Incognito (Fempro/Vania Maxi Pads)

I actually wonder how many people are going to end up on this post as a result of it being entitled Incognito while trying to search up the Google Chrome feature. Just for laughs, I’m going to stick in the description of what Google officially describes Incognito Mode to be…

Explore Google Chrome features: Incognito mode (private browsing)

For times when you want to browse in stealth mode, for example, to plan surprises like gifts or birthdays, Google Chrome offers the incognito browsing mode. Here’s how the incognito mode works:

  • Webpages that you open and files downloaded while you are incognito aren’t recorded in your browsing and download histories.
  • All new cookies are deleted after you close all incognito windows that you’ve opened.

With that said, this post about Incognito is actually referring to the Fempro line of feminine hygiene products, and not Google Chrome (sorry for the unfortunate people who ended up here looking for that :P)

Other than Giant Tiger, I currently have never seen another place stock the Incognito line of products at any other stores I know. Being the type to always be on the look-out for new products, I found this one in a small corner of the GT store in my local area. I had expected a bunch of weird no-name pads/tampons, but to my surprize, I did see an assortment of Always (even Always Infinity) and Tampax products there. However, in the mix of the shelving were Femtex Tampons and Incognito Maxi Pads. I’m skeptical of store-brand pads only because I question their quality, however, I am not the type to shoot something down before experimenting with it!

They were $2.97 for a pack of 18 Maxinight pads and unfortunately, the store did not offer the winged edition (called “Comfort Tabs” by the company). Nevertheless, both pads with and without wings have their own advantages, so no complaints on the fact the GT here didn’t have that version for the overnight pads. They did however, have the winged editions for the super pads, but that’s for a future opportunity! I actually thought that $2.97 was pretty steep, especially for a “non-brand name” product, but I was proven wrong. Pictures are clickable as usual, providing a larger depiction of the figure… however, resolution is still as crappy since I am using my iPhone camera. I know that people are wondering why I bought a new camera and don’t use it, but there are two reasons… 1) these pictures were taken before I got my new camera, and 2) I don’t want to take the risk of leaving “these type” of pictures on my camera accidentally.

Front of the Incognito Maxi Pad package

For a while, I really was trying to figure out why looking at this package gave me this massive sense of deja vu and it wasn’t until I read on their site that I found out that Incognito was actually Vania! Oh my god, did I ever get hit smack in the face by that whole thing called age! I still remember when I was 5, I remember still seeing Vania being shown on TV commercial and still seeing Vania packaged pads on the shelf. For YEARS I had thought they “ran out of business” or got “removed” by one of the larger feminine-hygiene makers but sure enough, they simply marketed their products under a different brand name! Talk about small world and what the chances of me bumping into long-lost Vania products.. or should I say, Incognito.

The side of the package shows the variety of pad sizes/absorbency

Although the list does not appear large, Incognito boasts a large line of 23 pad products and this isn’t even counting their tampon-line and cleaning cloths!

Features of the pad... yes, it is not clear

Sent all the way from Quebec! No wonder they are so expensive... Love the warnings on these damn bags.

The pad was simply wonderful! Not only did it have superior absorbency in comparison to their generic/no-name brand counterparts, it also put a “fight for their money” to the big 3 in Canada (Always, Stayfree, Kotex). I must admit, I was totally shocked at the comfort, design and absorbency offered by this particular pad (opinion pending on other version of the pad, but I would not expect any different)! The curvature of the pad reminds me of the old Kotex Curved Maxi’s which acts as a great contour to the body. The package was simple and much akin to the Stayfree maxi pad packaging. The pad simply sits in a 3-way folded pouch and when opened, the pad is revealed and the plastic used to compose the pouch is quite sturdy for what I would imagine non-name brand products to be!

