Salvation From My Noisy Computer

Well, I finally did it… I dished out the money to get a new computer case and PSU (Power Supply Unit). For those who are into computers know exactly how expensive gaming-level PSU’s and cases are so for me to afford this, I’ll have to cut back on luxuries for a while. On that note, my following 6 months of food will consist of Mr. Noodles, 3 packs a day 😆 HAHA.

Thermaltake V3 Black Series Computer Case (Airflow Design)

So for those who have been following my blog, you’ll know that I recently acquired a new video card and was quite excited. Upon trying to install it 2 days ago, I noticed my wires were extremely tight. It wasn’t that I couldn’t get the card in or even hook it up because I managed to do all that… however, there was just that little voice inside me that told me to reward myself given I was using a sub-par case/PSU for the past 5 years. I remember when I was young, I’d always ask my Dad for a new computer (or parts) and his response was usuallyWe have no money or That is too expensive and my response was to him, Dad, why are you so cheap? It isn’t until I got a job and really had to start paying for things out of my own pocket did I understand the implications of really thinking things through before buying it.

The box is already impressive enough... XD

I flipped the back to read the features... this really should be something I do BEFORE I buy things, lol.

I was so excited to see my card... but then realized there was still one more barrier!!

The treasure inside the chest revealed...

All pictures on this entry are clickable as usual for a larger display. I scaled all images down to 1440×900 (or multiple of the aspect ratio) and compressed them using JPEG to avoid overburdening my site and people’s internet connections.

XFX HD587XZNFC Radeon HD 5870 in all her glory! It's mine... ALL MINE!!

Maybe you can say that I may be “better off” than my parents were or perhaps I’m a bit of a “reckless spender”, but yesterday when I walked into my usual supplier of computer parts, I walked in and told him I wanted a nice case and a decent power supply. I rarely have the patience to look for specific models unless it is something I’ve been eyeing for a while. I got the Thermaltake V3 Black Edition case along with a 650W Seasonic PSU. OK, when I heard about the whole Seasonic brand, even the guy behind the counter was laughing his ass off. Neither of us has heard about this brand and thought it was crappy. After reading a review of their products, I was shocked to see it was some crappy off-brand that was going to explode my computer. Not only will it not blow up my computer, I also found out this brand of power supply was extremely power efficient, meaning it will save on my electricity bills!

Card requires two 6-pin Molex adapters to power it up... good lord, lol.

The back of the card really wasn't all that exciting...

Now if only I got myself a monitor that had HDMI support... hah.

I just forwarded reviews I found of them to my supplier and perhaps we’re not going to laugh at this brand anymore 😐 I went for this PSU because it was $30 cheaper than the Thermaltake equivalent. I’ve already spent a lot of money on the Case/PSU, so I wanted to save money wherever I could, lol. The one thing I wanted to ensure was a decent warranty and this particular model comes with a 36-month warranty which is more than sufficient should anything bad happen. My biggest surprize with this particular model of the PSU is the fact it’s extremely silent. My old 430W Thermaltake which I used to power this rig previously was loud and I actually need to turn up my speakers when watching a movie or something to mask out the noise. All I have to say about this PSU so far is that I’m impressed with it even though it is not a “big brand name” for gamers. I may very well start recommending this brand to my customers too if all is well 🙂

Top-down view of the case... pretty awesome vents!

The not-so-exciting side of my case.... it isn't bullet-proof titanium like the one I have in my computer room, boo.

The back of my computer... the scary thing is that once I plug all my parts in, 100% of the rear USB ports are used :S This is also my first computer case with the PSU on the bottom

The more exciting side of my case boasts a vent and a window to all me to see the yummy insides

The case has many vents, some on the top and some on the sides, allowing for optimal air-flow. The inefficient case-fan and hot PSU in my last “computer” made my room really gross. This was also another reason why I decided to buy a new case/PSU because summer weather is closing in on us fast and the last thing I want is to roast in my room when my computer is on. Oddly enough, I wouldn’t need heating in my room whenever my computer was on in the winter… ya, it is THAT hot. Only issue is with this type of heat, I don’t think it’s exactly “healthy” so I prefer something that has optimal venting to keep the computer cool while maintaining a degree of temperature-healthiness in my room.

Front view of the case... the flash worked out well because it is only then you can see the "honeycomb" design

The guys did a great job getting my wires organized and such... it'll help keep the case cool and tidy! I can't do that... that's why I pay others to, lol.

See the fan on the top? It lights up when the machine is powered on and then spinning of the fan causes a "strobe" effect... not a good idea for those who have epilepsy! I am SERIOUS.

Drive bays... plenty of extra room now for "breathing space" and future expansion.

