Ontario HST – How Will It Affect Your Feminine Hygiene Products?

This article is just some FYI for (Ontarians) regarding the HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) implementation on July 1, 2010. Luckily for many of us who purchase feminine hygiene supplies, you should be pleased to know (not that a tax-hike is exactly anything ‘good’) that there will be point-of-sale rebates for the provincial portion of the HST (8%) for several categories of items, one of which, includes feminine hygiene products.

As per the Ontario Ministry of Revenue,

Point-of-sale rebate

Other products will be eligible for a point-of-sale rebate for the provincial part of the HST. This means you will only pay the 5 per cent federal portion of the HST. These include print newspapers, books (including audio books), diapers, children’s clothing and footwear, children’s car seats and booster seats, feminine hygiene products, and qualifying prepared food and beverages sold for $4.00 or less.

The bottom line is that the new changes with HST implementation in 2 days will not affect your purchase of pads, tampons or reusable menstrual hygiene products in Ontario. The current tax rate for feminine hygiene products are staying steady at 5% (the GST portion).

Of particular interest to those who may require the use of incontinence products should also be relieved as there are also no changes to the existing tax rates. Adult incontinence products currently are not taxed by GST or PST and will not be taxed under the new HST terms.

Health Products and Services

GST-taxable before July 1, 2010 PST-taxable before July 1,2010 Is there a change to the amount of tax payable under the HST?
Adult Incontinence Products No GST No PST No HST

All this HST is bullshit anyways, but at the very least, ladies and flow-lovers should be happy to know that we won’t have to pay attentional taxes for feminine hygiene, incontinence products and diapers.

Anyways, the government does a great job of hurting law-abiding taxpayers, so I can’t wait to see everything start going underground to avoid taxes. It’s been happening since day 1 that taxes were implemented, and now that they’re hurting people even more with this, they can sure as hell expect a lot of cash and black-market transactions happening more and more to avoid that nasty 13%. Do they think there’s more corrupt citizens than the number of auditors they have? Way to encourage more people to think of “alternate” methods!

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  2. Oh good, so that means u can buy for me w/o xtra tax when u cm home eh? xDD

    • LOL, even if they charged HST, what difference would it make? Women who menstruate will still menstruate regardless of tax, hahahaha. And plus, I’d still buy some for you because you’d owe me so much more when I come back 😆

      I don’t believe it, only 53 minutes left… haha.

      • AWwww… hehe, cuutiiee!!

        Wut r they doing w/ the gas prices? Weren’t GST already built into them? So how r they calculating/displaying it now?

        • They rolled it into the “display price”…

          So before if they show 95.5 then it’s it was really 90.9 + GST… shows 102.7 when it’s actually 90.9 + HST.

          We can’t stop it anyways, mind as well accept it. People will find other ways to cheat the government, LOL.

  3. Products excluded such as these are clearly marked on the product information page.

  4. We’ve always had to pay VAT on our sanitary towels as well unfortunately.

    • Wt VAT ar? Juz like taxes? Wt percentage or amnt?

      • Yep, although VAT is more commonly known in European countries… we just call it “tax” here as a simplified name. VAT is Value Added Tax and is different for various countries. Apparently there’s a huge thing over VAT in the EU countries and stuff over pads/tampons since those items are “sanitary necessities” – not “luxury” items… Even though we still get taxed on tampons/pads here, it is only the 5% GST portion and not the 8% PST portion of the HST collective. Either way, these items shouldn’t be taxed at all

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