First Time I’ve Felt an Earthquake in Canada – Toronto-Ottawa (Magnitude 5.5)

I must say… this is the first time I’ve felt an earthquake before. I was sitting in my office when I could feel the ground shaking. We usually have a lot of workers patching up our building, construction outside our building and sometimes even large trucks pounding through the street, but it lasted almost a minute before it stopped, much longer and consistent than any construction or jack-hammering.

I did have an immediate thought that, “wow, this feels like an earthquake” – but I could not imagine something like this happening here, since it is rare that Ontario gets such noticeable quakes. Suffice to say as I’m typing this, my mom just called to make sure I was ok. Of course as a son, I would call her to check-up on her, but she also attends water aerobics in the morning and is usually out of the house and she doesn’t have a cell-phone so I wasn’t able to get a hold of her. Also, had it not been for some talk around the office, I wouldn’t even know that really was an earthquake. The heavier items in my office didn’t move, but I noticed some lighter items, especially my business cards were off to the right side of the holder (ya, I notice things like that, I’m anal about the way I organize things)! My mom told me that she got a bunch of calls from friends in Toronto and stuff who “felt it greatly” but she says she didn’t even know or could feel anything. I’m glad we have a good foundation and a sturdy house but damn, this is rather shocking.

I just messaged my bebe just to make sure she was ok, but it’s pretty expected I won’t hear a response, lol… girls and their cold shoulder-syndromes =\ Oh well, I guess I could always check up on her just to make sure she’s ok. 😛 I have an appointment with my financial advisor in an hour, so time to pack-up at work and head there. I figured if I die in this earthquake, at least all my finances will be in-order 😆 I wonder if it’ll take something really bad to happen to bring us together 😐 I sure as hell hope not! I want to still live my life happily with her… LOL – I know, it’s just a small earthquake compared to many places around the world, I’m just exaggerating a bit!


# Wednesday, June 23, 2010 at 17:41:42 UTC
# Wednesday, June 23, 2010 at 01:41:42 PM at epicenter
Location    45.862°N, 75.457°W
Depth    18 km (11.2 miles) set by location program

* 38 km (24 miles) N (356°) from Cumberland, Ontario, Canada
* 44 km (28 miles) NNE (21°) from Gatineau, Quebec, Canada
* 51 km (32 miles) NNE (26°) from Hull, Quebec, Canada
* 53 km (33 miles) NNE (21°) from OTTAWA, Ontario, Canada

Could you imagine this is happening at such a coincidental time as the G20? Maybe this is indicative of the discontent our creator (whoever that may be).

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  1. Wow. An earthquake. I’ve never felt one of those before either. Wouldn’t want too though. :\

    • WTF…. it’s 5AM for you. Go back to sleep! Or is it too hot in Malaysia right now? LOL… it’s disgusting here too, so humid it’s making my skin sticky n’ shit.

      • Haha, I just got back from clubbing and decided to go on the internet before I crash. ;p It is FOREVER hot and humid here. So yeah, disgusting is probably the best word to describe the weather lol!

  2. I’m glad to c u r ok… hope it didn’t scare yur mom!

    Did u call bebe or did she check up on u? She talkin’ to u yet or still playing? Hope u r doing well… maybe smthg like this will make her realize that life can be so unpredictable and she should cherish those around her…

  3. Cherrie: I thought you’d get used to it? Like… living in Canada, we’re so used to the cold and snow. I figured living in Malaysia all your life, you’d get used to the heat and humidity that it’s just “normal” to you, lol.

    Amy: Ya, she didn’t seem too worried about herself (must be a parent thing for sure), but she worried about me and told me to move all the pick things over my head in my office so if there was another quake it wouldn’t fall on my head. I’d be more worried about the ceiling collapsing more than a book 😆 I sent her a text and that’s about it… no reply and I would’ve drove to her house to check up on her if my CFA wasn’t waiting for me. She did post on FB – so I guess she had to be ok, lol. I think it’d be like the best thing in the world for her had I actually died in that earthquake 😛 Then she never has to be worried about this guy chasing her ever again, haha. I’m better “dead than alive” – but that’s just morbid side of me talking.