Although I’m a “computer guy” and a “gamer”… I definitely don’t have the nack of building machines and getting hardware to ‘work’ with each other. I can do some minor parts swap, but when it comes to full systems, motherboard n’ all, I prefer to defer it to the “experts”. To me, paying someone a couple of dollars to build it means I don’t have to take the responsibility of a part blowing up. If someone messes up my computer, they pay for it… if I accidentally do something myself then I have to pay for another one or lose the part – ouch! I know where my limitations are and hardware just isn’t my specialty!

The side panels back on and system powered up!! You can already see the nice blue glow from my case-fan... sexy!

And a close-up through the window-of-magic to see the internal parts lit up by a nice blue flash! Well... it would be flashing if this was an animated picture.

There we have it folks… all I wanted was a simple video card upgrade and I ended up needing to get a new case and power supply, lol… things can never be easy, can they? I guess given the video card was given to me as a gift, I shouldn’t be complaining about having to buy a case/PSU. The only thing that totally makes me steam sometimes is that I saw this crazy pre-built system the guy was selling for $699 .. here I am spending 1/3rd of that price buying only TWO parts of a system… these prices of computers are falling like nuts. I wonder if I should buy up that unit and resell it… wow, that’s actually a good idea 😆

No more noisy GPU fan (I can now tune it down and it’s dead-silent @ 20% and still quiet at 35%).. no more noisy PSU fan… no more noisy case fan… all peace and quiet! I love it 😛

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  1. Mmmm!!! “Play Hard”… wut a good slogan!

    Oh oh.. did u get the “optional cooling system” one? I can’t tell by yur pics…

    So wut game u try so far w/ this new viddy?

  2. Nope, no optional.. didn’t need it.. don’t forget, even though they are nice fans and stuff, it STILL will add some noise and I don’t have so much stuff packed inside the case that I need additional airflow. The airflow is great as it is… the air that comes out is only mild not steaming hot like before…

    I played Numen and Splinter Cell: Conviction on full graphic details and it didn’t even push the limits of my card, lol… the card was only at like 45% 😀 I was so happy… lol. Time to start bringing out the games that are really graphic-intensive and see if I can play them properly now!!

  3. Ohhhhh…. my computer can’t run that game 😦 or mayb it can… but comp will kaboom, lol.

    I wanted to get a new computer like 2 weeks ago… ‘coz I wuz at Golden and when I walked down the aisles, all these ppl were trying to sell me “cheap” computers…. they were like HKD$2,500 but it made me wonder whether it was even worthwhile if it doesn’t have good parts. I don’t want to replace my crappy computer with another crappy one, hah.

    So… make sure u do something with MM this weekend? Any plans w/ her ma? Don’t sit at home and play games on yur nice new computer ( 😦 ) all day!

  4. Hehe, get a new computer lor… especially ‘cuz you’re working so hard lately… go spend it so at least the money is “worth” something, lol. $2,500 is cheap price for a computer, but like you said, probably not the ‘best’ parts… You could always have them custom-build you one ‘cuz when I was at Golden, they always said they could build me one if I wanted (not that I’d bring a computer back to Canada anyways, hahaha). My aunt got a computer for like $1,500… 😆 obviously it was nothing like a gaming machine.

    I started playing Just Cause 2 on the recommendation of Robbie… seriously, not a good idea – that game is addicting. The padding on my keyboard was wet because I was so tense while playing that game!! You’re hanging off cliffs and roofs, it gets me so edgey… lol.

    Ai… 唔好問la…. I really want to stop talking about our ‘differences’ between us for a while. She went out to her friends place for long weekend, which is pretty usual and it’s not really a big deal because of course she misses them and wants to hang out with them. But… today, I had to ask her whether she did go and she didn’t say anything all week or even today. I’m not expecting she “reports” to me about everything she does/places she goes… but it would’ve been nice if she just told me.. But maybe that’s just differences in how we see things. I like to tell her things I’ve been up to (or have planned if I’m going to be extra busy or out-of-area), but she just went out and didn’t say anything. But ya… don’t really want to talk about it.

    The 3 lengmui’s are coming in this weekend and we’re going to do lots of shooting so I’ll release my stress then, haha… but really, her not telling me is just a ‘small thing’ and I don’t want to work it up to be a big deal (because I try not to let small things like this bother me, but whenever people ask me about it or bring it up, then it makes me 激氣). I prefer just to think that this is her way of letting things settle between us before we reconnect, so… like Poh Ching always says, just “suck it up” and “breathe it out”.. 🙂

    But on to other happier notes, I prepped the backyard today and got the gardening/lawn mowing done so the place looks nice when they come over 😀 Apparently it’s supposed to rain, but even if it does, we’ll just do closed-grill since I’m always the one doing the cooking 😆 … they all just sit around and talk, haha.

  5. Yes, the HD 5870 is very familiar. Need I say more? Kudos to the new video card, case and PSU. Looks great! Looking forward to seeing your new monitor with HDMI support? 🙂

    Btw, I was back-reading on your blog and I noticed the Just Cause 2 game. My nephew tried it but wasn’t too impressed (or wasn’t very good at it, which is more plausible).

