incontinence pads or underwear (Poise Pads/Tena Pads) which have an extremely large absorbency capacity
  • The last resort would be to use chemical cleaners or detergent
  • Use a combination of pad + tampon for those with extremely heavy flows… however, those who plan on sleeping more than 8 hours should be aware that they will need to get change it to prevent the increased risk of TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome)
  • Try using hydrogen peroxide

[I swear I had a few more things in my head and after dinner, I totally lost track… will fill it in once it comes to my mind]

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  1. Ahh…. so long I’ve been able to check yur blog… just got home tonight from another b-trip!

    U always hv such good “guides”… hope that it helps many guys.

    “If a woman is in too much pain, learn how to change her feminine hygiene product for her – yes, it is not “pretty”, but you are a MAN” .. nei yau gum 大膽 meh? Actually, u probably do, lol.

    Is that string on Lady Gaga reali tampon ma? OMG… so embarrassing. Been a while since I hv accident ‘cuz u always remind me when it is cm’ing. haha… After using those night-use pads, it is really easy to keep clean when I slp.

    • Oh good, how did you enjoy your trip, where’d you do this time? haha.. did I just make it sound like a vacation? XD

      I hope my guides help too and even if it doesn’t, I had the enjoyment of creating them!

      Yes, I am able to do that easily… think about it, we’re talking about ME – lol… I could probably do it faster than a girl, haha. I’m skilled 😆 It doesn’t require being “brave” haha.

      I dunno, that’s what everyone says… not like I would know it is or isn’t.. but it really “caused a stir” when those pictures were published with the whole hanging-tampon fiasco…

      I’m glad you don’t have accidents anymore 😛 saves on laundry clean-up eh? LOL. I’m sure you can “feel” when it is about to come anyways, so it shouldn’t catch you THAT unexpectedly. You always have an upset tummy every time anyways that you moan to me about 😀 Yes, those night-use pads are amazing, that’s why I recommended them to you ^___^

  2. Love the pic of Lady GaGa as I haven’t seen that before. Classic! Thank you 🙂

  3. Re stain removal: My wife’s favorite little trick is to use an old toothbrush to scrub a thin paste of water and meat tenderizer (a product specifically designed to break down proteins) into the stain and let it work for a while before laundering. That works like a charm.

    • Hi Tim,

      Thanks for your input. When I was doing my research, I also ran into the same recommendation you have about the meat tenderizer. I could not fathom such a method, but certainly, there are people who have claimed it to work so I would not discount such a method to tackle the stain! I have not attempted this for any of my girl’s before so I cannot validate whether it works or not personally, but your input will help those in the same situation as your wife!

      Cheers to you for being one of my few male posters! 😀

    • I wonder if I can find meat tenderizer at home O_o … will have to try this next time I get a stain!

  4. Call me old fashioned, but were those pictures really necessary?

    • Rather hard to define whether something is necessary or not. I try to add pictures to all of my post as it helps “liven up” the entry rather than it being raw text. Nevertheless, the pictures were all chosen ensuring they abide to WordPress standards – no nudity or pornography. When I create my entries, I do not write them to “make others happy” – I do it to satisfy my enjoyment of blogging and sharing my personal experiences/thoughts. When it comes to any person in this world, one cannot make everyone satisfied and make everyone happy (nor do I aim to) and it’s unfortunate you did not enjoy the pictures as my other readers did. Nevertheless, you are entitled to dislike or feel the pictures were not necessary to my post, but this blog involves informational topics/ideas but is also authored by a fetishist, so it may or may not be your taste of an entry.

      Also, my choices of pictures is also used for SEO reasons and are not necessarily done because I “particularly enjoy it” – but because it helps raise awareness of this blog.

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  13. Prexus, keep up the good work. In high school, my friends were mostly girls, and we bonded over open discussions of period issues. I’ll never forget the day I was in a car with five of my close female friends and one girl had a period accident where she started leaking on the car. I comforted her, told her it was natural, and she loved me for it. She had a great point: “Most guys just want to see the sexy fantasy of girlhood, but you accept the hidden reality that also comes with being a girl. You’re one of my best friends.”

    • Hi James,

      Thanks for your kudos, it really means a lot — and I’m glad that some males bumped into this site!

      I agree with you, I’ve actually gained a friend just by being so understand about a period accident she once had. She actually was one of those “super popular girls” – the ones that would not associate with anyone who was not equally popular, but through an incident with her leak and my willingness to be discrete and understanding about it really won her over. My car has been like a blood shack and girls have had quite a few leaks on the front passenger seat. Luckily, my seats are leather and black so it’s easy to wipe it off and not leave any hints of it behind. I keep pads and tampons in my car for these cases or even if any random woman were to ask.

      It’s hard to find guys who’re willing to not only accept out of force that girls menstruate, but that there is appreciation in the menstrual cycle and the beauty of the female body. Our bodies all have those not-so-lovely things that it excretes and it’s at no fault of our own. Just as women have periods that some consider yucky, we also have smegma which in seriousness, I think it’s even more gross.

      Many girls I know love my openness about periods, that they can approach me about it and feel comfortable. I think for guys like us, it’s something we hold dearly to us and although it’s still “frowned upon” in society for guys to be so involved in such a naturally-female occurring thing, that many guys EVEN if they’re interested will not dare speak up.

  14. Hey Prexus,

    Due to a computer error on my part, the previous comment posted under the name [Protected Name]. I am actually the same person who also commented under JW. I apologize for this and do not want to be thought of as a “sock puppet” or anything, but JW and James Williams are the same person. I travel a lot for my work, so I am routinely on different computers. In future posts, I will actually be posting under the name JW for privacy purposes. I will say, however, it’s great to be able to connect with a like-minded person–in my field of work I have to be extremely open about menstrual cycles anyway.


    • Hi JW,

      Thanks for your reply and letting me know about the confusion in names. As you might have already seen, I blanked out your full name for privacy reasons and also changed your name shown on the previous post to the initials. I can understand your desire for privacy because I value mine as well, especially when speaking on such a sensitive and societally-taboo topic.

      It’s always nice to see men who are open about their interest and involvement in menstruation. It seems like someone is always trying to hide something – after all, look at the companies that thrive on that idea that protection MUST be discreet, as if it was a massive shame for a guy to see a woman carrying feminine hygiene products or even realize they exist in this world.

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