    It’s not about her not cherishing me, I just think she still appreciates her freedom (maybe a bit too much). Relationships aren’t a “responsibility”, “obligation” or something that “ties you down” – it’s something that is enjoyed and you WANT to be around. However, I wouldn’t be helping our situation if all I do is pester her because this is something you feel/learn on your own as you progress through a relationship and in life. She’s expressed to me her own thoughts before and it’ll do more harm than good if I force her to open up to me. When she’s ready, she will and as she said, that by being distant to me is her way of moving towards that comfort-ground in due time. There are times when forcing your way to things is a good judgment call – but she’s not a project or a dead-line, things will naturally progress on its own.

    As much as sometimes it seems like I don’t pay attention to things she says, I do focus on things she says about her stances on relationships and the differences in how she approaches them rather than “the average girl.” I know I can’t use the same tactics or moves I would on any other girl, but that’s because she’s unique and special like that 🙂 In a way, it makes me feel sweet-sweet and I won’t deny there are days when I totally feel angry, depressed or I just want to storm over to her house and let her have a piece of what’s on my mind – but beneath it all, I do care about her and I want her to reach that point where she’ll reach out to me. I’ve been reading a lot of relationship articles, listening to a lot of older friends and family talk about relationships, and I learn a lot each time about how people perceive and engage in relationships. It’s not what I’m used to, but I chose to like her and like her I will – regardless of my own pain and consequences.

  4. Hv u ever juz thought abt fighting bk? Be pissed off enuf to show her that she shouldn’t step on u like tht? X.x I kno when ppl do small things to u, u get revenge on them, lol…. u hv not tried doing that to her? U hv a super soft heart for her if not, haha… I kno u can be realli mean when u hv to xDD Actually it is kind of scary when u do 😐

    U realli think she would be happy if u fell down the hole in the earthquake? kakakkaa. Maybe she throw a party or smthg … bleg, that’s not a good way to think… think abt how sad she would be that someone who cares abt her have that happen… Do u drive by juz to check up on her or nething?

    • Have I thought about it before? Of course… I’m not brain-dead, lol.. but it’s not about fighting back right now. Yes, what she’s doing does hurt – is frustrating – sometimes annoying – makes no sense – messes with my life – but beyond all that, it’s just the way she deals with relationships. There is definitely pressure and headaches to one, anyone in a relationship or have been in one will attest to that. I know all too well that a relationship IS definitely a lot of work – one that might not be worth considering during school-time. I mean, if you look at it, you’ll know a lot of Asian parents do advise most of their kids not to 談戀愛 while they go to school because it is distracting.

      It isn’t that she isn’t recognizing what she’s doing hurts, so I guess that’s at least one good thing (maybe?). I mean I guess rationally, if you know you’re doing something wrong, the right thing to do is not to continue doing it, so I’m not sure if this is a “good sign” that she at least acknowledges that she’s doing or a “bad sign” that she continues to do it even knowing the damage that is done. I also don’t doubt that she puts effort to overcome this, so it’s not like I believe she’s doing it ALL with the intention to make my life miserable. I have ups and downs just like any day. There are days when I just go nuts, thinking about how weak I am to LET (yes, LET) her do something like this to me without fighting back – but then I tell myself, “She wants me to crack.” and I can’t give her the satisfaction of that, LOL. The more she wants me to give up, the more I won’t – hahaha… we’re both stubborn 😛 We make a great couple 😆

      Yes, if it was anyone else, I would’ve given them a piece of my mind already… and it isn’t about being soft to her, I think Poh Ching pretty much said the magic words about how I feel about her anyways. You know, I equate this to kind of like parents. Parents care so much about their own children, that even amidst all the shit we do to them, how unruly we can be at times, our parents still care about us very much. We may do things purposely or sometimes by accident to our parents that hurt them in ways we could not imagine, yet at the end of the day, they’re there for us. To me, what bebe is doing hurts me in ways she cannot imagine or even believe – yet when it all comes down to it, I’m so blessed to have her in my life (ya ya, I sound retarded right now… how can a guy be SO HAPPY over a girl who practicality tries to rip his heart out and spit on it).