Pad still inside the pouch/wrapper - very similar to Stayfree and surprizingly strong plastic material

The pad revealed within the wrapper when wrapper-sides are opened

Suffice to say, just the initial opening of the pad already had me smiling from what I could see, but it wasn’t until I fully opened the pad did I realize the glory that it held! From what I know, this has been the only pad I have seen in Canada that has “elastic sides” which really provides that flexibility a pad needs to conform to the shape of the user’s body and help prevent bunching in panties while maintaining absolute comfort! You’ll notice the picture appears to have “humps” in the pad… but that’s because of the shape the pad is formed, similar to a “U” shape which is adopted by Incognito. I considered the the picture would appear much better if I completely FLATTENED the pad, but that would completely throw off this demonstration!

Bottom of the pad, adhesive-side - single strip

Since this version of the pad is wingless, the removal/usage of the pad is very simple. The adhesives are simply covered by a single-strip of sticky material. The sticky material has an excellent composition allowing for great grip on fabric to keep the pad securely fastened to underwear and at the same time, allowing for easy removal. However, I’m not going to lie about the fact that if you’re the type easily embarrassed by the sound of ripping the pad off your panties that THIS pad in particular does make quite a bit of noise. Luckily, the pad itself is not extremely long, therefore the “ripping action” is loud, yet SHORT.

If it LOOKS comfortable... that's because it really IS comfortable!

As you can see, the design of the pad is intended to channel flow towards the centre and also has these grooves along the side, front and rear which acts as a “wall” to contain flow in the strongest area of the pad. Furthermore, the front and back also is designed as a “maze” format to act as a last defense of rear/front leakage by attempting to distribute period blood which have reached the extremity of the pad. Unlike most pads designed for menstruation, the maxinight pad in particular is also capable of dealing with light incontinence – hot damn! I suppose they kept in-mind from the Vania-days when they made products catering to post-pregnancy and maternity pads!

The elastic-type edges of the pad is one-of-a-kind and the only time I’ve ever seen this is from the Laurier (蕾妮亞) and Sofy (蘇菲) pads found in Asia or Asia-import stores. The elastic edges help support the shape of the body, especially during large movements and allow the pad to be extended to cover the body when it is in “full reach” and also when relaxed back into the original body position and “bouncing back”. I can see this being great for the changes in leg movements when standing up and sitting down. The pad is 1.2cm (or 12mm) thick and 27.5cm long. The pad top-cover is made out of very comfortable cotton, and maybe of good consideration to women who have sensitive skin. The pad itself locks wetness in well, leaving the skin relatively dry.

The only gripe I have about this pad (other than the fact I couldn’t find the damned wings version, but that’s GT’s fault, not Incognito… lol) is the fact the pad has a smell (not good nor bad, just… a smell) and that it does not have any particular feature for odour control. However, with diligent pad changing for hygienic reasons anyways, this should not be an issue. When the pad is well-saturated, it also becomes quite heavy (well.. obviously), more-so because of the cotton-composition of the pad, unlike more proprietary methods used by larger brands. However, since it is going in the garbage anyways, it doesn’t matter… and also, it acts as a great “reminder” to change when it starts to feel heavy!

If you can’t tell already, I’ve totally RAVING about this pad. Even though I found out it is Vania and therefore, not completely a “generic” or “no-name brand” – it sure as hell isn’t one of the big 3 either and to make a pad of this quality simply amazes me. I had always seen that the stock of Incognito goods had quite the number of buyers due to the gaping hole I see in the shelves all the time. I couldn’t figure out why so many women would opt to buy (this once presumed) crappy pads, but I sure as hell zipped my mouth/thoughts fast on that one! Maybe because I had assumed they were akin to dollar store pads that I was already prejudice to them! Now I fully understand why last time I saw a girl load up her cart with 4 packages of these when they were on sale! I thought she was just one of those “cheap girls” but now I know she knows her pads well and go for a pad with good quality!

