I Wub Fan Mail – Feminine Hygiene Practices

Yay, I love receiving fan mail…. or well, maybe questions 😛 I should let everyone know, I’m actually doing an “interview” for Glockoma Blog (By: Mary Shaw) pertaining to my interest in menstruation and why it’s important for men to understand menstruation – but that’s slowly crawling along because I have too much to say (and too little time to say it all, lol). However, I’m 4 out of 6 questions done! Suffice to say, I’m not ignoring those questions and will get them to her soon. In the meantime, I received some shorter questions from someone by email which I’d like to respond to 😀

The email was signed “M.T” so given the initials, so I’m not going to risk saying “he” or “she”… but they were good questions that I’d like to answer here! Weehh…

1.How much feminine hygiene supplies do you keep in your house?

It’s hard to say, it depends on if they have been on sale or whether I’m just in the mood to experiment. Right now, I have a couple UbK Overnights left (which I’m giving to a girl-friend when she comes back from Costa Rica), some Whisper and Saba pads which I’m practically treasuring due to their rarity, and a package of Stayfree Secure which I recently bought. I do also have a pack of Kotex Overnights, Always Classic and only about 2 Incognito Overnights left at an undisclosed location 😛 I have to keep them hidden because my mom likes going through my stuff, lol. I do not actually keep a lot around, albeit what you see on my blog! I would say at most in my house ever, I’ve had two packages/boxes – discounting ones that I actually buy for my girls and haven’t given it to them yet. My mom has a bunch too, but it’s pretty obvious when things go missing from there, so I don’t bother. Also, it is my mom, which rather has an “ewww” factor 😛

2. How much a year do you spend on buying these products?

About $30 CAD – it is all about finding good deals. I’m a bargain hunter and I know the prices of feminine hygiene products well, lol. Once in a while, I might treat one of my girls to a pack or something, especially if they’ve done some favours for me 😛 (non-sexual favours!!!) or if I really catch an amazing deal. I’m sure this will go up as my girlfriend and I become steady and I start shopping more with her and when I get married 😀 That’s if she lets me buy her stuff though 😦 Haha. I’ll have to “create reasons” for it I suppose, lol. Even so, I could probably even help her cut her yearly costs by snatching good deals when they present themselves. Coupons + good deals have actually resulted in free items for me before!

3. How often do you buy your supplies?

It really depends on how often I’m experimenting and how big the packages I bought were before. Sometimes small packs are on sale, sometimes jumbo packs and there is no consistent rate-of-usage, so it’s hard for me to give any sort of estimation. The two things I do base my purchases on though is, 1) when I’m out or 2) when there is an unpassable sale. Other than that, it’s not like I can say “every month” or “every 3 months” because then I’d just be lying 😀

4. How many girls do you have working for you?

This was a cute question, thanks for making me smile 😛 None of my girls work for me. Also, someone asked me when I say “my girls” whether they are my daughters  – no, most of my girls consist of close girl-friends, ones I’ve grown up with or get along with very well, or some of my ex’s that I keep in touch with. Also, they’re the ones who may be particularly open with menstruation and willingly to share information with me. Suffice to say, there are some girls I’m close to, but who don’t feel comfortable sharing that type of information with me – so that is fine too. I don’t define my friends based on whether they are comfortable talking about their periods with me, lol. Whatever info they provide or how far they are willing to help me out is totally optional.

Try not to imagine me with these girls lined up and me grilling them, because that’s not how it is, haha. It’s just mostly casual conversations that come up on MSN, phone, text or in person and I assure you probably 20% of the conversations I do carry out are on this topic. I have many other things I talk about them with as well 😛 Just think of two (or a few) friends having a conversation together, that’s all it is and the topic is irrelevant – then it’ll put things into perspective for you! I never pressure my girls to give me more info than they’re willing and they can opt out anytime, it isn’t some kind of binding contract! I rarely had any of my girls ever decline answering or participating before though because I guess I could say I’m a decent person and I know how to stay inside each girl’s comfort-zone. Once you get to know a person well enough, you will know their limits – as some, will refuse to use tampons no matter how many times I ask – so I don’t and respect their decisions as such.

This blog and my girls’ participation is all done on a free and voluntary basis. Their reward is knowing that I appreciate their help and that I never reference their names on here (or at most, their alias) unless they explicitly say I can – such as Amy for example. I do not generate revenue off this website and it’s for my own interest and interest of my community members – which suffice to say, I love all my readers 🙂

5. How do you test your products? Do you participate in it too?

Ah yes, the question which quite a few people have asked. Yes, I do participate in the experimentation and such, but the way I test them are completely a secret 😀 Can’t tell everyone everything now, can we? However, most of my girls can give me some good feedback after a month or two of trying a product. Some only try it once, some like to do it over-time to get more accurate results. There is no “form” they will out to give their feedback and again, it’s just a casual conversation. Heck, I don’t even record the things they tell me officially or anything, I just keep it in my head as I read it. I see most of my girls anyways, so they’ll just share their information with me then.