      Have I thought about revenge? Well yes in a way… but what good is that going to do us right? I’m trying to adopt what my mom calls Buddhist philosophy. There are two choices when it comes to two people who are in a middle of a conflict. One, there is a choice that one person takes no action and is unhappy – but the other person is happy/unaffected. Second, there is a choice that one person takes action against another and then BOTH are unhappy. I want to choose the first option because even if I cause shit in her life, it will not make EITHER of us happy… so why not simply not cause problems and let her at least be happy? I want her to feel for me one day, not to hurt her to submitting to me. I mean, look what happened to B&B and I right? I can be extremely cruel, sadistic and maybe even scary when I take revenge on someone for doing something to me (relationship-wise), but where did that take us? Down a road of nothingness. I know myself that I can stir up shit, but then the goal of having her fall for me is gone out the window. From working, I know there are times we all want to be “the right one” or “the one who stands strong” – but part of the better virtue is sometimes to ‘hold your hand back and bite your tongue’. I should know by now, relationships are all about covering one another – they’re not about finding perfection or believing that there is a 100% match – I told you about the convo B&B and I had over dinner last time. It is about being with someone who brings happiness beyond the pains/trails/obstacles we must overcome. “Revenge” is a terrible thing and you can believe me and I fully regret having done somethings to B&B and although I can never change it, at least I’m not going to do the same thing to bebe (or well, I hope I never get pushed to those limits T_T). I want to bring happiness to her 🙂

      Hrm.. dunno how to answer your question, haha… there are times I can be pretty morbid. Maybe she would be happy, I dunno. I guess in a way, she also wouldn’t know what she’s missed out on right? 😛 I know I can bring her that happiness with the freedom she desires, she just has to let me into her life to feel it for the first time. She has too many thoughts misconstrued in her head about who/how I’m like and how/what relationships are like. I mean I know I want her to experience “another relationship” so she can compare how (aherm… ok, I have to have an ego SOMETIMES) great of a boyfriend I can be and how much I care for her. However, I also know deep down, I’d be much too jealous to just let some other guy date her (I’d make sure I cut off his nuts 😀 and give him a “warning” haha). Ai…. dunno what she thinks sometimes.. I mean obviously I have my own thoughts about what she thinks, both good and bad – I just don’t want to believe in the bad things, makes for a happier-me right? And that’s always a good thing, LOL. A grumpy me is a very bad thing 😆

      Hrm.. I don’t drive up and check on her because she appreciates her privacy. If I did that, it would not make her happy. But at the same time, if I did drive up to check on her or had someone else do it for me, I sure as hell wouldn’t tell her or let anyone know for that matter 😛 Remember what I always say about how I do things… if I talk about something, the likelihood is I won’t do it since that would mean I’ve already 露出馬腳… I’m not retarded or something 😆 It’s the things I don’t talk about that keeps people wondering… I can be a very mysterious person when I want to be and can get a lot of things done without people knowing… haha. I keep a lot of the contacts I know fairly secretive and although it doesn’t seem like I’m one of those “really popular” people – I know certain individuals that “really count” when I need things done 😉 I try not to be underhanded though when I don’t need to be, especially when it comes to her – this isn’t a world-war I’m fighting, it’s a battle to win her heart!!!

      Ok, my response was a lot longer than your question, LOL!!! It’s so me….

      • It just wouldn’t be u if it wasn’t a long reply 😛 I like these replies anyways, it’s meaningful… rather than too short of a response that ppl don’t seem to care abt.

        Sometimes I wish I was more level-headed like u n thot evythg through… sometimes I make my decisions too rashly u kno? Every time Josh does something wrong or he angers me, I just want to say “forget about it” … but I kno that’s not really how I feel. I guess maybe it’s like that to her? Maybe it’s just easier for her to want to give up because it’s a lot easier than facing the issues and of coz every1 thinks that once in a while, especially if they hv other rly important things on their mind. It’s good u understand that tho, coz I think it makes a diff when u understand. I kno it doesn’t make it “hurt any less” but at least both of u understand one another. I know it hurts u not to see her for so long =\ It’s either absolute cruelty or a test to see whether u rly r who u say u r, loyal and committed to her. I wouldn’t doubt tht coz I’ve known u for so long and know how yur like, but maybe she’s still unsure whether u can hv one heart onli for her!

