Motherly Worries: Rogaine and Side-Effects

Just wanted to drop in to note a funny conversation with my mom today.

My mom just finished listening to a radio broadcast about rogaine which I have been taking to combat my unfortunate hereditary hair-loss (in which I thought about getting a hair transplant if it gets bad enough or I can’t get a decent cut that fits my face-shape).

Aside: Although I’m far from becoming bald, I certainly notice having “less hair” than I used to. Obviously my first approach was to seek my doctor in which he reported there were no abnormalities with my body. Phew! He recommended if I really cared that much about my hair (which I really don’t, but my girlfriend does), then to start on this topical cream. I’ll tell you, it isn’t comfortable either and causes a bunch of reactions like itchy scalp, flaking and signs of dandruff, all quite embarrassing… for the sake of her – bleh, the things us guys do for women, LOL.

Anyways, she came to me very worried, indicating to me that it would affect my ability to “have babies.” My mom is one of those people that will “half listen” to a story and “half not”… and she’ll always pick things out and turn it into a worst-case scenario. She came to me and told me after my year of using it, she wanted to me to stop because she was worried I wouldn’t be able to have kids. She knows that I “plan” to have kids and she warned that if I still wanted them, that I should stop using it. I smacked my face and I told her that using rogaine doesn’t reduce sperm count, it may (MAY – keyword) cause a reduction in sex drive as well as the inability to maintain an erection but does not necessarily cause the “inability to have kids.” My mom grew up in a very old-fashion family where sex was not a common topic and where her exposure to “facts” of about sex may not be very high. For those who do not know, it is actually possible to ejaculate without having an erection. On that note, it also means it is possible for a guy who has erection-issues to still possibly cause conception as long as his sperm-count is not an issue. Although I certainly wouldn’t want myself not to be able to maintain an erection, my mom also needs to clear up the facts as well 😛

Obviously the conversation ended there, but rest assured, I don’t appear to have any problem with my sex-drive. Speaking of which, even if it did reduce it a bit, I really wouldn’t mind, LOL. I’m a 2x-year old guy, do you really think I have a problem with a lack of sex-drive? My greater problem would be having too much versus not enough 😆 From what I recall, this is probably one of the most annoying thing about being a guy! Furthermore, I don’t appear to have a problem maintaining an erection and yes, spontaneous erections are not fun either. Getting a few less of these wouldn’t kill me, nor my to-be-kids…. Anyways, if these side-effects do become apparent one day, stopping it for 2 weeks to a month seems to clear up any sexual dysfunction issues from using rogaine.

Don’t worry mom, you’ll have grandchildren one day….. HAHA 😀 Oh mom… poor mom….

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  1. minxysmusings

    Hee hee! Love the picture from Anchorman!!!

    I think I have said it before…some of us women have similar (and sometimes uncomfortable) problems too! ; )

  2. Isn’t it sweet? Every guy’s mom wants to see grandchildren 😀 First comes girlfriend, then comes wife, then comes babies!

  3. Minxy, haha, yep, I’m sure girls have their fair-share of annoyances 😛 After all, girls get the opportunity to bitch about PMS and periods, so I thought guys should take advantage of the opportunity to bitch about our unwanted erections, lol.

    PC, my mom doesn’t care actually because she’s a believer of fate. If someone is meant to have kids, they will and if they don’t, they don’t – no matter what you do. I used to say DEFINITIVELY, “I must have kids”… and I don’t anymore, because the reality is, you never know what happens in the future. You never know whether yourself or the guy/girl you’re with is capable of having kids, but it does not mean you don’t love them. If my girlfriend were to tell me she didn’t want kids, I’d still be with her, because I care about her that much.

    I think my attitude has changed to more of a “It’d be nice to have kids, but I don’t EXPECT them.” The body can make no promises and the future is always an unknown, so I’ve learned to be more accepting of life’s-changes. I also used to undermine the responsibilities of having children. Society is much different now, my mentality was that you could just “have kids” like our grandparents used to.. 7-8 of them and they’d go outside to play and take care of themselves. Nowadays, parenting is much more complex and kids just don’t “take care of themselves” as much as they used to and the parents have to intervene much more now. Now that I see how much responsibility having kids are, it has made me question whether I truly want to take that step. Either way, her and I have a long way to go before considering these things, so it doesn’t matter. But it’s cute we actually had conversations about this before… she’ll make a great mom 😀

  4. *she’ll make a great mom*

    Sooooo cuuuuteee xDD You two have 夫妻相 for sure la… nthg to worry abt, lol. Ai… I’m going to lose my best guy-friend now, kakakakak 😛

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