    • High-definition is damn sexy 😛 These things you notice subtly. It wasn’t until the other day when I went to visit my friend who still has the old CRT T.V that I swear my eyes were going funny after looking at it for a few minutes. Everything in my house is now HD, even at work my office is all HD… so for me to view non-HD things makes me want to puke now 😛 Call me high-maintenance! LOL.

      JC2 is an intensely hard game in the sense that it challenges your reflexes to the max. Although you can “run and gun” in the game, when it comes to grappling it makes the game hard. You have to climb up a 700m tower using the grapple and it takes a lot of camera movement to hit the right angles so you don’t free-fall and die. When you do get to the top, you have to WALK the beams… and honestly, that game made me sweat and I breathed as if I were actually the one standing on top of the building. It’s pretty immersing, I could feel myself shitting my pants when I missed and plummeted head-first into the ground 😆

      The graphics for JC2 are amazing.

      • I don’t know what to say, uhm, once you go HD you can’t go back?

        I honestly can not do those games, the ones where you rely on the camera angle to direct your character’s moves. I am simply not that kind of gamer-girl, if I am at all a gamer girl which I am not. I flunked in DoTA, remember?
        The graphics are quite amazing, yes. Which is probably why they installed the game, it was a testament to the videocard’s capabilities, not they’re gaming abilities.

        • LOL, I’m not into DotA… find it boring. You should find some MMORPG’s for us to play 😛 I was playing one, then it went to shit and so far, I have not found a new one to play… playing all these single-player games. Most games nowadays require both keyboard and mouse, along with camera-angle, so you really have a limited of games you can play if you can’t fulfill those requirements 😐

          Btw, thanks for looking into that site for me 😛 Even if nothing comes of it, at least you offered and I appreciate that sentiment!!

          I can’t even stand watching a TV < 50" now, haha… oh man.

  6. In short, I cannot play these games. Except for Sims 3 which requires no skills at all. Except for impeccable taste in interior design. Haha. :)) I miss playing Sims 3. *sigh

    I found a mobile number, I might try that one when no email comes from them.

    Oh my, nothing less than 50″ eh?

    • Seriously, they put their cell number on a website? haha… must be a small or home-business or something, I sure as hell don’t list my cell phone number on any of my websites!

      I hope you don’t expend too much time or incur any costs for doing this, lol… because if they can get a decent rate, it’d be ok. Someone was eBaying some stuff but they charged like $10 shipping and that’s a bit nuts for just a single item. I just noticed they did sell a lot of Canadians so I figured they’d have shipping connections to here at the very least.

      I playing The Sims ONLY to create houses… I rarely play “the life” because I find the scalings of time is a bit poor. Seriously how can it take so long for someone to take a piss? LOL… waste of time in the washroom, haha. It’s hard enough for me to play 1-2 sims, let alone those people who play 6-7 of them at the same time, lol.. guess they really have aptitude. I just like building the houses and modelling the yard 😛 Guess we’re alike when it comes to that, hah!

      • I miss building houses w/ u 😦 I was so picky, I could spend ages figuring out which piece of furniture to choose and then in 2 seconds u would just choose one and plop it down xDD … haha, I’m so slow 😛 Do you still name your sims family after people you now? If I get S3 Ambitions, can you build my houses for me and then email them over? 😀

        • Haha, keep it installed on your computer, we can play when I come home 😛 Only like.. 5 more months to go 😀

          Yes, you’re slow, haha.. but it’s ok, I think most girls are like that 😛 Can never decide what furniture to get and where to place… oh wait a second, it’s like that in real life too XD I’m just teasing you, hehe. The reason why I could pick it out so easily is because I played the game practically. I chose certain decor/furniture because it had higher “ratings” – ones that had higher comfort/environment/energy or whatever… so I as concerned about “how it looks”. It isn’t like I’m a “better player” or anything.

          Ya, if you get S3 Ambitions, I’ll build your house for you… wait, ugh, that would require ME to get it too, lol. I haven’t gotten it yet, maybe I’ll get it when I’m at work or something. I won’t email them over though, Hotmail sucks for sending large files. I’ll put it on our shared-folder instead and you can get it whenever you want. It’ll take me a while though since there might be new items/layouts I want to explore 😛

          It was so sweet just sitting there watching Bebe play last time. You know how antsy I get when I have to sit and watch someone else play – but I swear I was in heaven watching her play XD She didn’t really ask for my opinion much on things, but I think it was so dreamy just looking at her, lol… oh my god, I think I sound so love-sick 😆

          I stopped naming my chars/family after people I know or my own, haha.. after an “incident” – lol. Remember that time when we played and I was still dating L… we had a full-fledged family and the 6 children (lol).. and then I accidentally let 2 .. yes TWO .. of the babies die 😐 .. It was so sad and from then on, I stopped naming my sims of people I care about. Rather, I’m kind of cruel and will make sims of people I hate and treat them really… badly… 😀

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