        U’ve never told anyone abt what happened after B&B broke up with u? I dun think I even know the whole story ‘cuz yur so silent abt it. Must be scary tho what u did if u even won’t talk abt it! I dare not find out what happens when u get mad >.< I think I prefer the happy-u, haha.

        I will give u some more oil to add 😛 I kno u'll be gleaming when u take a picture with her in yur arms. U two will look so cute together, just like in the picture w/ her n' her frd… except u'll be bigger than her, LOL. Every girl needs a big guy to take care of them xDD SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!! I'll be so angry if u two get married w/o telling me 😆

  5. Hey, I can’t find you online anywhere 2nite… u still around or slp’ing already? Thought if there’s any place u’d check, it’s here… 😆

    • Oh, I turned everything off ‘cuz I was planning to go to sleep after this short post! 😛

      Drop me a message here instead 🙂

      Did u even read what I wrote above? XD

      • Haha sor mui, I got yur msg la… u totally missed it XD WP does funky stuff sometimes maybe or your eyes missed it. Still wearing contacts? 😛

        Here, I’ll repost it for you since I don’t think it came out right or somethingorother… This was in response to your previous post.


        Haha, maybe la… dunno if I’m level-headed or not. I can be either “Mr. Nice Guy” or “Satan Reincarnate” … I guess like one of my readers Sophia says, everyone of us has evil within us and we all have limits and times that we are not in showing the nicest side of ourselves. However, I choose to believe that by nature, humanity is good and that we should give everyone the benefit-of-the-doubt when situations arise. I know it’s absolutely easy to say and hard to do, lol. Every time someone does something stupid on the road, my mom will find some sort of excuse or rationale – other than the fact the other driver is just being downright assholish. To try to view everyone positively is just hard sometimes or rather, maybe because individuals grow up with experiences that change their view as they grow. I remember one time my parents did mention the “sweet little boy” I once used to be and that I’d “see everyone with good intentions.” It’s hard to say whether I call that being naive and stupid or rather than was a true good heart. Whenever I can, I try to extend my hand to help those less fortunate or feel pity on those who are not as in good of a position as I am, but I’m not sure that makes me level-headed… I just have my moment haha.

        You do make me laugh though XD … see look:

        ☆ level·headed (lev′əl hed′id)

        having or showing an even temper and sound judgment; sensible

        Something tells me that’s TOTALLY not me… hahaha. Ok fine, maybe most of the time, but there are moments where my temper, judgment and sensibility is clouded by rage and emotions 😆 … humans can’t always be good – LOL! I think the difference is that although I “am” level-headed, I don’t always “act” level-headed… such that even though I know I ought to not/should do something, I choose to act in the opposite manner. If only humanity was perfect eh?

        I think the questioning of my loyalty and commitment to her makes sense, although it is clearly unwavering. I think in general, our communication sometimes is an issue, because we both have different angles for our thoughts. There are times when we both act, only to realize each of us had our own viewpoints which clashed. Remember when I used to rotate all my pictures on MSN with all those cutsie girls? haha. She disliked that, but she never made a point of that until later on, she told me that was actually one of the reasons she stopped talking to me. In my defense, the reason I did that was to see if I could (I ashamedly admit) make her jealous. Had we been clear with each other on things, all that would be unnecessary, lol. As you can see, there are no more girlie pics on my MSN except for like family pics and such. Clearly, I have no issues with commitment, loyalty and compassion 😛 If only both of us could reach a common ground between those 3 things and the fourth being “freedom”… and really, I don’t think commitment, loyalty and compassion cannot co-exist with freedom. To a degree, one could argue, yes, commitment to a partner means no freedom to look for another one, but it does not mean removal of time to herself or her family/friends. We both need to reach an understanding, knowing that being with each other doesn’t mean we go and ignore the other things in our life – it means having the option of enjoying it together or feeling uncontrolled enough to not be inclusive to each other’s activities all the time. Oh well, things like these you really can’t teach – it’ll come in due time.