The best is when they share it with me when they’re on their period though 😆 WOO! I must say, a few of them particularly like hanging around me during their period (because I’m one of the few who can deal with it, lol) and because they know I like to baby them once in a while. I’m not a manwhore though, I baby my girls a lot different than I’d baby my girlfriend 😛 No jealousy required! Treating them to a bubble tea or warming the tub for them while they’re sprawled on the couch in pain is the least I can do for how gracious I am for their involvement 🙂 It is quite possible for me to be friends with girls (or the opposite gender) platonically, whether we have been in a relationship or not. My eyes and heart are only reserved for one girl only anyways 😀 Having girls who will satisfy my curiosity will alleviate my girlfriend from having to answer them, because she doesn’t like telling me these things anyways, haha.

6. Does your interest in menstruation interfere with your life?

Nope, why should it? It’s an interest and hobby, just like any other. Some guys like to fix cars, some guys like to go to the strip club, and I like to learn about the female body. The female body is wonderful and it isn’t just about menstruation, it is about them as a whole. I’m sure my knowledge about the female body will come very useful one day 😛 Many of my closest friends don’t know about this interest of mine, so it doesn’t affect my lifestyle off of my blog.

The main reason why I have not posted a picture of myself is for that reason, not be be personally identifiable and especially because there are times I talk about work (negatively) on here. Although many people reading this could figure out who I am, or even if my workplace viewed it, could “make the connection” – but without a picture or 2identifiable information to prove it, they have nothing on me 😆 I think pictures of authors are important, as it helps readers connect with the writer – but in my case, it is dangerous for me to do so! If my blog was just about menstruation, I wouldn’t mind having my picture up, because the worst that could happen is that someone who knows me finds it and they get a laugh about it. I think I am reputable enough to my friends and community that being identified as having an interest in menstruation will not exactly ruin my life.

7. Do you not find periods gross or the blood from it?

No, I don’t find periods gross, if I did, this definitely would not be my blog. Blood is something that everyone has (or they’d be dead) and the only difference with period blood is that it’s menstrual flow (containing more-than-just blood). I actually dislike seeing myself bleed, because for a guy to bleed, that means he’s hurt. I hate getting nosebleeds and got quite a bit when I was younger – especially after eating fries or fried-foods. When I see someone I care about bleed, I become worried, not because I’m afraid of blood, but because I’m afraid of why they’re bleeding. My dad used to work in a hospital and sometimes I’d go there with him to see him work or my mom would take me there to pick him up. I’ve seen people come through the E.R. doors, limbs hanging, blood-smeared, disfigured, etc. but that doesn’t scare me. I have a high tolerance for “gross stuff” – and blood is the least of it.

On the other hand, menstrual blood is a normal bodily function and for a girl to menstruate is a positive sign of health. I am not a big fan of seeing menstrual blood, but it certainly doesn’t make me puke or anything. I have several guy friends who (luckily) got to roomie up with a bunch of girls. When you hang out at his house long enough, you’re bound to see piles of used pads/tampons in the trash or an accidentally-unflushed tampon. It happens, it’s not a big deal, and no one is going to die from it. The smell is worse than the sight – especially once menstrual blood contacts with air, the odour begins to emit.

Suffice to say, I find pooping to be a much more “disgusting” thing than menstruation/menstrual hygiene. Although I understand defecation is ALSO a normal bodily process, I have my limits too, lol. I’ve been in the same room/washroom of girls changing their pads/tampons or even going pee, but I have never been in one while they’re taking a crap – because honestly, I don’t want to be 😆

8. Do you regularly have sex with your girlfriend while she’s on her period?

While I’m happy to post some things on my blog about dates bebe and I go on and stuff, I would never comment on my/our sexual habits. These things are private between couples, you know? 🙂 I hope you understand, I’m just not one of those guys who will go blabbing to his friends about having sex with so-and-so and what we’ve done. To me, sex is an extremely loving and intimate activity, and it’s not something to be shared. If you’re looking for my opinion on period-sex though, it’s totally ok as long as you know you are with a healthy partner (menstrual-blood carries a huge risk of STD’s) and as long as you both consent to such activities. I actually have plans in the future (on my “to-write-about” list) on this particular topic, so stay tuned for it 😀

I love getting fan-mail (or whatever you want to call it… not sure if I actually have fans) 😆 Time to eat my lunch! Toodles.

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  1. Wei, y r u so secretive abt having ‘fun’ anyways? haha… dun all guys like to tell everyone what they do in bed? It’s what guys do to brag, kakakaka.

