Michael Wong (光良) – Fairytale 童話 Youtube MV

Can’t think of anything to post today other than this… it’s a really sweet song and does have English subtitles for those who don’t understand Mandarin (not that I claim to understand it well either, har-har). I cried my eyes out the first time I saw this MV … ya ya, pussy – I know. It’s not a new song and many would already consider this a “classic” (but not like Mozart, lol) and many of you from Asian-regions or background have likely already heard (about) it before, but without further ado….

Artist: 王光良 Michael Wong

Title: 童話 Fairytale

Language: Mandarin with Chinese/English Sub

It’s a really touching song. The first time I ever heard this song, I did not see the music video with it and even I felt how sweet it was, the power and commitment of love. After seeing the MV, my definition and ideal of what love is all about was never the same again.

The following translation is slightly different than the one in the video, but conveys the actual Chinese lyrics very well:

I’ve forgotten how long it’s been
Since I last heard you
Tell me your favourite fairytale
I’ve thought for a very long time
I’m starting to get worried
Have I done something wrong again?

You told me with tears in your eyes
That fairytales are all lies
There’s no way I can be your prince charming
Perhaps you don’t understand
Since you said you loved me
The stars in my sky started to twinkle

I’m willing to be
The angel you love in the fairytale
I’ll open my arms wide
And turn them into wings to protect you
You must believe
Believe that we will be like the fairytale
With happy ever after as the ending

Together we’ll write our own ending

I cannot even recall how many times I’ve listened to this song and mulled over the words. They’re so beautiful… it’s very rare and few that music touches me, so it’s amazing when I can find one that I really tune-into. This is one of the few Mandarin songs that I can sing (properly) from listening to it so many times and asking my aunt to help me with words that I couldn’t pronounce properly.

Hope you all enjoy until my next “on topic” posting! If it makes you cry, rest assured, you are not the only one because I’ve spoken to lots of people (guys AND girls) who have shared the same sentiment about this song/video.

The funny part I did notice in the mv (although probably was not intention on the producer’s part… or maybe it was) – was when Michael stares at the girls’ boobs… not once, but TWICE, lol.. very obviously too.. So ham sup (perv) 😆 The girl even catches him looking and he still continues… HAH! I’m sure if I ever stared at my girlfriend’s boobs like that (current or ex), I’d be slapped 😀

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  1. I stumbled upon your blog by accident (I was googling reviews for Kotex Uby tampons; in case you were wondering, they’re a bitch to insert but pretty comfortable once they’re in, and less prone to leaks than Playtex sport, which are the only other kind I like and are not available in Hong Kong, so every time I go back to Canada I buy a whole bunch and pray they last until my next trip. Talk about TMI.) and couldn’t stop reading. Pretty interesting stuff you’ve got here! I’ve never met a guy so interested in menstruation. I’ll be sure to check back and maybe rec your blog to a few friends.

    • Hi HKR,

      I cannot imagine anything being posted on this blog being TMI… I’m the biggest pusher of TMI, so there’s nothing you can shock me with here 😆 and thank you for telling me, I’m always happy to hear about the experiences of girls 🙂

      LOL – I bet… I always thought that if a guy KNEW a girl was having her period, most of them would run away if that were an option, haha. Believe it or not, there are guys who are extremely squeamish about menstruation. It’s just blood and some other stuff, but the point is, blood coming out from the nose of a boxer being punched, guy being ripped to shreds in a sport or a gory car accident doesn’t seem to bother most guys, but when it comes from between a girl’s leg, I think most guys want to either faint or puke. Not sure how that makes sense 😀

      It’s always funny how we always prefer stuff that we have rare access to 😆 – I take it you stay in HK more (from the sounds of it – sorry if I presume incorrectly), and yet, you don’t seem to prefer/have access to the brands you like… meanwhile, I’m in Canada more and I think the things here are not even close to the standards of ones made/sold in HK 😛 Grass is always greener on the other side? haha.

      The Playtex sports tampon applicator seems large and I found the plastic on it flimsy. They were supers and for some reason, even the Tampax Pearls did not appear as large. Unfortunately I don’t have the experience of actually using one (lol) – but having experimented with it, I can imagine the “ouchies” caused by the plastic (opening) flinging out upon insertion. Maybe it doesn’t actually happen with a vagina and all – but damn, that’s gotta give a good nick if it does.

      In regards to UbK tampons, thank you for sharing your thoughts about them! I have yet to hear all-too-much about these as most of my girl-friends have not tried this brand. I see them being cleaned off the shelf, so I suppose they must have some pretty positive reviews if that many girls are buying them (or maybe guys too? LOL). However, I did notice one of the ladies mentioned that the “original” Kotex Security Tampons seemed to work just as well as these new ones and at a much lesser cost. To each their own of course!

