Stayfree Secure Beltless Sanitary Napkin

Stayfree Secure Beltless Sanitary Napkin Package

Ok, so it has been a while since I’ve made a periodtastic post and after all, isn’t this why most of us read this blog anyways? … not to read about my life, but to read about the fun of menstruation and feminine hygiene 😀

I wanted to test out the Stayfree Secure that I’ve been reading so much about. According to what I’ve read, Stayfree Secure was supposed to be the “lower-end version” of the regular Stayfree which we are so accustomed to in North America. With the ones I’ve found in the Asian mart’s, they did not appear to be of lower grade, but in fact, had contours and patterns even better than the standard Stayfree. Suffice to say, I really wanted to test them out since I wanted to see how much “lower grade” that it really is, but the version in the picture above is different than the one I had expected. I had found this at a farmer’s store and these ones seemed like the ones you would imagine when maxi pads first became available. They looked like something that your mother or grandmother would have likely used. Even from the package itself, the fact it is still labeled as a “sanitary napkin” (which is rare in Canada) and that they specifically state “beltless” really makes you wonder how old this package really is, haha. The markings on the package says it was packaged in 2004 yet it says best used within 3 years of production. Suffice to say, this would make the package 6-years old. From what I understand, Stayfree Secure is a prominent line of Stayfree products in India, providing a low-cost sanitary napkin solution for women who do not have the money to buy “better grade” menstrual products.

The Stayfree Secure package I aimed for but instead, got this one in-hast... tsk tsk, my fault.

When I got home and took a closer look at the package, I then realized the minor detail, lol. However, I did not feel there were any noticeable quality degradation as a result of being older than the package recommendation. They were selling the package next to laundry detergent, so the pads had a scented smell even though they were unscented natively 😆 Having noticed the fact the package used the terms sanitary napkin and beltless really made me think what I was in-store for when I opened the package – expecting this really flimsy and unimaginable-to-use product. The shape of the pad was quite interesting, resembling a lack of creativity during the design process! All this sanitary napkin is, is seriously a rectangular wad of cotton stuffed between an adhesive bottom and a top-cover. Although I was not overly impressed with the design of the pad itself, I can definitely say that the cottony cover made it worthwhile! I’m sure Maysea and Poh Ching will agree that cottony covers rule too! 🙂

Back of the Stayfree Secure Package

The absorbency and “lock in” feature was quite amazing given the appearance of the quality. I found that this pad would even give some current-day-brand-name pads a run for their money. Their claim of the adhesive system was questionable however. There’s quite a bit of potential movement because the adhesive at the bottom of the pad was, 1) not sticky enough, and 2) did not cover enough area. Should the user be wearing tight underwear, this should not be an issue, but I think its ability to stay-put without wings, tight underwear and good adhesives under rapid activities such as sports would pose quite a leak risk. The tapered end of the pad certainly does help with any front-overflows or rear-overflows. I believe these pads would be inconvenient for use outside of the house though because they are not individually-packaged like we’re all used to, perhaps what one would call a luxury because even when I saw pads for the first time 21 years ago, the pads then were all just out-of-the-package like as shown below. Imagine having to carry a pad in your purse or bag without a separate wrapper and in full-size! Yep, this is definitely the evolution of pads since disposable/beltless pads were made available. The pad is extremely rectangular and it’s literally like a “brick in your underwear” 😆

Stayfree Secure Package opened up and sanitary napkins revealed without individual-packaging

Although the back of the package gave it away how the pad looks and how serious I was when I say it is “very rectangular” – but here it is… the real-deal.

Stayfree Secure Sanitary Napkin (Top-View)

This is your typical pad you’d find in pad dispensers that dispense “last resort” pads. It has little design and contour, but a huge wad of cotton packed in between the top and low layers. The cottony soft cover feels nice and does not feel abrasive or sticky, even when wet. The thing that seemed to bug me the most was the fact that because the cotton is not packed-tightly like modern pads, when wet, the cotton within shifts around which may cause discomfort and also a potential for menstrual flow to “come back up” or the bunching action may result in uneven distribution of flow/cotton, resulting in an accident. Because of how rectangular the pad is though, after bunching or crunching, the pad does “revert to its original shape” due to the rigidness. Given that this is supposed to be a “low-quality” pad, I certainly cannot be comparing this to brand-name products and expectations. Given that these pads were extremely inexpensive, the comfort and absorbency is definitely on-par!

Stayfree Secure Pad flipped over, revealing the adhesive strip. However, the adhesive portion is not as large as the strip itself.

I’m not quite sure whether the lack of stickiness of the adhesive is as a result of the “expiry” of the pad, but the strip itself is quite thin and would not survive well with loose underwear or rapid movements. This would be a great pad to use at-home since it does not have individual packaging and requires a more watchful eye since the quality may not be as reliable. One thing I will not undermine is the comfort of this particular version of the Stayfree Secure, although I must say this is exactly the type of pad that tampon-users would dub, “feels like wearing a diaper” since it is fairly long, thick and is in the shape of a brick! The pad is not very weighty since after all, it’s just cotton and some light cover material.