    Only 2 at most, so few meh? Mmm… I forgot abt coupons, we dun rly have them here and something is either “on sale” or “not on sale” – probably to save having to print out paper or smthg. How do u get yur coupons now, flyer, newspaper, online?

    Speaking of yur dad, father’s day is cm’ing up, I hope you have an amazing entry to write on him again! Will u be posting it here or on FB? I love the one u did last yr, so sentimental!!

    Frankie is right, u r so protective of bebe, lol – if anyone ever said anything abt her, I’m sure u’d freak out 😆 I kind of feel jealous of her, kekeke.. Josh would never stand up for me like that :[

    • Of course it’s secretive and just because “every other guy” likes to share that information with the world, I don’t 😛 There are somethings that I’m all-for talking about on my blog (or even in-person), but this is not of particular topic I think anyone other than the couple-involved should know about. Some people fuck-to-fuck and some people fuck-to-love. I prefer the latter being the scenario, lol. Sex for some is just maybe a form of pleasure, but I consider it a method of expressing love in its most intimate form. Hell, maybe I’m living in a dream-world (lol, which is probably the case). Nevertheless, I just think it is RESPECTFUL and LOYAL for the boy/girl (boy/boy or girl/girl if that’s what floats your boat) to keep these things to themselves. I may be open about things, but I do have standards as well 😆 Bragging does not have to be out loud, it can be happiness within the heart!

      Ya, only two… I can’t keep much stuff around the house, remember? LOL. I get a lot of my coupons online now or rather, they get sent to me by mail (not to my home address obviously, haha), but ‘ordered’ online. I used BrandSaver and Save.CA a lot. I got a couple of my friends (even guy-friends, since it’s not only “girl items”) hooked on it and sometimes we’ll exchange too if we want something that the other person doesn’t want. I like to get coupons for batteries a lot – I go through those like food, haha.

      Ya, Father’s day is coming up but the entry I wrote about Dad was really a “in the moment” thing… I didn’t plan it, it was something that just came to my mind. I cannot say for sure whether I will have anything posted up this year. Furthermore, I don’t know whether I’d post it on FB or here… it depends on how “private” the nature of the content may be. I sure as hell don’t want to share everything on here, especially when it relates too much detail about my family. Thanks – ya, I thought it’d be a great way to remember my dad and how brave he is and I know many people who are on my FB loved it because they knew him really well too!

      Makes sense I’m protective of her 😛 Should I not be? I would not want anyone badmouthing her and I would hope that her friends would not bad-mouth me either. After all, they haven’t even actually fully ‘met’ me so it’s not fair to make judgments and same with my friends. My friends have nothing but good things to say about her just listening to me gloat about how awesome she is, even Beauty & the Beast who I had dinner with tonight think we’re great together, lol. I love it when my friends make me smile, especially if an ex even thinks we’re great together 😀 If someone said something bad about her, I’d cut their tongue out 😉 LOL. Are you sure Josh won’t protect you? Want me to bad-mouth you to him? haha…

  2. Just wanted to say how much I appreciate what your blog is about. I was just sitting here wondering how I was going to compare U by Kotex overnighters to all of the other overnight pads without wasting gobs of money. I really wanted a pad similar is length to the u by kotex and BOOM your blog popped up. Thank you so much! Keep it up and do you take suggestions on the next pad or liner to review? 🙂

    • Wooohooo, that definitely made me feel proud, thanks Kelly for your kind words and enthusiasm 😀

      I’ve actually done some searches before myself on UbK pads and my site oddly enough pops up on quite a few wild searches 😆 I’m glad to ranks high, my site always needs all the traffic it can get! Although given all the traffic I get every day, not too many people dare/feel compelled to leave comments behind, haha. Either this blog is not “professional enough” or I have no idea why someone would come to my site in the first place if they’re not interested in this topic… it’s not exactly one that you “accidentally” end up in 😛

      I do take suggestions, although I don’t usually do reviews on liners because I don’t have a lot of access to them. Most of my girls have adapted to my suggestion (lol, apparently my male opinion on this stuff carries a lot of weight for my girls) to not using pantiliners and using a slender-type pad until the end and if there’s discharge, just let it go on their underwear. You may think that is kind of weird advice to give, but excessive use of conventional pantiliners and pads “stuff up” the vaginal area and has been known to cause yeast infections and such. This applies more so to the women who use pantiliners on a daily-basis, but I’ve managed to ween most of my girls off using pantiliners, hahaa… not sure if there’s a bit of selfishness in my advice XD

      I have preferences in pads I test (I know, terrible bias for a tester eh?)… but if you want to shoot a suggestion out, I’m happy to listen but I can’t guarantee I can/will do it depending on availability, cost and whether it is one I’m interested in doing. That’s not meant to sound crass, but like you said, sometimes these things are expensive XD haha. If I end up with a huge pack and only test a few, I’d feel like I wasted it!

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