譚詠麟 -朋友 (Alan Tam – Friends)

I really wanted to find a good song for my Wednesday post, but couldn’t find one that really I could use. Apparently after reviewing most of my music collection, many of them are Chinese love songs which really wouldn’t be suitable for the occasion, haha. Found an excellent one that fits the bill perfectly! Holy, this is a timeless classic. For those who have grown up in a Chinese family, I’m sure you’ll have heard this song a million times already, LOL.

Translation by: thekeck

譚詠麟 -朋友

Alan Tam – Friends

繁星流動    和你同路
All the stars floating here and there, I walk this road with you
We never met each other in the past, but now our hearts begin to move closer
Quietly, we treat each other with true sincerity

人生如夢    朋友如霧
Life is like a dream, friends are like a mist
It is rare to find friends who intimate understand you, and will weather the storms and rain with you
It is because of you then I will not take a step backward

In this faraway night sky, the scatter of stars appear so closely connected
You & I, even if this road is lined with thistles and thorns
You will help me (literally translation is ‘on my behalf’) undo the loneliness in my heart
It is you whom understands me best
Our friendship like two hands, passing through the good times and the times of pain
Share each other’s worries and responsibilities, with no differentiation between you and I
你為了我     我為了你
You for me, and I for me
Together, we will pass through trials and troubles and overcome all hopelessness, as I tightly grip your hand
As friends

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  1. I luv this song too… it’s kind of like us, friends forever 🙂

    I think many ppl take friends for granted sometimes, they’re the ppl sometimes u dun realize that needs to be maintained. When I was working reali hard, I admit that sometimes I didn’t spend enuf time w/ them. I would wake up, go to work, cm home tired and slp. Over time, they seem to become more distant and I had to rekindle that link again. Even when u and bebe go steady, dun forget about all yur frds too 😛 ESPECIALLY not me xDD

    The person who did the translation did a very good job too. I’m impressed, although he/she seemed to have “spiced up the meanings” a bit – but not too bad la. Did u take any pics with L when u went? haha.

    Frds are sometimes the easiest ppl to forget abt ‘cuz we just “expect them” to be there when we need a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on. Sometimes trying to keep up with frds are just as hard as trying to tidy the house, LOL! No matter how much u do, it never seems to end 😆

    • Ya, I love old songs… they always seem more meaningful than the songs made these days. But some of Alan’s new stuff is not as good, I guess it just has to do with style. His old songs I’d listen to and would be like “wow, this is amazing” and his new stuff I was not impressed at all.

      Yep, friendship requires maintenance just like any other relationship. It is certainly easy to forget about friends because they just seem so accessible when we need them. I still owe my friend dinner for helping me do my taxes and haven’t gotten around to it. That’s like 2 months ago! Then again, he’s still pulling overtime every week so that’s another barrier.

      The translation was a very interesting take on his/her part. Perhaps the English was a bit more “intimate” and “romantic” than it should’ve been for a song about friends. I had thought this was supposed to be a guy-to-guy song… maybe I’m wrong.

      I didn’t take any pics with L this time, except for the one I took from where we were sitting. I didn’t want to tempt myself taking one of her, lol, she’d explode my camera lens with her prettiness. I have one of her from our last meet anyways and it was an awkward situation for her, so I didn’t want to do it again (since back then, I figured we’d never see each other again and wanted a keepsake). I think it’s best that I’m not taking pictures of any other girls anyways, it feels so… wrong. L wanted to see a picture of me n’ bebe together, it was so cute XD

  2. Happy Father’s Day!!!

    U kno what I mean and I know u hope the same thg 😉


    • Haha ya ya…

      I went to the cemetery to see Dad and I prayed for all the regular things. But I had this gut-feeling in me that I should talk to him about bebe. I asked him to give us his blessings so that our relationship can continue to move forth and be successful. I even used her full name, haha. I mean, since I’ve been with her, it’s not like I’ve never made mention of her before, even when I go the temple and such, but it wasn’t the same feeling. This time, it was really strong, I actually went down on my knees in front of my Dad’s niche to pray. I guess some things, you can’t explain. I think the thing about this is you never know if you’re heard out – all it is is a faith to believe in, faith that I am heard by the heavens, Dad and our ancestors and that they’ll guide me towards a successful path of relationship so that bebe and I can be together. Although I know my actions are my own and her feelings are her own, a bit of “divine intervention” never hurts 😛

      I ask for good health, happiness (which bebe is a part of ), good family/friends, stable finances, etc. but this has been the first time I’ve so explicitly included my girlfriend as an explicit part of my wishes for blessings. Other than you Amy, Michele managed to beat information out of me yesterday, haha. She was like, “You’re so differently lately… I know something is up” and I finally told her about bebe, haha. She was like, “Really wow, when did you two start?!!” haha.. and she was like, “Any time you want to, us 4 can hang out.” which was a really nice gesture and all, but I told her I think it’d be a really long time before that happens. Trying to describe bebe to her was hard in the sense of trying to describe the conservativeness and traditionalism blew her mind away, haha – because she always already saw me as the super-traditional-guy already 😆 And then Michele was like, “Oops, does she dress very conservatively too? Would she mind what I wore today? Hope I don’t offend her.” haha.

      I’m not sure where she picked up that I’m different, lol. Maybe when we were sitting at this place for bbt, she didn’t notice me looking at the waitresses like I once did or make comments 😛 There was one who had rather large assets and when she was serving us, Michele kept on eyeing them and moving her heads toward them thinking I would make a comment/look, but I didn’t. Not only that, but I think some of bebe’s friends work there, so that makes the situation worse if I like, got myself a bad reputation and she ended up hearing about it. I have to be a good boy now 😀 Usually I’m pretty laid-back with my girls, but I think I was more gentlemanly around her and she picked that up. LOL, you know, normally I suggest to my girls that they can open the door themselves rather than me doing it for them 😛 You have hands you know… haaha. But then we got into a long conversation about how she wants her boyfriend to open her door for her, but that’s not going to happen 😆 Poor her.

      I can’t wait to be a Dad, but I think as I grow, I realize the amount of responsibility for another life/child is tremendous. I think not only do I have to be financially ready, but also mentally. I’m not rushing to get married to bebe or something, lol, but I certainly would like us to progress down this path together. I know she doesn’t want to think about it much, enjoy her freedom without kids, but liek she said, she is more of the traditional type and she does want to get married and have kids and such. I just have to be patient and understanding that she still wants to be the party-girl (not as extreme as you though, lol) for the time being and not ready to settle. You know, having like half-a-family full of Chinese astrologist/feng shui/睇相佬 means I know a bit more than I should about my future is kinda useful so I have an idea what to avoid and what to hold close to me. I know if bebe and I rush, there’ll be issues, so that’s why I’m not getting too ruffled up (though still unhappy) about sometimes taking 1 step forward and 2 steps back. Nevertheless, I think I should keep those things to myself, lest I influence our own decisions too much.

      I’ll update you on what we did for FD when I get a chance! Have to get to work, lol.

  3. Thanks for your post! Such a long time to listen it again.

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