I don’t particularly like advertising, but for women (or fellow flow-lovers) who are interested in testing the pad for yourself, drop by your local Giant Tiger (hopefully you have one) or another retailer which stocks this line and prepare to be amazed! I hope next time I’ll be able to test one with wings, but I was not disappointed at all with the Incognito Maxinight Maxi Pad (a bit redundant eh?) Ohh.. one more thing to mention is that the packages are male-friendly as they have something similar to what Always did a few years ago, to have symbols for each size of pad so that it is easy for them to find! 🙂 It might even help the women who don’t have the patience or time to rummage through all the different sizes/colours and to find what she wants based right off the symbol!

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  1. I may have to try this brand, just because it’s Canadian and made in Canada! I’d be trying their thinner options though.

    • Hey girl, sorry for the lack of reply by email! My weekend has been nutty and trying to savour as much of this good weather as possible with family and friends outdoors… will get back to you soon on the last email and conversation where we left off!

      Ya, it’s made in Canada which is nice… although according to Always – their pads are made in Canada too and in a small disclaimer, “parts may be imported from other countries” – BLAH!

      You might be able to get away with using their Mini Invisible Ultra’s for your light flow. My Giant Tiger has the Invisible Ultra Thin and Maxi versions, but some of the ones like the Tango and MaxiNight with Comfort Tabs are missing… maybe now they’ll slowly introduce them as they build a larger market here in Ontario. The Tango ones totally look cool 😛 Haven’t had the opportunity to test any of the tabbed ones, thin or maxi.

      Have you given up using tampons because of the dryness? If not, even try their tampons 😀

      If you do get the thin ones, throw some pics over plz! 😆

      Will be updating my blog soon with an exciting entry that you will like for sure!

    • 😐 Not fair K!

      First u bring me back UbK and Always Extra Heavy Overnight pads back and now ur trying to tease me abt this Incognito one?!! Do u want to stuff ur luggage full of stuff? =O How cm even the overnight pad looks so small tho? It’s not even > 35cm? How to cover for overnight meh? 😕 Any leak u kno of or smthg?

      The thin pad seems nice and thin.. but… so thin it scares me abt accidents T__T n… 18 a pack, seems so few… how big is the entire package, u can fit ma? The pad design looks like a bone in the middle 😆

      • LOL, totally fair la… it’s not a big deal, not a big brand name right now or anything. Wanna still try? I’ll do “mix and match” in the packages I have when I bring them for you. I’m thinking about finding a cloth bag and leaving the regular package behind if it’ll fit better… still trying to figure it out.

        Ya, the overnight is not as long or thick as the Always Extra Heavy Overnights… but it’s still a nice curvature – comfortable and absorbent. So far no complaints on leaks yet on them, even though they’re shorter – they’re still not “small”… just not huge either. I think it was like 31-32cm or something like that. The thin pad, have no experience with it. Andie was talking about trying it out which would be nice, and hopefully I can even get some pictures from her. If you think the Invisible’s are thin, check out the Mini Invisibles… mind as well just NOT wear a pad 😆 18 is fairly standard here in Canada if you have forgotten… I guess it depends which brand/type, but even the Always Supers range from 18-24 pieces per pack unless it’s the bigger ones.

        I noticed the bone in the middle too, but hey, the design is great!

        • I want the full pack of everything coz I want I want 😀

          ‘just a few’ is not enough for me to test it out, kakakka.

          That is not very long I guess, but if u like it – must be good newayz! I dunno abt thins now… maybe I talk to u too much u get me to use maxi all the time n I got used to it already xDD Feels so cautious with thin now… only use thin if paired with tampon as bkup when I dunno hv time to change.

          Btw… found a sale this week and already bought some stuff for u 😉 as a gift, haha. Maybe I will use some but I’ll make sure there is ones left for u la.. haha.

  2. LOL, so greedy meh? Well I’ll see what I can do… not sure how much space and weight we have available.

    Thanks for buying stuff for me – are you sure you even know what I like? 😛 See how well you know me then, hah. Use la, it’s not a big deal, I don’t need a whole pack.. not like I can bring it back to Canada anyways.

    Yes, I’ve corrupted you to liking maxi more than thins… my mission is accomplished 😆

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