        Ya, I think the story between B&B will stay between us forever. It was a rather nasty moment in my life – and perhaps even hers, post-breakup because of how angry I got over our issues. Nevertheless, here we are today, being able to talk and enjoy dinner in each other’s company without trying to blow each other’s head off 😛 I seriously could not imagine myself having that much hatred and anger within me when it happened – it seemed impossible – but I did and it was not a pretty 2 years after that. Although I admit and acknowledge that it happened, it’s not something we share simply because it would scare other people 😐 I tell ya, jealousy and anger are two horrible things to mix together – not that they aren’t bad enough things on their own!

        I need plenty of add oil for myself 😀 But hey, you know, every day I sleep, wake-up and enjoy, is one day closer that fate will bring us together. There are times I just have to dig into my spiritual side and believe in fate and divine intervention. As hard as it is to be fully religious – I also find it hard not to believe in that we don’t always control ourselves and others. Sometimes things are a mix of chemistry and “what is meant to be.” I guess I might have to give Thailand a visit for some magic spells eh? LOL…. My parents were always afraid of my last girlfriend because she was part Thai and they always worried she managed to put a 降頭 on me because I was practically dazed under her command. Bleh…

        I think bebe and I do look cute together and it has nothing to do with our size, LOL. At the very least, we haven’t been mistaken for brother/sister or something like that. That’s always a good sign, because you know with some other girls I’ve been with (or have hung out with), they always assume the “wrong relationship” with them.. ugh, lol. I remember when I took god-sis out for dinner, the waiter asked me if it was “our anniversary”… first of all, she’s my god-sister, second, she’s fourteen. I know everyone knows I enjoy “liking the younger girls” but god – 14? LOL. I think he was blind anyways. At least places I’ve been to bebe, people have assumed they were my girlfriend and referred to her as such – better than saying she’s my sister or something T_T lol.

        Speaking of wedding, did you know Flora got married recently? We all laughed when like 2 weeks later, we found out she was pregnant. Then all of a sudden, it made sense… it was totally a shotgun wedding probably because he got her pregnant or something. You know, it is quite a plausible thought because you know they’re SUPER DUPER RELIGIOUS and all, and don’t believe in “sex before marriage” and all of a sudden, pregnant so fast? Either they really did conceive AFTER the wedding – or – they had to save face and the fact they sinned and had premarital sex and someone was not-careful and got preggers. Tsk tsk… The “timing” of how all this happened was just too suspicious 😛

  6. Oops, ya I totally missed that msg xDD I think I’m going blind or maybe there was something wrong with yur blog update thingie on the side! Oh well, I should always read yur post instead then, mayb better that way 😀

    I luv yur note on FB btw, so nice of u to remember him like that!

    Haha, I did not kno she got married or got preggers… I thought she was the ‘good girl’ huh huh? 😛 Guess we all make ‘mistakes’ even if she’s a god-girl 😆 Sex is hard to resist, kakaka. I’m just surprized they didn’t take more “precaution”… so what kinda guy is she w/ now? Of coz it happened though, isn’t she like almost 30 or smthg? Makes sense she wants lots and lots of ‘fun’ now that she’s “allowed” to by her religion. I could never be with a super-religious boy, kekeke… Yesh, I can be a baadd girl sometimes… shhh… 😀

    Ask around, mayb u fill find the truth abt whether she rly did get preg b4 marriage, LOL… probably la if so fast. So I heard u wanted to start running… hehe, good for u la, I’m sure bebe will appreciate it! U sounded worried the other day, u afraid of another guy or smthg?

    • Yep, I was suddenly inspired to write about dad… I mean I didn’t do it for Father’s Day because we were actually out in Mississauga doing the Father’s Day party which was pretty awesome. I know uncle really wanted to go out and eat instead to save for the trouble, but really, a home-cooked meal is way better. My mom was so happy to “see me in the kitchen” because you know how rare that is 😆 – also, I actually did a shitload of work this time. I really want to know how to be a “kitchen-man” as well, it’s impressive you know? 😉

      She got married like 2 months ago and it’s hard to imagine that it’d be so fast where she just happened to ovulate right after her wedding and got pregnant at the same time, lol… not saying it’s impossible, just saying it sounds fishy 😛 Then again, some women get pregnant REALLY easy… I was a “one-shot kid” – lol, my mom told me and I was like “ewwwww, don’t want to know” hahaha. My mom was like, “It was so easy to conceive you and I’m sure if we wanted to, we could’ve had 10 more!” – lol… bebe has tons of siblings already and they’re cool n’ stuff, so I don’t need my own siblings 😀