Look at the thickness of the Stayfree Secure - I think that'd scare most pad-users, lol.

Ya, those are my ugly fingers holding it up, haha. But as you can see, this is definitely not a thin pad by any means and would definitely cause a bit of a bulge through underwear (but not visible through pants of course). Let’s just wrap it up and say this pad is definitely worth the cost, but don’t expect miracles out of it. Comfort in terms of thickness is not all that great, but comfort in terms of the feel and texture is excellent. The potential moving cotton within the pad may be of concern, but the absorbency is superior for a low-grade pad. Wrapping the pad for disposal is quite hard due to the lack of adhesiveness and the thickness just compounds the difficulty. It is best just to throw it away as-is, but I’m sure that’d be an unsightly vision for some. Folding it in half also seems like a good way to “cover the mess” but make it compact enough for disposal. I suppose given that these type of pads were more of the 1980’s, early 1990’s development, “getting rid of the evidence” wasn’t on their list of top-priorities when it came to menstrual hygiene.

I can’t wait to get an opportunity to try one of the nicer Stayfree Secure’s that I can get from the Asian mart with the blue/yellow packaging. Those seem to be much closer version of modern Stayfree maxi pads that people use nowadays without the thickness, better contour/design and security through enhanced adhesive and wings.

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  1. WAH!! How can u buy the wrong one, lol.. not looking or were u in a rush? Did some1 u kno see u and u ran away? hahaha.. I’m just teasing u, but why get wrong one? Very rare u would do smthg like that!

    These pads look sooooo freaky… like what mommy used to use with a belt – except WITHOUT a belt — make sense ma? lol. They even have the same “shape” as the old belt-kind, kaka…. I’m so glad by the time I got my period that they already had sticky-ones. I cannot imagine having to wear a belt just to attach my pad O_o

    That looks so THICK and LUMPY… definitely like “a brick” – I giggled when I read that. How can u even call it comfortable meh? Wat’s the diff btwn this Stayfree Secure n the other one? Not same design but same name? How cm didn’t just get the ‘proper’ one then? No separate pkg… not even sure how I carry it in my purse w/o it being wrinkled, haha.

    • LOL, I didn’t so much “buy the wrong one” as in I didn’t “buy the right one” either…. HAHA… it’s like that grey-area where it’s not right OR wrong 😛 Nah, I didn’t see anyone there and even if I did, it’s no big deal. The only person I’d really be afraid of seeing while shopping for that would be my mom 😆 Before I picked it up, I already knew it was different based on the back of the package with the picture and stuff. But, I knew it would be a long time before I went to YM again to buy the yellow/blue package one, so I really wanted to see what Stayfree Secure was all about. Clearly this one is quite different than the ones they sell mainstream in India. These ones are clearly labeled “For export only” on them, so I’m sure they don’t put as much care into making it.

      Ya, the pad did look pretty freaky, but it was comfortable because the top is soft and the absorbency is pretty awesome. It was pretty dry against the skin and really the thickness would be the only discomfort. Not having a contour was weird though, so-not-used-to-it – it’s just a damn rectangle, lol.. no curves, no wings and no design, haha. I’ve never actually seen a belted-pad before, other than in pictures but not “up front”. I’ve experimented with a lot of those cheapy pads from like dollar stores and stuff and it’s pretty common for the cotton to shift around, so that was no surprize. What DID surprize me was that the cotton (even though not packed tightly) still was pretty dry and absorbent.

      I guess you’d need a separate pouch or something. Back in like 1990’s, Always sold all their pads and pantiliners with these reusable pouches since back then the pads weren’t individually-packaged. You’d slide in 3-4 pads/pantiliners into each pouch and carry it in a bag/purse… but those don’t even exist anymore, lol. A lot of girls keep their pads in a separate compartment in their purse/bag though, so may not be too huge of a problem – just not AS convenient. Even though Stayfree Secure is under the same brand and line, I think it’s similar to like how Canada Kotex and HK Kotex are different… same brand and line, but different design and quality.

      • 1990 and u kno abt it? Weren’t u like a little kid then…? kekeke. Sanitary napkin seems to be still a popular term here in HK… not many ppl even know what maxi pad is … or more commonly called m-gun anywayz. I rmbr when I went into Wellcome when I first came back and tried to find the “maxi pad aisle” — I could not ‘cuz they do not call it that, lol.. I had to wander around and then happen to notice the pads on the shelf (and onli ‘cuz u show me what the pads in HK look like b4). I was like AHHH ‘cuz I kno I walked past it a few times w/o paying attention.

        Not even sure how the term “maxi pad” ever became popular…. doesnt’ seem “proper” u kno?