      I guess you could always import these from Canada if you really like them and they can’t last you until your next trip. If you have family/friends visiting, you could get them to bring some too. I have a girl-friend who recently came to Canada from HK for school, and she will usually bring a bunch of Whisper pads from HK and her family/friends will sometimes bring some if she’s low. If worse comes to worse, she can buy them from some local stores (which are horridly expensive) or get them shipped from HK. I thought “CitySuper” had everything imported, have you tried looking there?

      I hope you do drop by more often – your input is greatly appreciated! Happy to have more readers and commenters.

  2. Tape yurself singing it and send it to me 😛 I wanna hear!!

  3. Haha, you’re definitely right about guys wanting to run away as far as possible if they ever find out someone NEAR them is having her period. “I’m having my period!” is my favorite excuse to get my brother to stay the hell away from me and shut up.

    I grew up in Vancouver but moved back to HK a couple years ago. I still visit good old Van from time to time. When I’m in HK, I usually use Whisper. It has the longest, stickiest wings. Wings are the real kicker for me. I found Kotex White to be comfortable, but the wings were too small. HK has Playtex Gentle Glide tampons, but the applicator sucks, so I stick to the Sport ones I bring back from Canada. I didn’t start using tampons until a few years ago, so ease of use and comfort is a big issue for me.

    When I’m in Canada I usually use Always, but I bought the new Kotex pads and tampons because they were colorful. So, that marketing strategy totally works. I didn’t like the pads though, and the tampons are also so-so. But the colors really are pretty.

    I’ll be going back to HK in 2 weeks. Gotta go stock up on tampons now.

  4. Amy… no 😛 You know my rules.. only girlfriends ever get to hear me sing, lol.. there’s limited of people in this world who have actually heard me sing XD

    HKR… It’d be funny if there was a guy who you couldn’t use that excuse on to scare him away, haha… maybe lucky you don’t know anyone like me who is not afraid of that statement? 😛 You’d be screwed if you happen to bump into someone like me who you couldn’t pull that off on, haha. If your brother is younger, it would make sense, but if he’s older – he should know better than that!

    Vancouver is a wonderful place to grow up – I love the scenery there. I’ve been there quite a few times because my cousins live there, and I love it.. Unfortunately, Vancouver is also one of the most expensive places to live in Canada and the cost of living in B.C as a whole is quite high. When I was there, even regular spending was like “pouring money by the bucket” – haha. The T&T in Vancouver is quite stocked with HK-sanitary goodies, but of course it doesn’t sound like you’re all-too-interested in those 😛 I can’t wait to go back to HK at the end of this year, I miss it so much. It has been two years since I’ve been back … my family and just being “home”!

    Ya, I found Whisper has really huge ass wings, lol.. but it’s similar to Always where the layers are more plasticky, unlike Kotex with the cottony-soft cover. I must say, the overnight Whispers (dark purple package or something) get the thumbs up, as much as I’m not a “big fan” of Whisper. Some wings that are too sticky end up getting the adhesive gunk stuck to fabric though, haha. I can’t wait to look into the Kotex 410 though…. the wings seem huge, so maybe something to consider 😛 I’m not a big fan of Kotex here, but I am of the lines in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Hong Kong.. of course HK ones being the best XD haha.

    Have you considered using no-applicator tampons? You don’t have to worry about the applicator sucking or not, lol. “Comfort” is an interesting thing when it comes to tampons… after all, I thought the whole idea was not to be able to feel it when it’s inserted, so technically I can’t see the thought of something being “comfortable” when you’re not supposed to feel its’ presence. Haha, guess I wouldn’t know. The Playtex Sports had an excellent tampon, but a shit poor applicator, lol.. that’s just IMO though 😐

    Ah, an Always girl eh? heh.. pretty typical. Most of my girls use Always themselves, that is, until I opened them to a whole new world 😆 – haha. Nevertheless, Always have always been the “leading brand” and I think they will hold the market-share for quite some time to come. Have you tried the new Always Infinity? Now that was a product that even made me go “wow”! The UbK pads were a bit less than one would expect =\ I have yet to test the UbK tampons, especially since it’s useless for me to buy a whole box only to get one, lol… The marketing strategy worked out great, but their product quality (or changes/features) are less than admirable. I suppose they’re just chasing the $-sign.

    Hope you find a great stock-up place, haha… get yourself some coupons, find a warehouse-store or hunt for deals 😛 There’s tons of deals for Playtex Gentle Glide here this week =\ too bad you weren’t here, haha. If I were you, I’d be loving going back to using the HK stuff more, but hey, that’s just me 😆 I still have to wait 5 months… sigh, haha.

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