      Really though, nowadays, it isn’t some kind of surprize that people are having premarital sex… but the difference for her in particular was that you know she’s like a bible-princess, so to imagine she’d do something like that blows my mind. Mind you, the guy is Korean and they’re HARDCORE CATHOLIC too (otherwise they wouldn’t be allowed to marry anyways), and sex takes two (or more…. :lol:) to do… so it would’ve been a mistake on both their parts. Heck, I don’t care, I’m happy to hear that she’s going to be a mom soon! Yep, well you know, sometimes the body wants what the body wants. You’re not a bad girl “sometimes” – you’re ALWAYS a bad girl 😉

      Nah, I’m not going to ask around. I mean ya, everyone is probably curious, but that’s something between them. Whether or not they really did do a shotgun-wedding, oh well – if they’re happy together and they have a child together, then good for them. Being almost 30, I think it’s a good time anyways, or at least for her, guys can be any time, LOL. I personally think 30 is pushing it already, but hey, it’s a two-person decision and not really the business of anyone else. When you feel you are mentally and financially stable to do that, then that’s the time to bring a new life into this world! Hallelujah! (don’t believe I just said that… :lol:)

      I dunno if I worry about things or not. Honestly, bebe’s pretty shy with guys in general, so do I think she could potentially find another guy? Of course… but I certainly hope she wouldn’t. We have a bright future ahead of us and I know everyone wants to explore and play-the-fields, but I just want her to be comfortable enough with me to continue down our path, not with some other guy. I can’t stop her from doing what she feels, I can only believe in faith in myself and her. That’s why I’m trying to improve my self-image and stuff, because if I don’t even feel I can keep her, it makes me lose confidence. I don’t think she’s shallow, but what girl doesn’t want a fit guy right? I wouldn’t want a girl twice my size either 😛 I won’t say it doesn’t cross my mind whether she’s still “scouting” but I also want to believe in myself being a good enough of a guy to win her over. I always tell myself, “timing”… whether I’m just lying to myself, it doesn’t matter as long as it makes me happy – LOL.

  7. Hmmm… has yur stance on that changed? When yur a teen, ppl think totally differently 😆 They always say that high-school prom is the the time mess around and not worry abt responsbilty, haha… for sm reason, ppl think in high school means u can’t get preg, but it’s happening more n’ more! Even like u said, even elementary school girls r starting to hit puberty early and become fertile! It’s not longer safe to assume that someone can’t get preg ‘cuz they’re young (either way – yuck).

    Yap, don’t worry abt other guys la, that’s a waste of time. Just concentrate on continuing to do what u do. If u get angry at guys around her, they will take advantage of that and use it against u! U want to be the nice-guy (when u can, lol) but at the same time, not let other guys near her. Bashing them over the head or shooting them doesn’t solve the problem if she really likes him xDD U hv to force the guy to not like her or give up on her… LOL. Gosh, I watch too many HK drama 😆 Anywayz, I dun think she’s into other guys or she’d make it very obvious to u and well, maybe if she did, u wouldn’t let that stop you anyways 😛

    Like Stacey said, the more u worry abt vanity, the more it’ll affect her too. The more u get to know someone, the less u care abt how they look. Like bebe, u even admit to her that she was just yur average Asian girl and over time, suddenly she’s grown on to u so much that u see all this beauty in her. Some ppl get lucky and have immediate natural attraction, some ppl have great personality. Don’t let yur own thoughts abt how u look bad get in the way – u hv so much more to offer and she has so much more to c in u other than outside. I dun disagree with S, she’s right u kno, like, “Every girls has a dream, but there are dreams, and there are realities.” – I mean, I llluuvvv Raymond Lam, but Josh doesn’t even look close to him.. .but that’s not the point – the point is I love him n’ that even if he’s not the next Raymond, I wouldn’t trade him off! I bet guys kno abt fantasies n’ evrythg, every guy wants this sex-crazy-blow-your-mind-away girl (or boy I guess if he’s gay…), but then that’s just a fantasy or dream. The reality is, most guys will end up with an ‘ordinary girl’ but who is EXTRAORDINARY to him! U hv found more to appreciate in bebe other than how she looks (although clearly yur insane over her smile, lol.. and body, how ’bout her body meh? KEKEKEKEK), ‘cuz u two r compatible n’ as large as the world is, u hv to think twice b4 u give up on her! 😀