        • LOL, yes, I knew about it in 1990… I wasn’t THAT young by then (old enough to start remembering/understanding things)…. have you never read my starter post before? It’s an intro to my knowledge-process, haha. I just tried to find a picture of it, but went through like 5-6 pages of pictures on Google Images and couldn’t find it. It’s just a thin blue/white pouch which opened like a wallet and you could slip pads/pantiliners onto each side or flap. I know my mom still has one, but I’m not going to go and find it… it’s kinda gross, LOL. It feels more normal to go through my girl’s stuff because they know/let me, haha…. 😛

          Ya, I noticed when I said something to my cousin (in HK) about “maxi pads” she didn’t know it was either until I said M巾 and 衛生巾. Even in their aisle, they usually say sanitary napkins or feminine napkins – very old fashion 😆 I prefer sanitary napkins or maxi pads because they do not imply “gender” association, LOL. Feminine is so… ick, I’m not feminine XD How can u walk past it, even if you don’t know what it looks like? Haha… those packages are SO noticeable!! “Big eyes look past the spot” 😀

          I think there are very few posts that I can find in regards to why they are called maxi pads… or at least a sourced definition of it. Most of it is just people saying, “We think it’s called this because…” but none of any evidence of how the word became-to-be. Oh well, it doesn’t matter what they’re called, they’re still cool 😆

  2. LOL… wow… I can barely remember what I did when I was 4-5 years old… maybe just playing with Barbie 😀 Nothing complex going on in my mind… hahaha…

  3. hi,
    i have been using stayfree from a long time.but problem comes that it gets folded from sides or if it is wings ,then those are too shot to fit to the length of panty in breadth.and wings also get wet…i suggest why dont u make something like complete panty style with pad attach to it,.like children dipers has been introduced now in india.i think that will be more comfortable…but it should be cheap,,also.hope u will think on it .it will be more comfortable and no chance to dirty our panty..

    • Hi Rose,

      I haven’t seen or heard any feedback from my girls about this happening with the regular Stayfree pads, although I can’t attest to this “beltless stayfree secure” one having that issue. Sometimes Stayfree wings do get folded on top of each other if you allow the sticky adhesives to come in contact, so it’s best not to remove the peeler tabs until the pad is in the correct place of the underwear. Yes, Stayfree pads, even the SUPERS do not have very ‘long’ coverage, but are great and comfortable pads to say the least.

      There are a few brands that do make a pad-integrated-into-panties type of protection. If you’re looking for menstrual panties of sort… try looking up “Kotex Personals”… they were popular back in the late 90’s and went out of style. I do know that some of the Asia-brand manufacturers do make similar products, great to be worn and disposed of without fear of flow leaking on regular panties. There’s still many Kotex Personals floating around, although you’ll be hard-pressed to find them at mainstream stores.

      I have a friend who uses XS diapers as overnight menstrual protection and they’re great because the coverage is huge and the absorbency is great compared to even overnight maxi pads. Of course they might not be intended for menstrual flow but do a completely sufficient job. She never went into details telling me whether she actually wore the diaper or just put it in her panties… although I would question whether an adult, even female, would actually be able to fit in an XS diaper intended for a baby.

      Disposable menstrual panties I think are much more expensive to make compared to conventional pads, so I suppose that’s why such products are more expensive to buy in the first place. Also, I’m not sure whether menstrual panties would generate a considerably higher amount of garbage compared to a pad because of all the materials involved.

  4. i am using stayfree frm 4 yrs.but it is uncomfortable,so i staed using kotex tampon is it goods for our vegina.this is my 3 day using using maxi pads my panti was becoming so tampon good for vegina.

    • Some Stayfree lines (and also only in certain countries) have made changes to their pads which may not be as comfortable as they once were. Of course all changes are made with the intent to “make it better” – but not always the case. Likewise, I’ve experimented with older pads that seem to rank much higher in my satisfaction than newer ones, alas, once changes are adopted, most companies will not go back.

      Tampons have been known to cause problems (just as pads have their own downfalls), depending on the material, method of composition and most notably, your body-acceptance of a foreign object. Some women can use tampons for years without problems while others may suffer from recurring yeast infections or allergic reactions. To get the best information on tampons, speak to your health-care practioner who may be able to relate your current health conditions to that of using tampons.

      Both tampons and pads offer a variety of advantages and disadvantages and so I would not necessarily say “yay” or “nay” to your question of whether tampons are good for your vagina. I have my personal standpoint on whether I prefer if my girls use pads or tampons, but that is just my own recommendation. I also do not have any medical accreditation, so while I try to maintain accuracy in my answers/posts, I cannot guarantee that this is a medically-qualified answer.

      With ANY type of menstrual product, you can avoid getting your panties/clothing dirty by changing them at the appropriate time. No menstrual product can go without being changed, so if your prior use of maxi pads was causing staining/leakage, you may wish to change your product more often or experiment with different brands/absorbency to suit your menstrual needs.

    • try whisper its more good then kootex tampon..can u tell me how u feel in periods

  5. please tell me which pad i no. 0512-2603911.

    • Sorry, can you clarify your question? How can I tell you which pad you use, or are you asking me which pad I would recommend to you? You’d have to give me an idea about what your period is like and what country you live in, otherwise I won’t be able to supply any information on what is offered in your country and what form/absorbency of protection would best suit your menstrual needs!

  6. I want to wear belted washable stayfreesecure

    • They still sell them in rural places and possibly in less-modern countries. I do know that belted napkins aren’t completely out-of-style and that there are still companies actively making them…. though I wouldn’t know anything more than what people have posted up about them as I was never around for the days of those products.

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