    • Well, my stance has always been rather than two people should be in love, in a monogamous relationship and in good health (or at least know of any medical problems) to engage in sex. Obviously this is strictly my stance and it’s neither right nor wrong. I know of at most, 3-4 people who believe in the “sex after marriage” thing, and that’s fine too – I just don’t think it’s as easy to do anymore in this era. 50 years ago, that might’ve been totally true for most people. I would find it bad for two people to hump outside of a proper relationship, but I don’t think they’re bad people – I just wouldn’t agree with it.

      Yes, girls as young as elementary school are getting their periods and thus, becoming notably fertile. I say notably, because it is possible for a girl to get pregnant before the first signs of her period – so one should not assume. Nevertheless, yes, kids have no reason to be engaging in sex at that age. I know when we’re young, we all think we’re “in love” – I’ve said that to girls before when I was a little kid – but as I became more mature, I reserved those words for a very select few girls – who I felt deeply about. Honestly, I haven’t said those words to a girl in ages (sad meh?)… I heard about these grade 7 kids who went on their school vacation and were caught having sex with another group of kids from another school that stayed at the same hotel as them! SHEESH.

      Hehe, I have all the plans in the world to continue what I do and to keep trying. I’m talking about true loyalty here, it’s does not waver simply because there are some obstacles in the way. There are obstacles for everything and if I just gave up on everything that is hard, then I’d be a hell-of-a-failure-of-a-person! Haha yes, the best thing to do would be to scare the shit out of every guy of potential, BUT, I can’t be that 小氣 right? I should be 大大方方 to show that I’m an upstanding individual who won’t resort to being underhanded. I think that draws a much more positive response! And yes, I’m sure our thoughts get affected by all the dramas we watch, haha… if only she was that easy as the girls in the movies eh? 😛 But maybe then, there would be no challenge? Not that I really want her to throw challenges at me, but maybe like what 哥 said.. this is really the pinnacle of the excitement… everything is just boring afterward, LOL. I don’t think it’s true, but I know bebe likes to keep things ‘fresh’ 😆

      Haha, I’m pretty sure most guys can relate to fantasies and yes, I think most of us keep those two things separate. Oh shit, I don’t think bebe is just an “ordinary girl” – LOL – if I did, I wouldn’t choose her XD She’s a super-girl, one sent by the heavens to bring my years of happiness and a successful life! I don’t date ‘ordinary girls’ 😛 I don’t really comment on her body much because I’ve casually complimented her in the past and she doesn’t like it. Apparently only her “close friends” can do that -__-” Guess she’s not used to guys complimenting her body – not that she doesn’t deserve it 😛 So I will make no statement on her body, LOL – too bad. Let’s just say she has all I want and all I’ll ever need 😀 She can definitely go be the next Miss Hong Kong 😀 err… well, Miss Malaysia I guess… or do they even have that? haha.

      • LOL, she doesn’t have to represent her own country u know… could represent Canada too xDD Can she even walk in high-heels? 😛

        • Maybe… I dunno, she wears shoes every time and I prefer that 😛 Don’t really think she enjoys wearing heels anyways – she doesn’t seem that type of girl! I kind of like the fact she’s not too tall, so I wouldn’t like her in heels. She’s perfectly “huggable height” 😆

          LOL – actually I was thinking about the fact I’m not sure if I would really ‘like’ her to be a Miss-whatever… imagine all those eyes staring her down 😐 I’m greedy, I don’t want other guys oogling at her and having drool at the side of their lips. I’d have to crack some skulls open 😀 I wouldn’t want her to have to walk on the stage wearing skimpy outfits too (and I doubt she would) X.x Noooo showing skin, haha. I’m so old-fashion aren’t I? hahaha…

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